In Super Panda Adventures, you play as the brave panda-knight Fu, who is about to finish his training to become the new guardian of the Princess. At the same day of the big celebration party, some uninvited Robots show up to conquer the planet and take the Princess away in their Space Ships!
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"Panda Fu is more Fu than Shaq Fu."

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The Panda on Weeklong Sale!

This one goes out to all the Panda-lovers ːpandafuː ːprincessmayaː
In case you have a friend, cousin or grandma who always wanted to play Super Panda Adventures - now is the time! The Panda is on sale for a whole week.

Also I want to thank everyone who voted for the Panda on Greenlight, gave the game a thumbs up and many many thanks for all the recommendations!
You guys are ridonculous! :)

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“Overall, this is a great game and one that I would recommend highly to fans of the genre. Even if you are not a fan of Metroidvanias, I would suggest a look at Super Panda Adventures as the gameplay is fun and there is a lot to get excited about here.”
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In Super Panda Adventures, you play as the brave panda-knight Fu, who is about to finish his training to become the new guardian of the Princess. At the same day of the big celebration party, some uninvited Robots show up to conquer the planet and take the Princess away in their Space Ships!

Tell me more about the game!
The game plays like a modern platformer (Metroidvania) combined with a new combo fighting style and lots of adventure elements. You can fight with a sword, throw shuriken or use magic abilities and combine these attacks to get combo points that increase your experience. Level up your character and unlock new abilities and upgrades! Explore two different worlds in a non-linear way to find lots of hidden items. Talk to many npcs, solve quests, find magic items and rescue the Princess!

What makes it special?

  • single player action platformer (Metroidvania) with adventure and rpg elements
  • unique combo fighting system that rewards players for combining attacks
  • non-linear gameplay that let’s you explore two different worlds
  • unlock over a dozen new abilities, find magic items and talk to crazy npcs
  • custom keyboard and gamepad support
  • around 6-10 hours of gameplay
  • in-game dialogues in English or German
  • fun for all ages


    • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
    • Processor: 1 GHZ or higher
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows compatible
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Since I was a child with the SNES/Mega Drive, I would casually play platformers/metroidvania type games, but they never really captured my attention, and I had never finished one. Super Panda Adventures is different and really took me by surprise; so much so, that it has made my list of favourites PC games of all-time. It is the first game in the genre that has me addicted and I had such a great time playing it (twice)! I am not sure if it gets the attention that it deserves, but this truly is a genre-defining game.

Tip: Difficulty can be a challenge, novices should play on Cakewalk or Easy. Only the hardcore should attempt anything above Normal.

Buy it, play it, and enjoy :)

(suitable for all ages)
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this is a platformer made by a conspiracy theorist starring a martial arts panda. it is fun, and you should buy it.
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I beat this game 7-9 months ago and when I just passed by this store page I think I should write down a bit my review because I think this game does deserve more attention. Some people might not be interested because the presentation, well the pixel art is not aesthetic, err.. but it's not bad, think it as 90s snes game -- and try not to compare it with modern pixel art and you'll be enjoying this game.

my eyes didn't enjoy the graphics , but my hands were still playing like there were something to keep me playing. I finished the game in a day, in less than 10 hours -- to be honest, I don't really remember the details of this game because I beat it long ago. I was looking for similar platfomer game like this and ended up on this page and I think I should recommend this game to others. The price of this game is just right, there are more games which are more expensive and offering better graphics but do not feel engaging. What I believe the most important thing from an action platformer is the control, and this game has it!

What i like the most of this game is the simplicity.. the level design is engaging, the design of weapon and level up system is very well balanced. The story for this game is not it's strongest point, but if you are action platfomer game dude, you should check this game out.
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here are some things that are great about the game:
1. Great story
2.awesome items that you can get along the way
3.cute NPCs
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Where do I start with this...?

Yeah, this game is absolutely brilliant. The music is delicious, the art is clean and consistent, and the gameplay is quite diverse.

You go into the game getting a bit of backstory and some nice visuals which clearly portray the world you've been dropped into. You have your base abilities presented to you immediately, aaaand then you see some blocks you can't yet interact with—a glowing orb floating only a foot beyond. The exciting thought creeps into your mind, "Yep, this is a metroidvania."

Every new item you discover makes exploring and backtracking all the easier, whether the new item you've discovered required the former item in order to be obtained or not. You've got a level system, with experience pickups as well as experience gained based on your combo counter, not killing, which is definitely a quirky, fresh concept you don't really see nowadays. Leveling up is quite crucial, however collecting a certain collectible is all the more powerful. Basically what I'm boiling down to is that you are not required to collect every item to beat the game—but the nature in which the items and their collection are presented will entice you to 100% it.

There are multiple difficulties, the hardest of which, Ridonculous, doesn't really show its effects until you're fighting a boss, where it shines in hellish delight. There are some ever slight, ever rare bugs here and there, but overall it's an extremely stable game.

In order to complete the game, getting all collectibles, on Ridonculous difficulty, it took me 11 hours in game time, 19 hours real time. For $4.49 CAD, I feel Super Panda Adventures exhibits a tremendous amount of value. I'd recommend this to any platformer-brawler-exploration-delicious gamers who like the idea of a little panda with a small sword and big dreams.
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