Conviértete en el arma definitiva. Lucha hasta el final en la guerra que lo empezó todo. Emplea un arsenal de armamento letal de alta tecnología y cambia de forma de robot a vehículo en cualquier momento a medida que luchas en el vivo y metálico mundo de Cybertron.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 22 jun. 2010

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Recomendado por mentores

"A heartfelt and genuine tribute to Transformers, made by people who give a damn. A great action romp with some fantastic nostalgic callbacks."

Acerca de este juego

Conviértete en el arma definitiva. Lucha hasta el final en la guerra que lo empezó todo. Emplea un arsenal de armamento letal de alta tecnología y cambia de forma de robot a vehículo en cualquier momento a medida que luchas en el vivo y metálico mundo de Cybertron. Las distintas campañas Autobot y Decepticon te llevarán desde las ciudades Autobot y Decepticon, en el núcleo de Energón de Cybertron, hasta los confines de los escombros orbitales mientras hermano contra hermano y amigo contra enemigo se enfrentan el uno al otro. Experimenta el ascenso a la grandeza de Optimus y la sed de destrucción de Megatron. El equilibrio de poder entre los Autobots y Decepticons está en tus manos.

Características principales

    • Juega a las campañas de los Autobots™ y de los Decepticons™
    • Lucha como tu personaje favorito de Transformers en este shooter en tercera persona lleno de acción
    • Exhaustivos modos multijugador que te sumergen en una batalla global
    • Forma un equipo con tus amigos y lucha contra oleadas de enemigos en el modo Escalada
    • Elige la clase, vehículo, armas, atributos, habilidades y mejoras de tu personaje
    • Sube de nivel y personaliza a tu personaje para que se adapte a tu estilo de juego
    • Forma un equipo con tus amigos y lucha en campañas épicas
    • Conviértete al instante de robot a coche, reactor, tanque o camión y ataca a tus enemigos desde cualquier ángulo

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: XP / Vista / Windows® 7
    • Procesador: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 a 1.8 GHz o AMD Ahtlon 64 x2 Dual-Core 4000+ a 2.0 GHz
    • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
    • Gráficos: Necesaria aceleradora 3D con 256 MB 100% compatible con DirectX® 9.0c*
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c (incluido)
    • Disco Duro: 9 GB de espacio libre sin comprimir (además de 400 MB para el archivo de intercambio de Windows® y 12 KB libres para guardar partidas)
    • Sonido: 100% compatible con DirectX® 9.0c
    • Otros requisitos: Equipo 100% compatible con Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7
      Teclado y ratón 100% compatibles con Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7
    *Gráficas soportadas en Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7

    &nbsp - Todas las nVidia® GeForce® 7900 GT con 256 MB de VRAM y superiores (excepto las 8400)

    &nbsp - Todas las ATI Radeon™ x1900 con 256 MB de VRAM y superiores (excepto las Radeon HD2400, HD2600 y HD3450)
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Publicado el 3 de mayo
El mejor shooter en mi más sincera opinión.
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Publicado el 9 de marzo
Great game, great animation, great multiplayer, great voice acting, great explosions that weren't made by Michael Bay!

10/10, would buy again
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Publicado el 23 de junio
It's not only one of the best Transformers games out there, it's also one hell of an action game, with a unique theme, varied gameplay and lots of cool mechanics not present in other third person shooters. Though the story and execution are not be as epic as the sequel - Fall of Cybertron - the overall gameplay is still thoroughly enjoyable and well paced. WfC also offers a bit better vehicle sections than FoC, and way better and more challenging boss fights. Not to mention, being able to select one of three characters available for a specific chapter is definitely a plus.

People familiar with the Transformers will immediatelly appreciate the amazing animations and the artstyle faithful to Generation One, but the overall graphics are impressive on their own. One drawback I can think of in that regard is that it can be too dark/brown at times, with enemies being hard to distinguish from the rest of the environment. As for the audio, let's just say it's almost flawless, featuring some great music tracks, quite powerful sound effects, and an amazing voiceover, with numerous actors reprising their roles as familiar robots from the original show.

Still, even though the PC port is very much playable, it's quite lacking in many respects. From unrebindable controls, 30fps lock, minimal graphics options, to a complete lack of DLC, and multiplayer being full of cheaters. That aside though, it's still an awesome shooter, worth playing despite these drawbacks for the story campaign alone.
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Publicado el 3 de mayo
Apart from that big no-no, the unspeakable act of releasing a game for the PC without unmappable keys, it's a kick-♥♥♥ game.

When it comes to video games, the Transformers franchise has never ceased to disappoint me. Almost every Transformer video game that I've given a try were either terrible or mediocre at best.

This game however seems to have gotten it right. My initial reactions to it where along the line of: “This is what the movies should've been about” and “They let you do everything you see them do in the G1 cartoon...” That being: Transforming in mid-air, blasting stuff out of existence whilst spewing cheesy one-liners and exchanging campy dialogue.

Cybertron never looked so good. It really looks like an alien living or sentient mechanical world. Everything moves, like a gargantuan three dimensional mechanical puzzle and one of the thing I really liked is how the robots blend in with their environment. Enemies can be hard to spot, because they are part of this alien mechanical world and their appearance acts as a “natural” camouflage. This makes them feel like they really belong.

Music and sound effects are beyond reproach (in that there is nothing annoying). It has a cinematic score and everything sounds Transformerish. From the clunky metallic footsteps, the 'splosions to the robotic screams and that “Transforming sound” we all love so much.

The nicest thing about this game is that “Transforming is not a gimmick”. In all the Transformers games I've given a try, this is usually the biggest letdown. There is no point to transforming.
In this game however, you have areas where you obviously have to change into vehicle mode because speed is of the essence. Or some areas where you can't progress unless you switch to airplane mode. But in regular combat areas, I've noticed that you actually benefit from changing into vehicle or airplane mode, because then you not only have access to your vehicle/airplane weapons (which are sometimes more powerful or are guided), but you can get to cover faster, you're harder to hit and/or you can reach items faster then when you're on foot. Enemies also transform, they'll move faster in vehicle mode or they'll be airborne...they'll use different weapons...which requires you to adopt a slightly different tactic there as well.

The biggest letdown however in the PC version of this game, is that you cannot rebind the keys. If you're playing this with mouse and keyboard the way I do, you'll have to change to a US keyboard layout, and probably use a mouse that allows you to map keyboard keys. If you're left-handed, you'll probably want to use some kind of key remapper software. Why they released this game for the PC without rebindable keys is beyond me. It might be a first world problem, but it's kind of annoying because my keyboard layout keeps changing on me when I'm not in the game...

Apart from the lack of key-binding (yes, I like rubbing it in), I was immediately sold on this game a few minutes into it. Being a Transformers fan as a kid probably helped a lot, because the developers really “stuck to the lore and style” of the old Transformers sagas. If you like fast-paced third person shooters that don't bother with some kind of “cover mechanic”, you might like this game even when you're not into the whole Transformers thing.

PS: I'm not a fan of the Bay movies. I do like the design of the robots though, and the elaborate style of transformation, which this game seems to have burrowed from the Bay movies, but that's just about it.
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Publicado el 30 de junio
Great game for fans of Transformers, and those who may not be so familiar with the series. Has about 8-10 hours of story mode that are well worth it, and this game goes on sale every once in a while, I would just wait for it to go on sale again. Got it for $5, and it's a steal of a value at that price.
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