Grand Chase : The ORIGINAL online brawler! Grand Chase is a Free-To-Play, side-scrolling MMORPG fantasy epic!
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Releasedatum: 17 jul 2014

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16 oktober

Zero's Ultimate Weapon and Awakening Set!

What's Up Chasers!

Where are all our Zero players at?! For this week, all players who log on will receive an Ultimate Weapon mission for Zero.

Along with the mission, Zero's awakening set, Blazing Zephyr is now available in the Shop!

As with all awakening sets, the Blazing Zephyr also has a special effect! When the full set is equipped, [Effect] Offensive Stance: Trace will show up as a glowing static circle!

Many of you that weren't able to level Uno to 40, will also have noticed that Uno is now locked. To unlock Uno, click on the Blue button to purchase a Character Unlock Key using K-Ching or VP.

As always, you can check out the patch notes by clicking on the link below!
Patch Notes 10/16/2014

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8 oktober

King Slime Land, Devilion's Return, & 1 more week of Uno!

“I too have come to judge Aernas! Foolish beings, try to see if you can overcome my trials. If you cannot defeat me, I will destroy this world.” -King Slime

What’s Up Chasers!

Harkion’s arrival in Aernas caused a lot of trouble for many people, but now a little known fellow by the name of King Slime is here to stir up some trouble.

Try your chance at defeating King Slime in the new event dungeon, King Slime Land. Keep in mind, that with this dungeon, you’ll benefit more by going in a group!

Devilion's Return
Devilion has returned in an all new encore gacha! Uno's set has also been added so make sure to check it out.

Oh, and make sure to check out the new Random Coordi Chest filled with hat pieces

But of course! That is not all! Uno's Level Up to 40 event has been extended for 1 more week until October 16th 6:00 PM PDT. If you weren't able to level him up before, this is your chance to do it!

As always check out the full details on our website!
Patch Notes

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Over dit spel

The original online brawler, Grand Chase is a Free-To-Play, side-scrolling MMORPG fantasy epic. Players will join as a Knight of the heroic Grand Chase; an elite corps of warriors that fight to save the world of Aernas from the evil Kaze’aze and the wicked army that follows her. Grand Chase offers a bright, anime-inspired world with a fluid visual presentation, precise controls, a sophisticated combo-system, impressively strategic battle structure, and seemingly limitless customization of the look and feel of your characters.

Key Features

Completely free-to-play:
No Tricks, No Questions, No Mess… Not Ever!
From level 0 to End-Game, Grand Chase is completely free-to-play

A playable character roster like none other:
With 20 playable characters, and up to 4 completely unique Job Classes per character, Grand Chase offers one of the most dynamic and versatile MMO character rosters ever.
Change up your game and play the way you want to play!

Co-op Or Single-player Dungeons:
Join together with up to 3 other players or go it alone in an immersive and comprehensive anime-inspired RPG world.
A vibrant realm chalked full of High-Fantasy, Steam-Punk, Sci-Fi and Anime aspects spectacularly tied together into a unique tale of heroism. Join the Grand Chase and become a part of a fantasy epic that will captivate you from the very beginning.

PvP Combat:
Earn PvP specific ranks, put your name up in lights on the community leaderboard, get epic loot and level-up! Grand Chase PvP offers competitive players the center stage.
From 1v1 to 3v3 and a myriad of options in between, trounce the competition in fiercely competitive, industry leading PvP


    • OS: Windows XP or higher
    • Processor: Pentium4 1.5GHz/AMD 1GHz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nividia Geforce4 MX440 or better (ATI Radeon 9500)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: Intel/AMD 2 GHz or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nividia Geforce 6 Series or better (ATI Radeon 9800)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 6 GB available space
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Prepare for (what I call) an in-depth review from a 5 year player as of 2014 that is completely my opinion; you're not forced to agree with anything below. There is a tl;dr for you lazy gondolas at the bottom.

First off: if you don't like/ can't tolerate anime, you're gonna hate this game. For reals.

Dungeoning (PvE)
As fun and fast paced as you want it to be. You could just spam Z all day to win, but that's slow and boring. Using abilities makes the game much more enjoyable and satisfactory.

Versus (PvP)
I'm not a PvP guy, but from what I've experienced: extremely fast paced, everybody can kill each other in a couple of hits, and if somebody is lagging it's definitely not fun. PvP used to be a forced gamemode but was removed in Season 3.

Art Style:
Stage Designs
This is including PvP and dungeon maps. They're all in the fantasy genre, but the design is never breath-taking or extremely terrible. Some may say PvP maps are poorly designed for the gamemode but again, I'm not a PvP player.

Character Designs
Extremely arguable that they're either really neat-o, or extremely generic and boring. Basically, there's a martial-artist on fire (Jin), an immortal that harnesses the power of darkness whilst protecting the heavens (Sieghart), a stalker whorish demon chick who totally wants this other demon's D (Ley), an artifical being that wears orange sunglasses and has a talking greatsword (Zero), and many more. The only flaw of the character designs in my opinion is that all characters are well-rounded and could be the main character of the game (if one wasn't already present).

Overall Theme
There is no overall theme. It's all over the place. The game is supposed to depict a lot of "themes" such as steampunk, sci-fi, field fantasy, etc. But the game doesn't have just one theme. I have no opinion on this. Some could say this makes the game cool, others say the game is stupid because of this.

Yeah the um, story isn't that great. While there's a lot of back-story, it's not very worth finding out about.

Pay2Win MMO? Roles such as Tank, Support, Fighter? Stats?
As a player that spent just about $200 on the game over 5 years, I honestly believe the game is not Pay2Win. While it is true that paying for premium armor/accessories gives you higher stats, the stats are so insignificant that I would guess that comparing the stats of a fully cashed-out player VS a completely F2Player, the cashed-out player would only have just about 15% more damage (and in PvP, most people ask for a certain stat-range anyways so the only advantage they'll have is in Dungeons). Only damage, you say? That's what I'm gonna talk about next.

Stats in this game are lame as heck. There's practically no roles in this game either; everybody is the "carry," the damage dealer, the fighter, whatever. It doesn't matter how much you love this game; if you have a brain, you have to admit the stats are completely useless. There is no reason to stack any stat other than Attack... and maybe Critical Chance. Vitality (increases HP), Defense, MP Recovery, other stats: all useless. Critical Damage is probably a good stat, but definitely not easily stacked/not worth stacking. This is a real turn-off for those hardcore stat-loving MMO players who maybe want to be a tank, or whatever. But hey, after a while this game gives you a lust for damage which is kinda funny. I've thrown out multiple armors that give me 500 hp for another armor that just gives 50 attack.

Playerbase? We're never given a number, but I'd guess in the thousands. Maybe ten-thousands. Definitely not hundred-thousands, unless I'm just being a spaghetti-noob who estimates numbers poorly.

The community is actually really nice. I've filled up my friends list to the max of 150 multiple times and not a single player I met came across as an immediate jerkbag. Although, there are many players that don't speak English very well. Some may find that irritating; I personally don't care, so long as I know what the player's saying, it doesn't matter to me.

END-U?? The Conclusion
Overall, a fast-paced side-scroller with spammy buttons and cool abilities.

Yeah this is the end. Here's your beloved tl;dr you lazy bungalos.

no for real if you wanna know if you'll like this game, read the review

Edited on 7/19/14 for: +Story, +Finished Conclusion, +More logical tl;dr, -Censored words
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3.8 uur in totaal

Grand Chase is a 2D MMO brawler and it developed by KOG Studious. The same company that made Elsword and that game is a spiritual successor to this game. This is basically their first game they ever made before Elsword been born. If i am not mistaken Grand Chase was shutdown few years ago and have been revived to gain back the popularity and some fans of Grand Chase. If you have play Elsword,you will find that there is some similar character appearing in this game too but with different name ( except for Elesis ). The question is. Is this game worth to play even though you already play Elsword ? Let take a look shall we. Please do take note that i will be comparing this to Elsword just to see how much of a improvement they made.


As you start off the game,you are able to choose out of 19 characters. The massive character selection is a huge plus considering you can't create your own character like you can in MapleStory or LaTale. Each of them have their own set of unique skills & weapon. They also have their own pros & cons. Take Elesis for example,she have very high defense but low in vitality & attack. This could also be useful when playing with friends since each of them have their own utility skills that can help each other. First time player able to choose an option whether to start from level 70 or start from level 1 but gain a lot of rare & unique items.

You also able to advance your job levels once you reach level 35. After that the next job advance will require you to level up your character to 45 and the final would be 60. The max level for this game is 85. As you advance your job level,you will gain new skills to test.

However unlike in Elsword where you have two attack button ( light & heavy attack ),this game only have one attack button and the rest is just skills & pots button. You do gain more combo attack to perform once you advance a job level but that is if you handle the repetitive nature of this game. You can also cancel any skills to perform a devastating combo & high damage.

The controls is hard to get used too if you have played Elsword. It felt like the controls is not fluid. Nevertheless it function properly at least.

You could also buy or make your own pets to aid you in your battle though it make take very long time to level up if you don't have much K-Ching.


Not sure if it just me but the background doesn't blend in very well with the character & monsters. There is not much graphics options you could messed around either.

The interface & UI is well-done though compared to Elsword. The art-style is impressive as well as the character animations & spells particles.

A lot of the map that you play felt different and doesn't flat out felt like a copy paste background.

AUDIO : 6.5/10

Can't say much about this section. However i will give them a credit for making an enjoyable soundtrack to listen and the audio skills is pleasing to hear. Voice acting in this game is not bad too though it will be better if the character is voice during conversation dialogue ( Elsword suffer the same problem too )


This game have some unique feature which no other 2D online game done. There is PvP system but it get bored fast considering the combat system is much more repetitive than Elsword. There is a Fusion System but it require some K-Ching. You could also play some mini-game though some of them only available during certain events. You could able to go to park too which is only for meeting new people & do some chatting.

Couple system is also exist in this game. If you level up your couple skills,you able to unlock new emoticon. You also gain additional exp & money depending on which ring it is used.

The most unique feature is the Playhouse System. Basically you could buy furnitue and set them in your house to make it appealing. There is a lot of decoration you can place too. You could even do gardening too which is something i didn't see in a 2D game. You could also unlock and set up a character for 50 stars points. Once you bought a character,you could set what actions you want them to performed and what dialogue they should say. You can invite player to come to your house too and they able to leave comment.

However to be honest,you will spend most of your time doing battle. It not bad if only the combat system have more variety put into it.


While this game had it flaws,it is a well executed 2D online game. If you have play Elsword and haven't play Grand Chase then you owe it yourself to play this wonderful game. If you can get past through the repetitive combat system,then the game is very fun to play especially when playing with friends. Community is quite friendly too and the player base is gradually increasing. Both Elsword & Grand Chase is an awesome game and i enjoy them very much. Hoping for more future updates would be released to improve the game even further. Well done KOG Studious.

GRADE : C ( Good )
Geplaatst: 20 juli
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88.6 uur in totaal
I reccomend this game for those who like challenges because there are some hard bosses but it's all up to you!
If you like to farm at higher levels then you would like this.
It's simple and fun, there are some dodging mechanics wich makes it a lot more difficult at higher level.
Everything else is nice ! Give it a try.
Geplaatst: 17 juli
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97.9 uur in totaal
I prefer this over Elsword.
Geplaatst: 17 juli
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9.6 uur in totaal
This is a fun 2-D brawler game, it has unfortunetly gone through a lot of changes and isn't that popular. It also currently won't allow you to link accounts through steam which is saddening for me ... However it is much more friendly to new players, and it is starting to gain popularity. Have fun!

P.S. Just a side note, there seems to be a huge inflex of hackers throughout the game. 2 examples of these people would be lNleo and Bonakid. Some of the hacks are just infinite mp, while others make you invisible, have increased movement speed, etc. Regarless its very disappointing to have all these people cheat on games like this, especially openly in pvp... (I like how this is longer than my review...)
Geplaatst: 19 juli
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