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Qora is an exploration adventure game featuring stunning pixel-art graphics.
Release Date: Jun 3, 2014
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" I came away with a profound sense of my own mortality and that’s precisely the sort of thing that [Qora] might inspire me to explore."
- Adam Smith, RockPaperShotgun

"[Qora] has the same quirk and charm of old-school RPGs and adventure games"
- Chloi Rad, Indie Statik

Qora, formerly known as Spirit, is an exploration adventure game where players take on the role of an old man, settling in a remote village where he's building his dream home. In this demo, you can explore the village nearby and make your way through the wilderness to the temple beyond.

Featuring a powerful soundtrack, stunning pixel-art graphics and a variety of characters ranging from the humorous to the outright creepy, Qora will be released in August 2014 on Windows, Mac and Linux.
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Such a mystrious and fun game so far! The storyline is gripping and I'm looking forward to the final release!

Full Gameplay Video: http://youtu.be/DL6-sJqxjmc
Posted: June 3rd, 2014
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Actually my verdict is thumbs in the middle, but since there are so much positive reviews, I thought I had to balance it out, and here's why.

While the pixel art in the Qora is truly good, animation is not so - even in the town fair where big musical show is happening there is a feeling of emptiness and lifelessness (is this even a word) - but that plays nicely with the atmosphere that Qora is trying to build. Playing Qora is reminiscent to Zelda: Link to Past - since the past play such a big role in the story. Also the main character is as mute as Link. There is quite good sense of exploring and discovering new areas - something also reminiscent to Zeldas of yesteryear.

But one thing that Zelda does right are puzzles. There are no puzzles here - only press "SPACE" button at the right time at the right place. Which can also be fun - but here is not. If the game wants me to cut some grass - why I even have to press any button so I would cut the grass - since it is obvious that cutting grass is essential to game progress. OK, maybe I am asking here too much, but when Zelda asked me to cut some grass the whole action took milliseconds and often than not I would get some reward. Here it takes about 3 second to take out one bush. Not fun.

The storyline IS interesting but I am really not sure whether only that would be enough to purchase full game since to see more of the story line one would have to do tedious tasks of cutting, mining, climbing... all which take enormous amount of time and make the game feel like it came straight from ZX Spectrum.

To the authors - due to limitations of old computers there were fun ideas that made old games enjoyable but having to press "down" while near ledge and waiting several seconds for the action of descending to finish... Not fun.
Posted: June 4th, 2014
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This game is so beautiful in various ways. In playing this game, you just get into a state of utter calmness and curiosity. The music is relaxing and smooth. The visuals are light and carefully made, evoking wonder. The gameplay is admittedly subtle and could use something more, yet it's still nice and adds to the ever-growing wonder the player gets. However, I will have to say that I felt the progression of the game went a bit fast in some areas and the story was a bit lacking. For the most part, I think the progression was great. It was fairly slow, allowing the player to really just take it all in. But in some areas, such as when you meet the giant statue next to the farm and then go and talk to the man speeching at the festival, it goes extremely fast in comparison to the pacing in the rest of the game. I feel that could've gone at least a bit slower. Some areas it also goes extremely slow, but I feel that those events are justified, this game being one that's meant to be slow-paced. Even if it is a bit overly slow, it causes the player to do just what the developers wanted - think and wonder. As for the story, I feel it was a bit random and included a lot of unnecessary elements, missing out on chances to help the player understand his situation and have a firmer grip on what was actually going on. You start off with your home being build, are sent to the town, learn about peoples lives, abruptly learn something deeper about yourself, learn about seeing the past, and then are sent off to seek out a dungeon. And all of the NPC's were talking about something in their own life, practically useless information to you, instead of talking about things such as the history of the town, more about their ancestors, or whatnot. Nothing quite seems to tie together very well. But in the end, it was a calming little likable demo to play through. As of now, I will not be recommending it, but will still suggest it if you're truly interested so you can develop your own opinion. I would, however, like to play the whole game when it's out and see if it's worth recommending after playing through that.
Posted: June 7th, 2014
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I loved this game so much i nearly started crying. If the full game costs money im gonna be sad because this game veryone should play. It had some good laughs as well as Amazing art and GREAT music. I CANT WAIT UNTIL THE FULL GAME IS RELEASED!!!
Posted: July 28th, 2014
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It's not my style honestly, but i'm very picky about my games. Everyone of my friends that played this absoluted love it though! I have a wierd taste when it comes to picking games. I think people would love this games, so try the demo! I will make sure to speard the word too!
Posted: June 3rd, 2014
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