BE THE DRIVER....LIVE THE LIFE Experience the exclusive world of FORMULA ONE™ like never before. Discover what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of the world’s greatest cars as you race wheel to wheel on all 19 circuits from the 2010 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ calendar, beautifully realised and in full HD.
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Utgivningsdatum: 21 sep, 2010

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Experience the exclusive world of FORMULA ONE™ like never before.

Discover what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of the world’s greatest cars as you race wheel to wheel on all 19 circuits from the 2010 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ calendar, beautifully realised and in full HD.

Prove yourself worthy of being the team’s number 1 and gain the ability to direct the development of your car. Work with your Race Engineer to customise a huge range of vehicle variables and eek every last ounce of performance from the car, or leave the detailed decisions to your experienced support team and head straight out onto track.

Master the iconic twisting streets of Monaco, thrill at the high speed of Monza, and overcome the challenge of a floodlit night-race at Singapore to beat your rivals and take the FORMULA ONE crown in one of the most beautiful and involving racing games to date.

Make your own career choices; starting at the bottom and working your way up the ranks, or stick with your favourite team and lead them to glory. Impress other teams by beating legendary drivers such as Schumacher, Hamilton, Button and Alonso. Interact with the media to raise your profile and press your point home, then negotiate contracts with new teams via your Agent.


    • Operativsystem: XP / Vista® / Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz eller Athlon X2
    • Minne: 1 GB RAM (2 GB Vista® / Windows 7)
    • Hårddiskutrymme: 12.5 GB ledigt hårddiskutrymme
    • Grafik: GeForce 7800 / Radeon X1800 eller över
    • Ljud: DirectX®-kompatibelt ljudkort eller moderkortsljud
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Andra krav: Onlinespel kräver inlogg till Games for Windows - Live. Klicka här för en lista över länder/regioner med tjänsten.
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Upplagd: 14 december, 2015
Pre-emptive "thumbs up" in counter response to all the tools who "thumbs downed" this game only because they were too incompetent to figure out how to run GFWL. (Which generally only requires installing the latest version from
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Upplagd: 5 januari
F1 2010 still has the best My Career mode of any Codemasters F1 releases till date.

It is highly immersive, with the pit crew constantly engaging you with in-depth information as you race your way along the track. There are also interviews that will affect your prospect with future teams.

I believe the car setup and mechanics are quite realistic, and there is a very clear and noticeable difference in grip, handling, balance, acceleration, top speed etc when changes to your setup are implemented.

This and the general gameplay easily offsets any graphical comparisons to the later releases, making F1 2010 a very amazing driver experience. I would recommend this game to a F1 fanatic who is specifically looking to immerse themselves only in the F1 world (and not any other cars).

Giving this game a 4.5/5
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Upplagd: 19 december, 2015
I'm sure it's a great game, but it does not work for me under Windows 8.1, despite a great deal of forum searching and messing about. Problem seems to be something to do with the awful Securom thing and its interaction with the defunct Games For's a mess frankly, and I've given up on it!
Don't waste your money if you have Win 8 (or presumably W10).
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Upplagd: 7 september, 2014
Probably The best f1 game among all the f1 games released by codemasters , here are the reasons why
- The last game in f1 to be based on racing purely, its mainly based on throttle , breaks and gears no crappy KERS and DRS (proper fights btw racers and simple controls no need to worry about kers and drs stuff focus on racing)
- The season where shumi returns from his retirement
- Apart from f1 2011 , the last second game to support dx9
- The car controls good , f1 2011 was garbage with a terrible view point and f1 2012 was too arcade control but 2010 does it good throw the car around a turn and the car turns as you expect it to do no seconds.
- Simple yet nice single player mode aka start from your team trailer , finish the race do a interview and get back.
- no online pass no crappy dlc
- great modding capability

However the game is not without its flaws
- forced 10% race in story mode , later games allow you to change this but here since its 10% doing 7 seasons is going to take a long time
- Crappy upgrades , some of them make no difference at all
- lack of information during racing , the engineer is limited to a few words , makes no sense at times.
- BUGS , there are a lot of em including faked ai times in qualifying , broken pit,ignorant ai, sector 3 time not shown etc
- GFWL :X It even fails to download the only update the game has , so in case gfwl dies or fails to update get the update from codemasters instead

Its still worth a purchase probably the most easiest f1 game for newcomers to get into.
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Upplagd: 3 augusti, 2015
Honest Review in current state (Finished Game)

  • Great dynamic weather system.
  • Good car sounds.
  • Visuals not too bad considering how old the game is (2010).
  • Great AI however may seem a bit slow for veteran F1 drivers. They are fairly aggressive, but not overwhelmingly so, which means that they will try to overtake you be it the inside or outside.
  • Fun online, good to see people still in online lobbies.
  • Live the life feature in career mode. Players in career mode can participate in Press Conferences and/or paddock interviews. Gives a great feel of immersion into the career and the game itself.
  • Multiple practice sessions (FP1-FP3). It is the only Codemasters F1 Game to feature all three practice sessions in a race weekend.
  • Most wheels compatible with PC are supported and picked up instantly by the game, even if you plug it in mid-race.
  • Game pads also supported.
  • Good balance between Game Pad and Wheel, no one device is faster than the other at any track.
  • Manual pit limiter and braking for pit box.
  • Nice car handling and Force Feedback system.

  • Requires the dreaded 'Games for Windows Live'. Can make the game a real pain, especially if you haven’t created your own Xbox/Games for Windows Live account.
  • AI are inconsistent. At some tracks they can be a great challenge but others they seem to lack the pace.
  • AI occasionally makes stupid decisions. Can act stupidly on tracks they are not well optimised on. This can include braking down a straight or midway through a fast corner, going defensive when not required, not leaving you space on the track.
  • Game bugs that haven't and won't be fixed. Can include game giving you pointless penalties although you might have done nothing wrong, Force India pitlane glitch - car burns out engine whilst the limiter is on, pitlane exit white line glitch - game doesn't penalise player when crossing the white line upon exit of the pits, despite the fact that the game manual states that it should (pg11).
  • Game lighting is very dull.

    F1 2010 set the standard of racing games way back when it was released, and the game itself is still arguably the best Codemasters Formula 1 title to date. It is a very accessible game and has a nice balance between Arcade and Simulation. The graphics aren't too bad, but many newer titles such as Project Cars and Codemasters newest F1 Game, F1 2015 put it to shame. The handling and gameplay however are very good despite the few bugs that are within the game. The AI are fun to race against and the online experience is still great thanks to the many people that continue to play this game.

    F1 2010 is one very good racing game even by todays standards. The AI is almost unmatched in the Codemasters franchise and the presentation is fantastic. The game itself could have used a little bit more polishing but usually go unnoticed as you play. The Games for Windows Live feature does let the game down however, but apart from that it is a very solid racing game and I would highly recommend it to newcomers or veterans. 8/10

    Reviewed using Logitech G27 Racing Wheel.
    Give the review a thumbs up if it helped you. Feel free to send me a friend request on Steam!
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