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Beleef één van de mooiste open-ended ruimtevaartspellen voor de PC. Verken het universum als ruimtevaarder met één van 14 unieke, krachtige schepen. Meer dan 2000 missies in 46 sterrenstelsels in de melkweg wachten op je.
Releasedatum: 5 jun 2007
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SpaceForce2 Rogue Universe kopen

Info over het spel

Beleef één van de mooiste open-ended ruimtevaartspellen voor de PC. Verken het universum als ruimtevaarder met één van 14 unieke, krachtige schepen. Meer dan 2000 missies in 46 sterrenstelsels in de melkweg wachten op je.

Ontdek, handel en vecht je door het melkwegstelsel - het is aan jou om één van de beroemdste of één van de beruchtste piloten van het bekende universum te worden. Het is jouw leven - ga er op af.

  • Intrigerende, spannende gameplay: onafgebroken actie wacht je wanneer je de sterrenstelsels verkent en je er door heen vecht in vele verschillende ruimteschepen.
  • Een open-ended, schitterende en innovatieve driedimensionale ruimteomgeving met sterren, planeten, manen, asteroïden, kometen, zwarte gaten, ruimtebases, ruimtesteden - wachtend op verkenning, ontwikkeling, handel, diplomatiek en conflict.
  • Verken de melkweg als lid van één van 10 verschillende beschavingen met verschillende startpunten verspreid over het universum.
  • Pas schepen aan aan je eigen creatieve stijl: upgrade de snelheid, richtsystemen, jammers, schilden, beplating, wapens, afterburners, laadruimte en gewicht.
  • Verbluffende beelden gecreëerd door 64-bit High Dynamic Range Rendering (HDDR) op ondersteunende videokaarten voor spectaculaire belichting en special effects.


    Minimum: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 of een vergelijkbare/snellere processor, 768 MB RAM, 3 GB vrije ruimte op de harde schijf, DirectX 9.0c of hoger, DirectX 9 compatibele videokaart (Radeon 9500, GeForce 5800), 16-bit geluidskaart, muis, toetsenbord, speakers

    Aanbevolen: Windows 2000/XP/ Vista, 2.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4 of vergelijkbaar/sneller, 1 GB RAM, 3 GB vrije ruimte op de harde schijf, DirectX 9-compatibele videokaart (Radeon X800, GeForce 6800), DirectX 9.0c, 3D-compatibele geluidskaart, muis, toetsenbord, 5.1-speakers

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5 van de 7 mensen (71%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
15.9 uur in totaal
great little space shooter silly main story but very in depth content and a huge amount of quests to keep you busy as well as a very large galaxy to openly explore at your leisure
Geplaatst: 29 juni
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8 van de 14 mensen (57%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
1.2 uur in totaal
This game is deceptive. Looks good, seems to have some fair depth, but the reality is that it's straight-up awful.

Starting off, following the usual (cheesy) story introduction, you're dumped in the middle of a fight, with only the basic nav controls explained. No interactive tutorial, no chance to get used to the controls and UI. Just dumped in a fight and left to figure out every single relevant interaction in 5 seconds flat. Then, if you survive that ("if")... well, don't expect much else. There's a marker to pick up a mission, but that's it. You're on your own! I'm not one to advocate for games holding your hand every step of the way, but this is just masking poor design under the guise of "freedom". Honestly though, I couldn't stomach getting any further anyway, because...

...the UI is pretty much unforgivable. The basic information displays are largely ignored - absolute velocity for starters. When in space, with little visual reference, this is pretty much mandatory. I also noticed that the primary-fire lasers are limited by some kind of refilling capacitor (standard in games like these), but there is no indication of that on-screen; you're again left guessing. The few details that are visible are done so in a poor slap-dash manner, with irrelevant items instead given more prominent placement. For example, the comms screen, which shows static 98% of the time (and pre-animated heads on occasion), is given marked priority over more vital engine read-outs (the few that exist anyway)

It's not just visual interaction that suffers, but controls too. By default, primary-fire actually launches your secondary missiles as well, despite there being a separate missile-fire key. So, if you don't want every shot of your lasers to near-instantly waste your missile stocks, you have to... completely unmount your current missiles. Hope you don't want them in a hurry during a fight!

This game could have more depth than X3 and it wouldn't matter. The interaction is so poor that it doesn't take long before you're left mashing Alt-F4 in frustration.
Geplaatst: 23 juli
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2 van de 3 mensen (67%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
9.7 uur in totaal
Great game! Especially now, since I got a far far better computer than I had when I first bought this years ago, and I can crank up the graphics to max. There is plenty of things to do. You can mine and use the metals to upgrade your ship in many possible ways, while you can also buy plenty of stuff you can sell in other sectors. While the controls are not the best, it's challenging, and not to mention, that you HAVE TO upgrade your ship to have your ship be manuverable and faster etc. You can make factions like you if you do their missions, but pi$$ off others if you get into their domestic issues with other races (shooting down their enemies, which may be neutral to you) . You can get friendly with the pirates and get their ships and do their missions. There are jumpgates and you can even bookmark locations in sectors , where you can jump to with autopilot. The galaxy is huge, there is plenty of things to do.
Also the music is top notch (maybe a few songs aren't, while a few are fantastic), voice acting is not the best, but this was a budget title (and a very good budget title) so I don't mind.
The game is far far better than what they offer today with (half of functionality and depth than this), even though when this game came out, it was measured against Freelancer and even the reviews said it's a "diamond in the rough". Today - unfortunately - this diamond in the rough is a better gem, than anything else in similar category.
There were even mods for this game! Updated planet textures and better starfield etc. Not sure if they are still around on some deserted websites.
I can see it's been offered for a few bucks. If nothing else, it's worth it. Just have patience for the first half hour and learn the controls (works great with both mouse control or joystick) .
For the question that comes up in your mind (in 2014), if it's better than X: Rebirth the answer is Yes.
Geplaatst: 14 juli
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0 van de 1 mensen (0%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
0.9 uur in totaal
This game is worth the $1.24. Concept is cool but poorly executed.
Geplaatst: 15 juli
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0 van de 1 mensen (0%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
4.2 uur in totaal
For this price... A very nice little space game, easy to jump into and just know what to do, nothing complicated yet its in depth enough to provide several solid hours of gameplay.
Geplaatst: 15 juli
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56 van de 62 mensen (90%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
28.3 uur in totaal
I think this game is not bad if you play it as a RPG.
If you're looking for a space simulation game, don't buy this.
This is NOT a good simulation game.
However, you can just play it like Mass Effect.
Doing quests, shooting bad guys, selling loots, and upgrading your ship.
You can feel totaly free to playing in this game (although some people are too free to understanding how to play it).

Free style RPG
High C/P value (it's very cheap)
Easy controlable - it's not simulation game, you don't neet to press a lot of key for just a simple action (such as yaw or U turn)

Bad trading design - I need to remember all item prices by myself?!
Bad documentation - and it cause some player hard to know how to play, and they may think this game is trash
No friendly quest list (for reminding)
Geplaatst: 31 januari
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