Construct Airships and wage war in a sandbox world populated by floating islands, sprawling skies and adventure. Ride on ships and build them while your motley drive you forward, toward exploration. Persistent player servers and much more await!
Évaluations des utilisateurs : Plutôt positive (91 évaluation(s)) - 74% des 91 évaluations des utilisateurs pour ce jeu sont positives.
Date de parution: 17 juil 2014

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Jeu avec accès anticipé

Commencez à jouer dès à présent et impliquez-vous pendant son développement.

Remarque : Ce jeu en Accès anticipé peut changer ou ne pas changer de façon significative. Si vous n'êtes pas enthousiasmé de jouer à ce jeu dans son état actuel, vous devriez peut-être attendre que le jeu se développe d'avantage. En savoir plus

Ce que les développeurs ont à dire :

Pourquoi l'Accès anticipé ?

“Sky Nations has been iterative game from it's initial release on other platforms. Developed by lone developer Ben Johnson it has been hugely beneficial to have community input and experiment with mechanics and change them based on feedback. Early Access fits this perfectly and will help to make Sky Nations a better game when it releases it's complete state!”

Combien de temps environ ce jeu sera-t-il en Accès anticipé ?

“Sky Nations will hopefully be leaving Early Access in Q4 2014 as a more completed and rounded experience.”

Comment sera la version finale de la version en Accès anticipé ?

“The full version will be a combination of all the updates during Early Access.

Features planned for the finished game are:
  • Capturable Sectors for Nations. Which can defend your ships and creations.
  • More player and ship weapons of various different types.
  • More island types with creatures and mechanics based around them.
  • Manufacturable ships and other perks for Nations.
  • Music that adapts to what is happening to the player.
  • A sound overhaul to many of the current placeholder sound effects.
  • Further access to server functionality in the Modding API.

Quel est l'état actuel de la version en Accès anticipé ?

“Sky Nations has a lot of the base mechanics available to play that will make up the finished game. However this is still a game in development. There is still quite a lot of content based on these mechanics to come and a lot of community driven bug testing too reach a stable build and balanced builds.”

Le jeu sera-t-il tarifé différemment pendant et après l'Accès anticipé ?

“Sky Nations will likely rise in price when the game is more complete and has more content, however those who purchase the game now will receive these updates for free up to the game's completion.”

Comment comptez-vous impliquer la Communauté dans le processus de développement ?

“Since Sky Nations receives iterative updates every couple of weeks community feedback is super important to both balancing and improving the game. Since it's first public release the community has helped find bugs and suggest features and changes that have improved the game significantly.”
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"Sky nations has most of the elements one would find in Minecraft, but involves building flying airships with turrets and guns. Not a bad game at all."

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26 octobre

Update 0.975 - Switch groups and Directional Clamps

Hey guys, a little bit of a delayed news post from last week. But on Thursday, I put out an update with a couple of fixes and new features. It's part of a larger update I decided to cut in half so I can carry on working on more complex issues but also get a bunch of fixes and changes out that pertain to it. The main changes are:

  • Spore Plants - These are simple plant mobs that spawn in Grass biomes. They emit small spores that will plant new trees and are semi harmful to players.
  • Coloured Switches - These allow you to assign a colour to Mass Generators(and hopefully other instruments in the future) and press a switch related to that colour to turn them on and off. Allowing you a simple yet more diverse way to manage power for larger and small ships.
  • Directional Docking Clamps - Docking clamps can now be placed in any of the cardinal directions, allowing for an easier time of stitching together ships.
As a side note I also fixed some Server stability issues over the weekend and they should be live on both Com 1 and 2. Sorry for any inconvenience!
As always the full change log is at the bottom.

How do I update?
The client update is automatic on all platforms. The server files can be found here. Make sure you backup your server files before updating. To update just overwrite your existing files with the new ones.

Change log

  • Added White, Green, Red and Blue switches. These can be used to turn on and off machines grouped to colours(currently this is for Generators, but may expand in the future).
  • Added recipe for coloured switches(same as Power switch).
  • Mass Generators now have a extra button on their Window allowing you to set the group.
  • Added multiple directions to clamps. Place a clamp against a block to orientate it away.
  • Added Spore Plants. These spawn randomly in Grass biomes and will help repopulate trees.
  • Added a lot of ground work for future NPC spawning.
  • Refactored and reworked some base NPC functionality.
  • Removed third party libraries that are no longer used or referenced.
  • Fixed couple of VOIP issues.
  • Fixed game looking in incorrect directory for client side texture packs.
  • Fixed a crash from trophy statues possible if too many are placed.
  • Fixed a crash from Merchant Cat’s horn.
  • Fixed a physics crash caused by zero mass ships.
  • Fixed getting stuck entering sign text if it gets destroyed.
  • Fixed a few minor server crashes.
  • Fixed a few minor graphics device crashes.

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17 septembre

Sky Nations 0.97 - Broader and Better Mod Support

Hey guys, 0.97 is now up. It has a couple of gameplay tweaks such as Merchant King's defense drones no longer being killed by his beams and also despawning if there are no players left in the area. But the meat of it is not only better mod support that covers more of the game but also mod support that is less prone to conflicts between different mods and also removing the need for server owners to have to make manual changes to install them. They should also be a bit less prone to an awkward process of updating them with new server files as they most likely won't be overwritten by the games default files as they stand alone in their own directories.

Mods are now stored in the GameData/Mods/ folder with their own subdirectory within that. Such as "GameData/Mods/BensAmazingMod/". You can write your own scripts and put them in this folder under Scripts, which is very similar to the previous single Scripts folder which has access to the Mod API. However they now sit apart from everything else and chat commands have been cleaned up to derive from GameCommand which the server can automatically see and add to the commands list without you having to do anything extra. However, you can now do a bunch more with scripts! You can create custom scripts for blocks and items as well. If you're interested in this check out the Example mod that is in the mods directory by default which shows simple scripts for chat commands, blocks and items. You can assign one or multiple mods at once in the Server Settings.xml file simply using the tags:


It wouldn't be very useful if you could create custom interactions for blocks and items if you couldn't create your own items and blocks. So now you can! In a similar way to the scripts. In your mods folder you can define a Tiles.xml and Items.xml which will allow you to specify new blocks and items exactly how the rest of the game does for the server. These are automatically downloaded to any clients that join your server so there's no convoluted process of having to hand out specific files for players to install. For how to define basic items or blocks check out the Example mod mentioned above. You can also check out Tiles.xml and Items.xml inside the server's GameData folder for look at how all the items and blocks in the game defined and all their properties.

So you can have your own items and blocks for your server. But to make them unique you'll want your own textures, which is also now possible with Custom Skins(Texture Packs) for servers. Servers can now have their own texture packs assigned, once assigned they will be downloaded by the clients that join and automatically set over what the client has currently selected. Allowing you to give your server a unique look. They work very similar to the Client side texture packs in that you just need to provide a .PNG image file of the same name and directory as the texture you want to replace. However, they also allow you to add textures . Putting new textures in these Texture Packs allows you to reference them in your own Items and Blocks so you can make them look however you'd like. To set a custom texture pack simply use the tag:
in the Server Settings.xml file.

For a fuller list of changes and fixes check out the change log below. I will be shortly writing a whole bunch of documentation for creating mods on the wiki. Which I'll link to when it's done.

How do I update?
The game will be automatically updated by Sky Nations Launcher or Steam depending how you play it. The server files are available here:
Make sure you backup your server as always before overwriting it with the new files.

Change log
  • Added custom Mod System for servers. Which automatically downloads their relevant content to clients that connect. Mods are created and added in the GameData/Mods/ folder of the server. See “Example” in this folder for an example of how to make simple changes. They are selected in ServerSettings.xml as: <Mods><string>MyModName</string></Mods>
  • Servers can now have their own Texture Packs. These are automatically selected over what the client is using if a texture pack is set. If not then it’s vanilla or the clients choice if they have Texture Packs installed.
  • Servers can now have their own Items.
  • Servers can now have their own Guides. These appear under Server in the knowledge base(default key B).
  • Servers can now have their own Blocks. Which can have their own new textures through the new server Texture Packs.
  • Mods also support their own scripts which live in the given mod directory to prevent awkward manual installation and conflicts.
  • Chat scripts no longer require to be manually added to the chat commands list. They are found automatically so no manual editing is required which would cause potential conflicts.
  • It’s now possible to write scripts for Blocks. See BlockExample in Example mod folder.
  • It’s now possible to write scripts for Items. See ItemExample in Example mod.
  • Removed a bunch of debug messages from release build of the server.
  • Added Machine Parts to Merchant Cat store.
  • Added Machine Parts drop to Merchant King.
  • Defense Drones no longer take damage from Merchant Kings beams.
  • Changed guide directory to be coloured. Guides and Directories in the in-game knowledge base are now different colours to make them easier to differentiate.
  • Chat command “/who” can now be activated as “/playerlist” and “/players”.
  • Chat command “/r” can now also used as “/reply”.
  • Chat command “/ignore” can now also be used as “/block”. The same works for “/unignore” as “/unblock” and “/ignorelist” as “/blocklist.”
  • Added “/ts [id]” command for admins. Allows admins to teleport to a ship of a given ID. This includes across instances(systems).
  • Added “/bs [id]” command for admins. Allows admins to bring a ship to them of given ID. However that ship must be in a loaded area.
  • “/shipcount” has been re-added.
  • “/admin” can now also be used as “/op”.
  • “/tp” and “/bring” has been exposed and rewritten as scripts rather than being internal.
  • “/bring” and “/tp” now work across zones(previously they would just take you to the position.
  • Many chat commands have been cleaned up and optimized during their move to the new scripting setup.
  • Defense Drones now self destruct if the boss zone is empty of players to prevent players luring them to the gate on death.

  • Fixed some timer issues for Merchant King.
  • Fixed a crash caused from getting debug connection info.
  • Fixed some interpolation issues on a couple of entities(MK beams being most majorly effected).
  • Fixed new player block taking players to MK instance by mistake sometimes.
  • Fixed an exploit of being able to create multiple energy wells on a ship through the constructor.
  • Fixed legacy ships using above bug to only take power from the first Energy Well, rather than removing Energy wells.
  • Fixed a crash with item dragging to Ammo window.

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Sky Nations Multiplayer Demo

If you'd like to try being a bandit of the Sky before purchasing Sky Nations a demo is now available on Steam. You can even play with your friends in multiplayer! Check it out here.

À propos de ce jeu

Set in a world where the planets surface is no longer habitable. Sky Nations takes place above the clouds where large airships are the only means of travel. Join up with your friends and build a ship to explore and do battle with players you meet a long the way or the various creatures inhabiting the skies.

Sky Nations is centred around multiplayer cooperative and versus play in a voxel sandbox. Using blocks players can build, destroy and take with harsh but fair mechanics based around freedom for player vs player. There aren't invisible barriers stopping you from destroying blocks or rules against attacking other players. The skies are tough and you need to be tough to survive them!

  • Build ships - As a completely multiplayer orientated experience you are free to roam, interact with and build on the ship as it’s piloted by another player. As well as design custom ships for custom jobs such as mining.
  • Crafting - Create unique items for your ship such as radars, generators and cannons!
  • PVP - Whether it's with your ships using cannons, lasers and more or with shotguns as invade enemy bases and form boarding parties players are free to attack or group up with others they may encounter in their travels.
  • Create Nations - Organize your friends to dominate the map and hold key resource points.
  • Modding Support - Textures can be reskinned and the game server comes with a Mod API allowing you to write custom scripts in C#. Which will be expanded with updates.
  • Buildable Wearable Items - Craft items out of blocks to wear and stand out of from other players and use as bartering items.
  • Persistent Player Servers - Host your own servers or join other players servers with ease. Each a unique world generated the first time it is started.

Please Note: Sky Nations is Early Access and still in development. That means that not all the content is finished and many things are place holders or subject to change. There will be bugs! However through the community of players we can get these bugs found and fixed as well as use your suggestions to help balance and improve the game.

Configuration requise

    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: 2.3Ghz Multicore CPU or better.
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Modern Dedicated GPU with Shader Model 3+
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Intergrated or Dedicated Soundcard
    • Additional Notes: Minimum requirements may change through game updates.
    • OS: Windows 7 or above
    • Processor: 2.3Ghz Multicore CPU or better.
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Modern Dedicated GPU with Shader Model 3+
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 1000 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Intergrated or Dedicated Soundcard
    • Additional Notes: Recommended requirements may change through game updates.
Évaluations intéressantes des utilisateurs
24 personne(s) sur 28 (86%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
2 personnes ont trouvé cette évaluation amusante
1,603.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 22 juin
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Full disclosure: I admin Community 1 and Im also a discussion moderator for SN.

However my opinion is based from what I experienced when i was just a player. And what I have seen since then till now from both the developer and the players in the community who give input and speak to, post or email the developer.

As an early access game there will be bugs, and things that need to be adjusted with each new update. New content and mechanics are always being added, revised or even removed based on what the community has to say. So it's something to consider. If you want to complain but never post or email your input you can't expect to see any change. So that is something to consider at this stage in its development.

The developer MrBenjammin is very active in the community and has even been seen hunting the Magmasite Queen with people. From what I experienced before becoming friends with the developer he would log on and jump into my system/sector and check out the latest builds and just have casual conversation about building and mechanics. It was pretty cool to learn straight from him and why I put the steam guide together to share the knowledge. Since I now admin I have seen him do the same with many people and their Nations. I can honestly say he loves seeing what the community comes up with.

If you enjoy building things both stationary and with the capability to pilot it around, shooting someone in the face, being a sky pirate, gathering resources, or hunting bosses with the Developer then give this a chance to make your own decision about it and help shape the game for its full release.
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5 personne(s) sur 5 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
309.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 24 juin
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Loving this game, theres a few kinks to work out but im addicted, and theyre still adding to it. ive made several custom ships and have helped others mod their own, even done my own character skins. this game is all about custom. make whatever you have in mind. its all up to you how you play. the devs are incredibly nice as well. thats a plus in my book too.
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3 personne(s) sur 3 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
204.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 15 septembre
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
This is one amazing game. Consider that it is made by one guy it is very good and I spent so many hours on it already. Since the game is currently in development the dev listens to player input which help the game progress in the right direction. Yes there will be some bugs and unbalanced thing but there is a welcoming community to help you get started. However before you buy I would certainly recommend that you try out the demo which is pretty much the whole game and you can play as much as you like!
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2 personne(s) sur 2 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation amusante
161.3 heures en tout
Posté le : 9 août
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
Lots of fun in this game.

To sum it up, it's as if I got my love for airships from Guns of Icarus Online, merged with the creative powers of Minecraft. The game is insanely open-world (lots of systems depending on the server), and there's always something to do. From taking your starter ship and building it up to a massive warship, to fighting off against the Magmasite Queen, you'll be hard-pressed to find yourself bored of this game.

The freedom you have in this game is only limited to your imagination for the most part (and what resources you have on hand). The only downside you'll see from this game is the lack of server availabilty (last I checked there's only 3 community servers, and rarely a private server or two hanging around), the small playerbase (which is unfortunate), and the maximum limit of your shipbuilding. Sky Nations lets you build your ships in a 32x32x32 space, which, while it is still plentiful to have (and believe me, I built a ship 32 blocks long), you might find yourself still shorthanded if you like to build big ships (like replicas of the Enterprise or a Star Destroyer). Of course though, the latter is my own opinion, based off the near 85 hours I put into this game.

If you want to build ships or structures of your own design, build up an HQ for your clan (or "Nation" as they are called), or have a hearty crew to fly around with, firing off your arsenal of cannons and turrets either at players or a massive beast, this is definitely the game for you.

Personal Note: I bought this game out of my love for two seperate games, being combined into one. Odds are if you love Guns of Icarus Online, or Minecraft, you would love having this game in your Steam library. The community is so very friendly, while small, still friendly. The developer himself even hops on the servers occasionally to check out other people's creations and play alongside other players. I played this game with some friends before, and we had a blast flying ships, building our own ships, and even fighting off a Magmasite Queen in one of them. If you want to see this game with a bigger playerbase, buy the game and be apart of it for starters. The servers are fairly decent if you are worried of lagging much, and you can pretty well customize how you look, what you're flying, and how your Nation's capital looks. I fully recommend this game if you want to fly your own personalized airship, and explore the open-world of flying mountains, islands, glaciers, and other lands with ancient secrets waiting to be uncovered.
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1 personne(s) sur 3 (33%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
1 personne a trouvé cette évaluation amusante
0.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 19 février
Avis donné pendant l'accès anticipé
pas top
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