La expansión Nightfall acaba de ser lanzada: ¡Explora áreas anteriormente inexploradas con las nuevas monturas voladoras!
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27 de enero

Forsaken World: Awakening is LIVE!

The time has finally come! The Forsaken World Team is pleased to announce that our latest expansion, Forsaken World: Awakening, is now LIVE!

We hope you enjoyed all the sneak peeks, and now it’s time to see it for yourselves! For more details on what’s changed, what we’ve added, and a whole lot more, check out our patch notes

We would like to thank everyone for continuing to support and hope you enjoy the ongoing saga of Eyrda!

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15 de enero

Forsaken World: Awakening Teaser!

The time has finally come! The Forsaken World Team is pleased to announce our latest expansion,
Forsaken World: Awakening, launching next week on January 20! In the meantime, we thought you might like a quick preview of some of the things coming with our newest expansion!

The Battle Rages On…

After successful counter offensives in the Sea of Oblivion and Eclipse Hollow, we have slowly begun our trek back home, it’s been a hard fought battle and we are very slowly gaining ground. There is a light at the end of the tunnel however, advance scouts report that the Ice River looks to be our best shot at gaining entry back to our homeland, our endeavor has just entered its most dangerous, and critical phase yet…

New Level Cap: 100

With the difficult challenges ahead of us, one thing is for certain, we must become stronger. We can ill afford to lose ground, so we’ve raised the level cap giving everyone the opportunity to grow and help us drive Storm Legion out of Eyrda once and for all!

With the Level cap comes new attributes; Block Rate, Block Strength, Unaspected Mastery, and Unaspected Resistance.

Block Rate affects the chance to perform a block. Block Strength affects how much damage is reduced when performed a block. These attributes are most suitable for Tank classes, and are granted with Defensive Gear.

Unaspected Mastery and Unaspected Resistance are two new attributes that are take traditional non-elemental attacks into account. These attributes cannot be obtained through Mastery Resistance Training, however, some Talents do provide them.

New Vengeance Event: Winter Heights

The Ice River runs through Winter Heights, that river leads home, we must regain control of Winter Heights and take that River! Players need to beat back the Storm Legion forces and help the Lionheart Champions stationed there. Occasionally server-wide announcements will go out asking for players to assist with new areas that have been unlocked or bosses that have spawned.

The first boss of an area appears when enough of the nearby mobs have been killed. Killing the first boss in any area will unlock the quests for that area. The active quest locations where bosses can spawn are marked on the map with crossed swords. Bosses that are currently on the map are indicated by skull icons.

Each active area will offer quests to players and when enough quests have been completed the boss of that area will spawn. Players don’t need to be in a group to receive credit for killing the boss. The first time the final boss of an area is killed a new area on the map will be uncovered.

After Winter Heights has been fully retaken, players may continue to assist in the war efforts and earn more reputation after the map is clear.

New System: Elemental Relics

With the stakes higher than ever, those taking up the mantle to fight back against Storm Legion will find a brand new powerful tool in their arsenal.

Elemental Relics are placed into the new Gear Slot located just above the Anima. This new Gear Slot can grow and evolve. Growth of the gear slot will increase its attributes. In addition, when it evolves to a certain level, a socket will appear.

Elemental Relics give additional attributes. You can feed low level Elemental Relics to your relic and evolve it into a much more powerful Elemental Relic.
Once the Elemental Relic has evolved, you can infuse it with a Relic Spirit to make it even more powerful.

Elemental Relics and Relic Spirits can be obtained by venturing around the world.

New Map: Ever Abyss

Our Scouts have traversed the river and the path was clear… That is until they hit a snag. Storm Legion Mages have placed a very powerful enchantment on the River preventing anyone from passing.
Following the river to its origin, we’ve come across an unsettling discovery. Not all rivers are as they seem.

Ever Abyss, is a trans-dimensional plain linking our land with the underworld. With the help of the Rose Queen, we may embark on a whole new set of Main Story quests and discover new power that will allow us the opportunity to break through the enchantment placed on the river and return us to our home!

This map is for players Level 90 and above.

New God: God of Retribution

In the new Awakening Era, the God of Retribution has befallen our lands.

By participating the map event: Vengeance boss, you will enter a competition set by the God of Retribution. The more bosses you've killed, the more favor you will gain from the God of Retribution.

The God of Retribution will reward its disciples with Reputation of the Vengeance Boss map.

A new Divinity Skill has been added. The skill can be learned when the Divine Reputation of all seven elementals reach to tier 11.

All this and more will be available when Forsaken World: Awakening is released on January 20th.

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Recién actualizado

The Awakening expansion is now live!

New features include:

  • Level cap increase to 100
  • New Map: The Ever Abyss
  • Three New World Bosses
  • New Elemental Relic System
  • And more!

Acerca de este juego

¡Únete contra las fuerzas oscuras que amenazan el mundo de Eyrda en uno de los más nuevos MMORPGs de Perfect World Entertainment – Forsaken World! Elige entre cinco razas diferentes incluyendo los Hombres de Piedra, Elfos, Enanos, Humanos y los Afines, cada uno con su propia historia y narrativa. Deambula por una tierra en constante cambio, descubre un avanzado sistema de gremios y sumérgete en un oscuro mundo de fantasía.

Características Principales:

  • 5 Razas Diferentes – Elige entre Humanos, Elfos, Enanos, Hombres de Piedra y los Afines.
  • 8 Clases Únicas – Decide tu camino como un Guerrero, Protector, Mago, Clérigo, Asesino, Tirador, Vampiro o Bardo, todos con su propio estilo de juego único.
  • Más de 10 Ocupaciones – Conviértete en Mundano, Aventurero, Mercader, Coleccionista, Arcanista, Botánico, Astrólogo, Herrero de armas, Herrero de armaduras, Domador o Alquimista.
  • Centros de Comando de Gremios – Obtén acceso a características especiales de gremios tales como búsquedas, alojamiento, NPCs y guerras gremio contra gremio.
  • Sistema de PvP con almas – Captura las Esferas de Alma de tus enemigos para reponer HP, MP o lanzar habilidades especiales durante la batalla.
  • Casa de Subastas – Casa de subastas incorporada que permite a los jugadores vender su botín al mejor postor
  • Sistema de Devoción – Reza a los dioses y recibe bendiciones especiales
  • Mazmorras Dinámicas – Escalas de dificultad acorde a la experiencia de los jugadores
  • Maravilloso Equipamiento – Las armas y equipo evolucionarán y ganarán nuevas apariencias físicas
  • Mascotas Versátiles – Las mascotas servirán para múltiples propósitos y serán indispensables durante la batalla
  • Sistema de Navegación Automática de Búsquedas – Nunca te perderás durante las búsquedas con la navegación automática
  • Gráficos Visualmente Maravillosos – Primer juego que utiliza el motor gráfico 3D actualizado de Perfect World Entertainment, Angelica

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows® XP / Vista / Windows 7
    • Procesador: Intel® Pentium® 4 a 1 GHz, (Dual Core de gama media-alta a 2.5 GHz o superior recomendado)
    • Memoria: 1 GB de RAM (2 GB o más recomendado para XP, 3 GB o más para Windows Vista y Windows 7)
    • Disco Duro: 8 GB de espacio libre (recomendado 16 GB o más)
    • Gráficos: GPU 3D compatible con Shader Model 2.0 o superior. nVidia GeForce 6200 con 256 MB de VRAM (nVidia GeForce 9800GT con 1 GB de VRAM o superior recomendado) o AMD/ATI Radeon 9550 con 256 MB de VRAM (AMD/ATI Radeon HD 3850 con 1 GB de RAM o superior recomendado)
    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectX 9.0c y con los últimos controladores
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
    • Extra: Necesaria conexión a internet
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Publicado el 3 de enero
Forsaken World is a really fun game. Large variety of classes and races to choose from, a good story behind it (and a good story for each race itself, apart from the main game), and it's just fun to play.

They have a few odd systems, like their instant-experience potions that make it ridicuously easy to level up with (I assume they are PvP related? Or maybe just for fun?), I'm about 90% sure (I haven't played this in a while) that they have one of those automatic running systems where you click on a highlighted word in the quest bo and it automatically runs you there, and a few other less important ones.

The only thing bad about this game that I can say is that PvP is ridicously Pay 2 Win. If you're not willing to put up hundreds of dollars to get the best equipment, you're not going to do well in the general PvP. If PvP is really important to you, but you do not want to spend a lot of money on this game, then do not play it. I am going to give this game a thumbs up review despite this Pay 2 Win PvP nonsense because the rest of the game is amazing. PvE is really fun, it's got a great story and a great world, and I've just had a ton of fun playing it.
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Publicado el 24 de febrero
It's a fun game but it's somewhat bland when it comes to quest.
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Publicado el 7 de abril
Good free to play game with lots to do!
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Publicado el 8 de abril
Spend more time then first expected. Good casual fun.
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Publicado el 30 de marzo
Forsaken World..the most lifechanging game I've ever played.

This game is a traditional MMORPG where you start off by doing some main quests and enjoying the sights. After playing for a while you find yourself getting a guild and meeting new people while taking on more challenges for better gear.
By the time you become a veteran, this game is an absolute grindfest that requires you to play for hours every single day for those new upgrades.

To improve your character in this game, you need to farm, make money and succeed in tons of RNG. You also have the option to pay real money instead.
To put it short, all farming in this game can be nullified by paying real money.


Don't expect much from a half a decade old game. This game is graphically poor and it runs slower than tar. Turning on bloom in the settings gives it a rather beatiful "art" style.


The gameplay is enjoyable and doesn't require too much thinking. The loot systems for the good stuff either involve RNG or months of farming (or both). Also, some items are way too expensive for people who don't use microtransactions.
Nowadays, since the level 90 patch, the dungeons require much more player skill. Unfortunately, they've also become too difficult to complete regularly. The bosses can wipe half of your party with a single hit. Personally, I'm not fond of high difficulty in a game that relies on endless farming.


I never played much PvP because it's mainly a matter of stats. Don't bother trying to get such stats without your credit card. However, if you do have enough stats, it becomes a matter of player skill and luck.


I'm not quite sure whether this game is actually enjoyable or if I was simply blinded by addiction. Looking at it now, it's a bad game. However, I used to love it.

As time goes on, the playerbase shrinks and the game becomes more and more time consuming, buggy, broken and incomplete. I advice you to try something else instead.
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