Hammerfight is about 2D battles of flying machines equipped with various slashing, piercing and blunt weaponry.A unique combat system is based on realistic physics simulation, and it ties the movements of the rider to the movements of your mouse. As you wave the mouse, your rider swings his warhammer, smashing the foe into the wall!
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Çıkış Tarihi: 19 Eyl 2009

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“There are a lot of reasons to play Hammerfight. It has a good story, unique gameplay and it provides a good challenge.”
– Geoff Gibson, DIYgamer
“The moment you start up the game, you will be kicked in the balls”
– Anthony Burch, Destructoid
“The physics are well-tuned, the art is fantastic. Go get it, physics game fans!”
– Matthew Wegner, Fun-Motion

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Hammerfight is about 2D battles of flying machines equipped with various slashing, piercing and blunt weaponry.A unique combat system is based on realistic physics simulation, and it ties the movements of the rider to the movements of your mouse. As you wave the mouse, your rider swings his warhammer, smashing the foe into the wall!
This creates an unequaled feel of the real strike, a feel of the mass of the weapon in your hands. Simulated physics and direct mouse control creates a huge variety of possible battle techniques and an unlimited field for perfecting one's fighting skill.
  • Intuitive mouse control
  • Realistic physics, breakable objects
  • Great storyline
  • High quality art
  • More that 50 weapons
  • 3 additional modes, up to 4 players

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 98SE / ME / XP / Vista
    • Processor: Athlon / Pentium III 2 GHz
    • Memory: 256 Mb
    • Graphics: DirectX 8.0 compatible with 64 Mb VRAM
    • DirectX®: 8.0
    • Hard Drive: 150 Mb
    • Sound: DirectX 8.0 compatible
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5 or later
    • Processor: Intel (32 or 64 bit)
    • Memory: 256 Mb
    • Graphics: Any GPU supported by Mac OS X
    • Hard Drive: 150 Mb
    • Sound: Any hardware supported by Mac OS X
    • OS: Compatible with Ubuntu 11.04
    • Processor: x86 or amd64 2GHz
    • Memory: 256 Mb
    • Graphics: Any reasonable GPU supported
    • Hard Drive: 150 Mb
    • Sound: Any reasonable hardware supported
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( kayıtlarda 670.7 saat )
Yayınlanma: 30 Haziran
I'm not entirely certain how to properly express how I feel about this game. Its been a constant companion since the day I found it, a source of comfort and frustation in equal measure.

I say frustation because without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the most buggy and janky games I have ever played, filled with small and large annoyances and questionable design decisions that plague me even after I have become familiar with each and every eccentricity.

Yet the game is amazing, revolutionary. When you swing a sword, you must learn the character of the weapon to land a proper blow. When you make a critical hit, its because the blade slipped in between your enemy's plates. All of the mechanics and moves of combat emerge organically from the detailed physics model which can accurately react to the clashing of different materials, with different characteristics and shapes and produce a result that feels right on an instinctive level. Sharp blades get stuck in wood and slide off of metal. Maces drag you around and can knock the weapon from an enemy's hand if they strike at the right angle. The use of each weapon to the fullest extent is requires so much skill that entire other games could be made on the basis of each one. Bullets will ping off your armor and spark off your weapon.

The art and music is beautiful, the world is a steampunk middle-eastern environment that is unique and to me personally a great joy in the face of endless medival European environments. The story is equal parts impossible to follow, disjointed, full of strange unexplained terms, fascinating, atmospheric and moving.

I would give a great deal indeed to play another game that built upon these mechanics, but until that day comes I know that at least Hammerfight will always be to hand.
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( kayıtlarda 4.4 saat )
Yayınlanma: 25 Haziran
The combat in this game, which is the real reason to play it, is really fun, and I haven't seen other games like it . You use entirely the mouse to swing your weapons and deal damage. The force you get form the momentum is how strong the damage will be. Dodging while swinging and being dragged by the physics is amusing.

That said, the story was quite short, though you can redo and pick a few different routes, seems like... and it wouldn't be a problem if the arena afterwards were more fun and more fleshed out. I liked the idea of it, but not only is it lackluster but it's way too hard. Some enemies can throw bombs that hit you even from pretty darn far away, and it's really hard to do anything about it besides one stage. If it was just hard, that'd be one thing, but it feels a bit unfair.

I recommend it just for the first while of fun, at least on sale.
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( kayıtlarda 49.4 saat )
Yayınlanma: 25 Haziran
This game is seriously incredible. It has its problems stemming from not quite perfect coding ability of its developer and some very frustrating design choices. The tutorial is barely adequate so dont be afraid to look up wiki's and spend ages in the training room with your weapons until you GIT GUD with the physics and can hit the target consistently.

You WILL be ♥♥♥♥ at this game in the beginning. You will only have a big rock attached to a chain and no idea how to control yourself or even hit things accurately. PERSEVERE. Take the hard road at every oppertunity (ie, fight the bug canyon) and you will be rewarded for it. Get a mouse that has an adjustable DPI, a high one. Crack that ♥♥♥♥ way up and set the ingame sensitivity to 100. More sensitivity = more power and more agility.

However, this is an extremely fun game that i have replayed over and over and over again and is easily the best indie games I have ever seen. The minigames of Arena and Bug Hunt modes are fun and you will be able to unlock plenty of weapons and items through them which you can then use in the campaign and wreck those steampunk arabs even harder.

Get this game. It's wonderful. Enjoy the ULTRA satisfying *Crunch* as you swing a gigantic spiked flail into ancient Arabic steampunk helicopters and watch them smash straight into destructible walls. Bathe in the green blood of wierd floating worm things and explosive bees as you swing a house sized spiked-chain buzzsaw blade all around you in a whirlwind of death and destruction.

Try not to strangle your AI companions as they throw Siege Bombs at you to "help" kill your attackers. :I
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( kayıtlarda 9.3 saat )
Yayınlanma: 25 Haziran
One on the best indie games I have ever played.
Story is really good, arena too.
Lots of weapons and fighting styles to choose from.
You can explore the caves for jewels you can equip in your weapons.

Really good stuff here.
Give it a try.
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( kayıtlarda 18.9 saat )
Yayınlanma: 24 Haziran
Simple and hugely enjoyable gameplay.
Yararlı mı? Evet Hayır Komik
( kayıtlarda 0.4 saat )
Yayınlanma: 20 Haziran
Hammer fight is a neat little physics based brawler of some sort. You control your little ship using the mouse the importance in your mousing abilities is that your weapon weather it be a boulder on a chain, a hammer, or an axe or whatever else you unlock swings in a circular motion.

Its fun to play as its simple however the solo mode gets to be quite challenging.
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Esoteric Wombat
( kayıtlarda 1.9 saat )
Yayınlanma: 18 Haziran
I want to like it, I really do.
Yararlı mı? Evet Hayır Komik
( kayıtlarda 31.4 saat )
Yayınlanma: 18 Haziran
I enjoyed this very much.
Combat is extremely satisfactory and depends on your skill. I have not seen that concept in any other game, so it is worth trying if you look for something new.
The lore is quite mysterious, but it creates a feeling that the game is set in a great, fascinating world (which is never shown, apart from small pieces).
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( kayıtlarda 10.0 saat )
Yayınlanma: 12 Haziran
This game can be intensely frustrating, but once you get the hang of the mechanics and you get past the terrible UI (and turn up your mouse dpi all the way to max) it's actually pretty fun to smash things with a giant, swinging, spiked mace. Slap a red gem in there and bathe in the blood of the fallen.
Yararlı mı? Evet Hayır Komik
( kayıtlarda 28.5 saat )
Yayınlanma: 8 Haziran
Great game, great concept, but has some really wonky problems that you have to be aware of.


Immensly satisfying to do well in, the gameplay is very fun at the lowest leveel (nothing but a rock on a chain) and still very fun (but very different) at higher levels (armor, consumables, ranged and melee, fire aspect...)

Some very fun mechanics for battles, including the best ear ringing effect I have yet seen. Environments are partially destructable, and they used this to full effect (some campaign missions have you break through walls, faling debris can damage you...)

Amazing single player campaign- choice based, different experience for different choices (took me about 4 run throughs to explore the options).

Art style is a hit or miss- I personally liked steam punk arabic? or whatever this is, but i can very clearly see why many people wouldn't like it. See cons. The universe too is well developed, it actually had me interested in the world as well as the gameplay.


some artistic decisions are very controversial, and there is no ability to disable them. Emoticons and text appears when you land solid hits, and you can't disable them. Coins fly around too.

Multiplayer is funky to get working. look to other reviews as to that- I didn't explore it much. (they have dual mouse support????)

Mouse sensitivity is roughly equivelent to difficulty level in this game!!
spend a LOT of time messing with the in game mouse sensitivity function!
you will have to find a sweet spot, where you ship doesn't feel unbearably slow, or you don't have to lift and reset your mouse.
however: the game can become boring and far too easy on other settings; the mouse sensitivity can straight up increase your speed and agility. In a game where inertia and dodging are key, this makes a HIUGE difference.

After reading a few of the negative reviews, I bet they had their sensitivity wrong, and never thought to change it.

I recommend trying this game out, even if you just get the single player out of it, it will be worth it. If you can grab it on sale, even better.
remember to adjust the mouse sensitivty often, makes the game much more fun. Thanks for reading this far!

thanks for skimming!
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kayıtlarda 0.2 saat
Yayınlanma: 16 Mayıs 2014
Sevmedim.Bu Kadar oynadıkdan sonra. :D
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6 kişiden 2 tanesi (33%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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Yayınlanma: 23 Mayıs 2014
bence almayın oyunu nasıl oynayacağımı bile anlamadım
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2 kişiden 0 tanesi (0%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 0.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 30 Haziran 2015
çok enteresan bir oynanış mekaniğine sahip. Bir yerden sonra sıkıyor.
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3 kişiden 0 tanesi (0%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 0.1 saat
Yayınlanma: 27 Mayıs 2014
evet berbat oyun boktan dönmüş
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183 kişiden 152 tanesi (83%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 12.9 saat
Yayınlanma: 19 Aralık 2013
I love this game with the same passion that I hate it. I can't recommend it to general/casual players, because it is so harsh, unfriendly and unforgiving. But I can recommend it to people looking for a real challenge, who won't mind looking for information on the Internet and dealing with frustrating game features (which are most of them).

The core mechanic of this game (a brawler fight with flying machines and attached weapons) is loads of fun. It's a fresh original concept and it is done perfectly. Different weapons have _very_ different characteristics, every each one feels different, and there is extreme attention to detail. Basically, every pixel matters - if you hit your enemy with the tip of your sword has a completely different effect than if you hit it with your blade (and how much you slash him) or the hilt. Every weapon has different weight, different sharpness, it's harder or easier to manage. Blades are very good againt skin, but it's difficult to penetrate armor with them. This is a paradise for someone enjoying exactly this - different weapon/armor combinations and their interactions.

The game is based purely on skill. It's extremely hard to master and there are so many details you wouldn't even think of (until you read web guides). You'll die all the time, and repeat, repeat, repeat. But once you become good at it, the battles are so enjoyable. They are still very hard - you haven't dodged a flying debris? Half dead. You haven't dodged or deflected a sword thrust? Dead. But you'll start seeing the details and be able to react better; it won't be just a chaos on screen. And then it starts to be a real fun.

Unfortunately, as much as the battle mechanics are awesome, the rest of the game implementation is awful. Weapon selection is bad, weapon market is bad, game UI is especially tragic, a lot of features are not explained at all, there is a lot of bugs, often you have no idea why you died, enemies are frequently off-screen but still can attack you, allies often perform actions that hurt you (like shooting or throwing bombs your way), .... I could go on and on. You'll grind your teeth every time you have to deal with this or you make some mistake that can't be reversed (like imbuing your weapon with a gem during the battle because of clicking a mouse button in the wrong time - what a great feature).

If you want to play this game, here are some tips:
* http://wikicheats.gametrailers.com/Hammerfight_-_PC
* http://hubpages.com/search/Hammerfight
* http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2035787
* in order to reduce graphical clutter on the screen, set quality to 0.2 in game and also edit Config.ini and set GFX_RENDER_* to 'false'
* you can switch full-screen with alt+tab and you can release/grab your mouse cursor with ctrl+g
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kayıtlarda 52.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 23 Ekim 2014
Alright listen up. I've read a lot of useless reviews about this game, and most of them contain misleading or just plain wrong information. I've played this game an insane amount (the number you see is only a fraction), so I feel like I should try to set the record straight.

If you have a mouse with adjustable DPI, put it as high as it will go. Put the in-game DPI at 100. If you still can't move around easily, buy a new mouse, because yours is horrible. You want a mouse with at least 800 DPI, which shouldn't be difficult to find. Pretty much any ♥♥♥♥♥♥ wireless mouse now days has that.

I'm not going to give this game an across the board recommendation. It's full of perplexing design choices: Really hard at the beginning, need 2 mice to trade items between profiles, can't un-equip gems without editing the game files, gem farming is really tedious,(just edit them, it's not worth farming), can't manually select levels in the arena, runs at 50 fps (why?), need to play through multiple times to unlock every game mode and weapon, and the giant hud gets in the way a lot because the game is locked at 800x600.

That being said, POWER THROUGH THE FIRST LEVEL WITH THE flying insects. Yes, it's hard. It's hard because you suck. It gets easier after that, and even easier once you actually learn how to control your momentum and spacing properly. Controlling the flying thing while wielding a weapon is weird at first, but once you get the hang of it, it works incredibly well, and the game has a ridiculous amount of depth. I'm still learning new techniques after over 100 hours in.

As for miscellaneous stuff you should probably know: Once you put a gem on a weapon, you can't take it off. You have to edit the gem away. There are plenty of guides on how to do that. Blood rubies are essential for arena (the best part of the game by far), and they are very difficult to get. I'd recommend not farming them and just editing them onto your weapons once you finish the main story.

This is one of the most unique and most satisfying games I have ever played, but it takes some time to actually learn how to play well. Give it 4 or 5 hours. If you can tolerate it that long but still aren't having fun, give it until you start doing arena fights. If you still don't like it, then I guess it's not for you.
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293 kişiden 189 tanesi (65%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
1 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
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kayıtlarda 9.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 25 Aralık 2013
Hammerfight is based around the nifty concept of flying machines laden with swinging weaponry that you control using your mouse. However, while the concept is pretty cool, the actual game leaves a LOT to be desired; the menus, UI, controls, story, objectives and general game format are horribly confusing, the resolution is poor and the game is unfairly difficult. Often you'll die very suddenly after being stunned and rammed into a wall, and there's so much happening on screen that even when you can control your machine it's easy to lose track of what's going on. In spite of this, I enjoyed it for the most part, but a less determined gamer may quickly lose interest or quit from frustration.
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25 kişiden 23 tanesi (92%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
2 kişi bu incelemeyi komik buldu
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kayıtlarda 60.3 saat
Yayınlanma: 28 Haziran 2015
One of the best indie games i have ever played. The combat mechanic is absolutely solid and completely satasfying. Now, the concept of the game is very strange i'll admit, but the world will truly grab you. This game was a massive part of my childhood and at $5 it's an absolute steal. The dozens of weapons and upgrades are incredible, and the gameplay is basically endless. I love this game.

The pickaxe is the best weapon in the game
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123 kişiden 76 tanesi (62%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 386.7 saat
Yayınlanma: 26 Kasım 2013
This game is very fun! Nothing is quite as great as swinging weapons around while flying your ship. Game is a bit buggy but nothing too bad. Highly Recommend!
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46 kişiden 32 tanesi (70%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
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kayıtlarda 30.9 saat
Yayınlanma: 6 Ocak 2014
If you can get over the somewhat difficult to understand story and the occasional bug, this game is fantastically fun. I spent hours swinging around weapons and smashing ships and flying maggot things. It's incredibly satisfying landing a strong hit on a creature or an opponent and send them careening into the walls/ceiling. If nothing else it's a fun little physics game.
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