Based on the 1987 Games Workshop classic, a battle vs zombies cultists & time! Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night sees the player fighting against hordes of Aztec Zombies, and the clock, to save reality from Darkness.
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Release Date: Feb 17, 2015

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June 17

New achievements added!

Chainsaw Warrior gets a shiny new update! We’ve added a bunch of new achievements to the game keep you busy over the next few weeks;

Masochist Plus - Beat on Classic Mode 5 Times.
Darkness Trumped - Win the game 3 times in a row in same session.
Fight Club - Win a game with only the Laser Lance and Fists as weapons.
Zombi-Cide - Kill 500 zombies.

We've also added the optional setting to add a 'Confirm' button before advancing post-combat. This hopefully addresses a concern raised by some users about the pacing of the game, and being unable to keep up with the events of the combat phase.

The game is available to pick up now on Steam, iOS and Android separately, or you can treat yourself to the Total Darkness Edition bundle, also available on Steam and iOS!

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“This is solidly a 'Buy' on Steam at $5.99. I can't be any clearer than it's got alligators which is always a plus!”

“Overall, Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of Night is a really nice surprise. It’s straightforward fun and it really works.”
8/10 – Retro 101

“Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night has a hugely addictive gameplay and that's where its key strength lies.”
8.5/10 – Game Debate

About This Game

Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night is a new chapter for Games Workshop's cult classic! Based on the original Chainsaw Warrior board game, this sequel adds new layers of intensity to the game's unique formula.

Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night sees the player fighting against hordes of Aztec Zombies, and the clock, to save reality from Darkness. Lords of the Night introduces an upgraded combat system, new weapons, powers, equipment and unique mini bosses that require careful tactics to defeat. It adds three new zones to fight through, an even tougher confrontation with the enigmatic Darkness and plenty of new opportunities to die!

It's the year 2035 and the crazed followers of a near-forgotten God have opened a hole into a nightmare dimension. Through this portal bizarre and dangerous creatures are flooding into our world, intent on total destruction! There remains just single hope: a shadowy ex-special forces soldier, enhanced for combat and known only as 'Chainsaw Warrior'. He saved New York in 2032 – can he now save the world? Equipped with new high-tech armaments, he must battle his way through the jungle to find and defeat Darkness. Not only are there swarms of Aztec zombies, mutants, traps, Moon Cult Agents and other twisted fiends between him and Darkness, time is the enemy too! Only 60 minutes remain to save us all before we are torn from our reality forever.

Chainsaw Warrior was first published as a solo board game in 1987, is expanded in this new adventure. An epic battle that offers new gameplay, weapons, equipment, enemies and much more. Can you prevail where all others have failed? You only have 60 minutes to save the world!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: Intel 1.6GHz Processor or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c/OpenGL 2.1 compatible card
    • Storage: 400 MB available space
    • Sound Card: FMOD compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c/OpenGL 2.1 compatible card
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: FMOD compatible sound card
    • OS: OS Version: 10.6.x or later
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor ( 1.7GHz or later )
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 compatible card
    • Storage: 400 MB available space
    • Sound Card: FMOD compatible sound card
    • OS: 10.9.x Yosemite
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 Processor ( 2.3GHz or later )
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: FMOD compatible sound card
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 / Steam OS
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 compatible card
    • Storage: 400 MB available space
    • Sound Card: FMOD compatible sound card
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 / Steam OS
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 compatible card
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: FMOD compatible sound card
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7.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 17, 2015
Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night is a lot like the origional Chainsaw Warrior game made by the same Developer. Lords of the Night gives you a bunch of new things to fight from jungle critters to Armor wearing Moon Cultist. They also added a lot of new weapons and items, some of which you need to unlock to use. The UI has been imporved and the over all game feels much faster than the origional.

You start the game on one of three difficulty levels. Normal and Hard which both give you a good chance of starting off with some decent stats, and you get to choose what items you take with you at the start. Then there is Classic Mode which plays like the origional board game and puts you at the mercy of the RNG gods with no boost to your stats and random starting items.

As you progress through the game you will get Air Drops that will contain a collection of weapons and items for you to choose from, you have 3 item points for each drop and get to spend them how you want. You can also replace your lost Laser Lance from the Air Drops, so there is no need to backtrack to the start of the game to replace it.

My only complaint of the game so far is the lack of a save system, but that is a feature they will be adding soon.

If you enjoyed the origional Chainsaw Warrior game then you likley will find enough new content in Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night to make it worth your time.
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21 of 26 people (81%) found this review helpful
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1.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 6, 2015
In 1987 the world nearly ended. Nearly. In the 11th hour one man, one hero rose to face Darkness and banished it from this world, saving us all.

But evil will always find ways into the hearts of men. Now, eighteen years later, deep in the Mexican jungle, the followers of a forgotten God have found a new ally, and an old enemy we had thought defeated returns to finish what they had started eighteen years ago.
Darkness has returned and only one man can stop it from destroying the world.
It had been a suicide mission then. Noone thought he could succeed, much less survive. Then, against all odds he prevailed. Can a million to once chance come true... twice?

In a desperate race against time, cutting his way through the jungle, hordes of zombies and a crazed apocalyptic cult, the Chainsaw Warrior has only 1 Hour to reach and banish Darkness or all will be lost.
New dangers lurk among the trees and in the swamps. The ancient guardians of the aztec ruins have awakened. But with great challenges come great rewards and the Chainsaw Warrior will need all the help he can get if he is to save us... again.

Prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. Armed with his trusty chainsaw. He is ready to once more be the hero the world needs.
Are you?

Game Facts:
Like the original Chainsaw Warrior, Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night is a game of turning cards and rolling dice. Each card you turn, each action you take will thake 30 seconds and you only have 1 Hour before the world ends.
You move through the jungle by turning cards and encountering enemies or traps and just sometimes finding something to help you on your mission. What equipment will you take with you? What risks will you take? And yes, how lucky will you get? These all will determine your success or defeat.

+The Chainsaw Warrior games manage, with simple mechanics, to capture the pressure of time, the sence of emergency, that mad, desperate dash. You frantically turn cards willing that clock to stop ticking, the doom counter to stop its count.
+ Three difficulty settings affecting stats, equipment points and whether you get to see the equipment you pick or are forced to select blindly
+ Equipment allows for various tactics to reach the end. Even though in the end it comes down to one thing: Destroy Darkness or die trying.
+ Classic mode truly is challenging

- Like any game based on dice, luck is very important.

Changes from old game:

* Ranged combat has been completly rebuild, making ranged weapons far more useful. You can now manouvre from melee to ranged distance and put that assault rifle to good use.
* Instead of two decks there now are three: Jungle - Ruined City - Temple
* Old Aztec temples can be found and explored to recieve special blessings - but beware, they are guarded.
* The Meat Machine and Slime have company: more unique enemies have been added and act as mini bosses at the end of the first two decks.
* Darkness is spreading as Shades. These offshoots of Darkness may be encountered sepparately and defeating them will weaken Darkness, making that final battle easier.
* New equipment to match the new setting, including new versions for your trusty chainsaw. Some of this equipment has to be unlocked through playing the game.

The clock is ticking. While you were reading, Darkness has come this much closer to killing us all. Go, Save the world.
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17 of 21 people (81%) found this review helpful
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3.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 18, 2015
Although I did enjoy the original Chainsaw Warrior, I did find myself burning out quite quickly on its randomness - there were some choices to be made, but you more or less were at the mercy of the dice.

I'm glad to say Lords Of The Night improves a lot on this. Don't fear, you'll still die multiple deaths because of crappy dice rolls, but you do have a lot more tactical choices to make, both in weapons and equipment. Airdrops of new equipment during the game, also help give back a sense of agency.

Then there is the addition of 'blessings', basically an active or passive power that can help you during your gruelling trek through the jungle (think along the lines of "heal 3 points", or "immunity from radiation damage"). New blessings can be acquired by entering a temple and killing a high powered monster (the game's equivalent of a very basic side quest).

The pulpy setup of the original game is still in full effect, and I would say that the new setting adds a lot of flavour to the overall John Carpenterness of it all.

Personally, I'd recommend this game over the original Chainsaw Warrior (although at these prices, why force yourself to choose).
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20 of 28 people (71%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 19, 2015
This game is vastly better than the basic version. If you liked Chainsaw Warrior, get this without hesitation.

However it still has the same crippling fundamental flaw. The game plays itself with very little in the way of decision on the part of the player. There's slightly less time wasted watching dice roll themselves, but you are even less informed on what they're even being rolled for. This really gives the impression of watching someone else play and trying to guess what is going on.

The devs did a great job adapting this game faithfully, but this is simply not a fun game compared to what is available nowadays.
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A developer has responded on Jun 20 @ 7:05am
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8.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 8, 2015
The main thing you need to know: this game is ridiculously buggy. It's like it received just enough testing to not crash (and to be fair - it never crashed for me, unlike the first Chainsaw Warrior) but the intricacies of equipment, mechanics, unique enemies and all their possible interactions were left to their own devices. I spotted easily upwards of 20 bugs, from purely cosmetic ones like HUD indicators not updating to reflect various gear-induced bonuses and maluses, through irritating ones like items having broken mechanics or achievements being shoddily implemented, to downright progression blockers that force you to start a new game (if you don't know the workaround).

With that out of the way, let me now say I still enjoyed the game a lot. It's a significant improvement over the first Chainsaw Warrior in terms of graphics and content and audio as well. All the ingame interaction buttons are now clumped together in the bottom-left corner of the screen, which lends itself to less swinging of the mouse back and forth across half the screen for every card, which was my main gripe with the previous CW. There's more items, weapons, enemies, achievements, everything. It's good, old-fashioned fun.
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13 of 16 people (81%) found this review helpful
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5.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 19, 2015
I must admit, I was both surprised and just a teeny, weeny bit excited to hear that they were sequelizing the Chainsaw Warrior board game adaptation from not-so-long-ago. In all fairness, I'm writing this review with very little play-time up my sleeve, but on the whole I have to confess that the aforementioned excitement has dulled ever-so-slightly into mild disappointment. Let's see now...

My first hesitation is the setting. While I completely applaud the decision to not just set this in a post-apocalyptic New York - AGAIN - choosing to situate the continued adventures of our titular hero in an Aztec-ian jungle suggests, to me at least, that we're slowly moving towards more Serious Sam-styled territory (though all of these characters ultimately owe their lineage to Ash of "Evil Dead" fame, suffice it to say). Now, whether this is a good or bad thing is up to the individual, but personally I miss the urban decay / Escape From New York aesthetics...but that's just me. If you harbour a particular hard-on for the Aztecs, you'll obviously be right at home here.

Oh, and the music has changed accordingly, and while there's basically nothing wrong with the more jungle-y flavours on offer here - well, except perhaps for the fact that it's all a tad too laid-back and "muzak"-y to generate much tension or momentum - on the whole, I must say that I miss the super-synthy goodness of the earlier game's soundtrack. (Oh, and there's also a completely needless and irritating "punch" noise every time you enter melee combat, even if you choose to use the chainsaw or what-have-you; other than this, though, the sound effects are perfectly dandy.) Now onto the mechanics...

My earliest impressions of the game are that it is SLOWER than the first Chainsaw Warrior; and with that, arguably a tiny bit more cumbersome. The 2013 game was VERY fast-paced, with cards turning over at lightning speed and enemies defeated just as quickly. This time 'round we have ARMOURED enemies, who effectively take "damage" and gradually weaken rather than simply being defeated outright. There are also some more "tactical" combat situations, such as a giant statue guardian who you can either attack directly, or firstly choose to target the stone hands of to reduce its ability to defend itself. The overall effect of all of this is that combats seem to take longer, and therein so does the game. Again...personal preference. But for better or for worse, that "jump-in-jump-out" / "I'll just play one more quick round" quality of the original game seems to have been lost somewhere in the shuffle.

Things are also arguably slowed down (read: overcomplicated) by the fact that the devs have opted to make this a tad more of a full-blown "video game" this time around; and thereby less of a "board game adaptation". Simply put, there are less cards to look at (equipment is just a list this time 'round), and the cards which ARE portrayed are visually less varied in content (one type of zombie crops up repeatedly, as opposed to the original, in which we had a healthy rogue's gallery of the nasties in question). On a purely personal note, I also simply don't "like" the artwork as much (a very important factor in ALL games, be they video / board / card / whatever).

There are also BOSS FIGHTS - some optional and some unavoidable in nature - which again, slow the pace for a moment whilst you ♥♥♥♥ yourself wondering whether or not to waste precious Laser Lance ammunition on something other than Darkness himself. And I'm also pretty sure that all the new-'n'-improved "card-decimation" animations (chainsaws cutting through enemies, cards exploding, etc) take longer to resolve than the more modest equivalents from the first game...though this may just be a figment of my imagination (but even then, still contributes to my overall argument of things generally "seeming" more sluggish).

So the overall feeling of hurtling-towards-the-inevitable-final-confrontation has been hampered somewhat in favour of more conventional video game dynamics, and that oh-so-modern notion of the "side-quest" (in the form of temples and the aforementioned optional boss fights); again, and I can't stress this enough, PERSONAL ♥♥♥♥ING PREFERENCE.

I don't know...perhaps I'll warm to this one more in time, but I think I found the charm of the 2013 game to lie predominantly in the speedy "casual"-ness of its nature, and that can't quite be said this time around. And I'm sorry, but I really just don't dig the jungle as much (hell, I'm a bit of a John Carpenter fan, as you may have guessed from my non de plume). Having said all this, it's still a good game, especially at that price, and anyone who appreciates board / card game adaptations is liable to get at least SOME jollies out of it. I dunno, maybe they should have set it in post-apocalyptic London, and had zombies in bobby hats? Full points for trying something truly different, I suppose...

Verdict: 7/10.

(PS There is one genuine improvement over the original game: Thanks to "air drops", you no longer have to back-track all the way to the START to replace a lost or broken Laser Lance...without a doubt, the single most annoying feature of the earlier game. So full kudos for THAT one!)
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2.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 10, 2015
tl;dr -> I got my laser rifle stolen by a cult thief then was immediately ambushed by a monster that can only die to special weapons (ex: lasers). 11/10 keep getting served on normal difficulty.

I had a few extra dollars in my steam wallet and decided to pick this game up because I've always enjoyed card games, and this one looked interesting enough. I was satisfied with my gameplay experience.

If you like dice-based (D6) card games and the Aztec theme, then you will enjoy this game.

The aesthetics are nice and simple - the detail in each card is well done. There are visual effects whenever you do an attack/use an item, but most of the time you will just be looking at and reading the cards on a static background. The music and sounds are decent, however, I quickly muted the music in favor of my own. The story involves you racing against time (nightfall) to stop The Darkness from destroying the world.

Controls are entirely mouse-based and simple. There is an optional tutorial that very quickly shows you everything you need to know, however, improving your playthroughs will require you to die a lot and learn through trial-and-error. The learning curve is mostly minimal depending on your knowledge of D6-style gameplay, and the most difficult element of the game is probably understanding how to best optimize your loadouts for each run (for example, if you roll a character that is weaker in hand-to-hand (hth) combat, how do you compensate for this?).

Gameplay consists of you drawing cards until you encounter the area boss (this can occur before all the cards in the deck have been revealed). Defeating the boss will allow you to progress to the next area, until you reach the last boss in the third area. After each action you take, a "round" occurs, decreasing the time on the clock. Once darkness falls, your character will take a hit to his hth stat. If you reach 0 on the clock, The Darkness will automatically win. As you draw cards, you will most likely encounter an array of enemies, however, you can also run into different types of traps, airdrops (allow you to restock/change equipment), temples (protected by a powerful guardian and will give you a blessing buff if you defeat it), or events.

Before you begin, you will randomly generate (roll) a chainsaw warrior to play as. This makes each playthrough a bit different, as you will have different values in your Wounds (hit points), Venom Resistance, Radiation Resistance, Range, Reflex (ability to dodge), and Hth stats. Enemies do different types of damage, and falling to 0 in wounds, venom, or radiation will result in your death. Your character will roll a special perk, which may be something like decreasing each area deck by 5 cards, increased reflexes, etc. You may also select your starting equipment, and you will usually start with 3 to 8 equipment points (this seems to be offset by high or low starting stats). You can choose from different melee, ranged, and heavy weapons to help you survive the Aztec jungle. There are also a number of devices (ex: medpack, extra ammo clip, etc) you can take with you. Finally, different armors can help you fend off enemy attacks. If you select the "Classic" difficulty, all equipment will be replaced with a ?, only to be revealed once you start your run (truly making everything random-based).

Your starting equipment selection is a critical part to your playthrough because you can end up making your run easier or much more difficult depending on your choices. For example, if I roll a character that is a bit weaker in the hth stat, I may decide to grab a Stun Nux, which adds 4 to my hth stat whenever I am fighting a living opponent (ex: cultists). Taking advantage of a higher range stat is highly recommended because many of the enemies you will fight will prefer hth combat.

When you draw an enemy card, they may have a special effect (ex: deal x type of damage immediately or ambush: go immediately into close-ranged combat) and/or do an extra type of damage (venom) on top of normal wound damage. Different enemies will prefer either hth or ranged combat, and using the opposite tactic on them will give them a debuff of some kind. For example, many of the initial zombies you will encounter are hth fighters, so using a ranged weapon will almost always hit them without the need for a dice roll (unless they have a really high reflex stat). Some zombies will counter this tactic by having an ambush ability, which will allow them to immediately put you into close-range (there is a device that will negate the ambush ability). In close-range, you can use melee weapons or try to evade your opponent. Every action in combat involves dice rolls, and succeeding in an evasion will result in no damage taken (failing will still cause you to evade, but you will take some damage) and put you back in ranged-weapon distance.

During combat, your enemy (multi-enemy battles are still fought one-at-a-time) will roll two die (D6), adding this value to their hth or range stat depending on the level of engagement (ex: you are using a melee weapon against a melee opponent). Next, you will roll two die, adding this value to the appropriate stat (in this case, your melee stat). If you have a higher value than your opponent, you will instantly kill them unless they have armor, in which case you will do 1 damage to armor (until it goes down to 0 or 1 - at 1 armor weapons like chainsaws can pierce through). There are weapons that allow you to ignore x armor. If your opponent's attack value is higher than yours, then you will take damage depending on the type of your opponent (either wounds, or both wounds and venom). Armor will allow you to negate some types of damage if you roll a 5 or 6 during an armor check. You also have the option to try to escape, however, you have to roll a 6, otherwise you will take 1 wound damage.

In a situation where you are using a ranged weapon against a melee opponent, the enemy will add their roll value to their reflex stat instead of their attack stat (since they cannot attack you at range). If they beat your roll, you will miss and they will close the distance. Against enemies with significantly lower reflex stats, you will automatically hit with your ranged attack because they are too slow.

Some of the tougher opponents can only die to special weapons, so conserving your laser ammo is critical to survival and progression. Your equipment can become stolen or even broken, which can be fatal most of the time. Multiple playthroughs will help you refine your preferred playstyle.

Overall, the game is very nice and simple - a good filler game if you want to spend a short amount of time playing something. I always try not to mention price in my reviews if I think it is unnecessary, however, I will say that I purchased this game on sale for $3.24 CAD, and I think that is a much fairer value than it's original price of $6.49. I suggest you wait until it is on sale, unless you are dying to play it.

For people that enjoy D6 card games, you should definitely give Chainsaw Warrior a try.


DJSF @DJSF's Rogue Reviews
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Posted: March 8, 2015
Genre - A Games Workshop Sci-Fi/Horror Solo Card Game Conversion

I played the first Chainsaw Warrior on Steam quite a bit and enjoyed it in short blasts, although I had a few gripes with some of its mechanics. The game basically involves generating a character and choosing items before entering a randomised solo adventure. When I saw this was out for a fiver, I thought I may as well give this one a go too.

I was pleasantly suprised as they had polished and added to the first game quite nicley. Now the clock although a factor is not so harsh. You also get to fight two randomised mini bosses between the three stages, The inventory and skills are also more intuitive.

The only gripe that I still have is that 'The Darkness' can only be destroyed with two items The Laser Lance and an Implosion (suicide) vest. Sometimes you will end up reaching him without the a good enough marskman skill to hit him or sometimes without the Laser Lance itself. Most of the time I can only kill him with a lucky shot, which doesn't have great odds either. There are a few security measures to help with this, like the teleporter. Also this time around you can destroy a few of his minions to make him slighlty weaker. However, I still think this can be a very irritating game mechanic in an otherwise fun game. It would have been nice if they'd have thrown in a few more weaknesses this time around.
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2.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 28, 2015
It is somewhat easier than the first chainsaw warrior. its more of a race against the clock and consists of 3 decks as opposed to 2 decks of 40. overall its a great and simple card and dice game. the game is very addictive and very minimalist in its design, gameplay and core game mechanics. Its a big improvement on the previous release, well worth a few hours gameplay to prove you can beat the clock more than anything
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
5.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 22
Product received for free
Big improvement over the orginal adaptation. As a fan of the original boardgame (I still have my copy!) It was really exciting to see a continuation, finally!
Lets be clear it's not a forgiving game to some extent, it can be brutal with it's difficulty and being clever with your kit is very much the order of the day here, but the best games, like Dungeonquest where I survved probably 1 in 15 times make me want to come back and play. I have just picked this up and I certainlty have come back to play it! So evil dice rolls and tactics are the order of the day, it is after all Chainsaw Warrior!
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Recently Posted
Mongoloid Mike
10.0 hrs
Posted: September 4
Series of random dice rolls leading to unavoidable death
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2.9 hrs
Posted: July 17
Product received for free
In theme, Chainsaw Warrior resembles an ultra-violent 1890s-era action film - in the few comic-style cutscenes that make up the story, I cannot help but hear the one-liners in Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice. Gameplay-wise, it seems to be a pretty direct adaptation of the original Games Workshop card and dice game. So, one must bloodily shoot and saw your way through three areas (a.k.a. drawing from three decks of cards), battling an assortment of monsters and avoiding traps (a.k.a. rolling dice), in order to defeat the forces of evil evilness.

The combat itself is fairly simple - choose a weapon and combat range, roll your dice, and hope. The challenge is mostly one of ensuring you have a combination of the numerous weapons and items (such as armour, radiation pills, metal detectors, etc) that will give you at least a chance to retain enough health and firepower to make your stand against the final boss, with the occasional choice to risk a battle with unique mini-bosses for a reward.

And a challenge it is - one will very likely lose repeatedly. I have had a thief snatch away my titular chainsaw, leaving me to struggle with just my bare fists. I have been delayed by dicing crocodiles long enough that the round timer ran out. I have had the only weapon that can kill the final boss miss with each of its limited shots. The randomness of the dice is punishing for sure, though as some consolation, the randomisation of the deck, along with the chance to try a different selection of gadgetry, keeps each playthrough fresh.
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3.8 hrs
Posted: June 28
Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night is a game that I recommend because:
- it is a method to banish boredom
- it has a good price
- it is a good RPG
- it has strategy
- it has action
- it has trading cards

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5.5 hrs
Posted: June 27
Product received for free
I never played the card game but alway wanted to, It's pretty expensive on ebay so I thought i'd give pc game version a go instead.

The game started in windowed mode for me, I switched it to full screen and found it diffuclt to play in that mode due to the placement of the UI. So playing in a smaller windowed screen is much better. There are lots of upgrade options and there are several weapons I want to try out, so have a reason to carry on playing. There's a good mix of villians to kill and always panic a little when a new one appears :D

Overal I really enjoyed it, I found it a bit easy so had to switch up the difficulty. I think if you like cards games of this nature, like GW games or anything RPGs this might be your thing.

My tip is to always start out punching them in the face, save the big guns for the big uns!

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0.2 hrs
Posted: June 24
Product received for free
Fun game, easy to pick up and play.
Quite a bit of depth once you start really customizing your character.
Wished the graphics were a little more colorful but they fit the survival theme well and are easy to recognize in-game.
Recommend giving this game a shot!
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no im jory
12.6 hrs
Posted: June 24
i made 50 cents off the trading cards
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1.5 hrs
Posted: June 23
Nice clean UI. Simple game which is easy to follow, but very polished.

Ever wanted to chainsaw a crocodile through the face? This game lets you do just that.
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2.4 hrs
Posted: June 18
This game could've been fun, but balancing is crazy. I just played a game where I literally took no damage in beating all of the enemies until I got to a Champion something-or-other, which was so over-powered, I was only close to hitting it once. Where's the fun in rolling over everything, then getting absolutely decimated?
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A developer has responded on Jun 23 @ 4:10am
(view response)
1.4 hrs
Posted: May 26
Due to lack of any meaningful choice for the player, this combination of a clicker and diceroll simulator offers only boredom.
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