House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster Collector's Edition
Return to a sinister unsettled House....very different from the one you remember!
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Release Date: Dec 19, 2012
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“Production values are high, with beautiful graphics, competent voice-overs, and an intriguing twist on an otherwise conventional storyline.”
4/5 – Gamezebo

About This Game

Summoned by the Spirits!

Return to a sinister, unsettled House ...very different than the one you remember. The power of a cursed gem has unleashed a murderous plague that extends far beyond the Houses walls; and you must employ your psychic abilities to stop these evil spirit using your seek & find skills.

Break the power of a cursed gem!

Travel to exotic locations throughout the world in search of the artifacts that can destroy this wicked presence. Solve a massive array of cleverly designed puzzles and ingeniously hidden objects as you unravel in this story of supernatural intrigue, unbounded adventure and sweeping scope.

The House needs you.

Will you answer its call?


  • Discover dozens of hidden object scenes and ingenious mini games
  • Search for clues and return harmony to the house
  • Explore stunning locations and experience amazing animations on your quest for the truth
  • Experience indelible characters in a compelling story
  • Collector's edition includes bonus gameplay, integrated strategy guide and concept art!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8
    • Processor: 1.0 GHz processor or faster
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX® compatible video card
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compliant Sound Card
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Posted: January 3
Another Fun Paranormal Point-and-Click Adventure/Puzzle & Hidden Object game that's fun to play. Solve Puzzles and help the wandering spirits of the House of 1,000 Doors that has returned in the form of a Castle be put to rest & Stop the power of cursed Gem that lurks inside.
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Posted: November 30, 2014
This game is a good all-round Hidden Object game. I feel like it isn't as quite as good as the first one but it kept the elegant touch the first game had.

Different puzzles and new places to be explored in this 2nd installment of House of 1000 Doors. All new hidden object puzzles, new rooms to be explored, its all in here. I havent finished this one but i can se how it relates to th first. Enjoying it so far, so yeah I'd say pick it up! Its a good game.
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Posted: December 10, 2014
Short version: 85%
A superior game to Family Secrets in all but one aspects, Palm of Zoroaster features improved level design, even better graphics and much easier puzzles, catering more for the more casual hidden object game fans.

Long version:
The Palm of Zoroaster did exactly what is expected from a sequel: took everything that was good or popular in the first game, made it better, and threw out the rest.

There is no more boring running around. The titular house serves only as a nexus between the four distinct paintings/levels, all featuring their own new ghost story that eventually form a larger plot. What that plot is can be a good question though, since the game lacks an ending, it just stops after the last artefact. And no, the bonus chapter won’t help either, although it reveals a few interesting secrets on its own.

The difficulty has decreased substantially since the first game, and there is a much larger focus on hidden object scenes. The progression is more straightforward, but not linear, giving you a greater sense of pace despite the fairly long gameplay.
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Posted: March 15
I must say this game is a pretty high quality hidden object gamee. The graphics are sharp and the voice acting is pretty good. When in full screen mode tehre are black bars on the sides of the window so keep that in mind if that sort of thing bothers you.

For the hidden object scenes you might eventually notice you're finding the same objects, just placed in a new picture but it's not that big of a deal. Tip: and awl is like an ice pick, I still don't actulaly know what it is.

In terms of puzzles there is a good variety although one or two are hard to tell what the game wants you to do but luckily there is a skip button.

Plot and storylinewise it's an interesting concept. I did not play the first one yet (I played them in the wrong order doh! I wondered why the main character referenced a time before this game...) so I'm not sure if this is covered there but I would like to explore the house a little more, while it would be boring to have the common typical, kitchen, dining room, etc I think there was potential to do really crazy rooms that had themes. While the different country aspect sort of covered that it didn't feel like part of the house.

Overall it's a nice game but it feels like the ending was a little rushed. The bonus chapter literally ends without any final dialogue which is dissapointing.

For what it is and does I'd say 9/10
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Posted: May 20
This was just the perfect game. Had everything I was looking for. A storyline, a mixture of hidden object scenes and thinking games. Once I figured out how to use the map...(Silly me) it went a lot faster then having to click back all the time.

Not everything is obvious and I had to peek at a few walk throughs to figure one or two things out, but over all it was a good time waster. My son enjoyed watching me play it and helped me as well.

I will be buying other titles of this as well. I really enjoyed it.
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Posted: November 28, 2014
Both the games belonging to "House of 1000 Doors" saga are good HOGs, with nice puzzles and very well detailed scenes. The story isn't very original (the usual "mysterious house" and the lady that has to solve the problem) but it's interesting enough compared to other similar games and it's slightly shorter than the first chapter. I recommend both, but you don't need to play the first to understand what's going on.
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Posted: December 30, 2014
This is my favorite HOG tbh. Just fully rad, all-around. 10 / 10 for what it is.
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Posted: January 7
I definitely reccomend this sequel to 1000 Doors: Family Secrets. What was already enjoyable gameplay gets a big boost from the new map system - not just tracking where you've been, but giving a quite hint of where you need to go next, and cutting the backtracking with the new travel system through the map. A decently interesting plot, good quality graphics, and tastefully done CG - something I can definitely applaud is their very careful use of it. Well worth the price.

If I have to quibble, I have just one - the voice acting, while excellently recorded, gets a little wooden and bogged down in the middle of the game, and three of the voices quite simply sound like the same guy putting on different accents. Which is not necessarily bad in and of itself, but whoever it is can't really emote that well. Please take this with a bit of salt, as I do have some hearing loss.
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Posted: January 21
While a little less accomplished than the Family Secrets entry, this is still a wonderfully atmospheric and reasonably satisfying hidden object/puzzle game. It's thin on story compared to the aforementioned title - you basically just go through a series of slightly exotic "other worlds" to enable the finale - and the ending holds a significance which its scant content fails to live up to, but for the right price it's a good buy for genre fans.
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Posted: May 10
Fun HOG game. The only real problem I have with these game is the lack of a good screen resolution. 1680*1050 is my screen res and these games does not go up that high. So everything is a little hazy looking and not as clear as it could be. Other then that the graphics are good and sound and story are both very interesting.

The more I play the game the more I am irate that they have pictures inside the paper clues you find on the ground. They are supposed to be historical documents yet they have full color drawn pictures on them. I think it was a mistake to include them. It draws you out of the game. Should be in black and white and look more like a sketch other then a full color perfectly drawn figures. I am still enjoying my time with the game.
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Posted: January 8
This game is the sequel to "House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets." You don't necessarily need to play through that one first to understand this one, but I would highly recommend it.

The gameplay is similar to its predecessor, and involves:
1. Item-based puzzles (find objects, then use them to solve tasks).
Compared to the first game, "Palm of Zoroaster" does a much better job of streamlining your puzzle solution objects. It drastically reduced the rate of item redundancy, and it also paced the items properly, so that most of the time you are only lugging around things that are germane to the puzzles at hand.
2. Traditional hidden object screens. As with "Family Secrets," these take the form of "junk with no coherent theme, scattered across a location." (Seriously, why are there always children's toys mixed in with priceless antiques and vegetables?) The puzzles were a good challenge level, incorporating two-part objects (i.e. pitcher + glass = "glass of water"), cached objects (stowed in drawers or chests), and click-to-zoom areas. The objects were well drawn, well delineated, and clearly labeled.
3. Bonus hidden "beyond" objects that appear in the background art and slowly morph back and forth between two different images. There are 46 total to find in the main game (approximately one per screen, including some detail screens). There is no incentive to collect these other than personal pride, and the locations are included in the game's built-in comprehensive strategy guide.
4. A handful of easy mini-games (rotating discs, swapping tiles, matching, etc.) that unlock new objects or open new paths. I liked all the mini-games in the main mission, but I actually skipped one in the bonus content because it was just too tedious (and I pride myself on never skipping anything in a casual game).

The music and character designs are pretty much recycled from the first game, which makes sense, but all of the background art and puzzles are new.

I liked the story of this game better. It was more coherent, and the plot was a bit less dark, centering around the history of a single cursed object instead of around cursed objects + unfortunate accidents + witchcraft + mediums and psy powers + your maligned grandmother. I also thought the locations were more interesting (even though they were stereotypical, rather than accurate, representations of those places).

One nit-picky thing that bothered me was the tone of the portals. In the first game it was clear that the portals led to a dream-like world where ghosts were trapped in the moment of their tragedy. In this game I was unsure at first whether I was in a dream world created by the house, whether I was in the actual past, or whether I was in the present day. This was mostly due to the letters and journal entries, but there was also an odd mash-up of anachronistic items in each location. The confusion didn't really affect my overall understanding of the plot or my ultimate enjoyment of the game, but it did momentarily break the immersive experience.

The voice-acting was also bothersome.

Some things this game did that the first game didn't:
- There is now a map that not only shows you where you have actions available, but allows you to instantly teleport to any screen in the game. This is a great feature to eliminate backtracking, or to give you a nudge in the right direction if you are stuck.
- They added an "expert" difficulty that has a slower hint recharge rate and eliminates the "interactive area" sparkles.
- They reused HOGs from the main game in the bonus content. (Booooo. Lazy.)

Overall, I enjoyed the art, the story, and the adventure game elements better than "Family Secrets," and I liked the new map feature, but the HOG puzzles and mini-games weren't quite as solid, and the bonus content felt rushed and superfluous.
I would rate the game a 7.5/10
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Posted: November 5, 2014
Two things to note in case you don't want to read my whole review:
1) You do not have to play the first game to enjoy this one. They throw in a few nods to it but that is it.
2) This is a solid hidden object game with a good story, I reccomend it and the first one. Hopefully the third also comes to Steam.

That being said, the game isn't perfect. While the story is good I still do not like Kate, the hero of our tales. Not sure if they switched her voice actor but whenever she speaks she sounds wooden and bored. You're going to a freaking haunted house, liven up! That brings me to the next thing, why is she going back?! I didn't notice any word of her being invited back, less I missed it, so I shall assume she's a masochist or something.

But her timing couldn't be better! All of her old buddies from the house could use some help! There is Symon...oh wait, he seems busy. Oh and Sammy....who isn't around. And of course the beautiful Amanda! Who barely has any lines. Huh, so the odd but interesting characters from the first game don't do much in this one, that's sad. You do, however, learn more about Gabriel which is awesome.

The ghosts aren't ♥♥♥ loveale as in the first game but you get to save the world so, huzzah!
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Posted: July 24, 2014
Loved the first House of 1000 Doors and this one was just as good. Lots of hidden object scenes and not the same objects to find every time. Good story and not too easy. I only had to use a hint one time, but there were other times I thought I would have to. Great for those who play on Expert Mode!
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Posted: September 21, 2014
After playing through House of 1000 Doors - Family Secrets, I was a little concerned about how enjoyable this game was going to be. (I wasn't even sure if I was playing them in the proper order, chronologically.) However, this worked out perfectly.

Almost all the Interface annoyances I had with the first game was resolved by UI changes in this sequel. (i.e. MAP feature made it feel less like I was constantly backtracking. I always knew where I needed to go next, even if I wasn't always sure what I was supposed to be doing when I got there.) Plus, I played on Casual setting this time around so I was fighting less with trying to figure out where the layered hotspots were (hidden object puzzles), and could just focus on the game itself.

This still isn't my favorite Hidden Objects method, however, considering the massive improvements since the last game, I'm going to give it a "perfect" score anyway. I hope they make more products (especially in the Collectors Edition format). I plan on buying more in this series.

Final Score: 5/5 (Partially because of Extra Chapter, & Bundled Strategy Guide, etc in Collectors Edition format)

I'm also not complaining that all the Steam Cards generate several dollars each when I resell them, currently. ;)
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Posted: March 30
Not as enjoyable as the first one. The gameplay felt slightly tedious and not nearly as engaging as it could have been. There are worse games, but this one falls solidly on the average line. With the breadth of steam games available I would not recommend this simply because there are much better games in the genre. Again this one is not terrible and it's worth a play if you'd like something cheap and tolerable, but the experience will keep your socks cleanly on your feet.
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Posted: April 17
A great HOG
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Posted: April 27
I miss exploring the House itself, like in the first game. But other than that and the lack of a solid ending, I loved this game. Puzzles are challenging but not unbeatable (except the tetris one ugh!) and graphics look great. I love when such a high amount of detail is put in a hidden object game.
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Posted: April 29
Another game in the series.

Puzzle is not difficult and good fit for relaxing!!
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Posted: April 25
A very good HO game. Nice graphics, about 4h of gameplay, which is a lot.
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Posted: April 19
For some reason this sequel is much easier. I like the concept of time traveling. However, the ending didnt really explain the unanswered questions. In fact, it just added more questions. Nonetheless, this game is awesome! The mini games and stories are interesting.
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