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Grand Chase : The ORIGINAL online brawler! Grand Chase is a Free-To-Play, side-scrolling MMORPG fantasy epic!
Release Date: Jul 17, 2014
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Welcome Chasers!

July 17th, 2014

Grand Chase is now officially on Steam!!

As part of the launch, we have a few specials going on and a few things to clarify

1. Steam Crest
Date: 07/17/2014 - 07/31/2014 6:00pm PDT
Details: For all players who register or link their accounts through Steam will receive an exclusive Steam Crest! Log in to the game at least once to qualify. The crest will be distributed to your accounts during the 7/31 maintenance.

2. Steam DLC Packages
Date: 07/17/2014
Details: Each package is priced at a 50% discount. Advanced and Grand Adventurer's Package also come with a never before released Coordi Set!

3. Region Blocks?!
All players who are able to see the Grand Chase page are eligible to play on our service. The countries that are currently region blocked are Brazil, Philippines, China, and Latin America. (Region blocks for Latin America will be updated in the coming months)

4. Registered but can't play?
Make sure that you have activated your account before logging into the game. Check the mail for the email address used for registration. Click on the link provided in the email and you should be all set to go!

We're sure many of you have a lot of questions and we'll do our best to have an FAQ up as soon as possible.

For more information on the current events in game, head to www.grandchaseonline.com

Thank you and hope to see you all soon in Grand Chase!

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Grand Chase Coming Soon!

July 8th, 2014


This is GM Kumiho with KOG Games here with some exciting news; Grand Chase will be coming to Steam!
That's right, the original online MMO fantasy brawler will be here, front and center.
Whether you enjoy a good old-fashion dungeon crawl with your friends or some adrenaline pumping, in your face, world class, competitive PvP, Grand Chase brings it.
On launch day, we'll be hosting some AMAZING Steam DLC, crazy in-game events and more!
Keep your eyes here for more updates as we get closer to the open date!

Thank you for tuning in and we'll see you all in the game!

Join the Chase!

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About the Game

The original online brawler, Grand Chase is a Free-To-Play, side-scrolling MMORPG fantasy epic. Players will join as a Knight of the heroic Grand Chase; an elite corps of warriors that fight to save the world of Aernas from the evil Kaze’aze and the wicked army that follows her. Grand Chase offers a bright, anime-inspired world with a fluid visual presentation, precise controls, a sophisticated combo-system, impressively strategic battle structure, and seemingly limitless customization of the look and feel of your characters.

Key Features

Completely free-to-play:
No Tricks, No Questions, No Mess… Not Ever!
From level 0 to End-Game, Grand Chase is completely free-to-play

A playable character roster like none other:
With 19 playable characters, and up to 4 completely unique Job Classes per character, Grand Chase offers one of the most dynamic and versatile MMO character rosters ever.
Change up your game and play the way you want to play!

Co-op Or Single-player Dungeons:
Join together with up to 3 other players or go it alone in an immersive and comprehensive anime-inspired RPG world.
A vibrant realm chalked full of High-Fantasy, Steam-Punk, Sci-Fi and Anime aspects spectacularly tied together into a unique tale of heroism. Join the Grand Chase and become a part of a fantasy epic that will captivate you from the very beginning.

PvP Combat:
Earn PvP specific ranks, put your name up in lights on the community leaderboard, get epic loot and level-up! Grand Chase PvP offers competitive players the center stage.
From 1v1 to 3v3 and a myriad of options in between, trounce the competition in fiercely competitive, industry leading PvP

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or higher
    • Processor: Pentium4 1.5GHz/AMD 1GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nividia Geforce4 MX440 or better (ATI Radeon 9500)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: Intel/AMD 2 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nividia Geforce 6 Series or better (ATI Radeon 9800)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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nice game!
Posted: July 22nd, 2014
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
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Recommend this game to newbie... It's really fun and you may enjoy here.
Posted: July 21st, 2014
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5 of 9 people (56%) found this review helpful
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this game is great but im stuck in grand chase steam launcher i give 8,5/10 i give 10 when this problem fix
Posted: July 21st, 2014
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Anime-ish style : check.
Repetitive gameplay : check.
Large number of character selection with unshared inventory : check.

If you love something anime-ish and have much spare time, I really recommend this.
If not, I would still recommend this, you'll never know before you tried.
Posted: July 21st, 2014
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Posted: July 20th, 2014
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44 of 64 people (69%) found this review helpful
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I reccomend this game for those who like challenges because there are some hard bosses but it's all up to you!
If you like to farm at higher levels then you would like this.
It's simple and fun, there are some dodging mechanics wich makes it a lot more difficult at higher level.
Everything else is nice ! Give it a try.
Posted: July 17th, 2014
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