KWAAN is part RPG, part online ecosystem and part pixel editor ! The prophecies were right : the end is near ! KWAAN has come and ask for sacrifices ! Create rituals, craft trees and flowers, fight pollution and organize with your friends to save the world from impending...
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Release Date: Jan 21, 2016

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September 26

The forbidden bee

Can you hear her, buzzing sweetly ?
The honey lips, the sappy smile.
Not yet dead, hovering,


Oh, what I would give,
To share this drink once more,
With you, my love.

This song, to bring you back
- These hands like petals,
Welcoming your kiss.

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July 21

The Fare to Get There

Hello dear little Dwaals....

Yes. It's been a while. Storms have come and gone, water, clouds and velvet sunsets over the sky. Thank you for taking care of this world. As you know, KWAAN is an experiment, something unique that worked beyond our dreams - and even though we know it is still under the radar - this tiny universe will continue to live on.

As some of you already know, this project was never meant to be our sole focus, and we have to spend more time on other stuff. We think the game is OK as it is, full of good content for new Dwaals. We will continue updating and fixing bugs, at a slower pace though. But because we have less development time available, we rely on you to tell us what we should focus on first. Please, use the comments here to tell us more about your thoughts - you know we've been super reactive so far, and we need a roadmap.

On another note, we will have an update for you in a couple of weeks, a quantum mystery that will get you to ask questions... We are also thinking of giving out the right to create private servers to play with your friends.

Let's make this thing happen, ok ?

We love you very much.

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“It's a game to be enjoyed without pressure, without focusing on its possibilities but on its evolution, on being part of it and, somehow, being happier.”
Vandal Online

“Within the world of Kwaan are a handful of impeccable qualities, including the charming and lighthearted atmosphere it presents to its players.”

“Fans of indie titles, MMOs, and RPGs will enjoy barking up this life giving tree and it’s wonderful world of colorful pixels.”
Pop zara

About This Game


Become a Dwaal, a tiny agent of nature, and with the help of your community, care for the god tree known as the Kwaan : collect resources, sustain an entire ECOSYSTEM of flora and fauna, COLLABORATE and make friends with other members of the tribe... it's up to you to establish a NATURAL EQUILIBRIUM and SAVE THE WORLD !


KWAAN is a hybrid of RPG, online ecosystem management and pixel-art creativity, where helping others and respecting nature are essential to survival ! At the heart of the game is an organic, evolving ecosystem, players must help each other to prevent the end of the world and uncover the many secrets of the god tree mysterious origin !

Each day, the game checks the state of the god tree's mood. If Kwaan cries, the server will drown in tears and crash. The players must restart - keeping their experience ! If Kwaan is happy, the tribe will progress through events and will hopefully unlock all the secrets of the game. If not...

To make Kwaan happy, develop its branches, summon animals, create flowers, fight the pollution, use your grappling hook explore and unearth the secrets... Each action has an influence on the world! Each day, a new narrative mystery will appear, revealing more information about the Kwaan and the origin of the tribe.

Created in collaboration with Gary Lucken (AKA Army of Trolls), our Art Director, and music from David Kanaga.

--- More info ----

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphic card with shader model 2.0 capabilities
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.7 or later
    • Processor: 64 bit Intel CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphic card with shader model 2.0 capabilities
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
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87 of 94 people (93%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
247.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 23
I don't recommend the game for everyone. Not every game is for everyone.
That being said, if you are here and are looking for a special and unique game, something different, you are in the right place. And I do recommend you this game.

So first I'll tell you why you might not like Kwaan :
It's a very different game, not bad, just different.
And this can be very disturbing for some.
Goals are explained but not really entirely. There is no end game, competition, combat.

The game is all about how to play together to achieve a bigger goal than you could alone.
It's about how to take care of a world with the help of everyone, every day.

Now, why will you love this game ?
- Because it's a very different game.
You won't have to fight, or kill or get killed (you can die, but no ennemie here to kill you).

- There is a big learning curve but the other players will be pleased to help you learn.

- The game is beautiful for anyone who loves pixel art. It's cute, and the music is soothing.

- The gameplay is relaxing : you'll have to draw (really) to achieve things or just for the sake of drawing (there is spaces for free drawing, that's a very nice touch). You'll have to explore, and to explore more you'll have to uncover mysteries of the world. Most of things to unlock can't be done alone, and everyone will participate to unlock new regions to explore or new mysteries to uncover.

- You will find some RPG mecanics. You'll gain XP by doing quests. You'll have skill points to spend. You can even customise your dwall (your character) with a cute haat (a leaf or a flower as a hat :p). And you have skill to use but in KWAAN your skills are dancing, eating, meditating, singing !

- KWAAN is a living world that needs to be taken care of ! Create bunnies so you can have flowers ! Those flowers will create butterflies ! (it's just an example of the ecosystem, but there is a LOT to learn on how life is working on KWAAN).
There is a story to discover and I won't say much more, to not spoil but also because I haven't uncover all the story myself.

- The developpers are very active and you will find them online a lot.
Sometimes you will be able to tell them about a bug and they will just work on it right away.
As it's an online game only, the devs will continue to work on KWAAN for some time to keep the world and the stories alive.

But for that to happen we need players...
So come ! Don't be shy ! You might not know it but this game is perfect for you ;)
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55 of 58 people (95%) found this review helpful
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81.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 22, 2015
Kwaan is probably the cutest and most peaceful multiplayer game I've ever played, and this is good. I've bumped into this little gem by chance while I was browsing through the steam store in search of some good summer deals. I'm truly glad I found it despite its low visibility.

You play as a Dwaal, a cute sapling; you can't jump, but you can use a rope to swing around the world (or a sheep as a trampoline!). This platform element is actually pretty challenging, especially at the very beginning of your experience. The more you play, the more you actually become good with your rope and you'll be able to reach tricky places.
You can collect maana gems and use them to buy items in the shop or as a energy coin to summon critters and bloom flowers.
There are colorful pixels scattered all around the world, and you can use them to draw, to create new branches on the Kwaal tree, to bloom flowers and to grow fruits.
Funny fact: maana crystals are shared among all players!
Every day you unlock new quests to complete in order to gain levels and unlock new summoning abilities.

The main goal of the game is to please the big tree Kwaal and make him fell happy with everyday rituals, in order to keep the world alive. Rituals may consist in summoning new creatures, crafting items and dancing all together for Kwaal.

The music is very charming and catchy, and the world is so bright and cheerful.
What I like the most about this game is actually the community: I met very kind people who teached me what to do and how to. Kwaal is in fact a very cooperative game, in order to complete the daily ritual you need the help of other players (and you really have more fun dancing with other people rather than alone!).

There are currently two servers: a FR one and a US East one. You can play on both since you won't lose your progress after switching from a server to another. On the FR server people speak English as well, so I got no communication issues. The community is still pretty small yet very active; everytime I log in, there are progressions on the daily ritual.

Despite being still an early access, the game is really polished and I didn't notice any game-breaking bug yet.
All in all, I definitely recommend Kwaan and I truly hope the community will grow bigger, this game really deserves it.
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47 of 51 people (92%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
112.4 hrs on record
Posted: February 12
I have had this game for a couple of weeks and it's fascinating. It evolves around the idea of the playerbase (the dwaals) gathering offerings for KWAAN's (the tree) three-step ritual, so that it maintains its happiness and keeps on surviving for another day. Every few succeeded rituals, KWAAN becomes taller and allows for more room for climbing, drawing, putting up fruit, and most importantly, more Taazes (quest lines). If the playerbase neglects KWAAN's need of rituals, it becomes progressively unhappier to the point where the server dies and everything is reset.

The ritual consists of a set number of dwaals dancing (a number that increases with every step, from 4 to 6 to 8) in front of the altar after gathering the previously mentioned offerings (which may be animals such as beavers, sheep, butterflies, koalas). The act of completing a ritual's third step, and thus finishing all requirements for KWAAN to survive, is known as "Kwaanza", a holiday that dwaals celebrate as a collective result of teamwork and cordiality.

Some have reviewed that the server keeps dying because nobody ever comes online to help, and truthfully, that is a terrifying thought to whoever wants to buy the game, only to be met by a world whose death seems imminent. Thankfully that is not a problem since the number of dancers (players online) can be minimalized by purchasing NPCs at the cost of time took to collect enough resources, this way removing the requirement of needing a set number of people online. But again, we make sure to complete most rituals during the peak hours so that nobody has to worry about them later. We seldom need dancers for it.

Others have reviewed that they have no idea what to do in this game. I thought I'd write a little bit about everything KWAAN has to offer gameplay-wise, in hope that no one who buys the game can say it's void of content or ambiguous.

As KWAAN grows, more and more Taazes are unlocked. Taazes are day-specific questlines that require teamwork to complete and encourage discovery. They can only be completed once by every dwaal, but you can always go back to specific teamwork related areas in order to help others out if they're in need.

If the ritual has been done and you have completed the Taaz, you've still got plenty of other things to worry about.

You can help by cleaning the area around. As an ecosystem, the world accumulates dirt over time and has to be taken care of. If the dirt level of a certain area is high enough, it starts to eat away dropped loot and thus causing drawbacks (for example, if you're looking to summon a grub, you'll need an apple and a leaf. You put up an apple in the tree and wait for it to drop, along with a leaf that drops naturally. As soon as the apple hits the ground, the garbage eats it and causes you to wait for another one).

There are three NPCs in the main town that you can receive quests from. They may include:
  • summoning animals (that have an individual use; the crabs dig up shells you can use in order to summon other creatures, penguins may dig up resources required for building certain devices/zones, moles may help you get through normally unaccesible paths),
  • finding critters (that may drop different things from the tree. KWAAN already drops leaves and all sorts of stuff in it's natural state, but there are many critters you can find in it that drop items required for Taazes, items that you can't summon certain animals without, etc),
  • opening up treasures (found in certain locations of the map and contain pixels),
  • using a certain amount of pixels to draw things in the world boards or on KWAAN (yup, you can draw on the big tree).
  • collecting Maana (the resource we use in order to buy things from shops, put up fruit in the tree, summon animals, hire dancers. It's scattered all over the world and can be collected by coming into contact with it. The resource is shared between all dwaals).

This means you can always have three diverse quests on you that reward pixels or experience. The more experience you gain, the more you level and the more cute hats you unlock (every 5 levels unlock a new hat) that you can use to idenfity yourself. At the same time, there is a level requirement on certain worlds that have grown too much to be as well understood by the new players, so leveling up allows you to join those worlds at some point.

The world is not big enough to require a map, but it's big enough to keep you interested in it and find different uses. You should always strive to explore areas that you're not necessarily told to. They're home to specific loot that may ease your work in the future. I'd give spoilers, but I'd take away from exciting discoveries.

If you finished reading this whole thing, then you've heard a big chunk of what KWAAN is about. I truly want the game to grow. There are so many wonderful and amazingly friendly people willing to help. The game has a continous cycle that does not allow you to be bored. There is always something to do, and if you ever feel like you've done it all, there is always someone else you can help out.
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32 of 37 people (86%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
8.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 27
Playing this game for 15 minutes changed me from depressed to happy.


Now that Ive played a bit more, i can get into the nitty gritties. like every other good review has said, Kwaan isn't for everyone. That being said, Kwaan has the friendliest community that ive ever met. EVERYONE is like the nicest ever when they play this game. the sprites are adorable and the music changes as the day goes on. I used this game as a background track while I played smite. however, i should probably talk about cons as well.

To be blunt, unless you are a certain kind of person, this game is boring at first glance. You think, "where is all the fighting? where is the story? what is with these horrible jittery mouse controls?(no longer mouse controls, now wasd) but I promise you, if you stick with Kwaan, you'll find an experience unlike any other.

This game, it's never been done before. you have to grow a tree by offering animals to rituals, and all dance around a diamond while the spirits of the animals you've sacrificed are imbued into the tree. to get the tree to grow, you have to work together, everyone has to work to get the ingredients right.

But the best thing about the game, hands down, is the drawing. I LOVE pixel art. and the aforementioned tree is a giant canvas. You can only use shades of brown on the tree, and at first, i thought "What? why did they give me all these colors so i could just use brown?" but soon i found out that the pixel art looks like its a part of the tree, or carved out of wood.

But the other colors are far from useless, in order to summon animals, you need to grow fruit, and to grow fruit, you need colored pixels. In addition, there are canvases spread out around the world for you to express your skill in drawing.

so all in all, Kwaan is a great game, but not for everyone. chances are, if you decided to scroll down into the reviews of a game that is advertised as a "living ecosystem" than you are probably the kind of person this game is for.

*Edit Edit

by the way, most of the games content hasnt been unlocked yet! you can still experience the magic and wonder of this game along with the rest of us. devs are on this game like garlic on bread, and are constantly patching the game
Sorry for all the errors in grammer and spelling. And punctuation. And sentence structure.
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24 of 26 people (92%) found this review helpful
7.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: May 24, 2015
For once - a pacifistic multiplayer game.
You play a humanoid sapling whose main concern is to finish today's ritual, have some fun and please Kwaan.
Controls are very simple. You click with your mose and your character runs to that place. There is also some platforming involved and some of it is not very simple. For that you use a rope and it can be especially tricy when there are spikes around.
Activities consist of random summoning of criters depending on your needs. There is flower blooming (you draw flowers pixel by pixel) and also painting (there are pictures throughout the world that anyone can edit).
Main issue is there is not enough players sometimes and some rituals are imposible to do solo. Especially when you're a new player and can't get enough exp in one day (you get xp by completing daily quests).
I am excited to see how this game turns out but Ankama should try to attract more players since this game - if you want to really have fun with it needs larger community than it is now.
If you want to support sort of unique project buy this game but take note that this is still very early access.
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21 of 24 people (88%) found this review helpful
90.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 27
Being a gamer for over 2 decades I've played thousands of games from various genres. Although one genre that never intrigued me to touch was MMOs. Maybe cause most of them were fantasy and had frustrating menus and thousand HUDs. So what happened here?
Well to tell you the truth, the artstyle of KWAAN played a major part to drag me in. Then I saw that your main goal is to keep alive a tree-server. Also there was a pixel editor kinda thing and I think that was the last piece that made me push the add to cart button.
As I'm in game for a few days now, I found that the game has a unique way to unravel it's gameplay and the community plays a major part on that too. There are some minor 'everyday' missions to do to get XP and some puzzle missions that you have to squish your brain to solve them (or just ask for tips from the lovely people in there).
Yes the game is weird. Maybe that's why I like it. Are you weird enough?
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17 of 20 people (85%) found this review helpful
1,067.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: March 11, 2015
Actually a very charming game ! Play with your friends and unknown into this absolutely beautiful world. Very happy about the peacefull ambiance of the game (no fight, no enemies) . Just try to cooperate with the others to make the kwaan happy every day (like REAL DAY :D ), or explore the world by yourself with challenging platforming using your rope ! Or you can even spend some time to draw in the tree or finding some hideen and secret animals .. a lot to do :) and apparently there will be even more, can't wait for the rest of it !

That's an amazing game !!! :D

***** French ******
un jeu vraiment charmant! Joue avec tes amis ou de parfait inconnus dans ce tres joli monde! Je suis vraiment tres heureux de l'ambiance paisible du jeu (pas de combat, pas d'ennemis :3 ) ! Tu essayes juste de cooperer avec les autres pour rendre le kwaan heureux, et ca tout les jours (jours reel), ou bien tu peux explorer le monde en utilisant un systeme type platform qui utilise une sorte de liane. Et si tu veux juste te poser, tu peux aussi bien dessiner dans l'arbre ou t'amuser a trouver certains animal caches .. bref il y a beaucoup a faire deja, et apparemment il va y avoir encore plus de contenu au cours des semaines a venir ! Je suis impatient de voir le reste !

C'est vraiment un jeu cool !

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20 of 26 people (77%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
4.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 2, 2015

... I EFFING LOVE THIS ONE! I've been playing for a while and I know Kwaan will give me hours of entertaining.

It's true: You don't have much information when you play the first time and you can feel a little lost, but explore the whole HUD, everything's in there. If you don't do it, you'll probably get bored soon and that's not fair.

Your "Dwaan" (your character, that little Deku kid) is a bit tricky to control the first minutes, but you'll handle it fast.
The pixel aesthetics fits perfect (you can paint in some especific parts of the map! how cool is that?) and the music is the perfect companion for your adventure.

· The worst thing I found in Kwaan is not really their fault in my opinion: There's only a few people playing it in EU servers, so in some moments you'll be so alone, but this depends on us. The more people plays Kwaan, the less alone we'll feel.

BUT don't forget that this is an EARLY ACCESS, so it has so much potential to grow as an incredible and entertaining game. I hardly and "heartly" recommend to rely on this guys.

Support them.

Buy and play Kwaan.

- James (sorry if I don't write properly some parts of my review, english isn't my mothertongue).
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18 of 23 people (78%) found this review helpful
3.0 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: March 11, 2015
Cute and charming little game. Features cooperative effort to feed the Kwaan and exploration. Some challenging areas with frustrating rope swinging. Game is played exclusivley with the mouse. The music fits with the cute art style and nothing feels out of place.
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11 of 11 people (100%) found this review helpful
2.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 27
A really cute game. Can take some getting used too in the start, but the community is great with lots of people willing to help. 100% would recommend. Well worth it, very calming and relaxing too.
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Recently Posted
Prince of Per Sia
0.5 hrs
Posted: October 10
Seems to have a lot to do, and I love the art style, but it's dead. This is supposed to be a community game and I havent been able to find another player.
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0.3 hrs
Posted: September 16
I hope a sale comes................
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Albert Del River
8.5 hrs
Posted: September 14
This game looks promising with it's pixel art graphics, also dynamic peaceful gameplay.

Shame the same can't be said about the multiplayer, ironically being tagged as an MMO.
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13.4 hrs
Posted: September 6
this game is incredible so far. not gonna lie had my doubts at first when I saw it was completely multiplayer, and the game relies heavily on community support which would be an issue if it had a small community, and after playing for a few hours, seems to be the case. There were only ever 4 people online at most at any given time, including myself. However even if you're the only one in the game, the world is still managable, it's just hard to progress. I'm still learning a lot about the game, but it's so unique and I love it.

-cute pixel art
-allows the player to contribute heavily to the world
-lots of quests
-leveling system
-lots of stuff to discover
-the community is nice

-the game relies heavily on the players, so if there are too little or too many, there could be issues.
-the soundtrack is a little repetitive.
-the world is kind of small. (there are two other servers you can unlock that may be different though? I'm not sure yet, I'm still only level 9.)

I would definitely recommend getting it if you're in the mood for something different and fun and looking for a sort of management game. Also a great way to meet new friends.

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10.0 hrs
Posted: September 4
KWAAN is a 2d Platformer/MMO/Pixel Editor. The game is very relaxing, there is no fighting, just platforming, and drawing. The game is very hard to understand at points, but other players will be happy to help you. It's also a very unique game, there is no game like it.
TL:DR: If you want something different than other games, get KWAAN. 9/10
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0.7 hrs
Posted: June 14
i dont recomend this game because it took me about 30 min. just to spawn, and even then i dont know where to go. so dont get this game. but dont take my word, you might like this game
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0.7 hrs
Posted: June 2
This game relies almost entirely on the community. I am not one for multiplayer games where i can't have a seperate world should I choose.
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15.2 hrs
Posted: May 3
Hey guys, Csgoallan here.

Today I'm going to be reviewing Kwaan. Kwaan is an amazing game but it's not your average game!

You can't kill anything in Kwaan. Instead, you progress through the game by helping others. You also can't really achieve anything alone, and so you must want to work together with other people.

That being said, if you're a community driven type of person, this game is definitely for you. Because everyone here is so nice. The game just gives such positive vibes with it's cute art style and relaxing music. The positivity is contagious. The developers are also very active and whenever you need help with something, they'll get back to you within a heartbeat.

The community's a bit small at the moment but it's slowly growing. So we'd love to have you!
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14.5 hrs
Posted: May 3
The game itself is super cute, but I bought it four days ago and could only play the first day. When I try to connect it says "unable to connec". I enjoyed the game, but..I only got to play once. Please fix this..
Helpful? Yes No Funny
baguél tostado
1.6 hrs
Posted: April 30
lovely <3
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