Become a hyper-agile, cybernetic machine of robot death in an ultra-fast 2D acrobatic shooter/slasher. Boost, slice and shoot your way to the top of the score rankings in Blood Alloy: Reborn, rendered in glorious cyberpunk pixels upon a pulsing synthwave soundtrack.
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Release Date: Mar 2, 2016

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June 21

Build 1.04 Out - Steam Achievements + Leaderboards!

Hey guys, fresh new build out.
We have Steam Achievements and Leaderboards in this one, along with new Menu art - why not, eh? (You should be able to freely use KB+M, controller, or mouse to click on whatever your heart's desire is in the menu.)

We also have the ability to "Lock cursor to screen" in the Options menu. This should be pretty handy for streamers with dual-monitor setups, so that you don't accidentally click outside of the game's virtual "window" during gameplay. When you enable this option, play around with the mouse sensitivity options to get a feel for what settings you like.

As always, feel free to be open with feedback :)

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About This Game

Jetpacks. Guns. Swords. Endless robotic death.

Render the robot swarms unto wreckage and shrapnel in the hyper-acrobatic tactical shooter/slasher Blood Alloy: Reborn! As the cyborg soldier Nia Rhys, you'll hit subsonic speeds thanks to the BLade Assisted Surface Traversal (BLAST) system. Blast along the floor, up walls, and across ceilings at breakneck speeds to gain positional advantage on your foes. Blast and slice your foes to bits from every angle!

Become a hyper-agile cybernetic machine of robot death. Survive as long as you can and boost, slice, and shoot your way to the top of the score rankings!

Unlock new arenas, weapons, and equipment as you play. Every play session accrues you experience, but bragging rights belong only to those with the highest scores, and Blood Alloy's dynamic scoring system rewards only the most aggressive and skilled.

- 3 high-octane levels in which to commit relentless cybernetic slaughter
- A devastating uberboss whose onslaught will push your circuits and servos to the limit
- Instantaneous switching between gunplay and swordplay, perfect for absurd combos and tactics!
- Every playthrough earns you experience for unlock progression
- More than 60 weapon and armor upgrade combinations to experiment with
- Preposterous amounts of shrapnel, explosions, and Matrix-style slow-motion
- Fist pumping soundtrack that includes your favorite electro-synth artists, including Magic Sword and Perturbator!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 2.40 Ghz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 750M
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller compatible
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Real Dev
0.7 hrs
Posted: May 30
Fun game to spend bursts of time on for me, brilliant soundtrack and pretty slick combat made it for me.
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0.5 hrs
Posted: April 16
Blood Alloy: Reborn is a 2D adventure that combines the elements of an old school game with a unique artistic tone along with a killer cyberpunk musical score.

Old school gamers will be quick to fall in love with Blood Alloy: Reborn because of how it will remind them of classic games like Mega Man and Metroid. However one should not be quick to dismiss it as an attempt to tap into a gamers nostalgia. The gameplay combines the style of a run & gun with that of the hack & slash genre while adding elements of an RPG. Players earn XP by fighting-off waves of robots with their blaster or blade while performing special stunts.

The gameplay may be old school but it’s the artistic design along with the musical score that makes Blood Alloy: Reborn a unique title. The musical score is an all too familiar tune that reminds gamers of cyberpunk classics like Blade Runner and Akira.

Overall, Blood Alloy: Reborn is an example of why indie games have become so popular in the last few years. Suppressive Fire Games created something unique using a familiar setting while focused on the artistic tone.
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0.8 hrs
Posted: March 19
I found a bug/glitch that allows me to use upgraded weapons and armor not meant to be used on my level.
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16.6 hrs
Posted: March 12
A very challenging and fun game to play. Even if it had no score nor leaderboard, I'd definitely still play it for the satisfying combat. One of the few games (along with Risk of Rain, Hotline Miami and the likes) that actually make me feel super proud that I'm getting better at playing them over time. Progress is not only about unlocking new toys to play with. It can also be about finding new fun and new ways to play with whatever toys you already have.
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Not Recommended
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 9
What would be a decent start for an Early Access game leaves a disappointing taste as a full game.

Blood Alloy: Reborn is a 2D score attack shooter developed by Suppressive Fire Games. In BA: R you play as Nia, a cyborg who is able to slide along as well as up walls, shoot enemies and even cut them in two with her sword. Your aim is to increase your multipliers and score as many points as possible, hopefully more than you scored last time, on one of the three levels the game features.

Full Disclosure: A review copy was provided by Evolve PR.

Let’s start with the game’s visuals, one of its stronger points. BA: R opts for a pixel art style that serves the game well, it not only fits with the idea of the game, it also looks pretty good. The UI is basic but it gets across all the information you need when playing. I may as well clump in the other positives here, the game’s audio. Both the soundtrack and sound effects in the game are good, fitting well with the game and more songs are unlocked through gaining experience points. Lastly, the dev has been pretty quick to fix any serious issues with the game, there have been several updates in the relatively short time it’s been out.

Before I move on to negatives, I’ll briefly discuss the game’s unlocks which is more of a neutral aspect. The idea of having everything but the bare minimum locked behind the player’s level is a good idea for a score attack game in my opinion. However, the lack of content I’ll go on to talk about means that these unlocks run out pretty quickly and there’s also a large gap between what I would call the more important unlocks. The first map isn’t unlocked until level seven which means you have to play the first map for at least six times before you can even play another one. It does work well for the equipment and music, since they aren’t hugely important, but I feel like the maps shouldn’t take as long to unlock or they should be unlocked from the get-go.

To kick us off with negatives we have the amount of content that the game offers. Sure, it has 63 equipment combinations (three guns, three secondary weapons and seven ‘cores’) but it only has three maps. If the game was far cheaper than it is then perhaps only having three maps would be acceptable but only three maps at £9.99? That’s just not good enough in my opinion, as has been said by others, it simply feels like a paid demo. Hell, maybe I’d even be satisfied with it if there was a high amount of replayability but there isn’t. I’ll talk more about its lack of replayability as I discuss other parts of the game but a score attack game without replayability isn’t a great prospect. I mean, even the majority of positive reviews for the game have less than one hour of play time. This lack of content is why it feels so much like an Early Access game, I feel like I’m just getting a taste for something that I’ll get more of down the line but, as far as I know, that isn’t the case.

The next big issue, controls, they’re pretty rough. I’ve played with a gamepad as well as the good old mouse and keyboard and there’s not a huge amount between them, the gamepad might be slightly better. Firstly, you have to click (or press a button) for every shot, holding the fire button/key down just charges up a more powerful attack (one that takes an incredibly long time to charge, frustrating when getting hit by an enemy resets the charge). It might not sound like a huge deal but when the game is supposed to be a fast-paced shooter having to click for each shot slows things down a fair bit when you’re trying to take out enemies, especially the smaller ones who are hard to hit.

Speaking of hard to hit, the aiming isn’t great either. You can aim in eight set directions whether you’re aiming with a mouse or a gamepad. As restrictive as this is, I can understand why you might have this for a gamepad but it just makes no sense to have it for the mouse. Having your aim not being directly linked to the movement of the mouse just feels weird, perhaps I’m just not used to it. But like I said it feels very restrictive, again something that’s not great when you’re supposed to be playing a fast-paced game. These two control issues make BA: R quite frustrating to play at times, particularly in high enemy count situations where you really need tight controls, and they’re among the reasons as to why the game doesn’t have much replayability.

Why do I keep saying it’s supposed to be fast-paced? Because it isn’t. To be fair, it is pretty fast-paced (and a little manic) when there are a lot of enemies on screen but I often found myself running around the map just to find an enemy because they all seemed to have disappeared, completely killing the game speed. Since you have to rely on getting high multipliers to get lots of points (you even need the highest kill multiplier to be able to heal yourself by shooting down some robot thing, often on the other side of the map) these slowdowns and often complete lack of enemies really hits you. Every time I had this happen to me both of my multipliers (you have one for just killing enemies and one for your use of movements and attacks) went back to 1x as I couldn’t find any enemies quickly enough.

Enemy variation is up next. It’s seriously lacking. I’ve played two of the three maps, the second replaced an enemy from the first with a new one, I’d say I’ve probably seen around nine or ten enemies and I imagine there’s probably another one introduced on the third map. The lack of variation is made worse by the fact that every enemy is an exact clone of every other enemy of that type. There’s no variation in appearance, attacks or behaviour. Really this comes back to how much content there is versus the price. Again, this lack of variation/content might be acceptable if the game was being sold at a lower price but at £9.99 it becomes another reason for me to not recommend this game.

Lastly, I'll briefly return to the health regen system I mentioned earlier. It's completely broken. You heal by shooting down some robot type thing from a larger robot type thing that's bear hugging it and in return you get one third of your health back, really it should be all of your health back. This health regen thing (I don't know how else to describe it) only appears when you get a kill multiplier of 10x and as soon as you lose that multiplier it disappears. This means that even if you're on very low health, you're going to have to keep your multiplier up while running to the other side of the map to get one third of your health back, chances are you don't make it. What's worse is that once you've got the health the only way for another one to spawn is for you to drop below your 10x multiplier. If you've managed to keep that multiplier on the way there then why the hell would you deliberately drop your multiplier in a score attack game?


Let down by its lack of content, issues with controls and the feeling that it should really be an Early Access game, Bloody Alloy: Reborn simply isn’t worth your time or money. If it gets updated or it goes on sale it might be worth picking up for fans of score attack games in general or those who simply like platforming shooters.

Lone Ranger Reviews.

El K.
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Not Recommended
0.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 8
I hate to be the first guy to speak ill of a game (in my language anyway) that clearly has alot going well for it but well I do not recomend this game and have asked for refund.

The problem is that this game is really more of physics sandbox with the ancient high score indicator as the only real incentive to do well. So there's not really much of a "game" just a clear cut reflex quick-twitch reaction tester. It really hurts to say all this because well damn is it fun to sprint around and ninja kick your way across the screen and roll through a hazard bot holding down a button to charge up your power, while sliding up a wall to fire multiple homing missles at a bunch of training bots and jumping through another obstacle. SOOOOOOO the Adrenaline is great in here man. Unfortantely it's much like a trip to the bearded clam as after they hype there just isn't anywhere fun to go with all of this excitment. There are a very limited set of enemies that behave in a very defined pattern and while the soundtrack and unlockable content is a nice touch there's just not enough incentive to keep me interested. No dynamic enemies demanding my Ninja Skills attention or story elements giving me some loose sense of direction to cling too. The Environments themselves are exactly what you see above and that's it...the whole game's backdrop has already been painted and displayed to you at the top of the Store Page.

I understand this game was a failed kickstarter and that may be the reason Blood Alloy is what it is today. It seems like they did it up making a tight physics engine and put a ton of effort into a demo. Unfortunately it looks like they may have than ran out of money to make an actual game. If this is in fact what happened I'll note this as the first time I've actually regretted not donating money to help this thing happen. This is a shell fo a game that is going to be great it's just that now it doesn't look like it will ever get going.

Really though this game ENGINE is superb and if it were sitting inside of an audi or bmw frame this would be a must have...instead it's just jammed inside of an old-school VW Van and I'm too old for cross country road trips. This game was an amazing start maybe someone else will grab the baton and run with it. Here's hoping....

No idea how to rate this really. I enjoyed it for exactly 20 Minutes and realized where the title was going (nowhere) and was bored stupid after another 20.....but that ninja, slash, dash, sword thrust hijanx though....


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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 2
The New Hotness.
I've had my eye on Blood Alloy for sometime. I've never passed on the opportunity to play it at PAX East or BostonFIG, and now I am happy to say the final product lives up to expectations. The initial tutorial is a little rough, but once the camera pulls back and the gloves come off, the game does not disappoint. You'll be dashing, slashing, running, and gunning your way through waves of enemies, with nearly reckless abandon, all while enjoying the grooves of a killer soundtrack. It's not a game that demands a lot from you and you'll be unlocking new items, levels, and music every couple rounds.

Now for the main reason why I'm posting this review: justification of cost. At $12.99, no, it's not the cheapest game ever made. It's also not the most expensive one, and I can say on good authority that the developer, Suppressive Fire, has been busting their butts for YEARS to get this game out. The results speak for themselves. It's smooth, fast, and most importantly, so far for me at least, stable. People have paid much more for games on Day 1 that can't even connect to their own servers. Blood Alloy offers a solid chunk of content with really fun gameplay for a fair price without ANY online requirements. For a game to be stable on Day 1 in 2016 shouldn't be such a shock, but it honestly is.

The game seems to be set up in such a way that if enough gamers support it, more content will follow. You may think that means waiting it out, but it's a catch 22: they can't make content unless you support it, but you don't want to support it unless they make more content. To that I say, give me a break. There's no Season Pass, there's just the game, and this is a game and a developer worth supporting. Watch this game can ramp up over time and become unstoppable. Like I said, it's a solid chunk of content built on a very solid foundation.

I would say this seems like an excellent game for streaming. With rounds being (for me at least) under 5 minutes long, and a consistent reward loop, this has the makings of a great game not only for communities to enjoy, but potentially even for competitions.

If I had any feedback, it would be that the mouse is very sensitive and is currently unresponsive in the menu; the vertical dash section of the tutorial is pretty punishing; and the menu UI could use a bit more polish and some more options like max camera distance and screenshake level, but these are HARDLY killer criticisms and the kind of stuff that can be taken care of in a patch or two. The game itself is great. G-R-E-A-T great. Pick it up and support a really cool developer who's made a really cool game.
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Not Recommended
3.8 hrs on record
Posted: March 12
Blood Alloy is definitely an enjoyable game, but it just doesn't have enough content to warrant a purchase. I have only played 20 minutes of the game thus far but I already feel like i've seen everything the game has to offer.

Blood Alloys combat and movement is it's biggest strength. Movement is very fluid in it's simplest state. You then also have the abilities of dashing and double jumping which make moving around the map and avoiding enemies very enjoyable. Combat involves use of the mouse to aim and shoot enemies. You also have a jump dash ability to attack enemies. These movements and combat made a very enjoyable survival experience.

Enemy variety is very good as well. They increase in difficulty to kill as you progress. It turns into a kinda bullet hell type game later as a lot of enemies and they fire in different patterns. Enemies are very enjoyable to kill and require some skill to avoid there fire while also attacking them.

Aesthetically the graphics are rather pleasing. It presents it's self in a nice looking fashion that isn't too complex graphics but is still satisfying to look at. Animations are very nice looking too. The soundtrack goes along great with the gameplay.

Blood Alloy is a survival game at it's heart. No real levels exist aside from different asthetics and slightly different layouts. So really it's a score attack game to see if you can survive as long as possible. This I would be happy with, but there is a huge problem. There is no real motivation to get a higher score. No unlocks exist as far as I can tell from my current progress. They also don't have an online leaderboard system. The game doesn't even have achievements. It feels like they rushed the release and felt this was a low priority to add. However a score attack game is not fun unless you have a reason to get a higher score.

I really did enjoy my short time playing blood alloy. However it has very little reason to replay it. Therefore 20 minutes is as much enjoyable time I got out of it. So until there is some kind of reason for me to play more of it but into the game i'm afraid I cannot recommend you to purchase this.

TheIronicGamers rating system
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  • Maybe consider it on a sale.
  • An average game.
  • A good game that should definitely be considered.
  • A must play!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free review key to write this review.
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2.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 2
The combat is super fast-paced and intense. The movement mechanics feel powerful, and add a lot of fun just traversing the map. The art and music are sharp, and really suck you into the experience.
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Not Recommended
13.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 20
When Blood Ally: Reborn first appeared in my sights I kind of thought it was a game in the vein of Contra. What Blood Alloy: Reborn actually is, is a 2D score attack twin stick shooter set in one of 3 arenas that sees you last as long as you can against waves of every increasingly difficult and numerous enemies.

The game has a strong 16-bit visual style and looks good unfortunately I am not a great fan of the camera which rather than centre around the character like most games in this genre seems to always be playing catch up and as such you are forever not able to see things off screen that you really should be able to. Equally this camera catch up actually made me feel a little motion sick at times which is incredibly rare for a 2D game but the developers have stated this is something they are going to be fixing.

As you play the game you gain levels which allow you to unlock new levels and gear. There are a lot of different gear options in the game which mix things up but sadly there are only 3 levels and while the levels are different they are simply just themed and relatively small 2D arenas that have the odd bizarre invisible wall.

The biggest issue with the game is simply cost to amount ration at £9.99 (or your regional equivalent) the game is a fairly mid-priced indie game but what is on offer sadly feels like either a demo of a much larger game or a score attack mode added onto a game with a fleshed out campaign. I spent my first few playthroughs trying to work out how to access more of the first stage only to be disappointed when I eventually realised I could not. Sadly you can travel the entire distance of the first map in a matter of seconds.

Gameplay wise it is a mixed bag. The controls are very twitchy and are a struggle to get to grips with. I played the game with both a 360 controller and a mouse and keyboard and whilst a mouse and keyboard was better neither were perfect.

Your normally gun does very little damage but enemies require a lot of hits to kill. Annoyingly you must press fire for every bullet which is a very odd choice. Holding down the fire button charges up a charge shot but this takes far too long to charge and is reset when you are hit. Equally the fact you are trying to kill things quickly to keep your multiplier up makes the charge attack almost unusable. There is also a flippy melee attack that reminded me of Raiden out of Metal Gear Rising which you quickly realise is the most powerful attack in the game but sadly using this against anything but the most basic enemies leads to you getting hit in the process. Health is only recovered by reaching a 10x multiplier and then shooting down a robot thing (whilst maintaining the multiplier) but even then you only get 1/3 back and this is a tall order when you have barely any health left, you are unable to use your best weapon. And you multiplier drops every time you sit and try and use the charge attack. The final kick in the teeth is if you manage to finally get some of this health back the only way you can get more is to lose your multiplier and get back to 10x which is totally stupid and against the whole point of the game for a score attack game.

The game does however sound lovely with the official soundtrack also being on sale next to the game. For a small indie game with a lack of content you can’t help but think maybe that OST should have been included with the main game.
The game has a lot of promise and if this was an early access title I would be invested to keep an eye on its progress but as it stand it isn’t. At its best the game feels like an early access title and at its worse feels like a score attack mode inside a much bigger game.

Overall I could see some people would get something out of this. If this is on sale and you like score attack games then it is probably worth a go but for the majority of people there are much better games to spend £10 on.


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Not Recommended
0.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 9
Blood Alloy desperately wants to be a Metroidvania game crossed with a twin stick shooter, the truth is it struggles to do ether well. You’re put in the role of a cyborg ninja style character that can fly around the screen taking out enemies and looking flashy as you do it.
Unfortunately this doesn’t cover the gaping holes in its control scheme and this is where the game really falls apart. When played with mouse and keyboard the game is a mess and makes some really odd choices like having two jump keys but on controller things become a little easier. Even then though the choice to make the shoot button something you have to press repeatedly instead of the traditional hold to fire that’s been tried and tested just serves to frustrate even more than is necessary.
These aren’t the only issue I find with the controls ether, much of the time these controls seem to focus on style rather than substance. The character has a dodge that takes you so far across the screen chances are you’ll avoid one enemy only to land on another. Your sword attack can be done in any direction, but its hit and miss if the game will pay any attention to the direction you’re pressing. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea. There are even issues with level design too, sometimes you can shoot through platforms and more an inch to the left and suddenly you can’t. There’s no consistency with the game.
On top of all this there’s no guidance on what you’re even doing, you wonder round shooting things until an onscreen marker shows up and you go kill what its pointing too and you’re on your own again until it decides to show up again. I don’t know if you have to kill X amount of these to progress or if the game is just score attack as it doesn’t tell me. You get a brief glimpse at a plot when completing training mode, but nothing to give you any idea of what the hell is going on. The game shows me an upgrades menu, but gives me no idea of how to unlock them and this story continues. . .
The Steam reviews so far show a very different story than mine, it seems to be really well received. Maybe if you persist with the game thing improve, maybe it becomes clearer but I have little to no incentive to do so as the game gives me no hint of this and I’m not inclined to continue in some blind hope. This isn’t an early access game, I have no reason to suggest it might improve or get better. Maybe this game just isn’t for me, or maybe everyone else is wrong. I don’t know but I do know I don’t recommend it.
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Posted: March 2
Great score attack game with a deep combat system. Really challenging too. It's the sort of title you keep coming back at to prove what you learned. All of that is made more enjoyable by an amazing soundtrack and realy cool visuals.
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Not Recommended
0.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 22
This has a fantastic combat engine, but when you look at what you get, I cant honestly recommend this. 3 Levels, 3 Guns, 3 Sub Weapons, and 7 Armors (3 of which are upgrades to the other 3, and 1 being your starting armor, so can you REALLY call that 7 armors when 3 are just higher tiers? Who would use the LOWER tier??).

I want the metroidvania this was originally gunna become, I want it bad, but the fact I didnt even have to fully level to use everything (theres a bug in the menu where you can just select the items and it'll carry into the mission) is kind of hilarious in its own right.

Buy on sale for maybe $5, if not less. Otherwise, pass this up. Really hope to see more from these devs in the future though!
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Posted: March 2
Fun little score attack game with amazing soundtrack choices. I completely suck at it :D
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