Included in the Platinum Edition are three titles:SpellForce: The Order of Dawn In a world beyond imagination... In their immeasurable greed and constant thirst for power, the thirteen most powerful Mages of all time doomed the land, hurling it into an endless spiral of chaos and despair.
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Utgivningsdatum: 3 nov, 2009
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"Intriguing Strategy/CRPG mix: This edition comes with The Order of Dawn, Shadow of the Phoenix and Breath of Winter => many hours of strategy fun!"


“There haven't been a lot of games that manage to combine large scale strategy and role-playing together and be successful. Phenomic has made a damn good stab at it with this one though.”
8.2/10 – IGN

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Included in the Platinum Edition are three titles:

SpellForce: The Order of Dawn

In a world beyond imagination...

In their immeasurable greed and constant thirst for power, the thirteen most powerful Mages of all time doomed the land, hurling it into an endless spiral of chaos and despair. Entire countries were wiped out in the blink of an eye when the devastating power of the Elements was unleashed - Elements summoned by dark rituals. Continents shattered like glass, the pieces strewn about like leaves in the wind. Huge armies, bound by the the power of ancient runes, brought war and destruction to the lands that survived the initial onslaught. All that was left were a few islands, connected by magic portals.

Now, only a few years after the end of the Convocation, evil is back - stronger and more powerful than ever before - to finish what was started. Yet there is still hope. The prophecies tell of a human. A human damned to immortality, bound forever by the power of the blood runes…

Soon, the time will come when the power of one may change the destiny of many. For better or for worse...

SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix

By means of an enslaved god's life essence a dark necromancer is trying to reanimate the powerful circle mages and make them his unholy servants. Only the power of the Phoenix Stone will be able to prevent the returning of the Circle.

Thus the rune is summoned again to finally put an end to his former slave-masters.

But to free the special power of the Phoenix Stone, the blade of the Shadow Sword is required which is held by the rune warrior of Urgath. The two avatars need to combine their powers and work together to overcome this final enemy.

SpellForce: Breath of Winter

A Prince of Darkness, a Fial Darg, was set free through the Convocation and took over the reign over the Fire Empire. His whish is to bring the Renegades, the Gods of darkness, back to Eo.

For the Ritual, to make that happen, he needs the blood of a first-born Elve. But there is only one more left, Cenwen, the Elve Queen, who lives under the ice where she sings for the mighty dragon Aryn…

  • Innovative game design: The unique mixture of RTS and RPG elements offers a brand new game experience.
  • High degree of identification with the hero-avatar, whose skills and strengths can be improved by the player.
  • Click'n'Fight: This revolutionary control system guarantees instant action, the best possible overview and completely new tactical possibilities in battle.
  • 6 races - Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs and Trolls - that can be used simultaneously (!) to build settlements and fight battles and more than 30 different enemy races, from cowardly goblins to powerful demons, Fire Angels, Werewolfs and giant Ice Dragons.
  • A multitude of spells, divided into different categories of magic (white, black, elemental, etc.) and enchanted items
  • Awe-inspiring 3D-graphics with zoom levels from isometric to 1st-Person-views
  • Free game in SpellForce – The Breath of Winter: The Avatar can develop and upgrade his skills with every map he plays. This mode enables the player to try out other Avatars abilities without playing the main campaign again.


    • Operativsystem: Windows XP/2000/Vista 32-bit
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.5 Ghz eller högre
    • Minne: 512 MB Ram eller högre (1024 rekommenderas)
    • Grafik: 3D-grafikkort med 128 MB Ram (GeForce 4Ti eller högre) (256 MB rekommenderas)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hårddisk: 4 GB
    • Ljud: DirectX-kompatibelt
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4 av 5 personer (80%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.6 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 7 november
Nice game. worth the money and bring back sentimental values ^_^
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1 av 1 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
92.9 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 20 november
A great and one of the few hybrids of RPG & RTS games, this game contains the best of both worlds. The combat system/RTS part doesnt have a Rock-Paper-Scissors combinatiopn of units but a "throw em all to battle" type which means the stronger wins and no need for tactics. In the english version of the game (I've played both the german & english version) the voice casting is pretty bad because of small number of actors.Most of the game runs around your avatar, a custom hero which you create (similar to Dungeon Siege & Titan Quest). The campaigns are long (some people complain too long) and gripping offering a weight variety of quests and action in both the RPG and RTS parts of the game. The game also includes a free-game-mode where you can simply play with your avatar and have fun. The game has also tons of equipment, spells & weapons just like every RPG should. One of the best parts of the game is the skill tree which is very simple to understand but offers a weight choice for your character evolution. Some/many may experience the CD not working requiring it to be inserted every time you start the game but it can be fixed without any problems (You have many "how to fix" guides in the Steam Community) The game may also have some bugs, but I haven't had any problems. It says the game is NOT compatible with Windows 7 but it works well for me (I guess i'm lucky). I would recommend this game to any RPG/RTS player, but would advise to wait till their prices drop a little during a sale. You won't be disapointed in this game
+ Good hybrid (best of both worlds)
+ Story & quests
+ Lots of gear
+ Gameplay
+ Character creation & evolution
+ Free-Game-Mode
- Poor voice cast
- CD-key problem (CAN be fixed)
- No real tactics
- Unfortunately not compatible for modern Windowses
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3 av 6 personer (50%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
22.1 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 2 november
my very first "rts" type game. it was a huge part of my senior year of highschool. id come home after school, and play tons of this in between homework.
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5 av 31 personer (16%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.9 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 4 november
Both Spellforce One and Two require cd keys to be put in, causing all sorts of problems. You can't copy and paste, some people have to put the keys in every time they launch the game, and some keys just outright DO NOT WORK. I've different problems with both of these games. The DRM needs to be fixed, but that'll never happen, so these games are thumbs down even before getting to play them.
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18 av 19 personer (95%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
56.0 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 20 september
SpellForce.. this game, almost perfection
>Game Description
To start, SpellForce is a rather well done hybrid of an RPG and an RTS, with both aspects of the game being rather good. Most of the game revolves around your hero, who is a ''Rune Warrior'', and has the ability to activate different types of monuments and such, which are able to summon Avatars, who are weaker heroes, but a force to be reckoned, especially in RPG maps. You're also able to activate monuments of different races, which are able to summon a specific race's workers or warriors(presuming you meet the requirements). Summoning workers or Avatars also consumes
your rune power, which determines the rate at which the workers or Avatars are summoned, and recovers slowly. Now, for the RTS part, it is combined with the RPG part, as you need to find blueprints to be able to build more advanced buildings or units, and you must also find worker runes to increase the power of your units. The game has 3 lenghty campaigns, and a free play mode. As for me, I'm playing the free play mode currently, where you have free choice of what map you play, or what race you play.
Pros : +Lenghty campaign
+Well-done hybrid of RTS and RPG
+Half-naked women in loading screens
+Plenty of hero customization
Cons : -Somewhat bad translation
-Spells require you to find a higher level scroll to level up
-Walking from one part of the map to another can get tiring at times
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11 av 11 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
4.4 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 13 oktober
I've simply spent to much time playing this game (non-steam version) to give it something else than positive recommendation. Yes, it has some flaws. But as soon as you get used to saving game very often and occasionaly waiting for your avatar to reach the other edge of the map, Spellforce can offer you a perfect RPG-strategy combinated gameplay, with lots of sidequests and variety of items and spells.
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6 av 6 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
102.9 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 28 september
If you like the newer Spellforce games, it's worth playing this just to see where the weird RPG + RTS combo gameplay started! The world the gameplay is set against is kind of interesting in its own way, but the storyline the game follows is actually pretty bad and the english voice acting is extremely low budget (see: the original Deus Ex only worse).

The expansions can be extremely challenging but also sort of emphasizes the storytelling side of things a bit more. There's a lot more questy stuff going on.

Wait for a sale or something. Unless it's already cheap!
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6 av 7 personer (86%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
47.1 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 4 augusti
Dont let you fool by the low Meta-Score:
SpellForce is a great game and a hidden gem, even more if you regard the price for the platinum edition.
It is by no means perfect, and can become really annoying at times, but it still is one of the best games i have played this year!

About pros and cons:

One the negative side, this game does neither feel like "real" role play nor like "deep" strategy.
The strategy part is extremely simple, without real tactics involved, and the role playing part leaves very little room for character developement.
Additionaly, the game gets repetetive, and at times, unfair, which means, that your main objectives are, to defeat all opponents, which will produce endless units, the further you get the more, until you stop them.
And finally, theres a lack in comfort. Moving around a map is painfully slow, and every time you re-enter a map, you have to discover it anew.

On the positive side, theres a lenghty campaign (easily 100+ hours, if you plan to finish every quest in the game, which i strongly recommend), including a great and interesting story, different races with unique buildings and units, tons of side quests and stuff to explore, beautiful graphics and sound, great atmosphere, very intuitive controls, a great interface and a lot of fun!

After all those hours, i still have plenty to do, lots of motivation and the digital world has really grown on me. Rediscovering known places in order to finish a new side quest, feels like coming home, as i have so many memories about every world.
I really am getting sad, that SpellForce will come to an end, and that there wont be any more challenges after i beat the game...

I usually dont like and play real-time, but this game is different. I would buy it again any time, and have already purchased the complete second part as well!
Every chance to get to play more SpellForce is very welcome!

Everybody who likes strategy and role-playing will love this game!
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3 av 3 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
66.4 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 23 juni
Old but Gold is the best suitable phrase for this game.
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2 av 2 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
29.6 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 29 september
You should buy this! This game is a hybrid RPG/RTS and the developers did an awesome job blending the two genres. The RPG aspect feels like Neverwinter Nights or Dungeon Siege, while the RTS side feels like Age of Empires. The game balances the two sides well and the setting is really quite neat. Also, hats off to the soundtrack, this game's music adds a pleasent level of immersion and feel.
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3 av 4 personer (75%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
254.7 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 19 augusti
been playing this game for years even before it came out on steam. never get tired of it, one of the best games made love all the spellforce games and cant wait for spellforce 3.
this game will keep you entertained for hours on end
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25 av 48 personer (52%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
118.6 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 10 juni
I wanted to like this game. I really did. It really tried to touch that hybrid frontier of RPG/RTS. I got the Platinum edition on sale, and dove in. Little did i know the hole goes to China. 90% of the time, i prefer long games, makes the experience lasting and fun to view in scope. However, games that i tend to enjoy that last upwards 100 hours usually have meat in them, every minute is either action packed or planning. This game is not one of those games. I dont know how many collective hours i spent READING A BOOK while waiting for characters to travel across the map because of poor quest design and placements of locations. Sadly there is no speed adjustment, and each map you play on can last upwards 3-4 hours, which really emphasizes placing content in the map itself, whereas you forget a chest that might have something nice inside, you have a 8 minute jog all the way back to it, and then another 8 minutes back to a bindstone or portal. The bindstones are your only salvation to get across some of these huge maps with empty space, but even then they are few and far between. I beat the main campaign lasted about 70 hours, got into the 2nd campaign and almost got to the end. Game crashed, and after getting back in found that the autosave feature apparently decided that 4 hours worth of gameplay wasnt worth saving in between. Ive given up, especially knowing that there are many other games out there that want attention. This isnt some Grand Strategy game that requires patience, its an RTS that either moves too slow or has maps way too big. Maybe when i have nothing else, I'll come back to finish, but 100 hours of the SAME BORING GRIND and all i really want to do is just move on. Spellforce, take a few lessons from Warcraft 3. If your gonna make big maps to trudge around, make them interesting.
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2 av 3 personer (67%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
81.4 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 17 augusti
i personaly love this game it along game that relly makes you use all you can to win i strongly recomend bying this game the only downside to the game is wen u play fre play you cant save in the middle of the map and start there again but you have to start over
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2 av 3 personer (67%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
224.2 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 24 september
Addictive and fun
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2 av 4 personer (50%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
80.8 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 27 september
Angielski:World best game better than other parts like spellforce 2 i got all of this games i dont know why not much people like this game or about it 10/10 game of my childhood.

Polski:Zajebiste 10/10 opłaca się wydać w to pieniądze niezła fabuła dobrze strategiczna i oczywiście stare filtrowanie co nadaje piękności tej grze ale bym jednak pobrał modpacka z ulepszoną grafą do tej gry i brakuje mi też że mało troche czarów jest i skomplikowane kupowanie na rynkach w grze ale i tak dobre .
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3 av 18 personer (17%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
2.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 28 september
It sound cool in theory, it looks good in the screenshots, but after playing the ultra long tutorial I have no desire whatsoever to play one second more of this. Read the other popular negative reviews, they speak the truth!
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3 av 19 personer (16%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.3 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 11 juli
Game didn't work, crashed to desktop on open. 5 support tickets, no response.
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1 av 15 personer (7%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
10.7 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 7 juli
tl;dr: Don't get this game.

I got this game a while back, about two years ago or so, as part of the Steam Summer Sale of that year. It was advertised as a hybrid RPG/RTS game, and since those are my two favorite genres, I thought it was a good deal. Boy, was I wrong. It turns out that when you try to serve two masters at once, you end up serving neither. This isn't a hybrid RPG/RTS game; it's a mediocre RPG duct taped to a mediocre RTS, resulting in a very boring a repetitive gameplay. Spellcasters in particular are annoying to level up, as you have to collect a spell once at its minimum level and for each level above it. The various stat requirements for combat and magic skills also punishes you for trying to be creative, as choosing skills with mismatched stat requirements will result in you never reaching the maximum level for one or both skills.

Graphics-wise, it has not aged well, as it dates to the time when 3D acceleration was in its infancy, and the graphics look primitive compared to its contemporary 2D or hybrid 2D/3D games. As for the audio, the voice acting is inconsistent. Some of the voice acting is professional, though done by voice actors who aren't native English speakers, which adds a dash of the exotic to the involved characters. The rest is terrible and amateurish, and ruins immersion when heard alongside the decent voice acting.
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2 av 19 personer (11%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
7.0 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 22 juni
REALLY SLOW! No where near as good as some other simular games but I guess that's what you get when you try to mix two or more game genres.
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0 av 16 personer (0%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1.7 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 8 juli
Great scott, why did I buy this? It looked so cool. After almost two hours you weren't even done with the godawful tutorial. Quitted and uninstalled in a rage fit and never took it back on. Take it out of my library, I don't even want to see it again.
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