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Qui a besoin d’un scénario bien ficelé ? Qui a besoin de récolter et de gérer des matières premières? La diplomatie c’est tellement dépassé. Gratuitous Space Battles vous plonge directement dans le bain des jeux de stratégie de science fiction,et présente des énormes batailles spatiales, complètement injustifiée entre deux grandes...
Date de parution: 16 nov 2009
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À propos du jeu

Qui a besoin d’un scénario bien ficelé ? Qui a besoin de récolter et de gérer des matières premières? La diplomatie c’est tellement dépassé. Gratuitous Space Battles vous plonge directement dans le bain des jeux de stratégie de science fiction,et présente des énormes batailles spatiales, complètement injustifiée entre deux grandes flottes spatiales.
Gratuitous Space Battles combine l’aspect visuel d’un RTS, avec le placement stratégique et le gameplay d’un tower defense. Dans GSB, le joueur ne contrôle pas les vaisseaux pendant la bataille. Les vaisseaux suivent une suite d’ordre que vous avez déterminer avant la bataille.
GSB vous mets dans la peau d’un amiral spatial chargé du design de chaque vaisseau,et de la composition de votre flotte ainsi que les règles d’engagement. Ce n’est pas un jeu tordu en temps réel comme la plupart des RTS, mais un jeu ou il faut réfléchir planifier ses actions. Des énormes batailles spatiales peuvent être gagné ou perdues en fonction de combine vous dépensez en bouclier défensive et armure ou bien en coûteux canons lasers et torpilles a plasma.
GSB comporte aussi un système multijoueur novateur . Vous pouvez aussi mettre en ligne la flotte ultime pour que tout le monde en profite et regarder combien de joueurs vous avez battus. Ainsi vous ne serez jamais a cours d’adversaires a écraser!
  • 4 races différentes et jouables a débloquer
  • Plus de 40 coques de vaisseaux différentes
  • Plus de 120 modules de vaisseaux spatiaux
  • Plusieurs modes,contre l’IA,un mode:défense et un mode multijoueurs
  • Chaque partie possède ces propres règles et ces cataclysmes spatiaux.

Configuration requise (PC)

    • Système d’exploitation : Windows XP ou Vista
    • Processeur : 1.5 GHz processeur cadencé à 1.5 Ghz
    • Mémoire Vive : 1 Go
    • Affichage : Carte 3D comportant 128 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
    • Espace disque : 300 Mo d’espace disque diponible
    • Son : aucune recommandation particulière

Configuration requise (MAC)

    • Système d'exploitation : OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, ou postérieur.
    • Processeur : Intel 1 Ghz
    • Mémoire vive : 512 Mo
    • Affichage : Carte vidéo 32 Mo
    • Disque dur : 75 Mo
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It's hard. If there's one undeniable thing about this game, is that it's hard. Luckily, it's not "have an actual degree in rocket science" hard, so you'll manage. Especially since it's so beautiful (2D is really the best choice here and I love the style), you'll try and try again. The combat effects are probably the prettiest I've seen and attack ships on the shoulder of Orion didn't look as good when they were on fire.

Although I wish it had some plot. Maybe one day.
Posté le : 30 mars
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This is not really a game in the classic sense. The player is given a scenario, then chooses ships they want in the scenario, and then watches as the ships fight it out. The player still can adjust quite a few things outside of the battle, such as modules to use, etc. GSB does what it sets out to very well, its a "game" for people who enjoy setting up a battle and then watching it play out, noticing what does/doesn't work, and then trying the battle again with different ship set ups. I recommend downloading the demo first. I certainly wouldn't pay $15 for it, but it isn't really my kind of game either.
Posté le : 14 avril
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Played this one quite a bit. I really like the concept, but the execution is just slightly lacking. The ability to customize is fantastic, as is the ability to order around your fleets. The problems are:
  1. Differentiation between races and outfits is too slight. Huge swings in stats/price could lead to things getting unbalanced (and the one race that's the most different is unbalanced), but the gear on offer is just too similar to other entries in its category (of which there aren't that many). If you get a shield that's advertised as 'fast-recharge', but has a recharge rate just a tiny bit higher than the standard one, it's kind of disappointing. Likewise if you switch to a new faction to discover that aside from ship classes and small passive ability, their only advantage is a single racial outfit that's (again) almost identical to the standard one.
  2. A game that's essentially a management sim has to have decisions to make, tradeoffs between cost, power, weight, etc. This game has those in spades, except for the problem above. But, it also has to have careful balance, so no one linear strategy (always get the cheap/expensive stuff, just spam A, etc.) dominates. I would assert that the game fails this second test. Due to eccentricities in how damage is calculated, it's possible to build a 'tank' ship that's almost invulnerable to attack. Combine that with the prevalence of (arguably) the game's best weapon, a multi-warhead missile launcher with the best range and striking power available (and because of the multiple warheads, it handily defeats the point defense system options - and did I mention missiles have infinite ammo?), and you have a recipe for an intense stalemate. If you avoid such degenerate tactics, the game can be fun, but I would rather see exploitative things nerfed out of existence.
  3. Playing the campaign mode is the most enjoyable for me, once everything's unlocked. But the mac version is buggy, and I've been unable to get it to work properly. It'll play the standard campaign fine, but won't load up either of the other 2 maps. The whole point of any TBS style 4X game (which this expansion turns it into) is the variety in the randomized map and different factions, etc., but this game comes with exactly one galaxy map to try and conquer (later patched to 3, but that's still too few, and as noted, they don't work right). There is a user-created program that will make randomized maps, but only for the win version apparently.
  4. Oh, and lastly, combat is entirely non-interactive (you're basically watching a movie of how well your forces do), and it maxes out at 8x speed. Fine, except that your fleets start far enough apart and often move at such glacial speeds that it takes a minute or more of staring at wallpaper peeling until they make contact.
So, I wanted to like this more than I did. It's still good, but falls short of greatness.
Posté le : 7 juillet
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By far the worst thing about this game is the way the developer tried to nickel-and-dime (or five-dollar-bill) us to death with minor, overpriced expansion packs that you pretty much needed to get if you wanted to keep participating in all the community had to offer. Now you can get the "Complete Pack" which is not a bad deal for newcomers but you don't want THIS one, which is the basic game.

The concept was actually fun and I got some good enjoyment out of it but unless I hear he's dropped his stupid revenue model, I don't plan to buy Gratuitous Space Battles 2. I got a bad enough taste in my mouth with how he handled the first one (if you bought every pack you'd end up paying like $15 for the base game + $42 for the DLC, so basically $57 for a game that is worth maybe $20 all total, relative to other Steam offerings. Those expansions do not contain $6 worth of new content.)
Posté le : 6 août
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I know there's a game in here to be played, but I don't even care, -I could spend hours watching the tutorial battles play themselves out with gleeful abandon just by itself. The fact that there's actual gameplay decisions allowing you to play virtual space admiral is just icing on the cake for me. My inner kid who was obsessed with Star Wars and the battle scenes from Star Trek 2 does little dances of joy every time I launch this game, honestly. And for those of you with high end sound systems attached to your computer? SWEET MOTHER OF MERCY, -the explosion sound quality is enough to shake your windows loose with the bass! The only thing that would make this game better is if the spaceships were rendered in 3D ala Homeworld, but the fact they're all 2D sprites does absolutely *nothing* to take away from the pure gratuitous delight.

Know what you're getting into when buying this and I promise you won't be disappointed. Highly entertaining!
Posté le : 28 mars
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Oh god I love this game.

This game's style is build and run. You design ships, pretty detailed in that. You go into battle against a fleet of enemy ships. You place your ships in a layout. You program orders. You click start. You wait.

If you wipe out the enemies you win.

Great game mechanics there, and a pretty extensive customization range. Didn't knew this would've been this fun.

Great visuals too for a 2D game.

Lots of strategies involved, and I haven't even scratched the surface yet.

If what I told you is something that tickles your pickles you might want to take a look at this game.
Posté le : 22 novembre 2013
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