A Tower Defence game, that actually allows you to sit inside the turret and come face-to-face with the enemies! Addictive strategy - action game, with loads of shooting and explosions! Nearing 2 MILLION DOWNLOADS!
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Release Date: Aug 22, 2014
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About This Game

****Award Winning Game****

A Tower Defence game, that actually allows you to sit inside the turret and come face-to-face with the enemies!

You are Commando Jack, the baddest, meanest, toughest soldier planet Earth has to offer, and it's up to you to save the world from alien invasion. Build a maze of towers to deal damage to the Aliens, and if that's not enough, jump into your turret and take those suckers down yourself!

"...unlike anything we've ever played before on our mobiles" — GameTrailers

"...deserve[s] attention." — GameZebo, 4/5

"It is just so satisfying to actually shoot at the enemies..." — 148 Apps, 4/5

Killer Features
• 46 Levels
• Campaign, Endless, Elemental, Mixed Game Modes
• 38 Upgrades
• 21 Weapons
• 3 Powers
• Multi-tier levels
• 21 Enemies
• 2 Mega Bosses
• UAV - Fly around the battlefield dropping grenades!
• Deploy HUGE nuke damage!
• Turret Ranking System
• Battle Technology upgrading system
• Tower defense with first-person-shooter gameplay. Totally unique.
• Stunning graphics, in full 3D.
• Create your own strategic tower maze formations.
• Tons of levels, hours of gameplay.
• Three stars to collect per level.

For more information or support, please visit www.colossalgames.eu

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • Processor: Less than 6 years old
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 133 MB available space
    • Processor: Less than 3 years old
    • Hard Drive: 133 MB available space
    • Processor: Less than 6 years old
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: April 20
Game for mobile, crossed over to Steam to put things simply. Not the kind of game you'd play on PC. Could be great on a phone however. This is not the place for it, nor is it the place for any mobile game.

* Fun in First person, haven't seen that in a Tower Defense game before.
* Lost of upgrade options for turrets.
* Instead of In-app purchases it has a GIANT Free Coins! Banner across the top you can get free coins daily.

* Giant banner across the top.
* In-game only achievements, no Steam Achievements nor cards.
* Poor graphics, as it was not designed for PC.
* Music is repetitive.
* Unable to customize many keybindings, some things don't even have keybindings.
* Overpriced, I wouldn't pay $9.99 for it on mobile let alone on Steam.
* Not to mention I can find better Tower Defense games on kongregate. For Free.
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Posted: March 18
Another mobile port hits steam!
And that with a ridiculous price! 10 euro?
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Posted: May 27
It is difficult to describe Commando Jack. I suppose the closest game I can equate it with would be Plants Verses Zombies, only with a Military fighting an Alien Invasion twist, multiple boards to play on, and an array of purchasable weaponry, designed to combat various threats. You earn coins by completing levels, which you are graded on similar to the 3 star level grading system on many Facebook games. You can spend those coins upgrading your weapons, to combat various alien threats. Each board has a different layout, and the layout changes and becomes more complicated depending on the difficulty setting you are playing at. The game allows for Easy play, which is fairly straight-forward and is recommended for the casual player, Medium, Hard, and Extreme, for only the most serious of gamers. You are tasked with stopping Alien threats, which come in the form of a portal, after which you must defeat waves of aliens, by placing weapons in strategic places to destroy the aliens as they advance from the portal. This game really took me by surprise and was a lot of fun to play. It is a very inexpensive game, fun, and easy to learn, so I would give it a thumbs up if it sounds like the sort of game you would enjoy. I don't think you will be disappointed.
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Posted: May 10
Android game

Commando Jack is an android port of the same game now on steam.

There is barely any story at all. Basically, aliens have invaded earth and it's up to Commando Jack to stop them.

Gameplay is a mix of tower defence and first person shooting. Each level starts you off on one side of the map with a turret, trying to defend against the alien invasion. You have limited time at the start to build towers and set traps for defences before the waves begin. Besides building defences you can also switch to your main turret and shoot the aliens via first-person. Enemy waves get more numerous and stronger as the level progresses. The aliens will move towards you main turret and try to destroy it, which results in a gameover should it happen. After each level, you will earn up to 3 stars depending on whether the enemy was able to attack your main turret or not. You also earn credits, which are used to buy/upgrade turrets at the store before each level. There are variety of aliens including snipers, tanks standards and elemental which all have certain strengths and weaknesses. A variety of turrets are also available including machine gun, rockets, mines, lasers and sand bags. One of the problems I found was that when you upgrade turrets' you don't know how the turret was improved as you don't get to see any statistics.

Graphics aren't great. The android history, shows off on the low detailed models for guns, environment, turrets (everything really).

Sound effects are quite poor. Weapons sounds are basic. Background music is forgettable. There is not voice acting in the game.

Unless this game is highly discounted, I recommend that you stay clear of this game. It's not that this game is terrible, its just that there are dozens of games which do a better job at representing the 'tower defence genre' and cheaper too.
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Posted: March 17
It was free..
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