To cube or not to cube, that is the question. There's no question about it - you need to become cubastic and cube around the gooiest platforms ever to be cubed around on. Indulge in the most mind blowing puzzles ever to be witnessed by any cubelet.
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Mostly Positive (508 reviews) - 74% of the 508 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Sep 1, 2015

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About This Game

To cube or not to cube, that is the question!

There's no question about it - you need to become cubastic and cube around the gooiest platforms ever to be cubed around on. Indulge in the most mind blowing puzzles ever to be witnessed by any cubelet. As you progress through the levels, your cubelet will learn new skills and obtain new knowledge which will enable you to pass through the final puzzle a.k.a. THE MEGAPUZZLE.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: HD 4650
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: There might be a problem with integrated graphics cards or some very old DX9 cards.
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual Core 3.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: HD 5770
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 300 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Bring a jar of jelly.
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
5.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 15
Nice looking and simple puzzle game to waste time on. Puzzles are easy to solve so good for beginner of these type games but game also gives you challenge to solve puzzles really fast. Bad thing is that controls are not best and you can make wrong move because of them.
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 4
Very easy...
yeah I can do it...
oh..ok, got it...
damn, that was hard to solve...
i'm FKng stuck 10/10
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
74 of 84 people (88%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 7, 2015
Sokoban-style game with a novel twist. Unfortunately, the game is plagued by a combination of slippery controls and no undo button. Slippery controls aren't an issue with undo, and lack of undo isn't a problem with tight controls. When a game has both, it crosses the line from fun to frustrating very quickly.

I played the first 15 levels, and none of the puzzles took more than a couple seconds to find the solution. Executing always took much longer than it should have.

If you can get past the slippery controls, this could be a fun little game, especially for the price. As it is, that was a dealbreaker for me.
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27 of 29 people (93%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: April 6
This game can be gotten for a few cents, so if you are interested, I suggest you spend a nickel and get it. I cannot recommend it, though. It is supposed to be a puzzle game, Sokoban-style, but the puzzles are really easy to solve logically. The idiotic thing is that this is compensated for by the player being required to solve them really, really fast. I am not interested in puzzle games that dispense with the thinking and replace it by speed.
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31 of 40 people (78%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
2.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 3, 2015
It's an interesting game with beautiful collisions, but it lacks controlability. It is an excelent game for children.

Some texturing would be nice, though (a lot on bg and a little bit on cubes to look a little bit more like jelly).
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25 of 30 people (83%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 4, 2015
Don't buy this, I refunded because I don't want to support this behavior. They just released GooCubelets 2 only two months after releasing the first one, instead of updating the first game. And here's their third game a month and a half after the second! But wait, there's more! There's a fourth game!... and a fifth game! They clearly do not care about the quality of their games, or they'd be updating them instead of constantly releasing additional titles.

4 / 10 - It's not worth more than the $1 they're asking for.

  • It's easy to control the cube(s).
  • Some good puzzles, they can get slightly difficult.
  • 50 puzzles.
  • Lets you choose which monitor to run the game on, resolution, overall quality and windowed mode.
  • Rebindable inputs, although it doesn't detect gamepads.
  • Some physics, but the results are completely static.

  • Doesn't currently support gamepads, but you could use a third-party program such as Joy2Key or XPadder.
  • Music gets repetitive, isn't great. Just mute it and listen to something else.
  • The background on everything is pure white. It's blinding and very obnoxious. Trying to figure out puzzles while being blinded by the white background is not pleasant. There isn't a dark alternative and I highly recommend they make one.
  • The timer for individual levels starts while fading into the stage. There's no brief pause before beginning, meaning it could be hard to see where you're going at first if you're trying to get a good time.
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold medals for individual levels have ridiculous cutoffs. Gold usually being close to frame-perfect execution with the best solution, and Bronze isn't far behind.
  • No Steam achievements, even though all of your individual level medals are tracked on a page called "Achievements." There could be a few at least, such as getting Gold on every level, Silver or Bronze. Beating every level, or one for every 10 levels, etc..
  • Can't rebind inputs in-game.
  • Can't modify display settings in-game.
  • It doesn't tell you how to play or even what keys to use. You'll have to check the input settings before launching the game.
  • Level 29 introduces another height level as well as controlling more than one color cube. This level can be very confusing at first, because nothing is explained. Basically if you let the red cube fall from the upper level(which you usually do on the first move), you have to restart, but you may not realize it was ever up there to begin with, because it usually falls on the first move. Hell, it still doesn't make any sense when you figure that out.

Update: (Quote from developer)
  • Xbox 360 controller support added
  • You can now rebind inputs
  • Instructions added in levels 1,2 and 29
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15 of 16 people (94%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
5.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 29
I enjoy puzzle games. This is a general statement that I like to use. However, there is one catch to that. The puzzle games have to be fun. GooCubelets has the honor of being the first puzzle game I have played that I have had absolutely no fun with. Bravo to it.

I came across GooCubelets ages ago and thought that despite the strange name, it might be a good way to stretch my brain. Certainly it was extremely cheap on sale, and hey, it had lots of good reviews. My naive new-to-Steam self thought, "If it has good reviews, it probably means I'll like it!" Noooope. Needless to say, I've learned a lot since then, and when I finally fired this game up after having it languishing in my library, I quickly regretted it.

The first sign of trouble was when the familiar and unwelcome Unity logo popped up on screen. Let me clarify something here. Unity can work. When games require minimal physics, it tends to be fine. I've played lots of non-physics-reliant games on Unity that I've really enjoyed. I have even seen games that actually use physics in it properly. But Unity is the go-to system for a lot of developers who have no idea how to make a good game. They fail to utilize its physics properly and wind up making bad games even worse. (Looking at you, Unity-horror-game shovelware.)

The GooCubelets developers did not know how to use Unity physics properly. You know what I don't like? I don't like seeing my cube go into slippery-sliding mode and being unable to recover thanks to it. If a puzzle game is difficult because it really pushes your mind to the limit, then I am welcoming to it. If it constantly kills you because the controls don't work, then it can go straight into the garbage bin. GooCubelets is the latter. It proved that to me many, many times as I constantly yelled angry gibberish at my computer screen, each time thanks to my cube going flying off the side of the level.

There is a reset button in GooCubelets. If you decide to play this atrocity of a game, get used to that reset button. The level automatically starts over from the beginning if you fall off an edge. But if your slippery controls decide to push a target cube too far and get it trapped against a wall (which happens very often), then either throw yourself off the nearest edge or hit the reset button. If you decide to throw yourself off an edge, be careful upon respawning. That momentum will sometimes carry over and cause your cube to move when you appear at the starting point. This means that, yes, you can die before even being able to move. Isn't that great game design?

I beat all 50 levels in GooCubelets because I am one of those people who tries to beat every game in their backlog. As you get further into them, they get longer and more annoying. Level 50 in particular is an abomination to mankind and never should have existed. There is nothing epic or final about it. You have to carefully maneuver your cube through a ridiculous maze and pray the physics cooperate with you. If you make even a single mistake, better hit that reset button and be ready to commit another five to ten minutes to this one level. In a game like this, five to ten minutes is wayyyyy too long.

What is your reward for completing GooCubelets' 50 levels? A single screen of credits. Not only that, it's a screen of credits that you can access at any point from the main menu. Boy, was that not worth it. Not that I expected a good ending from GooCubelets, but not even a "Congratulations" screen? Well screw you too, game.

And this is all without even touching the fact that these levels have a running clock. You don't have to actually beat the levels with any sort of limit, thank everything. But there are "medals" that you can get for completing the levels under certain amounts of time. These times are absurd. We're talking worse than developer times in most games. You have to be absolutely perfect to get these, and in a game with terrible controls and physics, that doesn't work. For some context, out of the 50 levels, I got a single silver medal. Nothing else. No coppers, no other silvers, no golds. To add insult to injury, if you beat a level without a medal, your ranking is, "Barely." Yeah, really. Apparently you "barely" beat the level because you didn't do it at the speed of light. Real nice.

But hey, maybe the game has good graphics and music! ...Nope, not really. The graphics are minimal at best, and there is a piercing-white background. It gets worse when realizing that the obstacle cubes tend to be yellow, which is a terrible combination. The music, to be fair, is about the best thing the game has to offer. Some of the tunes sound like they could be good if they were longer. The problem is that not all of them have that promise, and the ones that do are too short to enjoy anyway. They also loop constantly, all to make the experience even worse.

Oh, and the curdling icing on top of the rancid cake? The developers didn't bother to fix GooCubelets. They decided to instead release GooCubelets 2 without solving any of their previous problems. Not only that, they somehow made GooCubelets 2 worse. I did not think that was possible until I actually played it, yet here we are.

Thankfully for all achievement hunters out there, GooCubelets has none of them, so they don't need to waste their time with this game. There are trading cards. I got all of them and promptly traded them for cards from games that are actually good. So thanks for that, GooCubelets. I knew you would have some kind of use beyond enraging me.

In conclusion, if you want a frustrating puzzle game with awful physics and a complete lack of fun, I recommend GooCubelets. If you are sane and think that sounds terrible, then welcome to the same boat I'm in. Avoid this game like the plague. You will be saving yourself a lot of trouble.
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25 of 34 people (74%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
3.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 6, 2015
Meh, it's a puzzle game. Push the block into the correct space, don't f**k yourself by limiting your movement options, the standard. Nothing crazy, but it works fine and knows what it is. Cheaper than a candy bar, and you'll probably get more satisfaction out of it in the long-run as well.
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26 of 41 people (63%) found this review helpful
8 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 5, 2015
low price

just another unity game with lack of controllability
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10 of 13 people (77%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 11
Clunky controls.. after level 5 i already had enough
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2.5 hrs
Posted: October 9
Product received for free
good enough
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Expensive Couch Cushion
0.2 hrs
Posted: October 8
Product received for free
I got this game in a stream giveaway and its pretty good
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2.5 hrs
Posted: October 8
Game mechanics and logic are good. What I miss is a turn rewind option instead of restarting the whole level after a wrong move. And the menu could be better. The level design is good. The level difficulty rises throughout but then just falls to "what-why-is-this-not-the-start-level" difficulty and then rises again. A bit sad is, that you a more worried about making a wrong move and then being forced to restart the level than thinking about the level. Though I give this a positiv review, because the game mechanics are innovative and give the classic Sokoban a new drive.
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[STAR] Jas
3.4 hrs
Posted: October 6
Product received for free
A simple casual puzzle game, the graphics are nice in a simple way and the puzzles are decent worth $1.99.
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1.9 hrs
Posted: October 5
This Puzzle Game Is Awesome! The Graphics AreAmazing And I Enjoy It Alot It Challeges My Brain And The Goo Cubes A Satisfying To Look At Buy This Game Its Very Good Deal
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4.5 hrs
Posted: October 2
Cannot recommend this game.
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0.9 hrs
Posted: September 27
Jelly Dice

First Sight
  • Move your box sir
  • It was easy to understand
  • This game make my brain work
  • Fun but need think to solve the puzzle
Play w/ Friend - able
  • I dont think so
Tips and Tricks
  • That jelly not a gummy
Helpful? Yes No Funny - ム
1.5 hrs
Posted: September 25
Product received for free
10 of 10 . Game of the YEAR
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