Upptäck det mod som förvandlar hjältar till legender. Från medskaparen av From Age of Empires Brian Sullivan och Braveheart-författaren Randall Wallace kommer ett nyskapande, helt nytt actionrollspel som utspelar sig i det antika Grekland, Egypten och Asien.
Användarrecensioner: Väldigt positivt (1,178 recensioner)
Utgivningsdatum: 26 jun, 2007

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German language only available in Germany. German low violence version only available with German language.


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"If you like top down Action role-playing, hack and slash, with Greek gods theme then this game is for you. This is a older game that has age well."

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Upptäck det mod som förvandlar hjältar till legender.
Från medskaparen av From Age of Empires Brian Sullivan och Braveheart-författaren Randall Wallace kommer ett nyskapande, helt nytt actionrollspel som utspelar sig i det antika Grekland, Egypten och Asien.
Titanerna har lyckats fly från sitt eviga fängelse och vållar förödelse på jorden. Gudarna letar efter en hjälte som ställa allt till rätta i en episk kamp som kommer att vara avgörande både för människor och gudar. Är du redo för uppdraget?
  • Utforska den antika världen – Lås upp hemliga mysterier och slåss mot mytologins bestar på din resa till Parthenon, pyramiderna, Babylons hängande trädgårdar, kinesiska muren och andra legendariska platser.
  • Enastående grafiska detaljer – Följ med på en hjältes resa genom autentiska miljöer i antikens värld, skapade med häpnadsväckande realistiska 3D-detaljer.
  • Besegra legendariska monster – Kämpa mot fasansfulla monster och mytiska bestar i en handlingsstyrd kampanj som kommer att avgöra alla varelsers öde.
  • Mycket anpassningsbara figurer – Bygg och anpassa figurer med 28 klasser och över 1 000 unika och legendariska föremål för att skapa den ultimata vinnaren.
  • Skapa egna världar – Skapa egna kartor med den lättanvända världsredigeraren för ändlösa äventyr.
  • Onlinespel för flera spelare – Utmana andra och upplev dina egna kartor i ett samarbetsspel i högt tempo för 2-6 onlinespelare.


    Minimikrav: Windows® 2000 eller XP, 1,8 GHz Intel Pentium IV eller motsvarande eller AMD Athlon XP eller motsvarande, 512 MB arbetsminne, 5 GB ledigt hårddiskutrymme, 64 MB NVIDIA GeForce 3 eller motsvarande eller ATI Radeon 8500-serien med funktioner för Pixel Shader 1.1 eller motsvarande, DirectX® 9.0c-kompatibelt 16-bitars ljudkort, tangentbord, mus
    Rekommenderas: Windows XP, 3,0 GHz Intel Pentium IV eller motsvarande, 1 GB arbetsminne, 128 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800-serien eller ATI Radeon X800-serien eller motsvarande, ljudkort i Soundblaster X-Fi-serien
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29 av 29 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1.7 timmar totalt
This game is an action RPG similar in style to Diablo I and II and the Torchlight games. Pretty easy to learn, fun to play, decent story and nice graphics. My only complaint is that the graphics accompanying the combat are very vanilla (not a drop of blood, not even a hint of gore). Like other titles in the genre, it may seem a bit grindy at times to some players. Overall though it's been a pretty entertaining game...especially considering it only cost me $3.50! Totally worth buying, especially if you can nab it on sale. Have fun! :)
Upplagd: 27 maj
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7 av 7 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.4 timmar totalt
With over 500 hours in this I can truly say this game rocks if you wanna see my hours look at my titan Quest :immortal throne Hours cause thats what i use to launch the game!
If you like diablo/diablo2/Diablo3/Torchlight/Torchlight 2 this this game will help you feel right at home will your basic click for battle and hack n slash action you remember from the other old school rpg's :)!
Buying it now while its on sale for $4.99 get it play it and enjoy like I do lol :)!
Great game well worth the sale price.
I rate this game 10/10.
Upplagd: 22 september
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9 av 11 personer (82%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
13.8 timmar totalt
One of my favorite games ever! Sadly there are no official servers due to gamespy shutdown, but there are LAN servers :)
Upplagd: 18 augusti
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5 av 6 personer (83%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
11.0 timmar totalt
One of the first rpg games I have ever played, despite the out-dated graphics, the game is overall very fun with a variaty of different maps and classes. Recommended.
Upplagd: 23 juni
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3 av 3 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
56.3 timmar totalt
Some say this is the best of the Diablo 2 clones with better graphics. The base game is eight years old now and having played newer titles like Torchlight 2, Dungeon Siege 2 and 3 as well as others, I think that's selling it a bit short. It's held up well although you won't find features now taken for granted like player customization, Steam achievements, automapping and multiplayer party features. The game is engaging and challenging but just enough to keep pulling you along. There are no 20 minute play sessions, more like a few hours or more.

The game looks great, the maps are interesting but sometimes it does seem a bit long between merchants and you can run out of health potions quickly. When that happens it can be a bit of a grind but at least you get XP for your trouble. The camera angles are failry limited but you can zoom in and out. There are times I wish I had more control of the camera but it doesn't really get in the way of playing the game. Unlike Dungeon Siege 3 whose camera controls were so bad they made the game unplayable with their wild random swings. Titan Quests stays locked on in comparison.

If I had one complaint in the single player it would be the combat system. You're forced to fight one enemy at a time even if you're going up against 30 baddies. You spend a lot of time selecting individual opponents and chugging health potions to get through it. At least I haven't been trapped by a such a group. There always seems to be an avenue to run away when needed and the baddies only chase you for a short time.

The ability to save on the fly is great but expect to have to hack through everything you already dispatched again when you come back. I kind of like things I kill to stay dead in the same game. Altough to it's credit if you don't leave the game session, dead things will stay dead. I just wish the saves would follow suit. It's another example of how the game can be a bit of a grind in some places.

You can customize weapons and armor with enchantments and the inventory system is very much like torchlight or any other RPG with inventory slots set up in a grid. The skills tree is easy enough to understand but the game is a bit stingy with skill points meaning your special abilities won't do you much good till you're done with the game. It can be annoying to get beaten by a lower level enemy who has a special ability that you're nowhere near achieving.

There is fast travel capability that you can use on the fly which is something I liked in Torchlight 2 and Dungeon Siege 2 where you can leave and then transport back to exactly where you were. That's a time saver and potentially a life saver when you run out of health potions or fill up you rinventory with loot.

If this game really falls down anywhere, however, it's the multiplayer/co-op gameplay. Yes it has LAN play which is welcome but unlike newer games in this genre XP and loot aren't shared. between players Which means if you're level 3 and you go into a game with a level 16 player all they can really do for you is play bodyguard which means there's not much in it for them. The loot drops don't level with the player either so often times you'll pick up items you won't be able to use or are useless scarp metal. Although that's a common complaint in RPG's and not just Titan Quest.

In the end even with its flaws I really liked this game and the benefits far outweigh the annoyances and goes in the list of my top 3 favorite RPG's so far.
Upplagd: 9 juni
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215 av 234 personer (92%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
21.0 timmar totalt
This game mixes great fun with that anticapation of getting that amazing legendary item. Just the joy that you have slicing and slashing through hordes of mythological creatures, including Satyrs, Harpies, Cyclops, Typhon, the most powerful titan, and even the king of the underworld himself; Hades. You will not only enjoy fighting your most darkest adversaries, but also finding the most epic of loot. This game features thousands of different items you can find across the land. Speaking of land, this game takes place over Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Asia. At each stop, different opponents will greet you (by that I mean try and rip you to shreds). Not only is this game fun, but it is also a type of learning game. Like me, I found out about a lot of Ancient Greek mythology by playing this game. Most areas in this game are real places in this geographical area of the world. For example, in the first act (Greece) some of the towns include Delphi, Athens, Sparta, etc. The boss fights are also exhilarating. After almost every main boss there is a chest (or in some cases an orb) which can be opened, and in them are magical items that when dropping are completely randomized. Because of this randomization, every time you play, you should expect a new experience to emerge. Each time you play, you find new items, become a new hero, and save the world. The multiplayer works out fine, but when playing with friends, I recommend sharing your classes so that you can come up with the best class setup between you. What are the classes you ask? The classes include Storm, Earth, Warfare, Spirit, Defense, Hunting, Nature, and Rogue. Once you reach level two, you can pick your first class. Then, at level eight, you can pick your second class. After that, you will no longer be able to choose a different class on the same character. It's a Fun game and truly does bring out the adventerous side of you. Mortals, save all of humanity in... Titan Quest!
Upplagd: 2 december, 2013
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