Magic Barrage - Bitferno is a top down style free to play action MMORPG with intense PvP and PvE combat. Play as one of the 8 classes and go on an epic adventure to save, or destroy the world.
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Release Date: Jan 2015

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A long time ago, there was a tribe of powerful sorcerers, and the strongest in the tribe was Crassus. He controlled an ancient artifact with tremendous power and the ability to tempt souls. Eventually, Crassus himself succumbed to the artifact’s influence, his heart became corroded and wicked, and evil blossomed in his mind. Crassus summoned a demon army and began an onslaught against mankind, gradually conquering every last corner of the known world. In their darkest hour, humans prepared for their last stand, gathering the descendants of their greatest heroes, whether mankind is destined for triumph over evil or complete destruction is in your hands...

Play as one of the 8 classes on an epic adventure.
Join your friends to challenge the world together.
Complete raids and hellish dungeons for legendary loot.
Endless fun from PVP and PVE awaits you in Magic Barrage!

1. Please activate Steam Overlay only after the character selection/creation screen.
2. For those who are having trouble Paypal payment options, please try again with another browser.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or higher
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
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Not Recommended
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Posted: January 9, 2015
I'm sorry, but this game is, well, bad. I have played through the game for a half an hour and already I'm getting bombarded with "Purchase diamond!" There are too many tabs above your head which requires diamond to be used, and it's super annoying to see a free to play game impose this to new players as soon as they can. It really is a turn off and drove me away from the game.

Magic Barrage is very... very similar to Realm of the Mad God, so that also says something in terms of negativity.

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Not Recommended
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Posted: January 9, 2015
Every Time i click anywhere at menu or level or whatever it opens up Internet explorer so i buy stuff ..

The game forces me to use internet explorer ( Note my default browser is firefox ).

How is this even a game on steam
I created a character.
I clicked play , i was thrown along with players killing enemies with no animations and nothing.
No tutorial , nothing.
1 mb download size of the game ... i dont know what i expected.
and i am a level 4 character, and all the monsters cant kill me ....
If you want just go play Realm of the mad god.... this game is acting like it except this is just no

Pros :
1 - its free to play

Cons :
1 - its pay to win
2 - everything in the game

If you want a TL:DR
" Forces me to use internet explorer 0/10 "
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Not Recommended
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Posted: January 10, 2015
It's like Realm Of The Mad God, but without any of the fun.
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Posted: January 10, 2015
I have to give this game some credit. It has features that I have never seen in any other F2P Steam game up until now:
- Opens up a new window, in internet explorer, just to try to sell you something.
- A $500 price option for premium currency.
- Takes 1 second to install.
- Takes 1 second to uninstall.

It may be too early in the year to call it, but take my word for it now and quote me on it later, "Best uninstall simulator of 2015."
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Not Recommended
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Posted: January 9, 2015
1MB Download, waste of space.
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Not Recommended
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Posted: January 10, 2015
If this game was a spoon, it would be a fork.
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Not Recommended
9.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 15, 2015
Magic Barrage - Bitferno is an aptly named, massive multiplayer online, top down, bullet hell shoot'em up. If you've played Realm of the Mad God, you've played this. In fact, I dare say someone stole the code for this Flash game (there are ways), switched out the graphics and used it to make this. The graphics are old school 16 bit good and the music is a complete mishmash from one area to the next. In fact the game's art is a complete mishmash. Pixelated 16 bit sprites for the majority of the game, but good looking rendered art for the class select screen and still hand drawn art for the quest givers. Its as if different artists worked on the game using different art styles.

You start the game by first selecting from one of eight classes in one of three unlocked save slots. Your choices are, the Warrior, the Mage, the Archer, the Priest, the Ninja, the Paladin, the Warlock and finally, the Assassin. They all play the same Use the keys to move. Point your mouse on an enemy and click to shoot at it. To my dismay, there is no controller support, which I think lends well to the bullet hell shooter genre, but not the MMO aspect of it. The only difference is their special abilities. The problem is that I found myself shooting 100% of the time without using any other abilities. It was easy to whittle down hordes of enemies even by myself.

Since this is free to play, there are of course microtransactions. Not as awful as Realm of the Mad God, where even other players are trying to con you into buying them. They're still prominent here and there. At level 1 everything an enemy dropped was for level 10. At level 10 everything dropped was for level 20. You get the picture. That's okay though, because you can buy experience with microtransactions to level up and use that new loot you just got! Death takes XP from you when you die, unless you spend diamonds to keep it. It doesn't matter though.

The settings here are lacking and having the screen stuck at a specific size doesn't help. There is no resolution support or even full screen. Why does that matter? The window might be too wide for some screen resolutions. The real problem that I have with the game is the interface is busy and cluttered. There's too much going on and I can't close all the popups lying around. Like the quest menu is always front and center. Its just busy and flashy.

The game itself is flashy, there's always a vomit of colors on the map. I like a vibrant and dynamic color pallet, but this is every color at once, all the time. The land is bright green, the water bright blue, enemies are red, shooting purple and yellow projectiles. That sort of thing. All enemies shoot projectiles, because this wouldn't be a bullet hell shooter if they didn't.

There is no sort of tutorial, except a billboard that tells you how to move and a popup that tells you how to shoot. When you begin, the game just dumps you into combat with no safe zone or town. To even get to the town, you need to look up the controls and fast travel to it with the tough of a key. Two players said they had looked for an hour and were asking others how to get to a town or where it was. Then I looked up key bindings and there it was.

On the battlegrounds, enemies will spawn right on top of you. In fact one server that was baron except for myself, I had cleared out an entire screen of enemies, only to have them poof back into the screen, filling it once again. It felt like the server was really meant to be full of players and not just me.

Magical Barrage does a good job of throwing different enemies at you in all shapes, sizes and strengths. They all shoot projectiles at you. Different projectiles at different speeds. Some shoot in full circles, other shoot at you. Still bosses have many firing patterns Sometimes they'll launch a ball that will explode into a swirl of gunfire. The next shot might be a quarter circle of arrows. I never felt in any danger of dying though. You have hit points. So taking damage is common.

With this being an online game, I found myself getting kicked off the server for staying idle too long. Even though there's an achievement for being idle. The game then took me back to the website, forcing me to restart the game. That's not a chore or anything, but then enough times I had to reload the game, click on my character to load them, only to have it go to a grey screen with nothing on it. I'd say that my character failed to load, but there was no error. So I just had to reload the game again and again. There was also a point of the game where the sound randomly cut out. I'm not saying the sound is good. Any sort of hit results in a sound similar to someone screaming into a microphone. Even non human enemies still sound very human.

Since this is an online game it can always update to change and tweak things daily.

I can't recommend this game. It doesn't feel like a clone of Mad Realm God, it feels like the code was stolen from it. There are ways to steal code from Flash games. Maybe it was from the developer that made Realm of the Mad God and this is a follow up. This all seems shady. I also like how they list "Free to Play" as the genre. Its like saying Under $20 is a music genre.
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Not Recommended
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Posted: January 12, 2015
There are 3 sound files in this ♥♥♥♥ game. Repetetive Music, the same guy going "eaugh" when ever you get hit and the sound of an uninstall button. I like the last one.
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Not Recommended
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Posted: January 9, 2015
Abomination, don't touch it with anything, not even a 10 foot pole.
Death's sweet embrace / 10

There are people who for some reason defend this game too, actually going onto my profile and attacking me for this review, so I have come to believe that there is some Scientology ♥♥♥♥ going on backstage.

Lucky this game costs nothing, because the only things I wasted were 1 mb and 30 mins. I know this review goes off into a bit of a rant, but stick with me here.The only 'Inferno' this game's getting is hells, when Hitler himself vomits it up after eating off Chinese food. I have had constipation that has come out easier than this. This game is a confusing mess. Even the description is a confusing mess: "A long time ago, there was a tribe of powerful sorcerers, and the strongest in the tribe was Crassus. He controlled an ancient artifact with tremendous power and the ability to tempt souls", yeah, so what, did he make an army? Does he want you dead? What the hell is the point of even having a story if you're not even going to follow-up with it or do anything with it? But not telling you things is a major theme in the game, starting with not telling you the controls, not telling you where you are and not telling you the mechanics of the game (what the hell is Pro-ism?) and much much more not telling. The developers have asked people about how they can improve the game, then they just flat out ignored their complaints. I liked Star Wars 1 more than this trash! There is 60 different tabs to buy diamonds, which cost a crazy amount of real life dollars (Some even costing as much as Half-Life 2, a game at least 50 times better). There is only 8 characters, and they all look rubbish. The games art looks like its stolen, good job as having an Assassins Creed character as the assassin. All the quests are "Teleport here, kill this, teleport back.". Comparative to Destiny's main problem. The games boring and not even challenging. There is no video settings, so its stuck at something like 420x720, and there is no fullscreen. Loot is crap, its all got the same art and they all have the same drop rate, so its just random. The music made me want to shove a nail into my testicle until I passed out. You can't even tell where you are when there's 6000 projectiles flying around the screen at the speed of sound. Bosses die within 6 seconds, but they recommend 10 people for them, I beat them with no troubles on my own. Also, the game downloads as you go, so every time you enter a new area, you have to wait another hour of your life just to wait for it to download an area that looks the exact same at the one you were just in. The game is just a rip off of RotMG, and it doesn't even improve on anything, it's just stolen art and code thrown together then put on Steam. Speaking of which, HOW DID THIS GET ON STEAM? Air Control was bad enough, but you would think that after that they would learn and have some kind of control over there releases. But now were seeing stuff like this and Slaughtering Grounds. I'd rather slit my wrists and put them into vinegar then this. This is terrible, like really bad, like on the top 100 worst steam games, if not in the top 20. This game that should NOT exist, and I hope gets pulled from steam. This game REALLY sucks. Do yourself a favor and don't play this abomination of a game.

And do you know what the worst thing is? These guys are still making games, they have a few out. What makes me gag is that some poor ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ somewhere probably brought some diamonds, giving these greedy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s money!

I wouldn't even call it a game, id just settle with abomination.
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Not Recommended
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Posted: January 9, 2015
you know a game is terrible when a game asks you to download flash, especially after you've downloaded it.
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6.1 hrs
Posted: October 15
0.00000/10 Can't load the game, can't play on browser cause of error with register.

Would not log in again
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0.3 hrs
Posted: October 10
this game does not play at all
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0.1 hrs
Posted: October 10
I was the leader of the best guild, Zhiars Mastery, but now the game is down. Just sad
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1.5 hrs
Posted: September 23
kind of a rotmg copy, some of the sounds are even ripped straight from the game.
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see lah
0.2 hrs
Posted: September 15
rip dis game cant even sign up for gods sake
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14.6 hrs
Posted: September 7
I got bored kinda quik
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0.2 hrs
Posted: August 31
The game itself needs a fix it doesnt work cause when you start the game it just stays a gray screen all the time
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2.3 hrs
Posted: August 23
i need help do i need too sign up or can i just play cuz i thought this game was CONNECTED too your steam account so im just stuck on the loading... screen
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0.1 hrs
Posted: August 1
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Cory [gibus]
0.1 hrs
Posted: July 3
if it really was good, i would get a titjob.
from that chick when ur in the discussion of this.
aka the store page.
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