Unravel one of the greatest mysteries of our time! On the 30th June 1908 an explosion with the combined energy of 2000 Hiroshima bombs rocked the region of Tunguska in Central Siberia and felled over 6,000 square km of trees. The explosion could be heard from as far as 1,000km away.
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Data di rilascio: 29 ott 2009

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Informazioni sul gioco

Unravel one of the greatest mysteries of our time!

On the 30th June 1908 an explosion with the combined energy of 2000 Hiroshima bombs rocked the region of Tunguska in Central Siberia and felled over 6,000 square km of trees. The explosion could be heard from as far as 1,000km away. Eye witnesses saw a long object fall from the sky which was illuminated in a blue-white light. A 20km high column of light was followed by a black-mushroom shaped cloud. It has been reported that for the next three nights it was so bright across all of Europe that you could read a newspaper outdoors.

To date it still remains a mystery as to what happened that day, and now YOU will find yourself immersed in a race against time to uncover a global conspiracy that will carry you to the far reaches of the world. Prepare to have your detective skills challenged like never before in the dark world of cover-ups and corruption.

  • 80 highly detailed and atmospheric pre-rendered backgrounds
  • Atmospheric weather effects (e.g. rain and snow)
  • Cinematic full screen videos for intro and cut-scenes
  • 25 beautifully rendered 3D characters to interact with

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows
    • Processor: 500 MHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Equivalent CPU
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 16 MB DirectX compatible graphics card
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB hard disk space
    • Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
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Pubblicata: 3 gennaio
Avevo deciso di prendere durante i saldi il primo capitolo di tunguska, ma il buon karalis mi ha anticipato con un dono. Che dire? Avevo aspettative elevate visti i commenti entusiastici su adventure's planet, ma dovevo contestualizzare al periodo d'uscita, cosa che non ho fatto essendo un'AG, e di solito queste non invecchiano mai. Ma probabilmente è un gioco uscito in un periodo di grossa carenza, sennò ho difficoltà ad accettare le numerosi lodi che ha ricevuto.

In testa alle note dolenti inserisco 3 cose: gli enigmi astrusi, una storia che per le prime 3 ore mi sembra non decollare per usare un eufemismo, un doppiaggio inglese mediocre. Un paio di highlights: il padre della protagonista è scomparso, il suo studio è stato messo sottosopra, la polizia non vuole aiutarla, il suo collega della porta accanto ha la musica sparata ad alto volume. E visto che suonando il campanello non risponde, cosa fa la nostra? Va a staccare i fusibili, non prima di essersi accertata che la stanza era quella corretta, non sia mai.

Altra situazione improponibile, la nostra Nina viene messa alla porta, il tizio all'interno parla in modo frenetico preoccupato, come faccio ad origliare? Ma è normale, attacco con l'adesivo il mio cellulare sul pelo del gatto. Per non parlare di robe minori come usare "il raggio della bici sul totem per staccare una perla".
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Pubblicata: 14 novembre 2015
I'm a big fan of point and click adventure games, and have enjoyed playing through this one. The story is interesting, and focuses on the Tunguska incident. I won't give anything away about the story.

The production values are high, professional voice acting, good graphics and an excellent adventure game interface.

The script is good with plenty of characters to interact with. There are also many varied locations, which helps maintain interest. There is also a handy 'diary' feature, to refresh your memory as to what has happened if you take breaks between playing the game.

The puzzles are decent enough. There are a few nonsensical ones, particularly near the end, but you usually get some of these with adventure games. There are only one or two like this, but they do stop it from being a 'great' adventure game. I recommend using the excellent Universal Hint System on the internet, as provide a few nudges if you need them, without giving too much away.

All in all, well worth playing if you like adventure games.
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Pubblicata: 7 dicembre 2015
Not bad for almost a 10 year old game, provided you can bear 5:4 aspect ratio the game works in and the horrible English voice overs. Sadly, it seems there's no official way to play with German voice overs and English subtitles, and I didn't manage to find any fan patch.

However, you can do this. Download the game in German, make a backup of loca.spr file, then download the game in English and replace it's loca.spr with the one from German version. This way almost all the voice overs are in German and almost all the subtitles are in English. Nina no longer sounds like a ten year old amused by everything in the world.
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Pubblicata: 29 dicembre 2015
A nice quick and fun point-and-click adventure game.

- Engaging storyline. I personally liked the plot and the flow of the story
- Well-designed background graphics. Each location was very well done in my opinion.
- Quick-travel to adjacent "scene". Many of the other adventure games I've played have to wait for the character to completely transition to the edge of the map to get to the next scene. The double-click fast travel was a welcome addition

- Voice acting. Many of the voice actors' lines felt bland and uninspiring with only a few lines that really stood out. And those that did stand out could have done with a little more "emotion" applicable to the scene. Thankfully they don't detract from the gameplay but would have been a nice to have.
- No "map" travel. A lot of the puzzles require you to travel back and forth between locations, some separated by several screens. Being able to easily jump from location to location would have been welcome.
- FMV character models / animations could have been done better. Several have a lack of facial expressions that made the scene feel out of place but the FMVs are short enough that they don't really impact the storyline or gameplay.

Overall a good game and worth adding to your collection. It's no Telltale as far as acting goes but it's good enough given how short it took me to finish it. Even more highly recommended if you can get it on sale.
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Pubblicata: 16 novembre 2015
Get ready for an interesting story that involves fixing bikes, solving mysteries and kidnapping!

For most of the game you play as Nina, the story's protagonist and main source of dialogue throughout the story, along with eventually being accompanied by Max.

Speaking of Max I had completely forgot of his existence within the game till he appeared later on in the game, with his dialogue being about as good as Nina’s if not worse than. Voice acting is welcome however it is all too often obvious that some lines were recorded in a different room to others with lines sounding inconsistent at times.

This point and click game plays well and can be difficult quite often when the right answers seem just beyond your reach, but it’s worth your hardship if you can solve something and progress! The game will require you to check your surroundings often and includes a handy button that shows you what objects are intractable with, which means you won’t accidentally miss anything or get too lost if you use it.

All in all I’d say it was a fun ride with a decent-ish ending…
I’d give it a “Why doubt Max” out of 10.
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