Construct Airships and wage war in a sandbox world populated by floating islands, sprawling skies and adventure. Ride on ships and build them while your motley drive you forward, toward exploration. Persistent player servers and much more await!
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Data de lançamento: 17/jul/2014
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Comece a jogar agora e participe do desenvolvimento do jogo!

Observação: Este jogo com acesso antecipado pode ou não sofrer alterações significativas durante o desenvolvimento. Caso não esteja com vontade de jogá-lo no estado atual, talvez queira esperar até que o desenvolvimento esteja mais adiantado. Saiba mais

O que os desenvolvedores têm a dizer:

Por que acesso antecipado?

“Sky Nations has been iterative game from it's initial release on other platforms. Developed by lone developer Ben Johnson it has been hugely beneficial to have community input and experiment with mechanics and change them based on feedback. Early Access fits this perfectly and will help to make Sky Nations a better game when it releases it's complete state!”

Por quanto tempo este jogo estará em acesso antecipado?

“Sky Nations will hopefully be leaving Early Access in Q4 2014 as a more completed and rounded experience.”

Como a versão completa será diferente da versão de acesso antecipado?

“The full version will be a combination of all the updates during Early Access.

Features planned for the finished game are:
  • Capturable Sectors for Nations. Which can defend your ships and creations.
  • More player and ship weapons of various different types.
  • More island types with creatures and mechanics based around them.
  • Manufacturable ships and other perks for Nations.
  • Music that adapts to what is happening to the player.
  • A sound overhaul to many of the current placeholder sound effects.
  • Further access to server functionality in the Modding API.

Qual é o estado atual da versão de acesso antecipado?

“Sky Nations has a lot of the base mechanics available to play that will make up the finished game. However this is still a game in development. There is still quite a lot of content based on these mechanics to come and a lot of community driven bug testing too reach a stable build and balanced builds.”

O preço do jogo será alterado após o fim do acesso antecipado?

“Sky Nations will likely rise in price when the game is more complete and has more content, however those who purchase the game now will receive these updates for free up to the game's completion.”

Como vocês planejam envolver a comunidade durante o processo de desenvolvimento?

“Since Sky Nations receives iterative updates every couple of weeks community feedback is super important to both balancing and improving the game. Since it's first public release the community has helped find bugs and suggest features and changes that have improved the game significantly.”
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"Sky nations has most of the elements one would find in Minecraft, but involves building flying airships with turrets and guns. Not a bad game at all."

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14 de outubro

Update 0.8 - Ship Manufacture and Many Lights!

Update 0.8 is uploaded and available! This update brings 2 main features to Sky Nations. The first is being able to create plans and duplicate your ships and the second is a whole new rendering pipeline as well as the usual fixes and suggestions.

Ship Manufacture
Ship Manufacture in Sky Nations is quite simple. First of all you need a plan of your ship. You can get this by crafting 8 Scan Nodes. Placing these in a large cube shape, with each Scan Node at a corner with a space in the middle big enough to fit your ship in. This will allow you to scan the ship. Scan Nodes do require power, so make sure you have an energy relay hooked up to the particular node you're accessing them from. When you go to scan your ship(by right clicking the Node) you have a choice to save it to your Personal plans. These are only accessible by you or save it to your Nation(if you're in one). Nation Plans are accessible to anyone in the same Nation.

Once you've got a plan of your ship. You'll need a Ship Constructor, this can be crafted with 4 Steel and 1 Burntout Core. Simply place it down and hook it up with an Energy Relay and you're ready to manufacture your ship. One thing to remember is you need enough space above the block for the ship to fit! The cost of producing a ship is based on the sum of the materials it was made of. These are the same prices Merchant cat goes by. You do not need to match the materials that you used to make it. However you need to match the ship's value. To do this you'll need to place a crate or crates adjacent to the Constructor and fill them with materials to make up this value, this should be materials you no longer want as they'll be used(destroyed) during the ship's construction. Depending on the value of the ship it will take varying amount of time to complete. If power runs out it will pause so make sure your constructor is adequately powered. If you leave the System while construction is going on and it becomes unloaded the construction will fail. So bare that in mind. Another important note is that plans do not contain the contents of blocks. For example the contents of your Crates or Mass Generators are not recreated.

Deferred Renderer
On to the second big change. Deferred Rendering! One of problems that's being biting away at me for awhile is that we could only have 16 lights effecting one object at once. This meant the game had to grab the nearest 16 lights to an object and nearest to you then do it's best to prioritise them. Unfortunately a chunk(32x32x32 blocks) whether it be a ship or a piece of land is an object. So you'd find when you had a lot of lights in a small area many would shut on and off depending on how they're prioritised and you'd get sharp edges like this:

This is no good! This is where converting SN to use a Deferred Renderer comes in. Without getting too much into the technical side this basically means we can do lighting as post process and have a whole lot of lights effecting everything in screen space without the limiting factors we had previously. These lights also look much nicer than they ever have before.

This was a bit of monolithic task to change basically how every game object is rendered but I think it was definitely worth it. I also took the time to adjust and upgrade a lot of the existing graphical effects in Sky Nations such as Bloom which now dynamically adjusts to day and night to prevent it whiting out during the day! I've added experimental dynamic shadows and a new sun and moon too!

The server files are already available via the download page. The client will be automatically updated via Steam or the Launcher.

For a full list of changes to SN checkout the the news post. It doesn't quite fit in the Steam Announcements!

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22 de setembro

Sky Nations Update 0.7 - Powerful Wedges

Update 0.7 is out! For the builders of you this brings in vertical wedges. These are slopes that axis to the ground/ceiling allowing you to put a bit more detail to your creations. Currently this covers a portion of existing blocks. These may be expanded for more blocks to get a wedge counterpart based on feedback. These do not contain corner case wedge blocks but they are something I want to try out in the future.

The basis for Ground based power also comes in with this update in the form of Dispersion Generators. These generators work hand in hand with another new block called Energy Relays to create and move power on land for land based machines such as turrets. Don't worry though, turrets will not need power themselves until the next update so you have plenty of time to update your existing turrets. Dispersion Generators do not require fuel however they do require a sealed hollow space below them, this acts as a tank for their waste product(Atomic Waste). This will fill up slowly over time and when the tank becomes full it will simply stop producing power. The max size for these tanks is a 512 block area which takes roughly 7 real life days to fill. This means in the future for Nations to remain defended you must login at least once a week to maintain your generators so they can keep powering your defenses and other machines. This will essentially mean that Systems will recycle over time if no one maintains it, since after this period of time the defenses will cease to be powered and players will be able to reclaim this area. The waste product emptied from the tank is also use-able as a new highest tier fuel source for ships. This power system will lead to a lot more land based machines and mechanics in future updates!

For a full list of changes check the change log at the bottom of this post.

As always your client will be automatically updated via Steam or the Game Launcher.

You can grab the new server files from:
To update your server just paste the files over your existing server files. [color=#FF0000]Make sure you backup your existing server before doing so[/color].


  • Increased Cannonball damage by 10.
  • Added Flare launcher as means to signal players. Crafted with 10 copper blocks.
  • Added Flares which are ammo for the Flare Launcher and are crafted from 1 molten rock.
  • Added Dispersion Generator. This generates ground based power(i.e. not ships). Ground power will be used to power machines on land in future updates. Make sure you hook up turrets to this. They won’t need power this update but will do in the next. Crafted from 20 steel and 4 burnout cores.
  • Added Atomic Waste block. This is generated in the sealed tank below a Dispersion Generator and can be used as powerful fuel source for ships. 3 is generated per hour(1 every 20 minutes) from a Dispersion Generator.
  • Added Energy Relay which distributes power to machines on the land from the Dispersion Generator. Machines and Generators must be adjacent to this block to be powered. To link energy relays you must right click two relays and they will be become linked. You can determine the direction of the link by the laser effect between the relays. Crafted from 10 steel and 1 burntout core.
  • Added support for vertical slice wedges. Wedges include: Copper Wedge, Plank Wedge, Steel Wedge, Titanium Wedge, Glass Wedge, Hard Glass Wedge, Iron Wedge and Stone Wege. Crafting recipes allow for 1 block = 1 wedge and vice versa.
  • Improved artillery cannon to not use power when not being able to fire. Also limited it’s firing arc downward to prevent it from hitting the block it sits on in most cases.
  • Changed cannonballs to move a bit faster and a bit further to make the cannonballs following the ship’s velocity a bit easier to aim(see cannon ball fix).
  • Changed missile pods to be based on Nation claim. When you reclaim an area with existing turrets you no longer have to replace the turrets.
  • Missile Pods now spin when they are powered(they will not need power until next update so make sure you hook them up before then!).
  • Added antichat flood script to the default scripts.
  • Added backup script to the default scripts. The GameData folder will be backed up every 5 hours and placed in a Backups folder. Which includes Systems, Player etc.
  • Added IBiomeManager.PauseSaving() and IBiomeManager.ResumeSaving() to Mod API.
  • Added IGameServer.GetDataDirectory() to Mod API.
  • Many improvements and fixes from Community CTF events for the CTF mode script available in GameData/Scripts/.
  • Added ability to change player skins in the Mod API.
  • Various small misc additions and exposures of classes in Mod API.

  • Fixed cannon balls not matching velocity of ship firing them correctly. Note: This means if you’re moving forward and fire a cannon from the side of the ship you need to now account for your velocity effecting the cannon ball. i.e. It will be moving forward as well as sideways.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by explosions in some cases.
  • Fixed not being able to see block items when dropped.
  • Fixed EWDs not unloading their holograms when broken by tools.
  • Fixed nation missiles hurting nation beacons.
  • Fixed jetpack exploit where relogging in midair would reset the boost.
  • Fixed the chat getting stuck sending the same message.
  • Fixed server not ending the process correctly when /shutdown is used or a crash occurs. The server process will now stop correctly.
  • Fixed an exploit where putting a jetpack on top of a parachute would make both a jetpack.
  • Fixed some incorrect death messages to do with explosions.
  • Fixed signs not updating when text is edited by players until rejoining the zone.
  • Fixed Mass Generator window being offset when opened.
  • Fixed distance for system claiming being +1 to far from the settings parameter.
  • Fixed crash caused by characters not supported by fonts in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed crash caused by characters not supported by fonts in markup text(such as the chat overlay).
  • Fixed crash caused by characters not supported by font in Name tags.
  • Fixed the Crafting window when opened from the Workbench block being offset and sized weirdly for some resolutions.

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Sobre este jogo

Set in a world where the planets surface is no longer habitable. Sky Nations takes place above the clouds where large airships are the only means of travel. Join up with your friends and build a ship to explore and do battle with players you meet a long the way or the various creatures inhabiting the skies.

Sky Nations is centred around multiplayer cooperative and versus play in a voxel sandbox. Using blocks players can build, destroy and take with harsh but fair mechanics based around freedom for player vs player. There aren't invisible barriers stopping you from destroying blocks or rules against attacking other players. The skies are tough and you need to be tough to survive them!

  • Build ships - As a completely multiplayer orientated experience you are free to roam, interact with and build on the ship as it’s piloted by another player. As well as design custom ships for custom jobs such as mining.
  • Crafting - Create unique items for your ship such as radars, generators and cannons!
  • PVP - Whether it's with your ships using cannons, lasers and more or with shotguns as invade enemy bases and form boarding parties players are free to attack or group up with others they may encounter in their travels.
  • Create Nations - Organize your friends to dominate the map and hold key resource points.
  • Modding Support - Textures can be reskinned and the game server comes with a Mod API allowing you to write custom scripts in C#. Which will be expanded with updates.
  • Buildable Wearable Items - Craft items out of blocks to wear and stand out of from other players and use as bartering items.
  • Persistent Player Servers - Host your own servers or join other players servers with ease. Each a unique world generated the first time it is started.

Please Note: Sky Nations is Early Access and still in development. That means that not all the content is finished and many things are place holders or subject to change. There will be bugs! However through the community of players we can get these bugs found and fixed as well as use your suggestions to help balance and improve the game.

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Windows Vista
    • Processor: 2.3Ghz Multicore CPU or better.
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Modern Dedicated GPU with Shader Model 3+
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Intergrated or Dedicated Soundcard
    • Additional Notes: Minimum requirements may change through game updates.
    • OS: Windows 7 or above
    • Processor: 2.3Ghz Multicore CPU or better.
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Modern Dedicated GPU with Shader Model 3+
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1000 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Intergrated or Dedicated Soundcard
    • Additional Notes: Recommended requirements may change through game updates.
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Análise de acesso antecipado
Tenho este jogo já a um booom tempo apesar só ter sido lançado hoje na Steam..comprei ele no indiegamestand, e devo dizer; ele cumpre o que promete. Unico defeito é a falta de players, se tu entrar no servidor agora, verá que um server de 100 pessoas tem 10~18 players. O porque? A maioria prefere jogar em servidores privados. O motivo disso é a chatice dos ataques piratas. Qualquer um pode ser pirata desde que você tenha um barco decente, ai tu para com o seu barco encima do barco de alguem, pula, destroi o motor principal e o cara fica preso lá....tendo que resetar a sua posição para sair do bug do respawn eterno que ocorre quando você "salva" para "reviver" dentro do seu barco.

O bacana é que você pode construir o seu navio de qualquer maneira, com qualquer coisa, em qualquer formato, tipo Minecraft, faz ferramentas, motores melhores, geradores de energia pros seus motores, armas...da pra construir ilhas particulares..

Andando pelo mapa você pode achar estrelas/ilhas gigantescas com tesouros esquecidos a muito tempo...heheh (partes de barcos high-tech que podem ser reutilizaveis)

A pro do jogo é o desenvolvimento do seu barco, a exploração do ambiente aberto.

O contra é a falta de players para interagir, mas de toda maneira, servidores lotados me deram mais más experiências do que boas... toda forma é um otimo jogo casual que pode ser aproveitado se jogado com amigos...

Espero que com o lançamento na Steam o problema com a falta de player seja sanada..

Por fim, recomendo este jogo.

(Apesar das minhas poucas horas marcadass na Steam eu tenho bastante tempo de jogo na versão anterior)..
Publicada: 17 de julho
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Análise de acesso antecipado
Do you like PIRATES?
Do you like MERCHANT CATS?

If you said yes to any of the above, then you may or may not want to get this game. Be warned; it features high levels of scurvy and plenty o' booty for the taking. Just don't try and steal from the Merchant Cat.

10/10, would pirate again.
Publicada: 17 de julho
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Análise de acesso antecipado
When I first stumbled upon Sky Nations about 6 months ago I dismissed it as just another Minecraft clone, but it is a lot more than that. The game is still a bit buggy and unpolished, but it is getting better every day. For a single-developer game the progress is impressive.

Anyway, as is probably clear from the images and descriptions, you build airships and fly them around collecting resources to build more things. You start out with a humble twin-engine platform and over time it can be expanded in any way you want. You can add additional engines and install cannons to fight other players, as well as add more floors and stuff like that to the ship. I'm poor at explaining things but that is the gist of it. There is also a hat creator but I haven't delved into that much. It looks interesting.

The community has always been nice and helpful and the dev responds to support requests quickly. Like any game, Sky Nations has its flaws, but I am confident the dev will keep improving it. One such issue is that all the official servers seem to be hosted in the UK. Hard to blame the dev considering that's where he lives, but it would be nice to have a NA server as well. My ping is always 150+ and there isn't anything I can do about it unfortunately. That being said, I highly recommend anyone with an interest in steampunk stuff who enjoys games like Minecraft to try this game out.
Publicada: 17 de julho
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Análise de acesso antecipado
Two Words. SKY. PIRATES. Enough has been said my friends.

But on a more serious and in-depth note, I wholeheartedly encourage buying this game, even at this early point in it's development. The first time i started it up, I didn't even notice as I spent the entire night playing, I was so enthralled. The entire idea behind the game is great to start with, and the execution is awesome as well.

At this time I score this game 8/10.
Publicada: 24 de julho
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Análise de acesso antecipado
This game has serious serious potential! its way funner and simpler than minecraft, and the battle system requires groups to be run effectively. This is a great game!

The only issue is that not enough people are on the servers. I think their split up by country or something.

UPDATE 8/18/2014

So the current update is a great improvement upon previous gameplay! The only better improvement that they could make would be to again, combine or allow all parts of the world to play off of a centralized servers list.

The gameplay currently has been added to, and I am loving the new aspects and ways to move about! Im waiting for really uber turrets and more fortifications! But for now this is amazing!
Publicada: 26 de julho
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