Get your spellbook ready! It’s time to protect The Counting Kingdom in this tactical math puzzler featuring strategic tower defense gameplay and a colorful cast of characters. Banish monsters and save the day!
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Utgivningsdatum: 5 aug, 2014
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"If you want more people to enjoy learning math, try this game. Because the player wants to get the most points, they want to do the harder problems."

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5 augusti

The Counting Kingdom Released – Rescue the Kingdom Today

Get your balloons and party hats out, The Counting Kingdom has released! Today is a day of magic, monsters and math – please help us spread the word!

Along with font updates and a few small graphical fixes, here are the bugs that have been fixed in the 1.0.0 update:

  • If the player has the Helper Panel up and combines spells, the panel is no longer accurate
  • In the first tutorial, players could attempt to drag the spell causing all sorts of weirdness to happen
  • The incorrect number of doubling tiles was showing up in Free Play mode
  • If a battering ram gets into the castle, but on the same turn a crumbling tower gets the last monster, the player will lose and then win

A HUGE thank you to all of our Early Access players who have given us feedback and helped us track down bugs – we’re incredibly grateful for your help making this game great! A big wizardly hug from all of us here at Little Worlds Interactive.

- Jenna and the Little Worlds team ːwizardmagicː

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28 juli

Bucket o' Changes: 0.9.1 Update

With the game feature complete we've been polishing things up, getting to all the little things that we didn't have time to revise before, and making sure the game is as bug-free as possible. Here's the list of what's new in this build:

End of Game Cinematic
After you've been kind enough to rescue the Kingdom, it's time to celebrate! I don't want to spoil the ending, but I can promise that it includes cake.

If you've already finished the game, you can access this cinematic by clicking on the little gear button on the Title Screen, and selecting "End Story". This will be locked until you finish the game, so no peeking ahead!

New Particle and Sound Effects
Check out the new particle effects for the Kaboom potion, Freeze potion, and the crumbling towers. We also have new sounds for the Kaboom potion and Battering Rams.

Tiny Changes

  • Updated Credits screen
  • The Kaboom potion now gives 200 points
  • Players can now reset their save data from the title screen menu
  • Players can now access both cinematics from the title screen menu

Bugs that have been fixed
  • Players can click castles during the "You Rescued The Counting Kingdom" screen
  • Monsters that are moved onto doubling tiles do not have their numbers doubled
  • The spell effect doesn't show up for the armored monster the second time you cast a spell on it
  • If you move a monster behind a battering ram it stops moving forward
  • If you use a freeze potion and the battering rams come out during the next two turns, after the potion wears off that row of monsters doesn't move forward
  • Players can use the Move potion, but then not click on any of the arrows

    The game is very close to launching - we'll be announcing the official date tomorrow! If you find any bugs please let us know in the forums so that we can get those all squashed as quickly as possible!

    Thanks as always,
    Jenna and the LWI team ːwizardmagicː

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“Combine the fact that even I got dragged into enjoying The Counting Kingdom being a crusty adult with it’s gorgeous art direction, cute monsters and colourful scenery, and I think this is a game that’s pushing all the right buttons.”
Indie Statik

“Making a video game designed purely for entertainment is hard. Making a video game that can entertain and educate seems infinitely harder, if only for how rarely the goal is accomplished... That’s what makes it so special when a game like The Counting Kingdom, which is available on Steam early access, manages to deftly balance fun and learning.”
The Daily Dot

“In The Counting Kingdom, math is magic, but it’s a magic that’s available to all. Without time limits, without punishment, and with a focus on fun and strategy—and yes, cuteness.”

Om detta spel

Get ready for magic, monsters, and math with The Counting Kingdom!

Writing simple spells, brewing bubbly potions… yesterday was just another day in your life as the Wizard’s Apprentice. Today, a horde of angry monsters is attacking The Counting Kingdom, and only you can defend the castle towers! Using your spells, potions, and the mighty power of mathematics, you must banish the monsters and save the kingdom!

Take up your tome of spells and save the castle in this tactical puzzler, featuring strategic tower defense gameplay across an expansive world map.

  • Each monster has a number: add them together to cast your spells
  • Rack up points with powerful combos and well-timed potions
  • Challenging tower defense gameplay that's entertaining for gamers of all ages
  • Encourage excitement about math with addition challenges made for family fun
  • Explore a colorful world with 30 levels of gameplay in five distinct regions of the kingdom
  • Dynamically-generated game levels create high replay value and guarantee a fresh math challenge
  • Serious gaming! This clever math game requires real strategic thinking

Ready with your spells? The Counting Kingdom needs you to save the day!


Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows Vista/XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: 1.5 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics Card made within the last 4 years (Pixel Shader 3.0, Vertex Shader 3.0)
    • Hard Drive: 350 MB available space
    • OS: 10.6
    • Processor: Intel based Macs only
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics Card made within the last 4 years (Pixel Shader 3.0, Vertex Shader 3.0)
    • Hard Drive: 350 MB available space
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34 av 44 personer (77%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1.7 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 5 augusti
Early Access-recension
My wife and I have been waiting to have kids. Now that someone FINALLY made a good math game, I think it's time. Thanks Little Worlds Interactive!
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9 av 9 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
44.1 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 14 oktober
The Counting Kingdom is not only fun and innovative but also more than a little challenging.

+ Truly innovative.
+ Brilliantly designed.
+ Family Friendly.
+ Educational.

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6 av 6 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
2.8 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 3 oktober
Great learning game for kids and many adults. Teaches addition, subtraction, and multiplication mostly with positive numbers, but a few negative numbers too depending on in-game circumstances. Short and mildly entertaining for people who are already good at math. Either way, well worth the buy regardless of sale status. I have no complaints about it.
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4 av 4 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 16 november
Beat the game in 1.5 hrs.

For serious gamers: Add endless mode plz, otherwise barely worth 10$ for me.

For Children, teens and casual gamers: Buy it now!

- Stunning flattened aesthetic
- Educational for mental arithmetic

- Low replayability
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3 av 3 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
2.2 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 26 september
Great design encourages you to challenge yourself in order to be more efficient. The person(s) who made this game liked what they were doing, and it shows. Glad this went through James Recommends because I never would have found this otherwise. My 4 year old took to it immediatly and put a solid half hour into it and I saw improvement in her math skills clearly. I am going to keep an eye on whatever this company does in the future.
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3 av 3 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.8 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 8 november
This game is a lot of fun to play with the kids, owing much to its strategy focus through math.

To be honest, I found myself enjoying playing it (being a dad) more than an adult probably should, seeing as it is designed quite well and turns into quite the fun brain teaser kind of experience, allowing you to pull of some crazy combos, if you're any good at addition and subtraction.

I certainly recommend this game to mothers and fathers all over the place as a fun way to get your child engaged in some math.

The art style is cool, the game is deeper than it appears, and it's just a good time, all around.

Certainly worth it.
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3 av 3 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
21.7 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 1 augusti
Early Access-recension
I've only had this game for a short time, but I've already managed to rack up hours of gameplay. It's just so wonderful!!

The game itself is a turn based, tower defense game involving math(addition & subtraction), and magic. The design is splendid; the art, the music, and gameplay are all kid friendly. For instance, some of the built-in mechanics will even gently guide younger children to the answers if they become stuck.

There are a myriad of ways to clearing the monsters though. You can add spells together, and chain monsters together in various ways. You're also given potions with varying effects as you progress through the game, so there's a lot of creativity in how you beat each level. That creative freedom is what really gets me addicted. My favorite thing to do is take big risks, and let the monsters stack up a bit. Then unleash all the potions, and big spells in an attempt to get 'full clears'. : )

Story mode itself has numerous levels to progress through, and while you can revisit them at any time; there's also 'free play' mode with scaling difficulties. Oh, and each level is generated on the fly; so there's never any sequence to memorize. It's always going to be a new, and exciting challenge!

A simply charming game for all ages; I definitely recommend it!
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3 av 3 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1.4 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 25 oktober
To be short and sweet, this game is one of those classic, "Good game but for the right price only." What I mean is that this game is great for what it is. A simple game about counting, defeating enemies by doing simple math and thinking. The game is very short if only doing the story missions, like me, finishing in little under 2 hours. I procured this game for nine dollars but I would recommend getting this game either in a bundle, maybe, or on sale. If you find it for a good deal, buy it for you little one or yourself, if you're really bored.

Just to say again, it is a recommended game but only for the right price and audience.
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3 av 3 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
4.7 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 5 oktober
I like this game a lot. Demo'd it at PAX Prime and ended up buying 7 copies over the course of 3 days I was there for people back at home. It mixes math with logic and problem solving in a fun, yet simple fashion. I do have a simple suggestion which is when hitting the escape button and you are prompted with a confirmation screen, please have the screen cancel uupon pressing escape once more.
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2 av 2 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
2.1 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 6 augusti
Good game for your children, but that's it, for other people there's absolutely no challenge even on highest difficulty. Takes about two hours to completely beat if you are good with maths and can count to 50.
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2 av 2 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
2.3 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 12 juli
Early Access-recension
Really short game, but super cute and fun. Finished it in a couple hours, but it's worth the couple bucks. It's nice they have harder difficulties in free play mode.
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2 av 2 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
3.9 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 26 oktober
This is a very well-designed game. It presents addition as a fundamental game challenge that increases in difficulty as the player continues. Unlike most education games, it's the game that takes the spotlight. The core mechanics are very strong, and the game develops a one-more-level mentality even if you already understand arithmetic. The potions and sorcery aspects are fun, and the overall aesthetic design is very appealing. If you, or your child, has struggled with addition, I highly recommend it. You won't notice you're learning anything until you already have. If you're already proficient with arithmetic, it's still fun. Perhaps pick it up on a future sale. It will give you 2-4 hours of gameplay. Overall my only complaint is that I wish it had continued on into more advanced math; which isn't a complaint so much as a hint to the developers.
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2 av 2 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
2.9 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 15 juli
Early Access-recension
This is a fantastic educational and fun game, mainly targeted at kids around 8. They will learn lots of adding up math, and some substraction. The artwork is very pleasing to the eyes, and the monsters arent too scary.

If you have kids that need help with their maths, this is the game for them.

Highly recommended

5/5 NinjaCows
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3 av 4 personer (75%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
3.9 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 8 augusti
+ Educational
+ Tower defense targeted towards a younger, casual audience
+ Graphical style

+/- Primarily meant for kids

- Only adding; no subtracting, multiplying or dividing
- Pretty short with only 30 levels or so, not much else to do

[Rating: 71/100]
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1 av 1 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.7 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 6 augusti
This is a super fun game for all ages, it makes you think but more than anything it's fun! I kind of want to go as a monster with a number on my chest for Halloween too. The monsters are super cute, the music is great and overall it's a super rad game. I highly recommend it!
Var denna recension hjälpsam? Ja Nej
1 av 1 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
2.4 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 12 augusti
Brilliant educational game! Combines genuinely fun gameplay with reinforcement of basic math skills. Played it with my first grader, and he couldn't get enough of it. We enjoyed working together to figure out the gradually more difficult calculations, and he yelled "Boom!" every time we managed to clear the board. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to other parents of grade school kids, even at full price. Kudos to the developers.
Var denna recension hjälpsam? Ja Nej
1 av 1 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 27 oktober
Fantastic game for learning addition facts. My daughter was enchanted with the artwork and music, and it feels less like work than other "learning" games. Hoping for a multiplication version soon.
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1 av 1 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.2 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 29 oktober
Cute game. Add numbers, perform basic arithmetic, destroy monsters. Not much else to say really.

Got this game as part of a HumbleBundle. Not sure it's worth full price for your average casual player. If you have kids and they need to learn how to add a great, but if not, then not sure how much replayability this game really has.

It has a little strategy in terms of combining numbers and monsters in trying to get them to match, but the board itself is simple, so it does not take advantage of another features that it could. The monsters do not really have special abilities or anything, so it really just comes down to how to match monsters with numbers. So while entertaining for a while, I'm not sure how often, if at all, one would revisit this game after playing through the little main campaign. Still, worth playing at least once given its unique nature.
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1 av 1 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1.5 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 2 november
Nice kid game!
Fun, challenge, nice progression and representation
I'm adult but really got hook up with it !
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1 av 1 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
1.0 timmar totalt
Upplagd: 10 november
I absolutely loved the game!

It's pretty good and cute, all things considered, and the game itself is frustrating, but in the challenging I-should-be-able-to-beat-this way.

I had loads of fun and got a quick refresher just how difficult it is to add numbers, no matter how simple and mundane it may seem!
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