Embark on a bloody road trip from Los Angeles to Juarez as the lawlessness of the Old West into is brought into present day. Welcome to the new Wild West.
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Data de lançamento: 13/set/2011

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Sobre este jogo

Seja bem-vindo ao novo Velho Oeste.
Esse FPS traz a ilegalidade do Velho Oeste para os dias de hoje. Você embarcará em uma viagem sangrenta de Los Angeles para Juarez, México imergindo-se em um enredo corajoso com personagens interessantes e uma grande variedade de opções de jogabilidade.
Experimente a ilegalidade do velho oeste moderno enquanto você caça o cartel Mendoza em um mundo em que o fim justifica os meios. Sua caça pelo líder do Cartel te leva em uma viagem épica que vai de um laboratório de metanfetamina na floresta nacional de Sequoia até o quartel general do Cartel em Ciudad Juarez. Com mais de 10 ambientes distintos incluindo bordéis e becos da Los Angeles moderna, docas, uma festa num iate de luxo, os desertos abertos do Arizona e do Novo México, um funeral Mexicano e mais.

Características principais:


Entre em parceria com dois outros jogadores para alcançarem seus objetivos enquanto você se esgueira pelas costas deles para melhorar sua agenda pessoal secreta. Jogue as 20 missões do modo campanha sozinho ou com até 3 amigos.
Valor de repetição triplo: Jogue a campanha inteira com cada um dos 3 personagens; cada um tem sua própria história e um final distinto.

Jogue em até 6 contra 6 nos modos Team Deathmatch e Cops vs Gangsters. Conforme você joga seu personagem evolui, liberando armas e equipamentos.

História relevante que se desenvolve dependendo do personagem que você escolhe. A jogabilidade é dirigida pela variedade: Invasões punitivas, proteção de testemunhas, interrogações duras, missões sob disfarce, tiroteios no meio da multidão, perseguições de carro e mais
Escolha entre 30 armas incluindo pistolas, revólveres, submetralhadoras, metralhadoras, rifles, escopetas, rifles de precisão, armas antiaéreas e mais.

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows XP/Visa/7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 2Ghz (Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 3Ghz or better recommended)
    • Memory: 1GB for Windows XP, 2GB for Windows Vista/7 (2GB for Windows XP, 3GB for Windows Vista/7 recommended)
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible - Nvidia 8800GT /ATI 3850 (Nvidia GTX 260/ATI 4870 or better recommended)
    • DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 8GB
    • Sound: DX 9.0c compatible
    • Multiplayer: 512kbs(broadband)
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Publicada: 10 de dezembro de 2014
Even though I'm giving it a thumbs up, I have mixed feelings about this game. The Cartel is the worst game in the Call of Juarez series, but it does have a few features that other games in the series (and even many co-op FPS games in general) don't have and make this game unique and somehow enjoyable to play. I would recommend this, but only when it's heavily discounted and you've got one or two friends to play in co-op with.

+ Good campaign mode with an intriguing storyline, 4 endings and amazing soundtrack.
+ Co-op mode.
+ Replayable: 3 playable characters each with their own objectives, perspectives, roles and different dialogues (e.g. talking with different characters on the cellphone). The storyline is character-driven so it may vary based on what character you're playing with.
+ Car chases
+ Random challenges mid-game (e.g. kill X enemies before the other players). It kinda kills the teamwork sometimes but I find it to be a nice addition (also that makes sense since the main characters, story-wise, don't get quite along).
+ Great variety of guns and configurable FoV (look in the Steam community guides)

- The main menu and the first levels are dull (luckily the game gets slightly better and more interesting afterwards).
- Technically horrible: graphics are worse than its predecessors and graphical glitches are not missing. Buggy, and audio could have been better.
- Lack of options.
- Gunplay is monotonous and annoying blur when aiming down sight.
- Car driving physics could have been better.
- No drop-in joining (players can only join your co-op match at the start of a level).
- Enemies are 100% accurate and grenades are useless.
- Multiplayer deathmatch is nothing special.

Personal rating: 5.8/10

If only Techland had more time to develop this and made it primarly for PC it could have been a stunning game; it has co-op, the features mentioned in the pros are cool and the story is decent enough, but the rest is heavily unpolished.
Tip before you play: don't tell your friends what your *personal* objectives are, what items you steal and what dialogues your character hears.
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Publicada: 21 de fevereiro
Call of Juarez is a western-themed FPS game series released by Ubisoft. The Cartel is the "odd one out" in this series as it is the only one taking place in a modern day setting instead of the good old Wild West. Interestingly, the concept works and it makes for a good - albeit somewhat mediocre - game that fans can feel free to pick up as it becomes, after all, an important part of the franchise.

The game is best played cooperatively. For some reason the developer decided to pick not two (remember Bound In Blood?) but 3 protagonists. When playing alone they are controlled by the A.I but they are not exactly sharpshooters; however, the upside here is that you do not need to revive any of them.

They all work for a different organisation serving their country - Ben is an LAPD cop (he wears a cowboy hat and his surname indicates he is the descendant of Ray McCall from the 1st game), Kim is from the FBI and Eddie represents the DEA. They are all after The Cartel and during gameplay each of them receives a phone call asking them to complete a secondary objective. This is pretty funny as with each player you are to pick up various things and the rest cannot know about it. If noticed, you lose the opportunity. These are all illegal activities (such as stealing money) as to a certain degree all of them are dirty.

There are some driving sequences, too. One player drives while the rest do the shooting. The mechanics are similar to the one experienced in Dead Island (another Techland game series): it is pretty easy to navigate but the camera is positioned behind the dashboard so you do not exactly have the chance to change the view. There's also levelling up that unlocks newer and more powerful weapons throughout the game but it is pretty generic. Multiplayer is also available and while it does not offer anything new it is pretty entertaining.

Like I said this is the odd one out in the series but it does not mean it is a bad game. At the time (2011) the Chrome engine already looked outdated and while there is a handful of cinematics the game's story is not exactly very original. Still, The Cartel is an entertaining game and if you liked Call of Juarez you might get fond of this, too.

Just remember: beside McCall's character and the slow-mo shootouts and the available revolvers nothing really makes you remember its predecessors. Perhaps it's best to wait for a discount so as not to be disappointed very much.
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Publicada: 16 de fevereiro
There's almost no end to how poorly made this game is.

Just watch the following video by Extra Credits:


I can confirm: the gameplay is shoddy.
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Publicada: 19 de maio
Don't buy this full priced, buy it online for a few pounds and it's worth it. It does require Uplay to run, but that's no big of a deal for me.
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Publicada: 11 de maio
Call of Juarez: The Cartel: Graphics look Great, Sounds are Great and Music was Good. The story look's very cool, I heard their are Four Ending but I will say I just didn't like or cared for this game it lossed it's feel of the Wild West for me but It may be different for you and you may like it. I'm not much for that many end's one or two, maybe three but no more then that. It would have to be an Awesome game for that many ending's. The Gun's and Outfit's look cool tho, and No I don't recommend this game. Now down to business Call of Juarez: The Cartel is a 5 out of 10
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Publicada: 6 de maio
Today's Review: Call of Juarez: The Cartel

First of all, this game it's another adition to the family of games that's Politicaly Incorrect and VERY VERY racist. The game's based on the Mexican drugs cartel and some attacks on the united states (terrorist attacks)

Seeing some videos and fast footage of the game might lead you to think this game it's fun, when actually the game feels really unpolished, very sluggish, enemies can easily kill you even on easy, there's no cover button or cover system, you have to hide in everything you can and pray you're not in visual range of the 100% accuracy that the enemies have, thought it's kind of fun, it's NOTHING compared to another game of the same franchise, Call of Juarez Gunslinger.

Metascore: 52/100
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Publicada: 12 de abril
I wouldn't wish this game on another human being
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Publicada: 7 de outubro de 2014
Eu Sempre li análises de jogos e procurei formar minha opinião nelas na hora de jogar e dar um veredicto, porém com Call of Juarez; The Cartel, eu resolvi nadar contra a maré, fechei os olhos para as análises e comprei, imaginando ''Não pode ser tão ruim'', e acreditem, é tão ruim quanto dizem, um desastre.
A história tenta se encaixar naquele esquema de ''cartel criminoso'' contra ''policiais durões ao lado da lei'', o jogo até tenta fazer uma surpresa no jogador com uma ''reviravolta'' no enredo, o problema é que o enredo é tão extenso, mas tão extenso, que ele mesmo acaba se perdendo de tanta informação e no final do jogo tudo o que você vai saber é ''preciso matar aquele cara lá porque ele é mau'' já que você dorme ou pulas cenas de conversa, o jogo demora 25 minutos pracomeçar (de tanta conversa), acho que os programadores ficaram tão empolgados com a história que acabaram colocando ainda mais coisas sem nenhuma supervisão.
Mas deixo já bem claro, que odiei esse jogo e como fã fanático da franquia Call of Juarez, vou falar tudo que eu puder na analise, se você gosta desse jogo, eu recomendo não ler.


- 15 armas principais e 13 pistolas, possibilidade de usar pistolas duplas
- Modo câmera lenta (apesar de meio ruim)
- As proezas são bem fáceis de conseguir (mas eu só tive saco pra pegar metade)
- Os gráficos nas zonas florestais e nas fases finais são muito bem feitos
- Algumas fases finais do jogo se passam no mesmo cenário western que Call of Juarez 1 (apesar do cenário ter sido assassinado de tantas paredes)
- Paguei 4 reais na promoção da FullGames

Os contras (pegue uma cadeira):

- To achando que paguei caro
- O jogo consegue a proeza de ser 4x maior em espaço em disco do que o Bound in Blood
- Não dá pra mudar as configurações de vídeo dentro da partida, você precisa sair da partida pra poder mudar uma resolução!! E pra mudar texturas tem que ficar entrando e saindo do jogo, agora imagina que
legal você testando as texturas: Entrando na partida, saindo do jogo, entrando na partida, saindo do jogo, entrando na partida, saindo do jogo. Ah, e o jogo só tem a opção de mudar texturas e a folhagem, nada mais.
- O multiplayer tá morto.
- O jogo tenta criar 3 historias diferentes como pontos de vista para o mesmo enredo, o problema eh que se a historia principal ja eh ruim, essas historias sao piores ainda, tanto que nao da vontade de jogar de novo, e mudam aspectos minimos (um dialogo novo aqui ou uma cena a mais ali, pra dar na mesma coisa no final da fase), compensa mais voce escolher um personagem, zerar e depois ler a historia dos outros dois.
- Tirando Ben Mcall (que é um descendente do Reverendo Ray de Call of Juarez 1 e 2 e que nem faz questão de mencionar isso!), os outros 2 personagens são inúteis, a história do personagem Guerra gira em torno daquele clichê de policial corrupto incompreendido, Guerra passa o jogo inteiro fazendo piadas e sexualizando tanto a personagem Kim que mais parece que ele vai rasgar a roupa dela a qualquer momento, Kim Evans é aquele clichê da policial durona e solitária com os irmãos envolvidos no crime e que morreram por isso e também está envolvida em um misterioso assassinato de uma testemunha que ela ''jura''que nao foi ela, a história dela é tão ruim, mas tão ruim que você torce pra ela se ferrar, ou pra arrumar um namorado, pra ver se pelo menos ela esboça alguma reação.
- A sincronia labial eh pessima, os personagem andam como robos sem articulaçao, giram na frente de paredes, sao capazes de se abaixar e se arrastar até uma cobertura (como se tivessem uma escada rolante debaixo dos pes) chegando ao ponto absurdo de se teleportarem ateh um ponto no cenario se caso se perderem e você achar o checkpoint antes deles.
- Durante o game voce pode roubar 'itens secretos'' do cenario...o problema é que esses itens sao todos iguais, carteiras e celulares, e nao pode ser visto pelos bots aliados enquanto rouba, esses itens fazem o jogador passar de nivel e desbloquear outras armas, dentre eles voce pegar itens de missoes secundarias por exemplo: a namorada de ben mcall tem um filho e precisa de dinheiro pq ele ta doente, ela te pede pra pegar um revolver antigo no cenario do velho oeste, ok, voce pega, o problema eh que isso nao faz diferença nenhuma no jogo! (nao mostra nenhuma cena a mais no final, nada) Até mesmo ser pego pelos bots roubando nao faz diferença na historia, eh pura encheção de linguiça.
- Se call of juarez sempre teve cenarios abertos (ou pelo menos proximo), The Cartel é duplamente fechado, a parte em que você visita o cenário que era do Call of Juarez 1 dá ódio de tantas paredes que o cenário possui.
- Quando o seu personagem é atingido por uma granada ou algo explode ao lado dele, ele vai fazer uma animação de queda, ele cai no chão, olha pros lados e levanta, tudo bem..o problema é que isso demora demais (uns 5 segundos)! Nas primeiras 5 vezes você vai achar bacana, na sétima vez você vai começar a sentir ódio de cair no chão durante um tiroteio e esperar o personagem fazer um teatro pra levantar, isso sem contar quando o helicoptero dispara um míssel e seu char fica lá, 5 segundos deitado levando bala.
- Um show de palavrões, diálogos chulos, xingamentos e ofensas gratuitas, se você é uma pessoa sensível eu recomendo desativar o som das vozes, porque os personagens são todos sem educação, depois de 8 capítulos escutando ''sh*t, f*ck, son of b*tch, assh*le, motherf*cker, you sh*thead, i'm gonna f*ck your ♥♥♥!'' sem parar até eu comecei a ficar ofendido.
- Os personagens falam durante os tiroteios cerca de 7 frases prontas (Ninguem mexe comigo! Olha na esquerda! Mira direito!), e eles repetem isso praticamente toda hora, eu não sei o que deu na cabeça dos programadores em cogitar a idéia de que seria legal eu escutar a máquina dizendo que eu atiro mal.
- Os cenários urbanos são horríveis, a engine de Call of Juarez foi feita para modelagem de cenários do velho oeste, ao criarem cidades modernas elas mais parecem maquetes sem vida, é realmente triste ver a pobreza de detalhes, a cena onde um navio cargueiro vira de lado foi uma das coisas mais horríveis que eu já presenciei, o barco é desenhado certinho de lado, mas quando ele vira nada mais é do que uma chapa de metal cinza e reta, meu deus!
- As armas não tem recoil (quando você atira e a arma se descontrola), as armas do jogo mais parecem arminhas de pressão, é ridículo ver o personagem atirando e a arma nem mexendo direito.
- Cheio de estereótipos, todos os negros usam camisas de futebol e falam igual a cantores de rap, todos os mexicanos são morenos com bigode falando ''Muere!'', hordas de clones do 2pac falando ''Io, ma ♥♥♥♥a, ima kill dat b*tch'', eu não ligo, mas se você é meio moralista, vai chegar num ponto do jogo que você vai se sentir como um racista fazendo uma limpeza etnica de tantos negros que você vai ter matado, e eu não me refiro ao cenários urbanos que retraram guetos (porque tem negros lá, óbvio), o problema é que praticamente 80% do jogo é desse jeito, o vilão tem um exército de negros prontos pra morrer!
- Seus aliados são robôs indestrutíveis, não sangram, não caem, não ficam sem bala, usam as mesmas armas o jogo INTEIRO, e voce nem mesmo pode dar uma mísera ordem para eles, e olha que vocês são uma equipe!

The Cartel é um game horrível, sem duvida nenhuma é um dos piores FPS que ja tive o desprazer de jogar, eu não recomendo nem se tiver a 1 real, se você é fã da franquia Call of Juarez, finja que esse jogo nem existe, você não perde nada, acredite, mas se você ainda duvida do que eu falei, procure jogar o game através de ''outras fontes'' pra testar, se você conseguir zerar e discordar de tudo que eu falei...então tá na hora de conhecer outros jogos.

Nota: 2\10
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Publicada: 21 de maio
Pergunto a Deus o porquê de ele dar um fim tão cruel aos meus 4 reais.
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Publicada: 29 de janeiro de 2014
Let me start by saying I really do enjoy this game, it really isn't as bad as the reviews say. However, I completely and fully say do not bother with it on Steam. The uPlay is absolutely awful, and the game refuses to play on every computer I have tested it on (and I am FAR above even the recommended settings.) After attempting to start new game, the game crashes and you are taunted with a "Thank you for playing Call of Juarez: The Cartel" window from ubisoft. ♥♥♥♥ those guys, and ♥♥♥♥ this game on steam.

Oh, and ♥♥♥♥ the censorship here, you can eat a ♥♥♥♥, censorship you punk ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥a
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Publicada: 2 de abril de 2014
Weak link in Call of Juarez series. Why modern world? Ubisoft attempted to make this game like Call Of Duty but messed it allright. Finally understood its mistake and a miracle born; Gunslinger. Play Call of Juarez, Bound in Blood, Gunslinger and ignore this one.
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Publicada: 15 de agosto de 2014
An extremely mediocre offering and I write this as a RABID Call of Juarez and all things western fan. I went into this looking for even a schlocky B-movie sort of good time after purchasing it on sale and I had to muster a LOT of courage to make it through to the end. Disappointing gunplay, terrible driving segments, paper thin characters and plotting, only play it if you're desperate for a gritty crime shooter and you've literally played everything else on your backlog. A huge disappointment. The series was thankfully put back on track with Gunslinger and I expect great things from Techland regarding the future of the franchise. But this one?

Keep clear.
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Publicada: 18 de maio de 2014
I don't get all the hate and bad reputation this poor game has earned.

Sure, it isn't a Call of Juarez like the two before, or.. a Call of Juarez at all, as the only things in common are a guy called McCall, a trip to Juarez in a couple of stages, and the bullet-time which isn't as good as in the previous titles.

It wasn't ported perfectly on PC, that's true. You almost can't set up the graphics at all, there's a motion blur and a depth blur that can be annoying, but you'll get used to them pretty soon.
But for the rest? It's a simple action fps like tons of others, with badass characters "maxpayneing" their way against an army of bad dudes, a lot of gunfightings, explosions, car pursuits, a story that's maybe a bit confusing but overall good, great voice acting, the same easy controls as every fps...

It may not be the most original fps of all times, it's very linear and doesn't allow you to explore anything, but.. who cares? It's fast paced, funny and entertaining for all its length, and never bored me.

Give it a chance
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Publicada: 25 de maio de 2012
bad boys, bad boys... whatcha ya gonna do? what you gonna do when they come for you?... The game was very entertaining to play, since I love "Bad Boys", old westerns, car chases with gunfire, room entry in slo-mo while you take down a bandit with a precise headshot. It's really fun to play, and it could've been better if it had no bugs.
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Publicada: 6 de janeiro de 2014
Call of Juarez: The Cartel drops the best appeal of the original by dropping the western theme, instead offering a mediocre modern day themed story where you control horribly written "bad cop" characters. If you're looking for a good western game, don't touch The Cartel, instead check out the original or CoJ: Gunlisnger among others.

Judged by its own merits this game still lacks everything to be enjoyable - movement, gunplay and gameplay in general are below average. You might laugh once or twice the things the character says in concentration mode but overall this game offers nothing of interest. It also has a multiplayer mode which no one plays. It's a below average, janky and generic shooter and it's easy to see why it tarnished the Call of Juarez name at the time of its release.
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Publicada: 4 de abril de 2014
Oh god, what have I bought.
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Publicada: 30 de junho de 2013
The Call of Juarez franchise should've stopped with the first one, which was plain bad! But then Bound in Blood changed my mind! But then The Cartel appeared and strenghtened my first feeling! But then Gunslinger appeared and gave me that nice nostalgic feel of the 2nd one! Boy, those are a lot of "But then"s :P
Anyways, The Cartel Is an average FPS that lets you play as 1 of the 3 agents at your choice, each one with it's unique abilities (but those abilities/skills are pretty boring, like faster reload for pistols with one guy, the other reloads faster with SMGs and can Dual-Wield them and the female agent reloads rifles faster, aaaand that is it...)
Going to the graphics, they are below average, bad texture pop-ins here and there and offline lag! YES! The campaign lags when you play (framerate drops and lag, actually), when you run to be specific, same issue that I had previously with Dead Island (same engine BTW).
Character models are just awful and the dialogue is f*cking laughable.
Gameplay wise, the guns all feel pretty much the same, and they all feel bad! Except the pistols, so I just used the pistols the whole game, except during Concentration mode (slows down time and increases accuracy for a short period of time) that you get by killing people, and also used rifles and smg's during the car shootout and car chases, because pistol kind of suck in those situations. There are also pretty ugly bugs here and there and some glitches, but Techland just doesn't give a sh*it and instead of patching it up, they just decided to move on to another sh*tty project called Dead Island: Riptide, and that worked out pretty well, didn't it? Huh...
Multiplayer is your standard rack up kills, get XP, new level, YAY! Here's a new ♥♥♥♥♥♥ weapon, have a blast!
Noone plays it anymore btw, so if you want to get it, buy for the SP Campaign (with a bad story as well, pretty bad and nonsensical and uninteresting and many more bad adjectives) which is decently long (around 7 to 8 hours) and the collectibles are an interesting mechanic as well as they work like side missions and you kind of have to do it discretely so that the other 2 agents don't catch you. It makes things a bit more tense and spices up things, making the campaign interesting enough until the end.
Co-Op is also pretty fun with friends. It's a standard 3 player maximum co-op mode where each plays one of the in-game characters.
There isn't much more to approach to this game but an extra fly in the soup: an extra DRM known as Games for Windows Li...AH! Just joking! It does NOT use GFWL, thankfully, but it does use UPlay, which is Ubisoft's DRM for their games, I haven't had any huge issues with this DRM, it's just annoying but I can live with it...
it doesn't deserve more than a 4.5/10, save you 10 € for something better like Kane & Lynch 2 or Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
I paid 4,99€ at a retail shop for this and honestly, I feel like it was worth it, but don't pay much more than that...
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Publicada: 24 de dezembro de 2013
Alright, all of the problems asside, slow frame rate, cheap difficulty, bad voice recording and buggy gameplay...Those things could have been forgiven if there was some substance to the story line that might tip the scales in this games favour...but there isn't even that. For some reason, it had to be made "hip" and set in modern day LA, where the previous games were set mainly in boarder towns between the southern USA and Mexico...The McCall brothers have been replaced by a DEA agent, an FBI agent and a street cop sergeant who looks like he was the attempt to rip off Ray McCall in modern day but fails in every way. I haven't gotten ALL the way through the game yet but even after nine hours of gameplay I've heard no mention of anything linking this to the previous two except for a last minute entry great grand son that the previous games never supported. There's not a mention of the gold of Juarez, or the town, or really anything to do with what the game is labeled about THE CALL OF JUAREZ...there's not any mention of the treasure let alone those who go mad searching for it. I'm not normally one to completely can a game unless there's nothing redeemable about it, and (I might not have played it enough, but) there is nothing redeemable about this title at all, I don't care about the characters, the story isn't engaging and the gameplay is broken and the sound design is well below sub-par...Play Call of Juarez, Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood and/or Call of Juarez - Gunslinger, and call those a trilogy, but avoid this one at all costs.
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Publicada: 7 de maio de 2014
No Bugs,Glitches,Lag, This game for me runs 100 percent perfect

Ever think of going into high speed chase to chase someone and shoot and see explosions?

Wanna Take the life of three people Part of the police,Fbi,Dpa and Go kill some gangsters

Maybe a game not related to cowboys But Still Cool game/.
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Publicada: 22 de janeiro de 2014
Alright I just want to explain what I think about this game, Horrible voice acting, Didn't like dead island engine, Gameplay is horrid and the game is just...bad...if you want to play a REAL Call of Juarez then get Gunslinger or Bound in Blood not this piece of crap, thanks for your time and I hope this review helped you.
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