The master of macabre, Edgar Allan Poe, leads you on a shadowy journey to finally solve the mystery of his death. As a famed mystery writer, you’re looking for your next cold case to crack when an unexpected visitor hands you the perfect case to get your career moving again.
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发行日期: 2009年9月28日


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The master of macabre, Edgar Allan Poe, leads you on a shadowy journey to finally solve the mystery of his death. As a famed mystery writer, you’re looking for your next cold case to crack when an unexpected visitor hands you the perfect case to get your career moving again.

When Edgar leads you through some of his most famous works, The Raven, The Gold Bug, The Mystery of Marie Roget and The Purloined Letter, you’ll collect clues, interview witnesses and piece together the conspiracy behind the death of one of America’s greatest writers.

Who killed Edgar? And, why were such measures taken so that no one would ever know the truth? You have 24 hours and ghosts of the past to guide you through Midnight Mysteries: The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy!

  • Celebrate 200 years of Poe in this seek and find murder mystery
  • Hidden object adventure lets you crack a 160-year-old case
  • Guided by Poe himself, you'll collect items and clues through his most famous works
  • Solve intriguing puzzles to figure out exactly whodunit!


    • OS: Windows Vista/XP
    • Processor: 1.0GHz
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 64MB Video Card
    • Hard Drive: 300MB Hard drive space
    • Sound: Sound Card Required
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3.1 小时(记录在案的)
A good hidden object adventure game with an Edgar Allen Poe storyline. Nothing spectacular, but good graphics and fun casual gaming.
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4.3 小时(记录在案的)
Good point and click hidden object. A follow the ghost style plot. Nicely done.
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0.4 小时(记录在案的)
This game is really just a series of hidden object sets strung together into a thin story. There is no real adventure/mystery game element or much of a break from the pure HO gameplay. Worst of all, I'd say, is that the resolution just isn't good enough to make the HO work very well in the first place.
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18.9 小时(记录在案的)
Good search adventure. Works with touch screen, but sometimes using "tools" is best left to touch pad or mouse.
If the Steam version does not work on your system contact Mumbo Jumbo and get the non-steam version.
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4.2 小时(记录在案的)
Typical hidden object game with a light hearted ghostly theme. No choices to make and the hint mechanism means you will not be stuck on any level for long. Familiarity with Poe and his stories will enhance your enjoyment of the game, but are not necessary to complete.
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1.7 小时(记录在案的)
I have to say; had I of played this ‘Midnight Mysteries’ game first (as a supposed to all of its sequels), I would probably have never ended up playing them! This is by far the worst game in the franchise; the inventory management is completely simplified and the puzzles are few and far between! This is basically a collection of Hidden Object scenes played one after the other, where occasional items can be used within that scene to open a box; or feed what looks like a stuffed monkey a banana (yes you read right) to be presented with another item to collect… The game is simple, repetitive, relatively tedious and unfortunately isn’t a well-blended hidden object game; meaning objects like a giant pen will be placed against a wall... This is something the other games really didn’t do too much of and frankly I appreciate the effort… If you’re going to get a Midnight Mysteries game; pass on this and get one of the others instead!
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3.2 小时(记录在案的)
ENG (wersja polska niżej)

This game is a clear case of a brain plug and like every other plug, it should be used to block something: in this particular situation: your brain. Let me explain: one should play a game like this whenever there is too much to think late at night or after work, finding item after item is monotonous and repetitive like digging with a shovel and that’s exactly how I like my hidden object games. And hey! It’s Edgar Allan Poe – it goes great with the whiskey.

It might be surprising that – while the game is only about 300 megs of data – the art is more than solid. The gameplay is exactly what you should expect from a game like that: solve a puzzle here, talk with a lost soul there, find a pickaxe, a cucumber, 2 ribbons, 3 nails and a chinchilla elsewhere. And don’t expect that the story will progress without that chinchilla. Yes, there is a story good enough not to skip (although such option is provided) – or maybe, I was looking for the Poe references?

While it is a solid game, I believe the price tag is set to high. I recommend getting it 75% off and in a pack with the 3 remaining installments of the series which, I must say, are more polished and the adventure – hidden object aspects of these games are better balanced. Edgar Allan’s Mystery is also pretty short – about 3 hours. Is there any reason to return to it later? “Nevermore.”


Seria “Midnight Mysteries” sprawdza się idealnie jako zapychacz mózgu. Dokładnie tak: odnajdowanie konkretnego przedmiotu, potem jeszcze jednego, następnego i tak zapętlone w kółko działa jak przerzucanie ziemi szpadlem – totalnie wyłącza myślenie, i tego właśnie oczękuję od hidden objectów w które gram. Świetne kiedy późno w nocy ma się za dużo rzeczy o których nie ma się ochoty myśleć, albo po paskudnym dniu w pracy. Poza tym to Edgar Allan Poe co automatycznie sprawia że gra świetnie wchodzi z whisky.

Ciekawe że zajmując niecałe 300mb Tajemnica Edgara Allana Poe wygląda naprawdę nieźle. Gra się w to dokładnie tak jak należało by się spodziewać: tu rozwalasz jakąś zagadkę, tam rozmawiasz z duchem, gdzieś indziej odnajdujesz szpadel, ogórek, trzy spinki, dwie kokardki i szynszyla. I nie oczekuj, że historia gry ruszy dalej bez tego szynszyla. A co do historii – jest, nawet na tyle dobra żeby nie przeklikiwać (jest opcja przeskakiwania scenek) większości tekstu. A może tylko szukałem nawiązań do twórczości Poego ?

Podsumowując: Pierwsza odsłona serii jest całkiem solidna – choć 9 euro to jednak za dużo. Najlepiej kupić za -75% w paczce z pozostałymi 3 częściami które, trzeba powiedzieć, są lepiej dopracowane i zbalansowane. Tajemnica Edgara Allana jest też krótka – 3 godziny i po wszystkim. Czy jest po co wracać do gry po ukończeniu wątku fabularnego ? "Nevermore!", zakracze Kruk.
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3.2 小时(记录在案的)
I love find-it hidden object games, and this series was a really nice addition to the genre. The story lines in them are quite interesting and creative, theres four in the series and they were easy to play and complete. i don't even really mean in difficulty either, it's just some of these type of games are boring and become a drag to play, these are actually quite fun. These, and the "Samantha Swift" ones, which i think are actually by the same people.
If you're a fan of the genre, would definitely suggest giving this series a go.
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7 人中有 5 人(71%)觉得这篇评测有价值
2.5 小时(记录在案的)
One of my new favorite Hidden object games. I highly recommend it.
Note, typically it will ignore logical descriptions of an object such as using the description"Nail Attacker" in substitution for hammer in some areas of the game... not all. I would not consider that a fault really... just silly.

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4.7 小时(记录在案的)
I love mysteries and I have enjoyed a few mystery games, but I've never really tried out hidden object puzzle games before. This was a nice blend of a mystery with hidden object puzzles. As others have said, it was not difficult and it was impossible to get stuck. Personally, I enjoyed this, as I'm new to the genre. I am currently playing through the second game (Salem Witch Trials), and I've gotten stuck several times. Perhaps that means this game is too easy, but I enjoyed it because I also really enjoyed seeing how the various stories played out and how the different items actually became real clues to the mystery or integrated into the plot. It was very immersive and addictive: I played through the whole thing in one sitting!
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3.0 小时(记录在案的)
I played this through in one sitting, so can confidently state that it is about three hours worth of playing time from beginning to end, give or take a little depending how good you are at hidden object games, if you use hints, and so on. I would not consider it to be worth the price with the short playing time, unless you really love the genre, but having gotten it in a bundle myself I definitely paid less than it was worth, so I can't complain about my cost. In any case, keep an eye out for a sale if you're interested.

As to the gameplay itself, it really is rather straightforward and not terribly challenging. There were only a handful of times when I had trouble finding something or solving a puzzle, only to find that the answer was basically right in front of my face, of course. Fortunately, if you do get stuck there is a hint system you can use to show you where an item is or the next step in a puzzle, so there's no reason for a relaxing game to become at all frustrating. Unfortunately, the ravens that you collect in order to add to your hint total are a little bit too plentiful, so that even using the hints whenever I was getting at all annoyed with the time spent searching, I still finished with ten or so remaining. Also, I would end up using a hint for kind of lame reasons, like not lining the next item in the puzzle up exactly right. In other words, it's a little bit touchy at times. Just remember, what you think is the solution probably is. You just may need to adjust your positioning slightly.

All of this being said, it is rather fun as far as hidden object games go, and that has never been a preferred genre of mine. As an Edgar Allan Poe fan, I found the concept of building the game around the mystery of his death to be intriguing, the overall story quite well done, and the gane performance flawless. I run Windows 8 and had absolutely no issues. So, this is definitely a nice way to have a few relaxing hours of casual gameplay with no time limits or losing or anything, when you're in the mood for that kind of thing.
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4 人中有 3 人(75%)觉得这篇评测有价值
4.0 小时(记录在案的)
I didn't like this one as much as the Mark Twain one (which is the only other Midnight Mysteries game I've played so far).
I think this one was the first in the Midnight Mysteries series, and I can see how the series has improved over time.

It's not a long game, I've completed it and logged 4 hours and at least an hour of that time was spent afk.
It's definitely not as well balanced or visually attractive or as in depth as the Mark Twain installment of Midnight Mysteries.
This is predominantly Hidden Object and the few puzzles there are pretty much provide you with the answer so there's little point to them.

I chose recommend for this anyway because I'm not a big player of HO games, (although I do occasionally like ones that have a balanced mix of other things going on throughout to break up the monotony), but I'm sure if you are a hidden object fan then this one is worth adding to your collection, it's not a bad game and as far as the story goes it's still streets ahead of what passes for a story in most other HO games I've played.
Also, I think the fact Mumbo Jumbo recently updated this old game with bug fixes and to ensure compatibility with Windows 8 deserves a thumbs up.
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4 人中有 3 人(75%)觉得这篇评测有价值
5.0 小时(记录在案的)
Bought this game for my significant other. When she wanted to play it I tagged along... Usually I'm not into those hidden object kinda games but this one amazed me by its quality. Also, something I did not expect: The story was really entertaining! I actually wanted to know how this one unraveled!!! Surprised? I was...

Grab it for your wife/girlfriend and play it with her... You'll see ;)
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3.3 小时(记录在案的)
Decent story. Medium to easy level object finding. Good graphics and music.
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3.3 小时(记录在案的)
Bon pour un premier épisode, il met bien dans l'ambiance. Par contre contrairement aux suivants, il n'y a qu'un mode histoire qui fait environ 3heures.
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3.0 小时(记录在案的)
Fairly straight up Hidden Picture style game. A couple of other puzzles, but not many (and not difficult). Took about 3 hrs to complete with reading all the diary. It was entertaining while it lasted and worth a play through (I doubt I will play though again though).
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3.3 小时(记录在案的)
Midnight Mysteries is decent if you're looking for something very light to play. The game is relaxing. There's no time limit on anything. The game gives you the option of finding objects for you if it gets too tough. It took around four hours to beat. The later entries in the series offer a little more complex game play, but they're all still easy and enjoyable.
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3.8 小时(记录在案的)
The first installment of Midnight Mysteries covers 3 strands of narratives woven together at the end, all of them touching some of the stories and features of Edgar Allen Poe. It is a more or less search and find game with a minimal addition of other puzzles.

After 3 hours of completing this game I can recommend it, but there is much space left for improvements (which were done in the follow-ups). There is a plot and it is more or less okay, much more fun if one knows a little bit of Poe's stories. Also the sound is even great, atmospheric and fitting. And then there are tons of hidden objects screens - not always easy, but Poe's crow is helping you out, whenever you are stuck. Finally the others games are way too easy.

Well, in conclusion I have to admit that this game is worth to give a try if you like Poe and hidden object games, but it was a hard fight to get the thumps in the upper direction.
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2 人中有 1 人(50%)觉得这篇评测有价值
5.1 小时(记录在案的)
Good way to kill a rainy day :)
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6 人中有 3 人(50%)觉得这篇评测有价值
8.3 小时(记录在案的)
This puzzle game is perfect for people starting out on hidden object and puzzle games of this genre. Cant get stuck since there is a raven you can click to help locate a missing item in the room. This game has ALOT of content three separate stories all combining into one big story. This hidden object game is the kind where every screen looks like a garage sale blew up. This is ok since it makes it a good starting game for new players and for veterans a relaxing well paced story to play through.

Bridgets bio on Edger Allen Poe:
Edgar Allen Poe was rumored in his day as depicted in woodcuts of the era too terrorize the townsfolk of the places he lived throughout his writing career feasting upon the human hearts of those in the countrysides under the pale light of every full moon. It is reported that many who looked into Poe's eyes never lived to tell the tale of his unquenchable bloodlust to prey upon the innocent. His books explored his fascination with the murder of innocent people which many literary scholars believe were based on crimes committed by Poe while he was still alive. It has been said by some that upon his death police raided his posh living quarters where upon pulling up the flooorboards discovered Poe's secret stash of still beating human hearts with one of them having a bite out of it. Even to this day, around campfires at Halloween children still spin yarns of the nefarious Poe, who during every full moon stalks his victims in the shadows feasting upon their still beating hearts, only to once again vanish into darkness.

Rating: 10/10 Value: 7.99
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