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Face of Mankind is a sandbox game about a potential future, far removed from human civilization as we know it. Evolve your character to its ultimate potential, whether that is the accumulation of wealth, power, social status, or all three, and watch the effects of your actions ripple throughout the universe.
Release Date: Jul 18, 2014
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July 22nd, 2014

+ Players outside of the owning faction and those without appropriate rank permission will no longer be able to release prisoners through the world service interface.
+ Upon escaping from prison, players will now lose only 10% of their penalty points, rather than 100%.
+ Murder ID Cards will now only be given to the initial attacker. If you are attacked by another player and kill them defensively, you will not receive penalty points.
+ Instead of the single cloning facility for everyone, players will now be organized into instances based on their faction, separating players of different factions from each other in cloning.
+ Every schematic item in the game is now flagged as a "secured," preventing them from being dropped on death.
+ Increased the falloff starting value for alien credits to 35,000 UC and increased the falloff scaling to reach its peak of a 90% reduction at 70,000 UC.
+ Reduced the durability loss per rock of the mining tool by 25%.
+ Increased the fire rate of all mining tools by 20%.
+ Increased the speed of mining rigs by 20%.
+ Decreased the completion time of chemical lab processes by 30%.
+ Implemented a rank permission that will allow faction leaders to define the color of a players messages in faction chat.
+ The emergency shield will now go on cooldown after a player begins hacking an object.
+ For their first 24 hours, the emergency shield of new players will not go on cooldown when attacked by other players. It will however still be subject to all other restrictions, and will go on cooldown when they fire their weapon or hack begin hacking an object.

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July 17th, 2014

+ Increased the faction membership bonus to 2,000 UC per member.
+ Added a world market to Terra Venture I.
+ Removed the item class restrictions of World Markets.
+ Increased the amount of time it takes to work off more than 100,000 PP.
+ Decreased the maximum agility of prisoners to 70%.
+ Decreased the time it takes to find people using the Hunter augmentation.

- Fixed a bug that caused every member in a faction to be counted for the membership bonus.
- Fixed a bug with the login UC message for free players.

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“That's when I knew that a game like Face of Mankind, even with its older graphics engine and intense bursts of combat followed by hours and hours of crafting, was a perfect example of why I love my job. It defines what an MMO is, something that we MMO fans need during these days of press releases that make you ask, "So, does anyone know whether this is an MMO or not?"”

“The long and short of it is that you’re actually going to feel like you’re a part of something that matters. Which is kind of awesome.”

Deluxe Edition - get over $50 worth of items for only $14.99!

The Face of Mankind Deluxe Edition is an amazing deal when starting off as it includes the following:

- An Elementum token (once activated from your inventory, it provides 30 days of premium gameplay)
- Immediate access to a penthouse apartment, featuring extra storage slots and more space over the small default apartment
- Black "Incognito" Clothing for your character (both male and female top, pants, and shoes)
- Black "Incognito" Shades (sunglasses) for your character
- 30 days of 10% faster skill training
- Additional 10,000 Universal Credits (in-game virtual currency) upon creation of your character

Welcome to Face of Mankind!

Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion is a game about a potential future, far removed from human civilization as we know it. Driven by memories of violence, overcrowding and a depletion of all natural resources, mankind has left Earth to seek out remote locations among the stars to begin anew. All across the galaxy colonies were built, connected through a series of gates referred to as the Vortex Network. From its seat of power in Manhattan, a single government known only as the Dominion controlled all of humanity.

Now the Dominion has fallen and anarchy is soon to spread across the stars. New empires will rise and fall, blood will be spilt, and men will be broken. What you do with power is your choice to make; your destiny is yours and yours alone to define. Create your own faction and make your mark on the galaxy.

How will you shape life after the Dominion?

YOU, the player, are in control

Anything is possible in the galaxy of Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion, and it is up to you, the player, to decide how you want to play.. Every action you take will impact someone, somewhere, in some way. Evolve your character to its ultimate potential, whether that is the accumulation of wealth, power, social status, or all three, in the realistic and futuristic world of FoTD, set forth in the 24th+ century.

Here are some basic scenarios that have occurred in the past with real players.

-> You are a criminal working to undermine the police from within. You spend a month working your way up through the ranks of the Law Enforcement Department while gaining the trust of everyone around you. However, you are secretly manipulating the faction members and attempting to destroy it internally, starting a coup.

-> You are a member of one of the largest corporations in the game, and that corporation owns half of the territory in the galaxy. You have a monopoly on all of the resources, and enemies do hourly attacks on your colonies in an attempt to capture them back.

-> You have just joined the game and know nothing about it. You pull out your gun and kill someone, trying to figure out how to play. That man is a leader of an enemy faction, and you have just started a war that will shake the very foundation of the game.

About the Game

In Face of Mankind, the gameplay mechanics are all based around the principle of player interaction, and is almost exclusively player driven.

1. Open Faction System: Our game is built around player interaction with a strong toolset for players to organize themselves. Any player can create their own faction, and from there the world is theirs to explore.

Players can be given ranks by higher ranking players in the faction, giving them access to more administrative tools and abilities.

There are also player-run departments within these factions in which players can be organized based upon their role in the faction. Some factions might have tactical departments and departments dedicated to production, while others may have departments dedicated to selling drugs or extortion.

2. No Grinding: While player progression is important, any system that forces players to mindlessly repeat the same task for hours is out of the question. Our game features a time-based skill system, which allows you to simply select the skill you want to progress and continue to play while it progresses.

3. No Classes: Face of Mankind features a broad skill system, rather than a very vertical one. This means that everything you progress is defined purely by your own interests, without any mechanically defined role telling you what to do. Theoretically, you could even have every skill in the game if you play long enough.

4. Player-driven Economy: Get immersed in the vast economy of Face of Mankind, complete with its own virtual currency called Universal Credits (also known as "UC" by the community). The economy bends to the will of the players, with all that they do defining the pricing and availability of items. Most items in the game are crafted by players and then auctioned or sold to others. The economy of Face of Mankind is that which would be expected in a living, breathing, virtual universe.

5. Open PvP/Active Combat System: Not wanting to conform to what everything else on the market is, our core combat system is that of a twitch-based first/third person shooter. Few places in the universe are safe, but we have systems in place to allow users some level of protection. Place a bounty on them if you feel wronged, and someone is sure to exact your sweet sweet revenge.

6. Persistent Universe: Our universe is vast, ready for the players to conquer. The game features a persistent universe where everything you do leaves a footprint long after you log off.

7. True Weight of Player Actions: Everything you do within the game comes with a consequence. These consequences cannot be escaped, and everything you do leaves a lasting impact on the game world. No argument or friendship will ever go unheard, and every experience will be different than the last.

8. Crime and Punishment: With the fall of the old dominion, came the fall of order. Now the law and punishment equally are up to your discretion as a player. Will you take over the prison colonies and declare your own police state across the galaxy, or will you become a ruthless bounty hunter who doesn’t care about anything, but the wealth that comes from order?

9. Territory System: The territory system allows factions to capture almost any area in the game world in the name of their faction. Once captured, the owning faction can place down objects to customize their new territory. These objects range from market vendors to slot machines and almost everything in between. Your factions name is also displayed upon owning the territory. Set taxes, remove access, drive conflict and milk the economy. It’s all up to you!

10. Roleplay: The most unique aspect of Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion is the way that these mechanics interact to create an experience unlike anything you have had before. While at first glance the game may seem relatively simple, once you immerse yourself in the game universe, you will never want to quit.

How to try the game
If you would like to try out Face of Mankind, you can play for free by registering an account on our website and downloading the game client for free through Steam. There is no time limit in regards to how long you can access the game like some other MMO's, but rather there are some functional limitations. We strongly recommend purchasing one of the above bundles/DLC options as they are better deals than on our website and it helps with development. Some of the differences between free and premium accounts are listed here: http://www.faceofmankind.com/content/comparison

Purchasing the game on Steam unlocks additional features and helps support the continued development of the game.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® XP or later
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible VGA card with pixel shader 2.0 support and 128 MB video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows® XP or later
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0Ghz Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 6600GT 256MB video card or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Helpful customer reviews
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This game is fun. Pure and simple. It is not going to be for everyone, however. Most of the negative reviews I'm seeing are people who didn't actually take the time to look around, explore, or even find the simplest of things. I'm guessing most of these reviews are being generated by people who are used to their hand being held during their entire gaming experience. This is not the case with Face of Mankind. I'm hoping to address some of the most common complaints here.

Common complaints found in negative reviews

Complaint 1: THERE'S NO ♥♥♥♥ING TUTORIAL!!!!11!1!ONE!1!

Answer 1: Yes. Yes there is. It's about a foot in front of you and to the left when you first spawn in. NPC, Orange name, black suit, blonde spikey hair. She will give you a quest that is the start of the tutorial.


Answer 2: Yes, it actually does. You just have to read what the NPCs are telling you. You can't just hit 'accept' to everything and expect to learn how to play the game.


Answer 3: There is plenty to do. Explore the universe, go mining, go alien hunting, go attack random players in a PvP zone, join a faction, go shopping, etc.

Complaint 4: Why should I have to join a faction to have fun?

Answer 4: Good to see you're getting more reasonable, imaginary player. You really don't. While many players will recommend it as the 'only way to have fun in FoM', it's not strictly true. For many players, myself included, that really is the only way to have fun. I don't think I could play the game without a faction, but I've seen many people having fun playing it solo, just don't expect to take and hold territory by yourself.

Complaint 5: Why do I have to sit through a hour long class when joining a faction?

Answer 5: Some factions do this to weed out people who are just trolls or spies, or are just plain incompetant. The point of many of these classes is also to help teach new players the basics of the game, as well as the basic functions of the faction that they are about to join. If you don't like it, don't join the faction. That just means that the class is doing its job.

Complaint 6: Random people kill me for no reason!

Answer 6: Yes, and? If you don't like to run the risk of being killed sit in Brooklyn and twiddle your thumbs all day. Going outside of the safe zone means you are a potential target. Don't like it? Do something to change it. Join a faction, look intimidating, kill other people first, whatever you want.

Complaint 7: The game doesn't work/launch/let me login/etc.

Answer 7: Not too sure what to tell you. Try the usual fixes, such as restarting the game, steam, your computer, etc. Reinstall the game. Check google for other answers, and faililng that, contact support for help.

Even if reading this doesn't convince you, or you are on the fence, remember, the game is Free to Play. Download it and give it a try. Be forewarned, the first bit of the game can be confusing and rough. It's something you have to get into and be willing to put time into. Talk to people in game, make friends. Try joining a faction, you can always leave it later if you don't like it.
Posted: July 21st, 2014
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The uninstall button works
Posted: July 20th, 2014
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I just spent the past hour walking between different NPCs to get a gun, found nowhere to use it, jumped in a hole and killed myself. 10/10, never again.
Posted: July 21st, 2014
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This game, although I've not played it very long, I have really enjoyed it. The tutorial isn't that difficult to follow, you just gotta read everything or you'll have no idea where you're going. After the tutorial, you are literally completely left to your own devices, you can join a faction, do PVP, trade, mine, create weapons and armour, and quite a bit more. There is plenty to do in a faction. I, for instance, am in a faction called the Buske Mafia, and we basically rob and/or kill people and trade stuff. Easy money, and it's always more fun with players. Oh, and there isn't really much in the way of PvE, 95% of your enemies will be other players. And that's what makes it fun.

Factions can do all sorts of things. There is the L.E.D (Law Enforcement Department) where you act like a policeman, theres the Peace Legion, which aren't exactly peaceful to be fair, there's Death Legion, who specialise in killing quickly...there is a lot to do in this game, you just gotta go find it first.

My rating? 8/10. Brilliant game so far.
Posted: July 22nd, 2014
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Once an excellent game, and still is. I am a veteran from a bit back whom played in FDC as a Mobile Infantry Corporal. Seeing the new players makes me think: Eghh.... Considering what they've questioned. Hope to get myself a faction setup to get back into the game. 9.5/10
Posted: July 20th, 2014
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Early Access Review
I'm writing this review finally as I'm never logging in to this game again. I got this on the Steam summer sale, got the premium pack with all it's extra monies and clothes and the underwater lair. The graphics are dated but whatever I saw that going in, this game was supposed to be about interaction. Well, here's the thing. I couldn't even finish the tutorial because there is this guy named Scumbag Steve (not kidding) and all he does is lurk around areas that new players frequent to finish their tutorial missions and kills them. There is essentially no punishment in the game for doing this. No police come for him, nothing. I didn't have any guns or armor, no way to defend myself. So I never even finished the tutorial, and in chat everyone online says "yeah basically that's what he does". So FoMK, until you deal with this type of player you will contine to see a revolving door of players not even getting through the tutorial before they just say "to hell with this, I haven't even had time to care about this game, so I'm never logging in again." You've lost this player, and by the emptiness of the game overall (the cities are just devoid of any players really, very disappointing, the videos are misleading, I saw no battles, just a few scattering of people standing around doing nothing here and there) I'm not the only one to stop in and quickly drop this game. There are a lot of good elements, but you gotta update your textures guys and deal with poachers.
Posted: July 3rd, 2014
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