Lead a group of people and create a thriving city in the wastelands. Find and build shelter, collect nutrition and resources and master various challenges in a complex environment simulator that directly affects the economy of the game!
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21. dub. 2016

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Hra s předběžným přístupem

Získejte okamžitý přístup, začněte hrát a zapojte se do vývoje této hry.

Poznámka: Tato hra ještě není dokončená a během vývoje se může výrazně změnit. Pokud Vás nyní nezaujala, zkuste počkat, než se dostane do další fáze vývoje. Více informací zde.

Zpráva od vývojářů:

Proč předběžný přístup?

“Endciv is a complex project and we want to ask for support on our journey. A game of such scope requires a lot of testing and adjustments and having a supportive community provides many benefits for our small team.
Furthermore, with an extended budget we can speed up the development process and offer more content beyond the core concept.”

Přibližně jak dlouho bude tato hra v předběžném přístupu?

“Endciv is fairly early in development and in order to complete the Core functionality of the game we need at least one year of development. Once we reach this milestone we will add additional functionality and polish the game even more. We can’t determine for sure how long the game will stay in Early Access but it will likely be two years or more.”

Jak se bude plná verze lišit od předběžného přístupu?

“The two versions will differ a lot. There are many features which are not yet implemented on the game and you can read about those below in the Development Progress section. There are in fact four Core Aspects for the game and early on we will only focus on two of them; construction and economy. Once these aspects have been developed we will continue to add combat and immersion (polishing and details) to the game. A list of features we have in mind and how we rate their probability is listed here.”

V jaké fázi vývoje se hra nachází?

“You do not have the ability to save or load the game and the playtime is only 1-2 hours for one match. You can enjoy the very basics of base building and the game will guide you. It is possible to gather a lot of resources, store them and eventually trade with others to get other rare goods. You can hunt and plant crops to survive for a longer period.
Nevertheless, there is a solid basis underneath which lets us add content and functionality in a good pace.”

Změní se cena hry po skončení předběžného přístupu?

“We plan to gradually raise the price as we ship new content and features.”

Jak plánujete zapojit komunitu do vývoje této hry?

“The best way to communicate with us is to use our Forum. There you have the opportunity to file bugs, provide ideas and share your opinion for upcoming features and other development matters. You can also help us translate the game into other languages; we will provide tools for this soon.
Later on we plan to share our game editors so that you will be able to create content which will appear in the game. We will also offer a select few the opportunity to balance the stats of the game.”
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5. února

January Part 2 - Materials

This is the second part of the January update. Read Part 1 here.
I refined the materials of the game and how they are made and relate to each other. But first there is a quick info on the types of buildings.

Building types
All houses have at least a small and a medium variation next to visual variations. These types are not finally defined, at least there is room for one or two more if it makes sense.

Tents: Made of tarp that is made of plastic bags, fabric or are remaining from the old world like tarpaulin of trucks or backyards. Those are the weakest and most poor type of buildings.

Shacks: Made of board which is solid material of metal, wood or synthetic material. Shacks are unappealing but more solid and personal than tents.

Solid Houses These are the most common type of buildings from the mid term of the game. These buildings are made of the same materials as shacks but are clean and well designed (need more time to build). I think about that they look like common real world houses but are simply made from corrugated plates and the like. The buildings will have a backyard, mailbox and all that stuff (depending on size).

Wooden Huts Might be the most luxurious type of buildings but also cost the most time and resources. The huts are made of processed and sealed wood. Also they contain a garden, a porch and other such elements (depending on size).

You see that the idea is to go beyond the post apocalyptic settings by progression. Just as Endciv always was, these kind of houses always have been planned. Usually you will have poor buildings mixed with wealthy buildings.

Now here are the basic materials, those are still not all. Let me know what you think and if you have better ideas for some of their names.

Resources overview
HEre are some of my brainstorming diagramms.

Here is a draft on how the resources are made and some ideas for food.

Basic Material
Basic material cannot be(explicitly) produced and have to be traded, collected or recycled.
Waste Waste can be found all around the wasteland and is produced as a side product by people.
It mostly consists of organic waste like food and also contains paper.
Scrap All kind of metallic pieces.
Plastic All kind of pieces of plastic and synthetic material.
Board Pieces of boards and planks made of metal, plastic or wood.Used for construction.
Debris Pieces of hard material like stone, bricks, concrete and the like or simply cobblestone.
Wood Pieces of wood, e.g.from trees, furniture or fences.
Fabric Pieces of all kinds of tissue.
Paper Paper can sometimes be found and can be recycled from Waste.
Chemicals All kind of chemicals and synthetic material that can be used to refine other materials in the lab.

Manufactured Material
Fastener Naming unclear All kind of material that is helpful to connect things just like nails, screws, bolts, tape, string and the like. Alternative name: “Bits and bites”, “connectors”, “utility stuff”, simply “stuff”? I’d call it “Utilities” but I am not sure if this makes sense in English.
Lumber Manufactured wood.Used for nicer constructions in the later stage of the game.
Tarp Makeshift tarp made from fabric or plastic parts like bags.Can be used to collect water and is a cheap and quick method for construction.
Mechanic parts Naming unclear All kinds of mechanical parts like gears, hinges, belts, bearings and the like.
Electronic parts Electronic parts like cables, sockets, light bulbs, leds or switches
Microchips Used for advanced electronic devices.
Generator Able to generate electricity or be used as an electric motor.
Tools Tools improve construction and labor speed.There are 2-3 Tech levels.
Weapons Obviously used for defense and hunting. There will be at least 3 Tech levels (Melee, low caliber and high caliber)
Ammunition Ammunition for Weapons.There will be one for each Tech level, except Melee weapons.

Consume Goods
Natural Medication Made of herbs
Herbs Can be used for medication or luxury goods like tea and cigarettes.
Clothes Clothing has at least two tech levels.
Toilet Paper May sound weird but this is an important luxury article in the waste lands :)
Bandages / Medkit? In addition to herbs there should be one kind of medical item that has to be stored in a doctors building.
Clean Paper Paper that can be written on.E.g.can boost research and is a luxury article.
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4. února

January 2018 - The foundation is solid

Hey everyone.

I made some good progress last month. Most was about game design and mechanics but I solved a number of issues and wrote down the basis for implementation into code.
By next month I believe that there will be a good amount of game mechanics working such as collection, storage and production. Sure that already works in the current version but as I said earlier there will quickly be more diversity and depth to all of it. More can be read here.

I know the shop page is out of date and it is still on the list to become updated.

I am even more confident that the game will work well. I not just learned frm Endciv but also from other projects that early work towards performance optimization helps a lot in the later stage of the process. Because then it can be very hard to start optimization. Better to design your content around optimization systems rather than the other way around. So one solution was that I made a custom LOD system. The one of Unity is not really great for my type of game.
Previous Endciv already used parts of that system to control light settings dynamically.

Here you can see LOD stages (Blue, Orange, Red). Red units for instance aren’t casting shadows. The GPU is definitely the bottleneck for the amount of people on the screen, especially once they have animations. I think that maybe 200 people is already much for this game, but at least technically there is no issue that 2000 walk at the same time.

The game systems also work fine and efficient. Each aspect is scheduled successively. So basically in one frame all the production is done, the next frame deals with crop growth, the next does make construction happen. That is actually how Endciv already worked previously, but now much more consequently. Under the hood this is actually a round based game and one round currently is 3 seconds. You might run the game in time-lapse most of the time anyway, that is also the reason why I choose that system. I am a fan of bulletproof game mechanics where timing or other chaotic events do not affect the output. For instance the result should be exactly the same whether the game runs at 1x or 10x speed.

How Graphics will evolve
Art assets are the biggest pitfall of this game. A city builder should be nice to look at besides having great game play. Some people just want to look close and see all the details the citizens do, me included.
I had such plans but those where the reason why the previous Endciv failed. There is a simple solution: Let’s ignore graphics for a start.
I will use simple artwork, maybe citizens won’t even have animations for a long time. I hope that you can live with that but this is the only way to get this game forward. Once the game play and performance do what they should I will make updates on graphics. The current workflow will allow doing that without any issues.
This sounds like a great workflow anyway. I can focus one a few topics at a time and when the game is shaped it is easier to work on artwork. Aside the fact that I already reserved a budget from previous sales hopefully there will be a few more owners by that time.

Here is how it looks now. Those buildings didn’t even take an hour each so there is room for a bit more detail and I can quickly do some dummy models without wasting resources.

Resources and Buildings
I made some updates on the game design and redefined materials there are.
Read Part 2 here.
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Development Progress

Endciv is still in an early development state. Find out more at our Roadmap.
The circles above are indicators of how complete the game is in these categories.


Construction and city building aspects. The number and variation of buildings and objects will be constantly increased during development and it will become more challenging for you to build more advanced buildings.


The economy of the game is our highest priority at the moment. This includes the number of different goods and production facilities but also how trading and resource management performs. We constantly improve and adjust balancing.


Combat features are a low priority and will be implemented once the economy and building features are more solidly implemented.


The last aspect describes the emotional and ethical aspects of the game. We want to provide a grungy post-civilization scenario and believable events in the game. This also describes how detailed the game will be. The full potential of this aspect can only be achieved towards the end of development.

Informace o hře

You’ve managed cities in medieval ages, Rome, Egypt, foreign planets – Now it's time to discover the wastelands!


  • Rebuild civilization in a world full of misery and cruelty
  • Craft a flourishing town from the ashes of the past
  • Decide yourself either to conquer or to ally
  • Enjoy a detailed simulated world

In a world where civilization suffered from weather phenomena and collapsed financial markets, a group of people lost their shelter and are now on the search for a new place to live. Help these people to survive in the wastelands. Explore the unknown environment to find shelter and a supply of food and water for the early days. Your foremost duty is to avoid dehydration and starvation at all cost.

Enjoy a detailed simulation. Manage food and water under harsh conditions. Water loses quality over time and food does rot. Even rotten food does not just disappear but has to be composted. During the game you also have to manage energy, agriculture and labor and each aspect relies on certain real world aspects.

Lead a successful settlement. Acquire a fortune of goods, keep your citizens satisfied and improve the daily routine with new technology and resources. Then your reputation will increase and strangers will take notice. You will be visited by nomads who want to join your tribe and merchants who want to offer a trade.

But beware, big attention will also lead to threats. How you will deal with it is up to you! Either arm up or focus on strong allies - both are viable strategies.

Please do keep in mind that the game is still in development.
Visit our Roadmap and Forum for more information.

Systémové požadavky

    • Operační systém: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Procesor: Dual Core 2.6GHz
    • Paměť: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafická karta: 512MB (Shader model 3)
    • DirectX: Verze 9.0c
    • Pevný disk: 360 MB volného místa
    • Dodatečné poznámky: These requirements are estimations during the Early Access state. If you are unsure if the final game will run on your system then you should wait until we can confirm these system requirements.
    • Operační systém: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Procesor: Quad Core 3GHz
    • Paměť: 3 GB RAM
    • Grafická karta: 1024MB (Shader model 4)
    • DirectX: Verze 11
    • Pevný disk: 1 GB volného místa
    • Dodatečné poznámky: These requirements are high during the Early Access state. If you are unsure if the game will run at great performance on your system then you should wait until we can confirm lower system requirements.
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