sZone Online is open world MMORPG and a post-apocalyptic shooter. Be a scientist, a soldier, a hunter or an engineer. Explore anomalous territories, search for artifacts, fight mutants and other players. Participate in mass PvP and PvE battles. The Zone is waiting!
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Release Date: Dec 29, 2015

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August 14

Patch 1.4 on Steam!

Patch 1.4 is released on Steam servers!

Improved graphics and animation, a large sixteen-story building, completely open for exploring, new items of equipment, ability to light your own fire and much more.

Here is the full list of all changes.

Visual improvements:

1. Improved graphics: backgrounds, postprocessing, blur etc.
2. Improved common ambiance: far fog and haze. Maximal view distance is now 300m (maximal shoot range is still 200m).
3. New day and night sky boxes! Multiple visual improvements on all locations.
4. New improved male and female character animations: turns, running, gestures etс. Now all animations are more smooth.
5. New male and female faces added + many new appearance change tools.
6. Now you can become a Monolith follower. Just come to the Dam and use random appearance changing item.
7. Improved interface details: chat, contact list, map menu buttons and mini map.
8. We’ve added clock on mini map, where you can see location’s time.
9. "Modular" Magnetic Grip devices were renamed into "Portable" (PMAGD) and a new, updated interface has been created for them.
10. Viking helmet model updated.
11. Rocks replaced with metal screws.
12. Throwing animation changed.
13. New item icons: Stalker breath mask (full and empty), “Stupid Blyak Claw”, “Smart Blyak Claw”, “Bear steak”, “Bottle of acid”, “Acetone”.
14. Old flashlights (NATO, Superfire, X300, “Zenith”) were changed with new modern ones (XSX, “Mousy”, “Black Spot”). See the item info to understand where you can use new items.
15. Aiming mode view improved.
16. Idle animations fixed.


1. New building porches with explorable flats added. Unique loot can be found there.
2. New 16 levelled building added. It’s located between Gourmet’s village and Supermarket. Some balconies and rooftops could be used as great sniping positions.
3. The «Bear» exosuit added! It will make you a real life superman! But you may need to find some special batteries for it. These batteries can be found at Vesuvius tonnels.
4. «Bear» exosuit added to Samael’s loot.
5. You can find a floating raft between bridges on Vesuvius river.
6. Now you can light up your personal campfire everywhere (except Arenas, another campfire area, and underwater ). You can get a heating buff on it and dry your clothes. And you can cook some food there too! You can find matchboxes in a new 16-levelled building and in caches.
7. You can cook at the stake, having learned the recipes from "The Book of Healthy and Tasty Food", which you can get by completing Gourmet quests.
8. New contact list: now you can mark other players with new labels: friend, enemy, comrade etc. New contact list is common for all characters on your account. All your old contacts were moved to your new contact list.
9. Contact list are saved on server, so you can use it from different PCs.
10. Aliens will be able to make some new tinctures: “Green” and “Blue” Antiseptic, “Bloody Mary”. It will increase your health ratio by decreasing regeneration speed.
11. Natives will be able to make some new tinctures: “Borovicka”, “Armored Train”, “Thunderbolt”. It will increase your regeneration speed by decreasing health ratio.
12. New quest line for the tincture recipes. You can start it by getting “Tinctures' secrets” quest from Metrophan (“Way to Ryabinushka” quest must be completed).
13. New brutor-based pet. To get it you should have access to Vesuvius dungeon and to talk with Crocodile on Tunguska.
14. “Tunnels of Vesuvius” quest line! You’ll be able to get "Seven Years" armor, some batteries for exo suit and many other useful stuff there.
15. New daily quests after “Tunnels of Vesuvius” quest line!
16. An alternative way to the “Zakat” dungeon for loners. You can take this quest from Corkscrew (your char must be at least 13th level). New repeatable quest (once a week).
17. New Blacksmith’s quest “Left on the Road”.
18. New tutorial hints added on the Lubetch railroad station
19. New quest NPC available after finishing Misha the Hunter quest line (Lubetch Forestland location).
20. New Lubetch Cook’s quests.
21. New “SWAT” armor vest. Added to humanitarian aid boxes.
22. New sniper scopes UKON and UKON-M.
23. UKON-M could be attached to every piece of weapon, which hadn’t scope in it’s base model. And UKON scope could be attached to a weapon, which already had scope in it’s base model (like some types of clan weapon).
24. «Zeiss lens» will refresh scopes’ usability time and increase it’s characteristics.
25. «Winner» new gesture added.
26. New ambient sounds and music tracks (including the radio) for Lubetch, Volcano and Market! New track added to login/password starting screen.


1. Now your char will be teleported from bases and firing points after re-entering the game.
2. Bulldog Grenade Launcher rebalanced. Now it have two shots per second and 8 metres hit area.
3. Zone M2 and M2 clan weapon types accuracy increased.
4. Now Prophets’ medallions effects don’t summ.
5. New liquor factory base added. You can hire your personal barman and get some good buff from him.
6. Now you’ll be able to remove colors from some equipment. All you’ll have to do is learn “100 Helpful Tips”.
7. Now you can recolor Viking helmet.
8. New antidote. You can find it in special items store.
9. "Sverlo" Sniper Rifle (personal) with magazine and cartridges were added in the "Stalker Kit". Cartridges can also be bought at Lubetch station.
10. "Jelly Fried Brains" now give "+5" to the stamina restoration for 4 hours.
11. The weight of Portable Magnetic Grip Devices (formerly "modular") is reduced.
12. The chance to get soda is increased.
13. Now the Bush from Gray World can stun you less.
14. Good loot drop chance increased from Metallurgist on Tunguska.
15. Now you'll get 5 bottles of Neat's-foot oil instead of 1 for the “Oil it up!” quest.
16. Now you'll be able to get “Collect them all” quest three times per month.
17. Electric anomalies sound added to Road to Lubetch location.
18. Sound settings regulators fixed. Now ambient sound rate settings will change all sounds.
19. Reload sound hearing range decreased.
20. Sound effects multi changes on Tunguska, Terra Nova, Wasteland and Sorry Lakes.
21. New respawn point added near Lubetch police station.


1. Fixed "invisible" mutants and their bugs: previously "invisible" enemies inflicted damage, they could be killed before physical appearance, they made sounds throughout the Zone.
2. Smoothing now works properly.
3. NPC with Zakat dungeon key added to Tunguska base.
4. Zakat dungeon bug fixed. Now your character will be teleported to safe zone without force returning to the Railway station.
5. Now it's three players needed to enter the Zakat dungeon.
6. Now if one of three party members will log out other two players will enter the dungeon.
7. Volcano enter bug fixed (when the fiend's hand removed).
8. Now items with timer will dissapear when timer is over.
9. Now female characters can be equipped with brown and black boots.
10. Now anomalies won't interrupt your attempts to take the loot from Dudda.
11. «Underground» anomalies fixed on Sorry Lakes.
12. Underground water view fixed.
13. Armadillo killing sound fixed.
14. Radio Lubetch fixed. Now you can change tracks. And it's smoother.
15. Fixed numerous bugs in locations found by players.
16. Numerous bug fixes and small changes.
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August 11

Zone Hunter Weekend

Hunters of the Zone ask you to live in peace with your fellow stalker and to hunt only mutants.

From 14:00 MSK of 11.08 till 09:00 MSK of 14.08, Mushkar from the post in Tunguska will give "Hunter Day" quest to all comers. The reward will be Hunter Pins and experience. The quest takes place in two stages, with a break of 12 hours between the stages (plus one more break of 12 hours before the quest could be repeated), Mushkar doesn't like stalkers with karma below 250, but that's the only restrictions.

Find Mushkar for the details.
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About This Game

This is a story of human pride. Time is at hand when, in their utter desire to study the world, people will start destroying it. Tests of high-energy heavy particles accelerators will result in billions of microscopic black hole rupturing the structure of time and space. This will become the point of no return. A counter-strike from nature itself will follow and the Earth as we know it will cease to exist.

This is a story of human strength and true heroes. Three generations after the apocalypse, not only did humankind survive in the man-made hell – it continued to develop. Gradually, the infrastructure restored, wars stopped, people were returning to normal life. However, the crippled nature was barely starting to fight back...

So-called anomalous activity zones started appearing all over the planet, like terrifying scars left by the man-made catastrophes. The vast territories of post-apocalyptic world live their own life, which looks like nothing you have seen before. Bloodthirsty mutated monsters, inexplicable phenomena, mysterious anomalies are but the tip of the iceberg.

One of the Zones was formed in the vicinity of Ukraine, in an area combining the unmistakable atmosphere of Soviet times and the fast pace of modern life. In order to contain the dangers of the Zone, the government decided to fence the perimeter, and introduce quarantine in the area. Local residents found themselves trapped and left to their own devices. However, forbidden fruit is always the most enticing. And this was when the "stalkers" came in. Mystical artifact hunters, former military men, explorers, adventurers, armed gangsters, mafia and just those who love getting away with shooting live targets – they swarmed in like locusts in Egypt to lead mortal combat with monsters and humans alike.

This is a story about YOU.

There is a non-stop battle between stalkers' clans, between aliens and locals. You can support any side or remain a free shooter. You can give a dota tion to your mates as a leader or take every loot to yourself. And if you don't want to lose your life in a proxy war, there is a PvE server and safety zones. You can shape your own story in the Zone.

Who will you become?

  • Over 40 square kilometers of lands to explore, from closed science villages and abandoned military facilities, to the forests of Tunguska and snowy deserts of Terra Nova.

  • Deadly mutants, anomalies and hundreds of main story quests.

  • Huge choice of artifacts, gear and weapons.

  • Repair broken things or assemble new gear from scratch.

  • Improve dozens of skills and abilities.

  • Be a doctor, a scientist, a hunter, a soldier or an engineer. Take part in mass PvP, bring death or salvation to those around you.

This is the Zone. Come to hell and make it your home.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor: 3,2 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 6800 / ATI X1800 (256 MB)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Directx 9.0c compatible
    • Additional Notes: Internet speed 512 Kbps
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-3330
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX660 / Radeon HD 7850 (2GB)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 9 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Directx 9.0c compatible
    • Additional Notes: Internet speed 1024 Kbps (for voice chat)
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