In Super Panda Adventures, you play as the brave panda-knight Fu, who is about to finish his training to become the new guardian of the Princess. At the same day of the big celebration party, some uninvited Robots show up to conquer the planet and take the Princess away in their Space Ships!
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"Nice platformer adventure with RPG elements, deeper than it may seem at first glance. You advance and unlock abilities by doing quests."

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9. februar

The Panda on Weeklong Sale!

This one goes out to all the Panda-lovers ːpandafuː ːprincessmayaː
In case you have a friend, cousin or grandma who always wanted to play Super Panda Adventures - now is the time! The Panda is on sale for a whole week.

Also I want to thank everyone who voted for the Panda on Greenlight, gave the game a thumbs up and many many thanks for all the recommendations!
You guys are ridonculous! :)

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“Overall, this is a great game and one that I would recommend highly to fans of the genre. Even if you are not a fan of Metroidvanias, I would suggest a look at Super Panda Adventures as the gameplay is fun and there is a lot to get excited about here.”
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In Super Panda Adventures, you play as the brave panda-knight Fu, who is about to finish his training to become the new guardian of the Princess. At the same day of the big celebration party, some uninvited Robots show up to conquer the planet and take the Princess away in their Space Ships!

Tell me more about the game!
The game plays like a modern platformer (Metroidvania) combined with a new combo fighting style and lots of adventure elements. You can fight with a sword, throw shuriken or use magic abilities and combine these attacks to get combo points that increase your experience. Level up your character and unlock new abilities and upgrades! Explore two different worlds in a non-linear way to find lots of hidden items. Talk to many npcs, solve quests, find magic items and rescue the Princess!

What makes it special?

  • single player action platformer (Metroidvania) with adventure and rpg elements
  • unique combo fighting system that rewards players for combining attacks
  • non-linear gameplay that let’s you explore two different worlds
  • unlock over a dozen new abilities, find magic items and talk to crazy npcs
  • custom keyboard and gamepad support
  • around 6-10 hours of gameplay
  • in-game dialogues in English or German
  • fun for all ages


    • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
    • Processor: 1 GHZ or higher
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows compatible
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Publisert: 18. november, 2014
The fact that I am actually going out of my way to write a review about a game says a lot. Super Panda Adventure is an 2D action platformer with rpg elements. Think of it as if it where a 2d translation of legend of Zelda games; You'll find yourself revisting old levels with new abilities and accessing huge new portions of map that will advance the story and put you in contact with NPCs that will send you on quests.

You collect items that give you experience (although you do not automatically gain xp from every kill, just on item pick up.) and find special "Power Orbs" that you can use to upgrade your weapons and armor with an incresing cost per upgrade.

The rewards and upgrades are well spaced out and feel earned, making going back to take advantage of a new game mechanic that's been awarded to you that opens a huge new area of an already visited level very enjoyable. The level design is especially well done and the way the levels are sort of "wrapped around to reconnect" is often very clever and well hidden.

The game tries it's hand at humorous and is bit campy but it's absurd enough to be enjoyable. This is one of the best platformers I've played in qutie some time and I found myself blown away by how good this game turned out to be. Give it a try.

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that I totally forgot to include the fact that hitting your enemies in quick succession rewards you with experience, providing you with some automatic experience when you are fighting an enemy that is seperate from item pick ups that give xp.

Thanks to Yamihe Kazeto for pointing this out in a friendly way. It definitely needed to be added in order to make my review accurate and complete, so thanks :D
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Publisert: 25. oktober, 2014
Love it. It reminds me of a NES game, a good one though, a classic. The controls feel smooth and tight, you jump nicely, movement is responsive. Gameplay is a combination of questing, platforming and fighting. You level up and spend skill points, get items, relics, power ups and unlock new skills. The story line is great. I love this game. The only problem is when is the next one coming out?


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Publisert: 6. november, 2014
Haven'f Finished it yet but that dosent mean i cant already tell this is a well made Metroidvania style game. Good level and item design, combat feels smooth(have to go back to the game will finish later, have a boss to defeat)

Edit: Finished it a while back. I liked the Storyline as well as the boss fights too.
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Publisert: 10. januar
Since I was a child with the SNES/Mega Drive, I would casually play platformers/metroidvania type games, but they never really captured my attention, and I had never finished one. Super Panda Adventures is different and really took me by surprise; so much so, that it has made my list of favourites PC games of all-time. It is the first game in the genre that has me addicted and I had such a great time playing it (twice)! I am not sure if it gets the attention that it deserves, but this truly is a genre-defining game.

Tip: Difficulty can be a challenge, novices should play on Cakewalk or Easy. Only the hardcore should attempt anything above Normal.

Buy it, play it, and enjoy :)

(suitable for all ages)
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Publisert: 30. desember, 2014
This is one of the best games I've ever played.
I accidentally stumbled upon this game while I was looking for something featuring pandas, since my girlfriend absolutely adores them. The game looked interesting so I bought it for myself in order to try it out - and boy, was I surprised. Even though you can 100% complete the game in about ten hours, those ten hours feature pure entertainment. From the open world & world map (featuring two different worlds), experience gathering, levelling up and spending skill points on abilities, doing side quests for NPCs which often contain good humour, to cute graphics and light-hearted characters who actually point out some of the real-world problems and give the game great depth.
There, I mentioned some of the reasons I love this game, and there still remain some I haven't even touched. Upgradable weapons and armor, combo bonuses, awesome name it. This game doesn't aim to be epic & humongous, but it still aims to be devilishly good in its humbleness, and it is.
The only negative thing I have to say about the whole thing is the fact that some of the game's bosses feature large difficulty spikes, especially the last boss. I think you'll always feel like the boss is one scale higher than the difficulty you're currently playing on (there are about five difficulties, if I'm not mistaken). But if you like to play on easy, then you should be able to beat it without any major issues.
So if you are still thinking about whether you should get it or not, go get it right away! The 4€ price is super small considering how good the game is, and this is coming from a guy with some serious budget issues. I got the game on a discount for 3€ and I feel like I ripped off the developer.
I seriously hope for Super Panda Adventures 2 or something like that.
Cheers! :)
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Publisert: 24. november, 2014
This game was a pleasant surprise
A very good metroidvania game with some RPG elements, i totally recommend it even at full price is worth every cent
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Publisert: 25. november, 2014
I love Pandas, they're so chill.
They're like:
"Dude, racism is stupid.
I'm white, black and asian."
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Publisert: 7. oktober, 2014
Great, fun platformer with a seriously hilarious and fun story, some of the most memorable characters you'll ever see rendered in 2D sprites, a cuddly and adorable protagonist, and a great, well-functioning combat system.

This game is criminally underappriciated, do yourself a favor and grab it. For four bucks it's a steal, I got it on sale for 3 which is even moreso. Very long game too, a good 15 - 20 hours of content if you're wanting to grab it all, which I had so much fun with it I did.

Have I mentioned it's cute as can be? Because it is. It's a nice break from grim dark gritty brown-em-up games that I've been playing as of late on steam. This game even has good life lessons in it for the kiddies, and no, I'm not actually kidding or being sarcastic there.

Great game for the youngesters too, I'd imagine, minus a little bit of off-color humor but nothing I wouldn't have been able to handle at a younger age myself.

10/10, one of the highest recommends I can give a game on here.
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Publisert: 8. februar
here are some things that are great about the game:
1. Great story
2.awesome items that you can get along the way
3.cute NPCs
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Publisert: 15. februar
Where do I start with this...?

Yeah, this game is absolutely brilliant. The music is delicious, the art is clean and consistent, and the gameplay is quite diverse.

You go into the game getting a bit of backstory and some nice visuals which clearly portray the world you've been dropped into. You have your base abilities presented to you immediately, aaaand then you see some blocks you can't yet interact with—a glowing orb floating only a foot beyond. The exciting thought creeps into your mind, "Yep, this is a metroidvania."

Every new item you discover makes exploring and backtracking all the easier, whether the new item you've discovered required the former item in order to be obtained or not. You've got a level system, with experience pickups as well as experience gained based on your combo counter, not killing, which is definitely a quirky, fresh concept you don't really see nowadays. Leveling up is quite crucial, however collecting a certain collectible is all the more powerful. Basically what I'm boiling down to is that you are not required to collect every item to beat the game—but the nature in which the items and their collection are presented will entice you to 100% it.

There are multiple difficulties, the hardest of which, Ridonculous, doesn't really show its effects until you're fighting a boss, where it shines in hellish delight. There are some ever slight, ever rare bugs here and there, but overall it's an extremely stable game.

In order to complete the game, getting all collectibles, on Ridonculous difficulty, it took me 11 hours in game time, 19 hours real time. For $4.49 CAD, I feel Super Panda Adventures exhibits a tremendous amount of value. I'd recommend this to any platformer-brawler-exploration-delicious gamers who like the idea of a little panda with a small sword and big dreams.
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Publisert: 16. februar
Super Panda Adventures was a surprisingly enjoyable throwback platformer that I couldn't put down once I'd started. Anyone with a love of the genre, and particularly those who enjoyed early PC platformers, will find a lot to like here. Your objectives are laid out in a multi-quest fashion, and levels are not beaten but rather explored in parts to achieve these missions. The levels are not particularly numerous but they are vast, to the point that you will still find yourself on unknown paths on your 3rd or 4th visits. These replays are also enhanced by a Metroid-like collection of upgrades combined with a classic colored-key system that provides for a persisent sense of exploration alongside a growing feeling of power and mobility.

There are no inconsequential collectibles, everything that doesn't fill a meter either directly makes Fu stronger or is money which can be used to buy additional experience. After a semi-casual 8 hour playthrough I did not hit the level cap, and expect it would take a long time to do so. I think a normal player will likely only acquire about half of the skill points it would take to fill everything out, so your choices in this regard do matter (to the game's credit). They may matter more than you expect though, as there are a few boss fights which unexpectedly and dramatically shift into a much higher difficulty than the levels themselves. 3 different bosses each required several attempts from me and forced me to adapt to a more "pro" block-oriented combat style, and while I felt a satisfying sense of achievement after each, a more casual player might find these to be too much of a challenge to proceed.

The plot and dialogue are kid-friendly but also dryly amusing for an adult, poking light fun at various game tropes and dashed with a touch of real warmth. The interface is almost perfect with tight controls (bolstered by a nice built-in joystick/gamepad mapping feature), an excellent all-in-one character inventory/menu, and a comfortably traditional HUD. My only interface complaint is that there is no way to tell from the overworld which keys or collectibles you already have in each level, leaving a bit too much to memory. The music is excellent throughout (though after repeat level visits may wear thin for some). The game's art is done in a simple but charming low-res hand-drawn style with a nice variety of theme and color. The levels are distinct and pretty, though the overworld maps are a bit crude and flat (perhaps also in homage to the oldies?).

All told, Super Panda Adventures is a great little indie platformer at a great little price. It's obvious that a lot of love and thought went into this title. It takes some of the best elements from some of the best games in the genre and smartly combines them into something familiar but fresh and, most importantly, fun.
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Publisert: 27. februar
I like it! I just wish there were filters to get rid of the blocky graphics and make them smooth like flash. (like the stuff you find in popular emulators) and that you would get a notification stating which levels have newly accesible areas after you have unlocked some ability.
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Publisert: 9. februar
Reminds me of supermario. Its very cute and fun to play.
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Publisert: 27. desember, 2014
If it looks like a crappy budget title and it smells like a crappy budget title, then what do you think it is? Well, in this case it's the best retro 2D platformer this side of Shovel Knight. Tight controls, great gameplay, awesome levels, and a surprisingly enjoyable soundtrack make this hands down one of the best indies on Steam. It has a near classic Nintendo level of gameplay polish. The art looks sloppy at first, but once you get used to the style they were going for it actually becomes very nice to look at, and it's just so much fun to play. Better than a game called "Super Panda Adventures" has any right to be, this is one not to miss.
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Publisert: 22. desember, 2014
This game is fantastic!

Okay lets just get this out of the way; The graphics are "bad" and that is the only major flaw.
This is not a sarcastic review ala Bad Rats reviews, this game is pretty damn good.

With that out of the way, where to begin?
This is a fantastic example of gameplay over graphics if ever I've seen one. I personally don't think the graphics are bad but lets be honest here, they are not exactly 'modern' are they? They look like they were drawn in MSpaint and I have drawn assets in MSpaint for games, and they looked to be about this quality but if graphics are the only gripe then so be it because the game does so many things right!

You play as a *spoiler alert* panda named Fu. Despite the seemingly obvious route this might take, no, he does not know kung fu. Instead he has a sword and you slash badguys. See? This game is tricky as it lures you in and then sucker punches you with a fist made of awesome.

At its core the game is a platformer with plenty of combat thrown in but the combat engine isn't deep. Instead it serves to keep you entertained as you progress from point A to point B and it works really well. Killing numerous enemies in a row will perform a combo chain and the bigger the chain the more bonus exp you get which means you will often want to blaze though areas as rapidly as possible, killing everything in your path, to maximize exp.

It is a fantastic design decision because the game does feature backtracking but it never feels like a chore because killing things and making long combos is fun. Good game design at its finest.

Gain enough exp and you can place them inside a skill tree. In some ways this game reminds me of Alex Kidd in monsterland, featuring stores, coins, secret areas, the ability to upgrade weapons and armor all that good stuff. You also have a shield which you activate by holding down and the shield will trigger your invincibility frames making it very useful to actually use it! Whilst the game doesn't enforce its roleplaying elements down your throat with complex and confusing trees, you will apprechiate the various options as they are all actually useful and you will look forward to leveling up.

The music? Amazing. You can buy the soundtrack as additional DLC and while I leave that choice upto you, as you play through the game you will really apprechiate the music.
Sound effects? Eeeeh, something "borrowed", something blue. Those are lines from an old wedding jingle but I found it appropiate because sadly you are going to reconize some of the games sound effects and like the graphics they are 'functional' but it detracts from the game instead of enhancing it. Yes the game has coins you collect, now what sound do they make? What is a suitable coin collecting sound, from say, a well known franchaise, like Mario?! So I do have to mention little ♥♥♥♥les like that because while I do heap praise on this game, it is by no means perfect.

Then their are the tangible things like the story, the game throws memes in and usually when someone does this it is because they lack any original humour but this game is genuinely funny and on rare occassions it even manages to make dead, overused memes actually funny again whih is a feat in itself I might add! Humour is subjective and it is rare for a game that is not a visual novel to feature writing that actually makes me laugh, so very well done for not only managing to fit great writing into a platform game but in also managing to be genuinely funny too.

As for playlength, the game is deceptively long without overstaying its welcome. The game is clearly trying to tell a story and while it does pad out the gameplay length with backtracking the game is long enough on its own merits to be value for money despite the budget price.

I don't have a youtube video link for this game as most of you who read reviews, actually hate links to youtube within them, but I recommend you watch a video or two and see if the graphics are a deal breaker or not for you. The gameplay the controls, the content, it is all there and it is really good! But you have to look at a game in order to play it and that may just be a deal breaker for some of you.

If you prefer gameplay over graphics though then this game belongs in your steam library and you should be playing it!
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Publisert: 26. november, 2014
Got this game for $3.00 and was very impressed. Reminded me of an old retro action/platformer game that was actually good. You can level up andn increase skills.

You can level up for skills points, and there are optional upgrades/secrets to keep completionists busy. Decent amount of exploration and revisiting without getting tedious.

Thoroughly enjoyed this game!

Bought this game for $3.00
Retro Style Platformer, with sufficient leveling, skills, and exploration.
Total game time spent for 100% ~7hrs

Rating 8/10 (+2 price, +2 fun game in genre, +2 controls were responsive and smooth, +1 exploration, secrets, cute story, etc., +1 positive nostalgia)
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Publisert: 8. november, 2014
This is a nice game. Still didn't finish it yet, but I already spent a very good time with it. For such a price? Buy it!

It has a simple story (Mario?) but I knew it is not about the story! It is a nice platform with nice game play like old good platform game.
It plays well with 360 controller and the game play is really nice.
The graphic is like the old 16bit era, but I felt it a good fit for the game. It has RPG elements and leveling up and I think it is a very good thought of. It seems simple, but you need to make choices here where to spend your points and what skill to boost.

The negatives are few. For me there are only two:
- Respawning of the AI is not necessary as sometimes I want that feel that I have cleaned this area (at least while I don't exit from the area).
- No map or mini map. It is not that the areas are huge! But, Mini map would make it useful to know if I cleaned this area or not and if I have been here before.

In the end I recommend it as a very good game after all and I give it 8/10 :)
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Publisert: 24. november, 2014
Surprisingly awesome. I wasn't expecting much because of the price and the aesthetic but I was wrong. This game delivers.

Stages are well designed and there is as much depth as you could want in a metriodvania:

Lots of abilities to unlock, and an interesting level up system that lets you build your Panda around specific abilities and tactics.

Exploration is very nice, secrets scattered throughout the stages--you'ill find yourself getting abilities that let you break into new parts of the stage and coming back to the old ones to find all kind of secrets. Feels a bit like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

I played on Rondonculous mode and found the boss fights to be a real challange. The boss fights are much like the fight you see in the Megaman series--so expect them to be heavily patterned. I would have liked to run into a few more boss fights everything said and done but I was pretty happy here. And maybe give a few of the regular monsters immunity to stun effects to up the challange of stages. If what I've just described tickles your fancy go for it. You wont be losing much.
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Publisert: 24. november, 2014
This very cutesy looking sidescrolling RPG has had me busy for some time. It's not a long lasting sort of enjoyment, but it's the sort of game you'll wanna go to when you're in the mood for something upbeat and fluid to play.
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Publisert: 25. november, 2014
At last a game that did not bore/annoy the crap out of me in the first hour! Could'nt put my finger on why I'm enjoying this over any other platformer I have.

Not really a review but just another positive experience to outweigh the Negative Nancys on this one.
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