Be fast, be first and be famous as the race returns in GRID 2, the sequel to the BAFTA-award winning, multi-million selling Race Driver: GRID.
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Introducing GRID Autosport

22 Nisan 2014

We’re very pleased today to announce GRID Autosport, the next game in the GRID series and descendant of TOCA Touring Cars.

GRID Autosport aims to move the series back in line as a more authentic racing game and below you’ll be finding out some of the ways we’ll be doing that. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing plenty of news, shiny screenshots and video on your favourite websites and in magazines on our announcement, but we thought it’d be a good time to talk directly to you about what the game is, why we’ve done it and the direction we’re headed in. Particularly as this game is, at its heart, inspired by you guys, our core community.

On release of GRID 2, I think it’s fair to say that through listening to you guys and a after a substantial amount of reflection, we hadn’t quite achieved everything we set out to do. We’re proud of the game, really delighted with some of the great reviews for it, but we’re not above admitting that we made a few decisions that perhaps we shouldn’t have, and perhaps moved some of the aspects of the game too far away from our core fanbase.

Read more about it over on the blog

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Introducing GRID: Railroad

1 Nisan 2014

Today we’re pleased to announce a brand new title, it’s the one you’ve all been waiting for so without further ado please let us introduce you to GRID: Railroad.

GRID: Railroad is set to take racing to a whole new level, with authentic forward, stop and go train movements we’re taking things to the next level.

Station Master mode will result in unforgettable multiplayer experiences. As you race your train along the 1,337 miles of track you’ll have to contend with members of the opposing team switching points at will. Survive the sudden track changes and make it to your destination on time.

For more info, head on over to the blog

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Steam Big Picture

Oyun Açıklaması

Be fast, be first and be famous as the race returns in GRID 2, the sequel to the BAFTA-award winning, multi-million selling Race Driver: GRID. Experience aggressive racing against advanced AI and become immersed in the race with GRID 2’s new TrueFeel™ Handling system which powers edge of control exhilaration behind the wheel of every iconic car. The next generation of the EGO Game Technology Platform delivers genre-defining visuals and jaw-dropping damage as you prove yourself across three continents in a new, evolving world of motorsport. Earn fame, fans and fortune as you blaze your way to the top in intense, relentless races on licensed circuits, beautifully realised city streets and lethal mountain roads. GRID 2 will also set the new standard for multiplayer racing with innovative modes, an entirely separate progression system and deep integration with RaceNet, the free online extension for Codemasters Racing games.

Grid 2 Is Racing, Redefined.

key Features

  • The race comes alive with GRID 2’s TrueFeel™ Handling system for edge-of-control exhilaration
  • Prove yourself against advanced AI in aggressive, blockbuster races packed with wow moments
  • Blaze your way to the top of a new world of motorsport
  • An extensive and separate online campaign redefines multiplayer racing games plus full RaceNet integration
  • Powered by Codemasters’ EGO Game Technology Platform for jaw-dropping damage and stunning visuals, GRID 2 sets the standard for technical excellent in racing.
  • Race a handpicked selection of iconic cars that represent the best in automotive engineering from the last 40 years
  • Take on challenging licensed tracks, stunningly realised city streets and lethal mountain roads
  • Prove yourself by entering and winning events across three continents
  • Race Immersion Technology immerses you in the race like never before
  • The long-awaited sequel to the BAFTA-winning, multi-million selling Race Driver: GRID

Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4Ghz or AMD Athlon X2 5400+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 15 GB HD space
    • Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 3000 / AMD HD2600 / NVIDIA Geforce 8600
    • DirectX®: 11
    • Sound: Direct X compatible soundcard
    • Additional: Broadband Internet connection
    • Additional Supported Graphics Cards: Intel HD Graphics 3000, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Intel Graphics 5200.
      AMD Radeon HD2600 or higher, HD3650 or higher, HD4550 or higher, HD5000 Series, HD6000 Series, HD7000 Series.
      NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or higher, 9500 or higher, GTX220 or higher, GTX400 Series, GTX500 Series, GTX600 Series: AMD Fusion A8 or higher.
    • OS: Windows Vista 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i7/AMD Bulldozer
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 15 GB HD space
    • Video Card: Intel Graphics 5200 / AMD HD6000 Series / Nvidia GTX500 Series minimum 1GB RAM
    • DirectX®: 11
    • Sound: Direct X compatible soundcard
    • Additional: Broadband Internet connection
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Süper ötesi bir oyun olmuş...
Yayınlanma: 22 Haziran 2014
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evet çok güzel bir oyun.herkesin alıp oynaması gerekli
Yayınlanma: 22 Haziran 2014
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Sağlam bir yarış oyunu, ne ralli kadar zor ne de nfs kadar bebe işi.. (***Oyun iyi bir donanım istiyor.)
Yayınlanma: 10 Nisan 2014
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I want to clear up that im not going to include Grid 1 to this review.

Gameplay on the tracks are mainly based on acrade style racing. Its all about investment in a new league of sport and becoming the number #1 contender and the number 1# fan.

What I like about Grid 2 are the tracks. They are fun and challenging to race on in career mode and online. The car personaliztion is near enough good, throwing in real life sponsors to put onto your car and personalize.

I was disappointed with the physics in use of the cars as the developers focused on the powersliding instead of clean turn exits to build better momentum through the corners. You may think thats essential for a great game but the handling will lead you to wreckless driving in most modes challenged on. Online as an example is almost unplayable for these reasons because players cant take full stable control around the corners for a clean race.

Another thing I was disapointed in was the input controls on the game. For a controller it wont be much of a problem driving cars but for keyboard users it will be. Most racing inputs ive used was the simple w,s,a,d & (Arrows) and have no issues playing them smootly. For Grid 2 its difficult as its not keyboard friendly in a way of keeping your car stable around the corners and attempting most clean races. Ive tried both controller (F710) & keyboard and its a major difference how you perform in the game.

Cockpit is not required in the game which is another downside for a latest racing release. DLC packs have been scattered around as typical devolepers want more money off you.


+ Tracks to drive on
+ Personalztion


- Controls are unstable
- Not Keyboard friendly compare to most racing games
- No Cockpit
- Codemasters greedy DLC Schemes
- Graphics are not as good for its age

My rating: 65/100
Metascore rating: 80/100


I dont reccomend this game full price for the aspects ive pointed out from it. If steam provide a discount give it a go and see what you think. Hope you make the right decision on purchaing the game.
Yayınlanma: 25 Mart 2014
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This game is not like any other Codemasters racer. They went full on Arcade this time, with a big focus on drifting. A normal race is more about drifting around corners than about finding the fastest racing line. It is almost like OutRun, you just are slower if you don't drift your way around corners. The rewind feature makes a return, further solidifying the arcade direction the series has taken with this sequel.

There is no cockpit view or car setup and tuning options are minimal and only available in multiplayer. Multiplayer may appear deserted and it does suffer from low population because of matchmaking regions being based upon your Steam download server's location. There is a lively multiplayer community, but to play with more people you need to change your Steam download region to UK - London and preferably also own all of the DLC packages to get better matchmaking.

In multiplayer your goal is to gain money and experience to level up to unlock new cars and upgrades which you then have to buy with the money you earned. Your multiplayer experience can be a mixed bag then in itself. In "Playlists" there is no voting on game modes or choice of circuits, instead the lobby is assigned a random track, car tier and gamemode. Players then have the ability veto the combination once. If the combination is vetoed you are assigned another random combination without the ability to veto it. There is also the "Custom Events" option which are events hosted by other players. You gain less money and experience from participating in "Custom Events," and only the lobby host can decide the settings of the event. The host has a wide variety of changeable settings, varying from type of event to forcing every player to use manual gears. There is a system called "Impact Ratings" in the multiplayer, which shows other players how dirty their opponents race. These are represented by circles with exclamation marks in them, with the ranking going White-Green-Yellow-Red from the best to the worst. Players with too little data to assign them an "Impact Rating" show as grey. The rating persists over races, and can change over time. Lots of online races tend to have people crashing into each other a lot, so do not pay too much mind to your "Impact Rating." When "Impact Ratings" are enabled, you gain a small cash bonus at the end of the race based on your rating.

Also available in the Multiplayer menu are the "Global Challenges." These are a set of random events raced on certain circuits with either a certain Tier of cars or a specific car. Instead of racing head-to-head with another player, this game mode is leaderboard based. The game tracks your performance in the events and compares your scores to your friends. The person on the top of the leaderboard is considered to be leading the event. There are medals on the events, granting you small amounts of money and experience for passing their requirements. Based on your position on the leaderboard in the specific events you gain points for the overall leaderboard which shows who among your friends is the best racer overall. The set of events changes every few days with the leaderboards wiped at the same time.

The "Singleplayer Career" mode casts you as the rising new talent in the fictional new racing series called World Series Racing or WSR for short. In the singleplayer you proceed through "Seasons" of the series, completing events and unlocking new cars from challenges. As you progress through the career you gain access to more exotic cars, going from the old muscle cars and small European hatchbacks of Tier 1 to immensely powerful and rare cars like the Koenigsegg Agera R in Tier 4. The car selection has more of an emphasis on normal street legal cars rather than Touring Cars and the like. There is no Circuit de la Sarthe or the LMP class cars to be found in this game. The circuit selection varies from fantasy street courses to real life race tracks like Brands Hatch, Indianapolis and Yas Marina. Unlike the multiplayer, the cars are simply unlocked by completing separate challenges, and cannot be upgraded. The looks of the cars can be customised with paint colour, vinyls, wheels and sponsorship logos. The sponsors also have specific challenges for you to complete. Your progress throughout the career is tracked by the amount of "Fans" you have. You gain fans from completing sponsor objectives and placing well in events. The "Fans" statistic is hidden in Codemasters' "Racenet" service in the multiplayer, and has no real effect on that part of the game.

I don't like how the AI can nudge your car around but you really can't do the same to them. I played the game mostly on Medium difficulty, and it is easy if you just race very physically, using the other cars to navigate corners. The AI gets really challenging on Hard and becomes a far more frustrating experience. In my opinion there is noticeable gap in the AI skill between Hard and Medium that really shows in the way they react to you driving aggressively.

Graphically GRID 2 looks very impressive. The crashes look nice with parts flying off and shrapnel scattering all over. The stages look nicely detailed: urban stages have detailed buildings surrounding you as you race down the streets. Forest stages look threatening with hills and dense forest just outside the track, ready to punish from the slightest mistakes with formidable damage. The game is also very well optimised and runs well even on older hardware. Sounds are probably the weakest part of the game, with similar engine sounds for most of the cars and a very annoying tire squeal sound effect. There is also the sound of crowds cheering, but beyond that ambient sounds are nonexistent.

Grid 2 is a solid arcade racer with great graphics, but is sadly hamstrung by its emphasis on drifting over real racing lines, stagnant AI and multiplayer which frequently devolves to a demolition derby. Fans of more arcade racing games like the Need For Speed series will find much to like here, while fans of the more realistic approach of the first game should give this game a pass.
Yayınlanma: 9 Şubat 2014
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Son yıllarda tüm Codemasters yarış oyunlarında gittikçe büyüyen bir düşüş yaşanmakta. Neden büyük? Yıllardır oldukça kaliteli yarış oyunlarına imza atan Codemasters, Dirt 2 den sonra çıkardığı tüm oyunlarda (F1, Dirt, Grid) önceki versiyonları bir hayli aratan yapımlara imza attı. - Sen kimsin ki bu kadar net konuşuyorsun... Bu görüşü hem kendi tecrübelerim hem de şans eseri denk geldiğim bir şekilde destekleyebilirim. Her yeni oyunda oyun eleştirmenleri ve inceleme yapan gruplar tarafından alınan puanlar düşüşe geçmiş.

Grafik konusunda PC'de ki rakiplerene nazaran belli bir kalitede olsalarda bir zamanlar oyuncuya verdikleri o kalite, çeşitlilik ve yaratıcılık yerini kopya oyunlara bıraktı.

Grid, PC kullanıcıları için adeta bir Gran Turismo idi. Sürüş dinamikleri Grid 2 de olduğu gibi arcade değil gerçekten bir simülatör ayarındaydı. Her aracın belli bir yol tutuşu ve sürüş zorluğu vardı. Grid 2 oynarken kendinizi ea games yarış oyunlarını oynuyormuş gibi hissediyorsunuz. Araçları yolda tutmak üstelik yüksek hızlara rağmen oldukça kolay. Her araçla rahatlıkla "driftin" kralını yapabiliyorsunuz.

Belki bir inceleme ele alacak kadar uzun oynamadım ancak; oynadığım süre içerisinde heyecanlanmama sebep olabilecek hiçbir şey göremedim.

Önemle belirtmek isterim ki Grid 2 yine de belli bir kaliteye sahip, güzel bir oyun. Yarış oyunu seven herkesin arşivinde bulunmalıdır.

Puanları dağıtalım...

Grafik: 10
Ses - Müzik: 9
Oynanış: 6 (kesinlikle arcade)
Eğlence: 6 (kokpit kameramız yok olmaz böyle şey.) Codemasters'a göre: Yarış oyuncularının % 5'lik bir kısmı bu kamerayı kullandığı için buna yer vermeyip bunun yerine daha farklı şeylere yoğunlaşıp içeriğe zenginlik kazandırdık... Açıklama daha da beter.

Oyunun en iyi yanı size Grid'in (ilk oyun) ne kadar güzel bir oyun olduğunu kanıtlamasıdır.
Kötü yanlarını zaten okudunuz.

Oyunu tavsiye ediyorum ancak büyük bir beklentiyle alıp oynamayın. =)
Yayınlanma: 12 Aralık 2013
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