Ageod’s To End All Wars is a grand strategy game set during World War One. Players will take control over one of the major powers that so desperately fought for control over Europe and to end all wars.
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Release Date: Aug 29, 2014

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“To End All Wars is a great old school wargame. It can be intimidating for newcomers, but it's worth a try just for its quality.”
85 – IGN Italia

“In the off chance that you're interested in seeing what the most serious of strategy games look like, then here's a perfect exhibit A for you.”
80 – Digitally Downloaded

“To End All Wars is one of the few games that aim to deliver an interesting experience based on one of the defining moments of the XX century”
70 – Softpedia

About This Game

Ageod’s To End All Wars is a grand strategy game set during World War One. Players will take control over one of the major powers that so desperately fought for control over Europe and to end all wars.

Of course the engine has been updated and altered to convincingly simulate Great War warfare. Continues lines of trenches can be created by the player (and the AI) and special rules allow air units to fulfill missions even beyond enemy lines. Other features brought by this title include the new diplomacy system and the new research system.

Together, these features, combined with the proven Ageod formula make To End All Wars one of the biggest and most detailed Ageod titles yet!

Note: The manual is only available in English.


  • Setting: the game covers all of Europe, from the Western seaboard to the Volga, from 1914 to 1918. Middle-East is also in, as well as most of the rest of the world (as off-map boxes regions)
  • Game map is divided into more than 3,000 regions, with a variety of terrain, climates and development level.
  • Scenarios: 1 tutorial and 2 main scenarios of the whole war (historical start in August 1914 and open start with players choosing their own warplans).
  • Historical leaders: Over 1600 historical leaders each rated on their abilities and over 900 different types of units from infantry, to cavalry and artillery to aircrafts and battleships!
  • Production: Control your nations spending on the military, economics, research and diplomacy through a few simple-to-understand assets and production centers.
  • Regional Decision Cards: The game has an innovative card system that lets you trigger events such as Spies, surprise attacks, key trench warfare aspects, technological or tactical breakthrough and, if played wisely can affect the flow of a campaign.
  • Detailed game model includes features such as Weather, Attrition, Supply, Front Lines and Fog of War
  • Historical Events are triggered throughout the game giving the player crucial decision points. These cover anything from local uprising to foreign intervention.
  • Battlefield Tactics allow the player to make decisions that can turn the tide of battle.
  • Sieges and Naval warfare are all covered in detail in the game.
  • Technology over time the technologies available will be upgraded using both the event and cards system.
  • Chain of Command allows units to be organized in to brigades, division, corps and armies and leaders put in command of them.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Pentium 4 or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: VIDEO: 1024Mb video card
    • Storage: 3 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: February 9
This is a superb military strategy game. It might look expensive and clunky, and you might hear some complaints about turn times, but if you're interested in a deep, thoughtful game which reasonably accurately mimics the Great War and has a great deal of replayability, this is the best I've come across.

Unlike other titles I'm familiar with (e.g. Commander: The Great War, Making History: The Great War), this one captures a lot of the feel of WW1, in the sense that battles become increasingly horrific in terms of casualities, you will find yourself scrabbling for every tiny advantage, and, the longer the war goes on, the more worn out your faction becomes. That's not so say it's all trench warfare, indeed, it can be quite open depending on how the war plays out, but you cannot play this like just another war game.

The game takes account of different troop types, reinforcement, attrition, terrain, weather, commanders, blockades, diplomacy, logistics and chemical weapons. You are able to reel and recover from gigantic losses if you're smart, but may see your offensives broken up by the harsh reality of industrialised warfare.

The manual is not well written, and the game can be opaque, but the forums have a lot of helpful tips, and just playing the game to learn it is part of the fun. This game is rich, and it *will* take you hours to get to grips with it, but it is complex in a way unlike other wargames I have played, and, as a WW1 nut, relatively faithful to the period while still allowing for alternative histories.

Highlights- cutting Gen. Rennenkampf off in the Prussian woods
- spending 2 years chasing Serbian guerrillas around the Balkan mountains and blowing up their depots
- starting the 3rd Boer War
- invading Belgium before Germany does
- having the US army deliver a railway gun to a port with no railway access, so it can't be moved
- attempting (and failing, three times) the Gallipoli landings
- sending the British Egyptian Army across the desert and forgetting that they need water, food and ammunition
- sending Zepplins to bomb London
- not attacking Verdun

Buy this if you want the next step up from Paradox titles, and are interested in historically detailed games.
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50.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 1
A glorious WW1 historical strategy made by AGEODS. Whether you are looking for just a small scenario such as the Serbian War, or Gallipoli or a MAJOR campaign such as the entire war you can do it here! I have tried to start my own central powers campaign, I wonder if I can succeed in changing the course of the War.
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Posted: March 3
The best way to play is to just start off as Russia without doing any of the tutorials and then you can recreate their abysmal ww1 performance in all its glory as you figure out how to play the game. After the first few million losses you'll start to get the hang of it.
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9.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 14
One of the more complex Ageod games. But if you like WW1 this is a must buy. But it takes some time to get into it if you havent played any Ageod before. For Ageod starters i advise to play Alea jacta est ,also here on steam, first. Its less complex and easier to get into Ageod games. Its all about the supply thats the first hard thing to learn.
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31.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 15
Great game. Very hard, and wish you could play as Solo Austria, but really had fun. Steep learning curve.
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