L'extension Blood Harvest est désormais disponible gratuitement pour tous les joueurs de Forsaken World.
Évaluations des utilisateurs : Plutôt positive (601 évaluation(s))
Date de parution: 14 juin 2011
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Nouvelle mise à jour

The Blood Harvest expansion is now available to all Forsaken World players, free of charge. Some of the key features introduced in Blood Harvest:

  • Level cap increased to 90
  • New Skills for all classes
  • Two new guild base modules
  • Jr. Training Camp is now expanded to help players up to level 60
  • Take control of the battlefield with the new Blood Reaper class
  • Explore the new Freedom Islands map

À propos de ce jeu

Unissez-vous contre les forces maléfiques qui menacent le monde d’Eyrda dans l’un des derniers MMORPG de Perfect World Entertainment – Forsaken World ! Incarnez un héros parmi 6 races distinctes, chacune disposant d’une histoire unique profondément ancrée dans l’univers du jeu.
Explorez des terres aux paysages changeants, découvrez un système de guilde très poussé et plongez dans les ténèbres d’un monde fantastique.

Caractéristiques :

  • 6 Races jouables – Choisissez parmi les Humains, les Elfes, les Nains, les Pétrans, les Kindred et les Lycans.
  • 9 Classes uniques – Incarnez un Assassin, un Barde, un Mage, un Fusilier, un Prêtre, un Gardien, un Guerrier, un Vampire ou un Faucheur, et découvrez le style de jeu unique de chacun !
  • Plus de 10 métiers a découvrir et des dizaines de familiers - Devenez harangueur, aventurier, marchand, percepteur, arcaniste, botaniste, minéralogiste, armurier, fourbisseur, dresseur ou alchimiste. Mais n’oubliez pas votre familier, toujours utile pour des missions spéciales ou des combats difficiles.
  • QG de guilde – Construisez votre QG de guilde puis lancer vous dans des batailles guilde contre guilde.
  • Système de PvP unique – En PvP, capturez l’âme de vos ennemis afin de restaurer vos PV, PM ou de lancer des attaques spéciales durant les combats.
  • Vente aux enchères – La vente aux enchères est un moyen facile pour vendre les objets de votre inventaire au plus offrant
  • Système de dévotion – Priez les dieux et recevez des bénédictions particulières
  • Donjons dynamiques – Le niveau de difficulté progresse en fonction de l'expérience du joueur
  • Équipement éblouissant – Les armes et équipement peuvent évoluer et changer d'apparence
  • Familiers polyvalents – Les familiers ont plusieurs fonctions et sont indispensables lors d'un combat
  • Système de quête en auto-navigation – Ne vous perdez pas pendant les quêtes grâce à l'auto-navigation
  • Des graphismes épatants – Le premier jeu utilisant Angelica, le moteur graphique 3D mis à jour de World Entertainment
  • [/list]

Configuration requise

    • Système d'exploitation : Windows® XP, Vista ou 7
    • Processeur : Intel® Pentium® 4 1 GHz, (Double cœur 2.5 GHz ou meilleur recommandé).
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM (2 Go ou plus recommandés pour XP, 3Go ou plus pour Vista et 7)
    • Disque dur : Au moins 8 Go de d'espace disque disponible (16 Go préférables)
    • Carte graphique : Carte avec support Shader Model 2.0 ou meilleur. nVIDIA GeForce 6200 comportant 256 Mo de mémoire vidéo (nVIDIA GeForce 9800GT comportant 1 Go de mémoire vidéo ou meilleure recommandée) ou AMD/ATI Radeon 9550 comportant 256 Mo de mémoire vidéo (AMD/ATI Radeon HD 3850 comportant 1 Go de mémoire vidéo ou meilleure recommandée)
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX 9.0c avec les derniers pilotes
    • DirectX® : DirectX 9.0c
    • Autres : Connexion haut débit nécessaire
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Posté le : 27 janvier
MMORPG Très prenant
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Posté le : 30 septembre 2014
TL;DR is last paragraph.

As someone who played this game for years(About 3 I believe) I feel I am more then quilified to write this review.

For years I've played Forsaken Worlds. I managed to get to max level, all but two purple gear,and level 1 wings. All of this with minimal cashshoping(Only $80, which in Forsaken Worlds, IS minimal).

I've also managed to play this game with a guild who during most of the game, was very postive about the guild and could always see upsides. Until about 6 months ago, we all had faith in Forsaken World lasting a lot more years, espically since an connent update has just came out that was supposed to be HUGE. Unfournatly, it wasn't. We got about 1/3 of the things China has gotten, and the things we did get was either very glitchy or very VERY grindy. To the point where, the only thing interesting that really came from the update was the incraed level cap(Which was still next to impossible to get without countless hours of grinding).

As if a stripped down overhyped update wasn't enough, there was a huge bug that where if you exploited it enough, you get max level, with plenty of items. The Product Manager, at this point, took weeks to acknowledge that the expliot WAS a thing and that it needed to be addressed. He stated that they were banning each and everyone of the people who explioted it, rather they were cashshopper or not. Unfournatly, that also was untrue. Months later, we still had people who clearly explioted the bug, running around in the few active PVP instances runing it for everyone.

To stop the expliot from happening, the GM's decided that the only way to fix it was to change server times for every server. While this seemed fine to some people who could now do events that were late at night, it was devasting to everyone who was optimzed for their timezone. Many people had to miss certain important events in game due to the new server times. To add insult to injury, tthe patch that they added this in, was unannounced and unaddressed for days after. About a wek later, the GM's finally discovered our hate for this change, and made a poll addressing if it should be changed back, with different changes added. This was addressed with a huge 'CHANGE IT BACK'. Months later, we're still getting "We are unable to complete the results of this poll at this time".

To top all of this sad turn of events up, after the poll, we had one of our GM's(Who was the most/only helpful one) transfered to their new game. This was followed by all of the rest of our GM's going silent. We would go weeks without hearing a response from any GM's and when we did, it was either only to address issues for the cashshop, or was not useful at all. This is still going on now, as well.

So, to sum all of this up, we had a stripped down overhyped contnet update, with an extreme amount of bugs We also had a huge expliot that was addressed by harming many people without getting reverted. We also have had very little communication from our GM's. If I were you, I would suggest not playing this game unless you don't mind glitchyness and minimal communication.
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Posté le : 7 novembre 2014
I am way more than qualified to tell you....this game is pay to win.

My main was Rewt, some of you might know me. Cash rules in this game, I quit after many many exploits were exploited by less than honorable users. Despite this, exploiters were given hand slaps. It became an inside joke in the game that if you discovered an exploit, abuse the hell out of it before anyone found out.

As if you needed another reason, the balance in this game is god awful. Basically, you have 3 trees per class. Only one of these is viable in pvp. That's if you chose a class that's viable in pvp at all. Set teams rule arena, (I was in one) which is like queue, accept, cast 5 spells, battle over in 1 min.

What ruined this game? The cash shop. You can spend up to what your cc can stand. Pure straight up CC to power. Several people have spent over $100K USD. No, that's not a typo.

I would be remiss to not point out that the game is beautiful. It does have it's strengths. If you don't pvp, the dungeons can be fun. There's not raids as such, and don't take forever. It's quick fun runs, they did that right. There are dailies, but not onerous.

If you don't have 10K lying around, getting into this game at this late date, you'll never be good at pvp. If you just like beautiful games and exploring, give it a try.

Oh, and the global chat is NSFW and not safe for children, thought I should mention that.
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Posté le : 13 novembre 2014
The game play is beautiful and quite nice. Only 1 major problem with it. PWE runs this game. They don't care about the players if said player is hacked and loses everything PWE will tell you "You are out of luck we can't do anything." Customer Service is terrible. The only way to catch up to older players is probably spending about $100 a day. That is how bad the cash shop is. PWE also does not punish players for exploits. In fact they say "Stop doing it or we will issue bans." But they never hand out bans so you can essentially get away with everything in the game. With FW being down to 1 staff member that is product manager you can tell that this game won't recieve any love. You want something fixed. PWE won't fix it. They must ask Wanmei first before doing anything and must wait for fix. If there is one.

TL;DR This game is not worth your time. You are better off playing World of Warcraft than this game.
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Posté le : 12 novembre 2014
The game is almost a ghost town from what i've seen.
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Posté le : 1 décembre 2014
it is not a bad game. there are some issues with it such as the pay to win one example is it takes over a year of farming for gems and the assorted points to make any toon worth a penny. as it stands now in the game the only specs worth a thing are pvp specs since they are the only ones that have stuns or slow.

best examples are that of the mage 2 specs that can be pvp the 3rd is strait pve

lighting has great knockback ok damage. will work ok for pvp

frost has stuns and slows. great for pvp

both lightining and frost work fine in pve

now for the fire

fire has burn damage for high dps but dies at just about any hit at all and the burn damage is nullified by frost

btw so ya know 95% of all mages in the game now are frost
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Posté le : 22 novembre 2014
I play this game and have max lv b4 the previous cap lv. I stopped cause it got boring and nothing really new for quite some time. Repeat same thing everyday. Only fun thing was pvp and social with other players. After like a year of quitting i came back to see how it was doing and it literally was a dead town. So many quit and believe me i logged in at dif time/days but it was still dead. It was a very good game b4 i quit but now i doubt this game will rise again.
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Posté le : 3 octobre 2014
In my opinion I really do enjoy this game. It is fun and pretty addicting. I started playing it one day and then got leveled up like nothing. The graphics for this game is pretty cool and the characters are pretty cool. I like the stories and everything about the game. I just recommend the game overall. Especially if you enjoy RPG games. (:
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Posté le : 14 septembre 2014
it took me 9months to get my class to lv.47 and now my game is being weird and i cant travle to places i need to go to so now my class is lost i cant get anywere and i will never be able to do anything again. PLZ FIX
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Posté le : 25 septembre 2014
Basically Warcraft, on a budget, and lots and lots of micro transactions which funny enough stopped me playing, whatever happened to being rewarded for skill. Instead you get people poncing about in FASHION items. If you have that much money to burn, give it to the hungry not this silly overly populated WOW ripoff. Thats a NO from me. :P and yes I played it enough to judge. Has its charms at the start but just wait until you realise you can't advance without spending real coin. Then you will take my view of the fact there are much better things to spend your money on. Like CHOOOOOCOLATE!!!!
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Posté le : 29 septembre 2014
Stunning graphics that make the game have a satisfying atmosphere. The level system in this game works well as well as the character design. Vast spread open world with many quests to take part in and friendly PVE areas with friends. 8/10
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Posté le : 16 novembre 2014
I've wasted almost 200 hours on this game, Met some pretty cool people/guilds, It can be a little frustrating at times but for a FREE game It's actually not half bad. I reccomend the Lionheart server if you decide to try it out. It's not just a generic WoW clone despite it's first appearences.

Did i mention It's FREE? What more do you want?
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Posté le : 15 février
Forsaken World is a decent free to play game if your interested in PVE. It has a large player base that you can do pug's with or join a guild of like minded players if you hate pug's like I do. There is plenty to do other than instances but it will get repetitive very quickly. But over all if you don’t have a lot of time to invest daily in a MMO, this might suit you as it has key features designed to attract the casual MMO player.

Now for the PVP in this game.... STAY AWAY, its 100% pay to win if you want to be competitive. Its possible to be somewhat competitive but in no way will you achieve top rankings without a deep wallet or many years devoted to char development and gearing.
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Posté le : 5 novembre 2014
Why do i recomend this game?
Why wouldn't i recomend this game!?
It's AWESOME, Nice Community, Nice Gameplay and it workds verry well with low spec computers too :D
I am playing it for more than 2 years and i still haven't had enough XD
Except the fact that it's pretty outdated by moders RPGs, it's still worth a try! +Vampire Class <3
if any of you decide to play, try Ilfue server in europe, i'll be there :D
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Posté le : 8 février 2014
J'ai joué à ce jeu durant 3 ans, déjà pas très stable sur steam, mais ce jeu était comme même très séduisant, l'univers est apréciable et les personnages ont un design très très sympa, j'ai eu beaucoup de personnage, d'ailleurs on joue à ce jeu surtout pour faire évoluer son personnage, les systèmes de skill, de carastéristique, de classe reste le très gros point fort du jeu !

Depuis la mise à jour des lycans (en Février 2013?2012? je suis plus sûr) monté en level est devenu beaucoup trop simple, on grimpe en quelques jours au level 60 est on a plus le temps d'apprécier le jeu à sa juste valeur, c'est vraiment decevant et impossible d'apprendre à bien jouer dans ces conditions...

De plus il est impossible de monter ses métiers de fabrications d'objets sans guilde ... Et pour monter une guilde (je fus chef de guilde) C'est la grosse galère, impossible de laisser des inactifs, sinon votre guilde monte pas en level et sert à rien ...

Le pvp est dominé par ceux qui cash-shop et les rares intances du jeu, sont certes très bien conçu est originale mais reste peu nombreuses et il est même étonnant que en 3 ans je m'en étais pas lassé...

Mais voilà, tout ces défauts et d'autres pas cité comme aucun staff présent et des bugs pas à la pelle mais bien par chariots entier font que je suis dégouté de ce jeu à vie alors que j'étais un fidèle de ce jeu depuis longtemps, ce jeu est bien ... Mais son potentiel est mal utilisé et ça ressemble à un projet avorté malheureusement ...

Je vous le recommande pas vraiment, vous pourrai même certainement les plaintes de nombreux joueurs sur le facebook du jeu ou le forum ... Bugs, inactivité du staff ... Moi, la communauté devenant bof et l'ennui de plus avoir de plaisir de jouer vu la facilité du jeu et tout les joueurs Haut Level et plus de Bas Level m'a juste achevé ... :(
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Posté le : 29 mars 2014
Évaluation avant sortie
Enième MMO insipide, dépourvu d'originalité et pourri par le CS. Je me suis un peu amusée avec ma barde (le gameplay est intéressant, quand on découvre cette classe), mais l'ennui m'a vite rattrappée...
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Posté le : 25 juillet 2012
MMO très sympa avec une touche d'originalité, un peu lassant avec l'absence de Pvp.
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Posté le : 27 février 2014
tre bon jeu
jai jouer pendan 2 ou 3an jai rencrontrer das personne sympa
le seul souci cest un jeux baser sur le cs= cash shop
nivo pvp hor arene nexiste pa vue les cs man de fou
et surtou evite les eternelized sa se di come sa je croi il le monopole du jeu
vue que tou les cs man son dedan
voila a test si vous avez une bonne petite cb sinon vouss aler galerer
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Posté le : 1 décembre 2013
First started playing in early summer 2011, at this time the game was great and non-casual, no 3x exp and no free weekly items, i was impressed with the events based on a 24/7 schedule.

But then with updates, the game started to be easier and bad, free items each week, 3x exp , quickest way possible to level is being afk with those fruits items, thx to the game being easier it brought some of the dumbest people on the internet playing this, i don't know how many high level people i encountered that just speed leveling and had no idea to play their class properly and had no idea how to gear themselves, almost no one wanna do instances despite world chatting for a while, people are greedy as hell thx to the gold coins system. There is a bot system for farming exp and points wich is stupid as hell way to ruin an online game.

Priests have a hard life everything is expensive as hell for them like the scrolls skills (wich arent distribute automaticaly, anyone can roll on it) some agree to roll class but there is always one ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that will steal it and leave the party. Maybe the only good side now is the pvp wars that has awards but it is up to the guild leader to distribute and some will lie to keep the awards for themselves.

i have officialy quit early 2012 after 9/10 of my friends dumped that game down. i had a great time on that game before it all changed, wich is a shame i never found another MMORPG that good, ty perfect world for being ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s and ruining it. its now a very bad game.
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Posté le : 27 novembre 2013
I played the game probably way longer than I should have, Steam records over 1000 hours which doesn't even include the time when I wasn't playing on Steam.

It started out pretty good for me. Early levels aren't too bad, and a lot of the dungeon mechanics are actually very interesting and fun.

By the time I stopped playing, game development had been going in an increasingly bad direction. Things were becoming increasingly and ridiculously grindy. I suppose in some recognition that it was too grindy, they implemented a bot system that would control your character in a limited fashion that helps with some of the more mundane grinding.

At some point, even with sinking ridiculous hours into the game, it's nearly impossible to be competitive without cash shop purchases. Dungeons start to become gear-gated. Many of what were once challenging dungeon mechanics become trivial once you hit a gear threshold. And you end up running these dungeons a ton of times because of how grindy the game is, and it really becomes a chore.

Both in PvP and PvE, class balance doesn't seem to be handled very well, which becomes increasingly clear the farther you progress. This may have been fixed in the meantime, but was one of the main reasons (along with client instability and the absurd amount of grinding) that I stopped playing. I was playing one of the two classes that were considered basically unviable in PvP (Protector and Marksman).

On the plus side, I've heard good things about large scale PvP and inter-server PvP have been added as well, but it's not enough to make me come back to what I feel is a broken game.
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