A small open world. Local coop. Unlockable contents. Crafting weapons. Intensive action.
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Release Date: Dec 16, 2015

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About This Game

In a not too distant future, wild animals and environments are falling into a grave danger. Illegal hunting has seriously become widespread. Governments are paid to ignore the problems. The rich want more trophies and the poor need to make a living. Everyone’s future is at stake. However, in this difficult time, new heroes have arisen. A group of self-acclaimed Administrators have been growing in the areas where illegal hunting activities are on the climax. The task is now rested on your shoulder. You are the only hope that can stop the destruction of the world. You are the Administrator, Protector of the wild, and Guardian of mankind.

_BanHammer is a small open world game. You can explore and complete missions seamlessly.
_The game supports two-player-local-coop
_Player can bring in a companion to help during combat.
_Look for secret items to unlock each story of five characters.
_There are more than 20 weapons with different attributes. Some can be purchased or crafted
_Dynamic spawn system. You may not experience the same actions upon revisiting the same areas within the same play time.
_Dynamic Weather

Other Supports:
_Steam achievements
_Steam trading cards
_Full Controller Support
_Partial language support for French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8, Windows 10
    • Processor: Intel i3 or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 700 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Additional Requirement: a roommate or a loving partner
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Not Recommended
2.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 7
BanHammer is an overhead, open world shooter where you go around slaughtering poachers and rescuing animals from cages. The game has moments of fun and mediocre action sprinkled on top of a lot of walking and grinding for your next level or weapon. It feels like the good start of a game that still needs more effort to make it entertaining than just grinding to that next level.

On the surface, the game looks good, it has that quirky style where you can play as a shark or literal elephant man among real characters. Purchase a shark rocket launcher among typical shotguns, assault rifles and melee weapons. Rescue pandas from cages, stop the slaughter of innocent alligators. Animals wear Christmas hats at least during the season and the game on paper feels like it evokes fun and charm. Maybe that's all a game really needs, guns and hats.

The animation is serviceable for the price, but the glaring issue is that the menus lack refinement. They're basic boxes with buttons. Some of the menus feel rushed or modified to push the game out the door. That can all change over time.

Your job is simple, defeat the bosses from each base. There are other quest objectives like free twenty animals from cages, kill two hundred enemies. Your home base is at the center of the map, making each enemy base easy to walk to without getting lost. Its a simple straight forward game that gets dull in a hurry.

Death will respawn you at your home base, but its the depleting meter at the bottom of the screen that will make you have a game over. Rescuing animals and killing poachers is the only way to replenish the meter.

The environment is a single exterior map that is lush and green, full of grass, trees and bamboo. There is no water or anything to hinder your path until you get into a base. This can make every walk mundane, especially if you clear out a base only to die at the boss. Enemies in bases stay dead, well that is unless you save, exit and resume the game. Then the enemies are all back. What makes having no enemies so boring is that each base takes a minute to walk to and then around the third or forth base, they take a minute to walk through winding paths of sandbags and tents.

Outside of bases, enemies will spawn in when you're elsewhere. You will only encounter one or two at a time every fifteen seconds. Its a lot more efficient just to run past them. However, there is an experience and gold economy here, so if you want to get better, you'll need to stop and kill everyone foe you encounter. Sometimes enemies helicopter in, but even then you can murder them in a flash. There needs to be more battles otherwise the boredom sets in rather quick.

Inside a base there are sentries with both machine guns and seeking rockets. The rockets are interesting, because they only detonate on living things like the player, animals, enemies and themselves. You can get a homing missile to detonate on the sentry that shot it. What's even more quirky is they will float stuck in cages unable to get around them, but unable to explode.

Bosses begin to feel cheap. They have short range attacks that sometimes glitch where a punch can hit you quite a distance away. After the first few, they become dangerous, put you in a corner of the arena, stun you and pummel you. Your character is stiff and slow even if its still faster than other enemies. So each boss's dash becomes dangerous. Later bosses have enemies helicopter in, but that's the easy part. The game recycles boss sprites, but the overall pattern is the same for every boss. Melee, dash; no matter if they use a chainsaw or their fists.

BanHammer is easy to control with a keyboard or a controller. You can shoot, change weapons, reload, see a map, toggle your mini map, throw grenades, light a flare to bring you to base camp and toggle a help function. Holding a specific button will lock your direction so you can run east while shooting west.

You can only shoot west or east, which is fine. Its like an old school brawler with guns. Most enemies have the same restriction, but other enemies will shoot north when they're facing west. It just looks awkward. The issue that I have is sometimes I'll be shooting east, then my character will turn west. The controls seem very sensitive like there is no dead zone for an analog controller. Perhaps that's the real reason behind having a button to lock your direction.

There are plenty weapons in the game each with their own damage and firing rate. Its easy to unlock a powerful weapon early in the game and just stick with it the whole way through. Everything you craft is waiting for you in your inventory at the shop. There's no way to change your inventory on the fly and by inventory I mean you have five guns, but you can only carry three.

Although there's a shop and crafting station at your base, there's no ammunition or health. To get those you need to go out and kill things. Foes carry all sorts of ammunition, health, grenades and other bonuses.

One of the interesting parts of the game is a day and night system. You can stay awake all day and all night, but they need their sleep. So you can get the drop on them when they're snoozing at camp or elsewhere on the ground. Your shotgun must have a silencer on it, because no one wakes up when you're killing their comrades next to them.

If you're playing solo, you can have a companion animal that's downright useless. I suppose the animal provides a distraction from further enemies that are too far to shoot you, but even then you're much faster than the companion. When you leave your dog in the dust, it respawns under your feet. Rather than moving the dog to the side, you're the one that gets pushed to the side. It becomes tough having the puppy with you during a boss battle, because the dog gets in the way. Its just a silly frill to have.

There are plenty of invisible walls. If you try to walk beyond the overall map, you're blocked. A wall of trees would be nice or some indication that you need to go back. Even hardcore indestructible gun turrets would be interesting. Other than an invisible map border, the bases have gaps in their walls, but they too are just invisible walls.

Other issues include occasional times when I am running and I stop, the run animation continues. Sometimes the gun refuses to reload even when I have more ammunition. If I press it a few dozen times, then it works. A chopper can land with enemies, I throw a grenade, it explodes, then the enemies get out and die from the explosion. Its interesting. Calling for a helicopter freezes the player, so make sure you're a safe distance from hostiles.

BanHammer just still feels hollow spread out across two hours of time. It wears out its welcome past the first five or ten minutes through repetition and an empty experience devoid of challenge until the cheap boss fights. Most of the time I was grinding to level up to the point I could beat a boss. Leveling up unlocks new characters, but when the game is dull why would I want to play more of it?

Its still a good start for a good price that I would say will grow over time, but this is the BanHammer's full release and it still has a lot of issues. As for recommending it right now, its a coin toss.
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10.0 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: December 15, 2015
So I have played Banhammer twice so far and I have to say even though it is in early access I have only found some minor graphical bugs which is nothing really. The game is very well made and really fun, I still have to try out the co-op though.

Currently I think the enemies can be made a little stronger in terms of health and maybe damage. I have yet to encounter any major bugs.

So good job to the developers and I look forward to any future updates :D
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Not Recommended
2.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 8
This terrible. You can only shoot straight left and straight right, but enemies come at you from all directions shooting diagonally. It makes no sense.
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1.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: December 19, 2015
This game is a good one. Here is my opinion

-- Fun, enjoyable
-- Variety of guns, stuffs
-- Local 2 players
-- Many quest and achieverments
-- Decent price

-- Interface (hope it would be improved in the next update)
-- Lack of clear tutorial
-- The control seem weird a bit to me

I recommend this game because of the price. i bought it and enjoy with friend in freetime
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Not Recommended
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 2
I wanted to like this game, but I can't. There are so many things wrong:
- you start the game and have no idea what to do. No tutorial or something like this.
- the controls are gruesome and bumpy.
- reloading your weapon doesn't work sometimes. It can be that you die because you want to reload and nothing happens.
- you are only able to shoot at left or at right - however, enemies approach from all sides.
- the soundtrack is nice, but boring after 5 minutes.
- the map is incredibly boring - doesnt matter where you are, its the same.
- the translation into German is terrible.

No need to buy.
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39.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 22, 2015
After a long period of waiting for the fixes, I would say the game is way better to play now and with the current free update, I really like it. Simple, fun, and effective. Totally a good game to play.
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Not Recommended
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 30
The main thing that attracted me to this game when I bought the bundle it was in was the art. I figured that a game with art direction as good as that shown on the title card would probably be pretty decent. Unfortunately, as soon as I started the game, a number of things including but not limited to the abysmally butt-ugly menus and GUI forced me to assume the character and enemy models, as well as most everything else, were pre-bought unity assets not made by the developers of this game. Of course, I don't know if this is true- I'm not about to go digging around the internet to find out- but it would explain a lot of things:

First, the goal of this game seems to be to kill poachers and rescue animals. Granted, there's absolutely no story scenes or info dumps beyond a few unlockable paragraphs about each playable character that read like something a fourth grader wrote, but the general premise is pretty obvious. However, the name of the game and the titular weapon have nothing to do with that. My theory is that whatever asset pack the devs used was themed around the "Banhammer", so they tried to embrace it and wrote in a few references to internet forum terms (like calling mysterious overbosses 'Administrators').

Second, like I mentioned earlier, the menus and GUI are absolute toss. They're ugly, sloppy, inconsistent, and more often than not the "active area" for a button is no where near the image of the button, making you wave your cursor around until you find a spot that allows you to press it.

Gameplay is bizarre. (It's a top-down shooter, in case you couldn't tell by the screenshots) While wandering around the EXTREMELY bland overworld, killing enemies and freeing animals, you can and must move omnidirectionally... but you can only shoot to the left or right. While still playable, this gets obnoxious quickly, since enemies come at you from all directions, and some turrets are positioned in such a way that they are difficult to hit from the side. This seems bafflingly illogical from a design standpoint, but again, this can be explained by assuming whatever pre-made engine the devs used was intended for a more horizontally-focused game- and that the character models don't have vertical movement animations.

Balancing seems odd also. The map is divided into areas of different difficulty, with a couple bosses in each- and it ramps up faster than you level up, meaning you'll be doing a lot of grinding(not as much as some games I've seen, but still more than necessary). Lots of game mechanics seem thrown in haphazardly as an afterthought, like the crafting and quests(of which there are only six), and are not explained adequately. There are a fair amount of different weapons to buy, but you can only carry one of the main type at a time- and to be honest, I crafted a golden sniper rifle after the second boss or so, and I haven't needed a new weapon yet, 3 bosses later.
(EDIT: I actually did end up switching to another weapon, since the sniper doesn't fire fast enough to keep some of the later bosses off of you.)

Like I mentioned earlier, the environment is very, very boring. There are a few small camps scattered around with a cage and a couple enemies in them, but the only vaguely interesting areas are the boss camps, which are all arranged arount the very edges of the map. Most of your time will be spent trudging between them. Granted, there is fast-travel, but only to your base camp, in the very center of the map. From there, it's still guaranteed to be a boring walk to wherever you're going.

Miscellaneous gripes:
-Annoyingly, your character as well as all the animals on the map wear santa hats, and the grenade icon is replaced with a christmas ornament. I assume this is left over from some holiday event, but it looks dumb and doesn't fit the environment. I couldn't find a way to turn it off.
-English translation isn't the worst I've seen, but still needs work. It's not too noticeable since there isn't much text in the game, but what little there is feels awkward.
-One of the "quest" objectives, collecting 100k dollars, is completely infeasible. There's no way the average player will get that much, even if they never buy anything. After you craft all 5 or 6 weapons, you can sell raw materials for a little extra, but each piece only nabs you 100 bucks, no matter the rarity- and that's still not enough.
-Finally, the music is your standard royalty-free Kevin MacLeod stuff. Not necessarily a negative, but it seems to support my hypothesis that the game contains no original material.

All said, I'll probably play one or two more sessions of BanHammer before calling it quits. The concept is decent, I just wish it was assembled by someone a little more... dedicated to releasing a quality product. And less reliant on pre-made assets. And more competent in general.
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Not Recommended
0.5 hrs on record
Posted: January 16
It's a fun little game for spending short periods of time on but there isn't enough going on in the game to keep you interested long. The graphics and design are cool but the game is very repetative. You run around killing poachers and protecting animals. The scenery changes slightly but not enough add to the game. I got this game in a bundle and would not have spent the money to purchase this game otherwise. This game would probably be better for a tablet or phone.
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Not Recommended
0.7 hrs on record
Posted: May 9
Short: Great concept! Horrible controls! A patch for it would make a thumbs up.

I choose not to ask for a refund after playing this game, but I seriously considered doing it, even if I got it on sale. The only reason I did not is that this game has potential; the concept is great, the main ideas are interesting, and saving animals is an interesting cause rarely found in video gaming.

What is wrong, however, are the abominable controls. You fire in the direction you are walking unless you press a touch which allows to fire in the reverse direction. Now what happens when you stop moving? I haven't figured out yet. This system is very, very, very annoying. When you have to fight a boss in a very restricted area, you need to turn around again and again and that makes this reverse shooting system absolutely horrible. I understand that it may be interesting to not make a purely twin stick game -though I think it would have been funnier- but at least, making two different keys to shoot, one in one direction and the other in the other, would have been greatly appreciated.

There are some glitches, too, as you may happen to be stuck in a wall (between two tents). But the main problem are the controls.

I still hope that the developers may happen to read this review and seriously consider making a patch for these really bad controls. This hope is the only reason why I didn't ask for a refund, as this game could really become a great little one.

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Recently Posted
4.6 hrs
Posted: October 1
To say this game is bad would be a huge offense to bad games XD

Just no...
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All Might
3.7 hrs
Posted: September 16
This game should have stayed in Early Access for awhile longer. Great idea for a game, but the game feels rushed and unfinished.
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2.6 hrs
Posted: September 2
to put it simply, not bad for 3 bucks, but it has it's issues. I'd like to see it grow though, it's pretty fun, but the novelty easily wears off after a while.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: May 21
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19.9 hrs
Posted: May 16
The game has potential... It's not the best of games although it can be pretty annoying with trying to get an achievement which is unattainable. I have reset this because I thought it could be a bug and put in more hours than I expected to put in to find that I cannot get the achievement for all of the quests. This game is very repetitive and it is annoying that you are only able to shoot left and right, whereas the enemies can attack you from all sides. The storyline is terrible where it is only 3 paragraphs per each character and all the parts can be found at the exact same place as the last one (all you need to do is restart the map) Not to mention the "partner"... The dog is almost completely useless and tends to get in the way a lot, the only good part about having the partner is getting in the way when you are against the boss that has a machine gun.

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2.6 hrs
Posted: April 19
I played for a short while, and it looked like a quick and easy Unity project.
Once I got stuck in a shop menu and couldn't leave it, I understood that yes, it is an unpolished game.
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6.8 hrs
Posted: March 19
A classic top down shooter, with a little odd controls if you play with mouse+keyboard. You shoot in the direction you are moving (right or left) no matter where the mouse pointer is, which was, for me, a little hard to get a hang of in the beginning. The controls in general aren't much to get excited about. There are some annoying moments in-game aswell. You can get stuck in objects if a boss is above you and "push" you down, and since can only shoot left or right, you pretty much die. But there are positives in this as well. It has charming graphics, not very sharp, but charming. There isn't much of a story other than "animals die because of poachers, kill every human you see". You get in-game quests that help you get money. In the beginning, cash is hard to come by, it isn't until you start killing bosses and saving the captured animals around their base, you start to feel a little richer. With the cash you get new weapons, and there is a good selection of weapons in the game. But it doesn't take long until you start feel that there is no direction in the game, and it's just grinding to get a new weapon, which you want to try on a boss you already killed before. But in the end; Decent game, but not much more. Alot more fun if you play with a friend. 5.4/10
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