Landmark is a world founded on the passion, talents and ambition of its community. Join this groundbreaking, social building experience. Work with the Development Team as we unfold the unprecedented potential of this world. Together.
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Release Date: May 13, 2014

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Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

ATTENTION: Landmark is in Closed Beta. That means we are still adding core feature sets and that updates are happening weekly. Everything in the game is currently subject to change, which includes the possibility of wipes.

Please make sure to read the Landmark Blueprint, which provides a list of planned feature updates and timing estimates.

We are using an Open Development process to create this game, which means that you are encouraged to interact directly with the development team via the Steam Community, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch and our Forums. If you are interested in helping to create a game from the ground up, Landmark offers that opportunity.

For more information on the Landmark development process, click
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"If you love EQ and sandbox building games this is a game for you, spend countless hours mining, building, crafting to your hearts content."

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December 4

Update Notes - 12/4/14

First off, as we approach our first holiday season in Landmark we'd like to say: Thank you!

  • As a token of appreciation, check your in-game mail for one of three special holiday outfits.
Starter Templates
  • All players have been granted sets of Starter templates, to get you building quickly
    • A set of Arcs, from 1 to 100 voxels in size
    • A set of Ovals, from 10 to 50 voxels in size (and one of a 100 voxel size)
    • A set of Triangles, from 1 to 100 voxels in size
    • Four sets of fonts (including one in the Landmark Style)
    • The Landmark Logo
    • A set of Angled lines
    • A set of Cylindrical Pillars
    • We've also included two Holiday templates: a Snow Globe and a set of Reindeer!
Competition Changes
  • We're making some sweeping changes to the way that Competition entries are submitted.
    • Competition entries are no longer submitted via a Template - they now use the entire claim.
    • Once you tag your claim, a Competition button should appear in the Claim Management UI (assuming there is a competition active)
    • Once a claim has been entered, it cannot be edited / deleted / foreclosed. It also no longer costs upkeep.
    • Once entered, the entry should be viewable in the Competition section of the Showcase.
    • Once the submission phase ends, other players can now vote on your entry.
New Material
  • Added a new material to your tray: Green Cloth.
New Props
  • Ogre Workshop Props
    • Intricate Chandelier
    • Intricate Lowback Chair
    • Intricate Round Table
    • Intricate Small Table
    • Oxidized Brass Mug
    • Oxidized Brass Carved Horn
    • Coiled Chain (Iron and Brass variants)
    • Curved Hanging Chain (Iron and Brass variants)
    • Straight Hanging Chain (Iron and Brass variants)
    • Large Iron Barrel
    • Brass Trimmed Basin
    • Plush Pillow (Turquoise, Deep Red, Hammered Gold, and Ivory variants)
    • Round Pillow (Turquoise, Deep Red, Hammered Gold, and Ivory variants)
  • Kitchen Props
    • The following props come in Copper, Stainless Steel, or Carbon Steel variants.
    • Large Stockpot
    • Medium Stockpot
    • Large Braiser Pan
    • Small Braiser Pan
    • Saucier Pan
    • Medium Stockpot Lids
    • The following props come in Apple, Blueberry, Blackberry, and Cherry Variants
    • Full Pie
    • Partial Pie
    • Slice of Pie
    • Toaster
    • Toaster with Toast
    • Microwave
  • Misc
    • Iron and Gold Lamp Post
    • Lastly, we've also created a Winter Holiday Tree.
      • This one should fit your rooms much better than a shrunk down tree prop from one of the biomes!
Crafting Window Improvements
  • As part of an on-going process to update and improve our UI, the Crafting Window has received a bit of a revamp.
    • In addition to new art and a cleaner, more streamlined look - the window now has a search function!
Bug Fixes
  • When attempting to place a claim on an invalid area (such as a cave) the message is much more specific now.
  • Barbed Armor will no longer react to fall damage.
  • You should no longer see incorrect / garbage text when viewing claims from the map.
  • Waypoints should no longer appear under the map when changing islands.
  • Chopping down trees should no longer take more than one click.
  • The Selection Tool should no longer unequip when using CTRL to enter Tweak Mode.
  • You can now properly grapple while gliding.

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November 25

November Updates

November 14:

  • Occlusion
    • This optimization should improve frame rates in areas around complex player-made voxel geometry and cave systems.
  • We've done a lot of behind the scenes work on Texture Atlasing.
    • This should resolve the issue with materials sometimes showing as dirt or something else entirely.
    • Textures that are closer to the camera are actually being displayed at a higher resolution.
    • This also fixed an issue that would sometimes result in a very long shutdown time.
    • PC's that are on the lower end of the Min Spec should see an improvement in performance when setting their Texture Quality to Low or Medium.
    • On the Development side, this opens the door for a significant increase in the number of materials we can use at any given time.
The first iteration of the keyword system is in! This system allows items and abilities to communicate with each other. This means that abilities will be marked with a keyword and items will have bonuses that apply only to abilities with the specified keyword.

Each ability on the already existing weapons has been marked with a damage type keyword that is reflective of its overall flavor. The keywords are as follows:
  • Soldier’s Blade is now [COLOR=#000000]Physical[/color]
  • Mercenary’s Staff is now Water
  • Slayer’s Bow is now Fire
There are several new temporary pieces of armor that are craftable for free on the Forge. These are gloves, helms (non-visible, sorry), and chest pieces. Helms and gloves are stat based items that grant base stats. Each chest piece has an associated helm and glove set.

Chest armors have major passive bonuses associated with them and many stats (some new). These bonuses can be keyword specific or generic and often times allow you to create a new style of play for yourself. The armors are as follows:
  • Battle-Forged Plate - Using a Physical Dash ability gives you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Health.
  • Barbed Armor - Opponents that deal damage to you are attacked back, taking (0.25 Offense + 5) damage. Can only be triggered every 1 second.
  • Blood-Soaked Leathers - While your Armor is at 0, your Critical Strike is increased by 100%.
  • Fiery Tunic - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using Fire abilities, but Fire spells cost 20% more energy.
  • Cloak of Quickness - Decreases your cool downs by 30%, but lowers your Offense by 15%.
  • Frost Coat - Each time you damage a Frozen or Snared opponent with a Water ability, they take an additional (0.05 * Offense) damage.
  • Pursuit of Power - You gain 10% Armor Steal, but your Armor is reduced by 20%.
  • Soldier’s Breastplate - Increases Offense by 55 when you are below 25% Health.
  • Slayer’s Vest - Increases Critical Strike by 200 when wearer is at full health.
  • Mercenary’s Robe - Scoring a critical strike instantly heals 25% of your maximum Energy. Can only be triggered every 2 seconds.
There are also many new accessories available on the Outfitter’s Table. These accessories are created to support the play styles that the weapons have and the play style changes that the armors promote.

The accessories are as follows:
  • Reinforcing Charm - Incoming Physical Armor heals also restore an additional 2%of your Health. Can be triggered once every 2 seconds.
  • Ring of Shielding - Scoring a critical strike grants you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Armor.
  • Liquid Iron Orb – Fire projectiles deal (Offense * 0.09) additional damage every 0.5 second over a 1 second period. Can be triggered once every 3 seconds.
  • Band of Flame - Fire attacks deal (Offense * 0.12) additional damage in a 5 meter radius around the target. Can be triggered once every 2 seconds.
  • Crystal-Shard Earrings - Water abilities lower the cool down of your abilities by 0.2 seconds.
  • Sigil of Piercing Cold - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using Water abilities.
  • Earrings of Precision – Your Offense is increased by 8% while using projectile abilities.
  • Excruciating Anklet - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using damage over time abilities.
  • Ring of Crushing Might - Physical attacks cause your target to bleed, dealing (Offense * 0.06) additional damage every 0.5 second over a 1.5 second period. Can be triggered once every 3 seconds.
Please check these out, test the different combinations and let us know what you think!

Flight on Claims
  • You can now fly on your claim, or any claim you have permission on! To enable flight, head to the Workshop and craft the “Builder’s Bauble of Flight.”
  • Click the item to activate Flight. While activated, you can use Space Bar to ascend, and X to descend.
Claim Expansion
  • We've increased the number of expansion claims you can have, from 5 to 8.
Notification Window
  • There is now a Notification Window that compiles all of your notifications (mail, upkeep reminders, etc.)
  • More important notifications (PVP Queues, etc) will still pop up in bottom right hand corner, in order to increase visibility
  • Festive Props
    • The holidays are approaching, so we thought you might like some decorations for your claim!
  • Ogre Doors
    • Added two new Ogre Props for your Workshop builds:
      • Intricate Wood Door (Left and Right)
      • Intricate Copper Banded Door (Left and Right)
  • Miscellaneous signs
    • Construction Sign
    • Stop Sign
    • Direction Sign

Modal Improvements
  • Added modal bars for prop placement / interaction.
  • Added button for Tilde (Change Mode)
  • Removed all of the tool hints from the right side, since the modal bar should cover all of those controls.
Bugs / Misc
  • Re-exported the icons for the Sci-Fi props to match their in-game tint.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grappling Hook location was too low when you grappled in.
  • Blocking and then unblocking another player from your Block list should now work correctly.
  • Added Control Hints on the map, on how to place Waypoints
  • The Halloween trophy should no longer flip when viewed at a different LOD.
  • Picking up a prop should no longer leave you in "Build Mode."
  • Pressing SHIFT with a Heroic Movement item equipped will no longer close all UI windows.

November 25:

This data will be live as of 11/25, 5AM PST.

Props (Rocks and Plants) that are found in the caves are now craftable on the Workshop!
  • Added 42 new props to the Workshop.
  • Also fixed a bug that was preventing the selection of Facial Hair on Males when in Character Create.

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“EverQuest Landmark Could Save MMOs”

“After An Hour In The Sandbox, We're Sold On The Potential Of EverQuest Next Landmark”
Game Informer

“Landmark is true to its name, allowing you, the player, to leave a lasting mark on the world”
Escapist Magazine

Welcome To Landmark!

Hello from the Landmark Development Team!

We’ve been working hard on Landmark and are excited to share it with the Steam community! Players are already creating spectacular objects and collaborating on massive building projects, all while being involved in the development process.
We’d love to have you along for the ride!

Founder's Packs Options

Landmark Offers Three Different Packs

  • Settler Pack - $19.99 – Includes unrestricted beta access plus exclusive in-game items
  • Explorer Pack - $59.99 – Includes all Settler Pack items plus several additional items not included in the Settler Pack
  • Trailblazer Pack - $99.99 – Includes all Settler and Explorer Pack items plus additional items not included is the Settler and Explorer Pack, such as 4 sharable permanent beta keys and your name in the Landmark Credits.

Purchase a Founder's Pack! Join us now, stake your claim and help build EverQuest Next!

Connect With the Community!

To stay in the know in Landmark, be sure to:

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About This Game

Landmark is a social building MMO that is currently in Closed Beta. Landmark lets you build anything you can imagine. In addition to building, the game will incorporate combat, survival and a procedurally generated world with endless content below the surface, plus much more. With Landmark's state of the art tools, you have unprecedented control over your creations. Additionally, Player Studio will allow players to submit their creations for possible inclusion in the in-game marketplace and share in the proceeds when their items are sold.

Explore massive Landmark worlds and claim territory, building materials and much more. See what your fellow players have created — and help them build!
This is your chance to help build a game! Build alone or in groups to create Landmarks. Join massive construction competitions and your creations could become a permanent part of the game. Also, selected designs players create will become fixtures in the EverQuest Next world.

We're utilizing Closed Beta to make development a collaborative process. Founder's Packs (Settler, Explorer or Trailblazer) grant you unrestricted access to the Landmark Closed Beta, so you can help create the world of Landmark. Additionally, each Founder’s Pack offers exclusive items you’ll only be able to get through purchasing a pack.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel i3 Dual-Core with Hyper-Threading (required)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 275 series or higher
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Please be aware that throughout Beta, we will continue to make adjustments and optimize system performance. As such, throughout Beta, these system requirements are subject to change.
    • OS: Windows 7 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel i5 Quad Core or higher / AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 560 series or higher / AMD HD 6870 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Please be aware that throughout Beta, we will continue to make adjustments and optimize system performance. As such, throughout Beta, these system requirements are subject to change.
Helpful customer reviews
161 of 181 people (89%) found this review helpful
85.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 26
Early Access Review
I love this game, but I am leaving Landmark - here is why.

Look its not that its a beautiful update of Minecraft, with powerful tools that can allow for so much creativity.

Its not that I am forced to wander the world and discover other players wonderful creations.

Its not that It looks so pretty I just have to crank my graphics even though it brings my computer to a crawl.

Its not that I dont enjoy being apart of a growing community that gets to create whatever they want, and have a lot of input in the game they want.

I have played 85.7 Hours of this game. I enjoyed pretty much every minute, but no matter how much I play the game, if my real life calls, which it often does, I am penalized for not playing the game.

NEVER in the history of my gaming life (20 years of 27 alive.) Has a game ever punished me for putting it down. If it is online, I get a bit further behind the other players, that I accept. If its offline, there is absolutely zero consequences, I just pick it back up. The only negatives to putting down a game is literally just not playing it.

Until Landmark. Thanks to Landmarks Claim system you have to pay upkeep, I get it. But here is where the punishment comes in. It can take upwards of an hour or two just to mine enough copper to last you a week or two. That is if you've played long enough to get the Claim Tariff Boost which means you can pay even further upkeep, so now two to for hours of minig.

So, while I was away letting my upkeep go, I now have to come back and spend all the free time I HAD to just BUILD something now on endlessly mining. Now I am not even doing what I PAID for from a game. And where does those 2-4 hours of my time go? Right back into my upkeep and back into SOE with me having nothing to show for that time except for my Claim getting to exist.

If no one sees the sick and twisted manipulation by SOE to get you constantly playing their game, then they are dense. It is one thing to make a game great enough that I never want to stop playing it. It is an entirely different and serious thing when a company builds in hooks that not only prevent you from doing what you want to do, but one that places consequences on casual gamers.

Basically this is like cigarette companies spraying their cigarettes with more nicotine. And in the age where Video Game Addiction has quickly become one of the leading addicitions in the WORLD, companies like SOE should be ashamed of themselves for publishing a game that literally forces you to play it OR ELSE!!!

My suggestion, Landmark needs an offline survival/sandbox mode, one that could still technically be linked up to the Gallery and Player Studio, but that allows casual players/builders/nonRPGers to get in and take hold of Landmarks awesome power without upkeep/claim deletion. If SOE does not do that, the community is going to shrink very quickly and turn quite ePeen.

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25 of 31 people (81%) found this review helpful
10.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 1
Early Access Review
I was hesitant to buy this. A game based solely on exploration with a Free To Play model sounded too good to be true, especially with the "unlimited player freedom and building". The game went on sale for 10$ one day and I just couldn't refuse. 10 gigabytes later I was greeted with a lame introduction video of the creater talking about all the benefits associated with "being a founder". Once again, this was just a cheap reward system for people who actually shelled out money for the overpriced founder packs that included mediocre content like a title or a "really cool pickaxe".
After grinding through my tutorial quests, I immediately set out to find a bare spot of land where I could place my flag and own the spot. I picked out a cool little area near the coast and set up my property. I let out a groan within 10 seconds of doing this because up popped the barrage of menus asking me to buy ♥♥♥♥ like furniture addons and designs. On top of that, my property had quite the fine. A daily rate of several gold. As a founder, I was given enough gold for approximatley 2-3 days maybe? Then after that, I'd either have to grind my ♥♥♥♥ off for gold or ... of course.... pay real life money. There is NO way to do this for free unless you spend literally your entire day grinding gold to be able to afford your property. If you fail to pay by the end of your due day, everything on your property vanishes and the spot becomes open again for some other sucker to claim it and shell out his life savings to keep the land. I knew instantly that this was the exact intent of the developers. It is clear to me why Sony bailed on "free" realms for this ♥♥♥♥ heap. They realized its scam wasn't as promising, so they ditched it and focused on this one.
I fooled around with the building system for the first and last time since I wasn't going to shell out money to pay rent for a patch of 3D acreage with creative mode enabled, then abandoned my home and decided to explore some. I wandered through the forests and deserts and coasts of this world. I met maybe 2-3 players, none of which talked. Other than that, I saw barren land and quickly grew bored and irritated with my wasted 10 dollars. I uninstalled it and never looked back. If you want to play a game that does this the right way, try Second Life. You can build stuff in it without arbitrarily paying rent every five minutes.
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27 of 41 people (66%) found this review helpful
8.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 22
Early Access Review
As it stands, there are a number of flaws that are keeping Landmark from really reaching it's peak. To begin with, the game appears to have not been optimized, so if you aren't 100% positive that your rig goes above and beyond the suggested specs (And even then consult the forums to be certain), wait until it is fully released, as the game is going to be free to play anyway. Laptop users should also be weary of overheating, I ran the game for a short time and it didn't take long at all for the fan to be pushing out extremely hot air.

In terms of gameplay, the camera controls are atrocious, as you have to click and drag to turn your camera even slightly, making it difficult to orient yourself, especially when your character moves so fast. An option to enable or disable mouse look would be much appreciated.
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9 of 15 people (60%) found this review helpful
21.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 27
Early Access Review
First two minutes into the game and already hit so many major bugs I can't help but want to turn away without even trying this game... Normally I would avoid ranting so soon after trying a beta product, but I can see clearly these devs arn't even trying. Pitiful, shameful and overbloated product, already regret buying.
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24 of 45 people (53%) found this review helpful
1.2 hrs on record
Posted: November 21
Early Access Review
Seriously though, since this game is still in early beta, actualy scratch that VERY early beta, the game requires massive ammounts of CPU and GPU power along with large ammounts of RAM (+6.00GB)
Okay sorry 'bout that
But seriously, for most games you dont need the recoment system requirements (If you want the recomended system requirements for this game read the store page xP) but you actualy need them. If not above them...
Looks like an amazing game, but is nigh impossible to play unless you have a very good computer/laptop
For me, I have 6GB of RAM, AMD A6, Radeon HD graphics and 64-bit OS w/ 64-bit Java
I couldent run the damn game. I opened it, got stuck at a weird loading screen with the logo and stuff, and fricking music. Like I was in a frozen loading screen with music playing. lol wut .-.
On the ONE time the game loaded for me, it instantly crashed, but guess what?
10/10 game of the year. -_-
Seriously though, in conclusion it looks like an amazing game, just make sure you can run it.
Enjoy! :D
Hope this helped, and have a snazzy penguin-tastic day everyone <3 :P
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79 of 100 people (79%) found this review helpful
10.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 21
Early Access Review
This game has a lot of potential. Beautiful Graphics, Nice Maps, Fun to search and dig for materials, Easy to build anything you like, Playable for the whole family.

Is it worth a buy? No. Not yet. It's not playable. Mainly because of two things: 1. Bugs and 2.Claim Land System.

1. Everytime i have played i ended up with a game crash. For example i had crashes when i did press M for the map or when i just quickly want to check something in the internet and switch back to the game: everything frozen.

2. First i tought the claim of the land is great. Thats why it's called Landmark i guess. But then it appears that i have to pay for my land with materials every day (300 copper per day per land claim). So if you are off for some days, it can happen that your land is gone and somebody else has it now. When in the first days all land on the server i played has been occupied and nice building were created, currently most of the land is wiped out - no nice buildings to see. That is very sad.

It has the potential to be a great game. Therefore I will come back and check it again later.
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37 of 57 people (65%) found this review helpful
15.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 21
Early Access Review
------General summary------
The game is very clearly under development.
Expect to find bugs. Performance issues. And expect things to update, break, and be fixed.
If those things bother you, wait for launch. Personally, I enjoy following games through the cycle and seeing them evolve.

This game currently reminds me of the early days of minecraft. Plenty of blocks. No monsters. all creative mode. The difference? This game does things a milion times better. I see huge potential here. Combat against monsters should be in by christmas as well.

Overall, I like the game, and would tell people to grab it on a sale. Or at the very least, only buy settlers pack. The others are not worth it unless you LOVE the game and want to support the team. But even then, buy a settlers pack and later upgrade depending if you like it.

-------------The Item Shop--------------
Pay to win!!!!

Not really.

Its more of a "Pay to play by yourself!" shop. Its for those people without friends. Or the people unable to make friends in the game.

I see tons of people playing this solo. An MMO themed/inspired game....being played a bad idea.

Let me put this in perspective:
Total resources gathered = (Party Size) x (Collected resource)

(2 players) x (10 dirt) = 20 dirt
Two players also = 1/2 the time to collect.

I saw a review of some guy crying about 10k of dirt being like $5.
I have played 2 days. Not full time. I work after all. And I have over 200k dirt. Without trying.
The friend I have been playing with also has over 200k dirt.
Together, we have over 400k of dirt.
(imagine if we played with a guild of players....)

Thats a ton of dirt.
If some1 wants to pay $5 for 10k of dirt. Go ahead.

Cash store like I said is geared towards solo players. These people generally dont even effect people in an mmo.

----------------The Grind-------------
Read above. Play with friends. There is no grind.

My advice though. Get the items for the ore locator and gem locator. you will probably find double the resources.

I have seen some amazing, completely awe bringing, jaw dropping creations. I have also seen piles of ♥♥♥♥...literally.

Obviously, there are very talented and not so talented people. But all the people can enjoy the creative mode.

As monsters get put into the game, traps, or other things. Player creations could turn into mini-dungeons and maybe have special loot as well. Who knows.

But so far, player made content is pretty good.
I dont see too much clutter. The crappy builds go away as those players dont really tend to their creation and it expires.

the nice builds last a long time, because those players care and try to keep them in game.

Looks like there are updates about 3 times a month. But only time will truly tell.

---------Final verdict--------------------
Game is good...with friends!
As a solo experience the game would "suck" or rather be too slow for my personal taste.

If you have a few people to play with. Or are good at making in-game "friends" this game is for you!

Remember kids. Buy Settler pack. The other packs are not worth it! bonus inventory is not needed. (it is less than 5$ in store if you really want the extra slots) And other items in those packs dont do anything!

You can always upgrade your settler pack later if you want. But once you buy a $100 trailblazer you are forever down that money and stuck with it. for most of the same content as the $20 pack.

Hope this helped.
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39 of 64 people (61%) found this review helpful
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 1
Early Access Review
If you live in China,don't buy this game!.REGION BLOCK
I wasted almost 1 hour to LOG IN TO MY ACCOUNT and only get error Wrong username or password.
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42 of 70 people (60%) found this review helpful
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 27
Early Access Review
After a few months of this being in "Beta" it still is a major major graphics hog. I have a pretty moderate to mid-high performance computer and this game generally runs in the 1-5 FPS range making it un-playable. Now, this seems to be a trend with SoE because SWG was pretty graphics intensive when it first came about. Now I hope for the sake of the game release they really take a deeper look into the graphical intensity of this game and figure out something to do to tone it down. There's no reason this game shouldn't be able to look just as good if not better than say Skyrim and not happy crappy FPS.

Verdict for now, on the judgement that I haven't even been able to play for more than 2 hours combined over several months because of the video lag issues, I have to say no right now.
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35 of 61 people (57%) found this review helpful
47.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 28
Early Access Review
This is a real review here. From a real game artist who used to work on small time projects like Endless Ages which I did some of the artwork within the game for the npcs, designs and models in my mid 20's. I'm not a fanboi, I don't kiss up to developers, I'm not a white knighter, I tell it like it is, I'm not a hater. I'm simply neutral on all the games I play. I don't feel that any game is the best. I believe every game has its flaws and nothing is ever perfect. If it was like that I think I would probably just sit and play Fallout for the rest of my life and not go out of the house. haha! Lastly, I'm definitly not a fan of most developers, companys, cash shops that are clearly p2w or any of that other profiteering crap. But I am also a gamer who realizes there is fair cash shops and that developers need to make some sort of income somewhere. :)

Anyways now that is out of the way I will start with the negative. First of all. I'm really lost for words here seeing as there is so many people on steam who have rated this game so poorly. I really don't understand what people really expect out of a game that is listed right on the front page "BETA", with people expecting a complete product with all the features working and implemented? What part of Alpha/Beta do people not understand? Even my two dogs here at home understand when their dish is half full they are not getting everything they wanted. lol

I bought this game for a cheap (30$) Yes cheap to me because I work for a living. I assumed it was not going to be that great after reading so many poor reveiws on here. But I found out myself the complete opposite. For a building game it's the most indepth one I've ever played. It does not hold your hand through the process either which I really enjoy as I like figuring things out on my own. I really hate how this generation of games is all catered too tipicle gamers who want everything done for them were players like me that like to think and do things on our own are left to play a hand holding game then finally leave it because lack of challange or that the game is simply too easy. I'm being realistic here when i say all this and I'll let you know strait up. The game obviously needs a lot of improvment that much is Very true, but a lot of gamers on steam need to really start educating themselves on what these games are and why they usually make it very clear not all the features are not in the game. Just because a PC game is not finnished, or it's unstable and has a lot of things missing from it does not make it a terrible game.

I see steam gamers time and time again on steam reveiwing games they shouldn't because they simply just don't understand or educate themselves on the concept of a development cycle is of any software or game going from an early access alpha to beta too finally a complete product. It's true also that this game Landmark has so many bugs, glitchs and problems it would make Goarge Lucas jump out of his underpants at night. Then probably get diarrhea after just at the horrible site of such scrambled programming code. But at the same time this should already be expected by experianced PC gamers. Unlike ol' Goargy :P

Anyways, I am quite impressed how indepth it is simply for something that is barley even 35% done. Yes like anything beta, the graphic optimation is absolutely terrible. Yes the game obviously is missing a lot of features. No the game has no sub fee. Blah blah blah. But it has a cash shop. If the rest of EQNext is going to be as indepth as this Building and Housing part of the game. I really think it's going to have a lot more potential then most of the crappy mmorpg's out now a days. God knows I'm in my mid 30's and miss the older mmorpg's were things actually indepth and required a brain to play without all the hand holding.

All I can say is try it for yourself. Don't be like me reading poor reviews on here because Like you I really didn't think it was going to be all the great. I actually avoided this game for so long because of all the negativity I read. But at the same time I realized most of what I read was complaining simply because people just couldn't understand the simple concept of what an incomplete game means before they bought it with a beta lable attached to it on the front page.

If you found this review helpful let me know. If not just tell me to can it. My name is Trash afterall :)

Cheers and much love from Canada!
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Posted: October 24
Early Access Review
I have come back to this game since my 650m gpu just wasn’t really up to running the game. Now with the 880m it runs very well.

So what do you do in the game? Well it’s a lot like Minecraft but not blocky. There is a lot to craft but the building tools have quite a steep learning curve. It’s not the type of game you can really just jump into but if you are willing to put the time in, you should be able to pick it up quickly.

Mining is a lot of fun in this game as voxels are used not blocks so it adds to the realism. Caves have also been added and they can be very difficult to travers unless you are equipped with a good grappling hook.

There are lots of areas to build on and many server and biomes to choose from.

It’s worth a look into and is updated a lot by the developers.

Read up on the YouTube building guides....this helps!
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Posted: October 20
Early Access Review
I highly recommend this game right now if you are interested in testing it. If you like minecraft and sandboxy building games, you will like this. It's promising to have some great custom content systems later on to go with the building, like custom NPCs, quests and dungeon making. But it is very much in development.It's already worth the price for the founders pack, to me, I've been looking forward to it for a long time, and it hasn't disappointed me too severely.

This game is in beta. It's a pretty rough beta. It has bugs galore. It has missing, unfinished, and clunky features. But there are INCREDIBLE things you can do with it already, and improvements are being made every day. The devs have been really interactive with the community, and are much more transparent and conversational than in any other beta I've participated in. And most importantly, the core ideas are shaping up to be really sound, it's really built around creating high-quality content, rather than having custom games be the red-headed stepchild they usually are.

Possible problem areas (if they matter to you. None of these are issues for me personally)
1. It is a content generation system for EQ Next.
2. There is a cash shop. It sells things.
3. It is moderately unstable and very unfinished in its current form. It's hard to tell where it will end up.

Sidenote, it seems like pretty poor form for Steam to build up reviews on a game that hasn't been released in its final form, unless they're going to have a separate download/section for the final version.
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Posted: October 19
Early Access Review
I really recommend this game after just a few hours, especially for those that play Planet Explorers and Minecraft.

I have a few points that I'd like to empasize:
1) The game looks amazing at times, not all the time yet, but look around at screenshots, this game can look great.
2) Gameplay is fueled by your imagination, just like Minecraft.
3) The Playerbase is nice. What little interaction with other players I've had is positive, very positive.

That said I do have a few specific things to say;
1) This is a 64-bit game, I have the feeling that it's because of the way the game works, the world mesh is too big to probably fit in less than 3 gigs of ram, and that's not including props, character models, and the game engine itself. If you don't have a 64-bit rig (running a 64-bit OS) Don't even bother, the game is too big for you to run. It's a scientifically proven fact...look it up.
2) 'Optimization' is NOT a thing with this game yet, it hogs memory and barely chugs along on my year old rig when anywhere near player made structures, granted they seem to be working on this A LOT...that and my rig is mid-tier, high-end rigs will run this without issue more than likely.
3) The game has BUGS, this really shouldn't be an issue if you realize that the game is just BARELY out of Alpha, but eveyone seems to be moaning about them like this thing is a fully released game, most will be squashed by Open-Beta when the game goes FTP.
4) It's Online-Only, Now normally I wouldn't say this is an issue, but in a building game like this, I'd really like to be able to work while away from the internet, this game doesn't have that option, and doesn't look like it's ever going to get it.

Overall, it's a good looking game with a bright future...If you have the rig to run it.
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Posted: October 25
Early Access Review
I bought this game, convinced it would be an awesome Sandbox game like Minecraft, but with Fable 3 like graphic.

For a time I was right in the above statement.

But seemly after coming back to the game to try out some of the new features etc. I was shocked to see how much the game controls and mechanics had changed.
Yes they made some improvements (Water being swimable, PvP in certain battleground phases, Caves, etc.) But what I play the game for is the construction of cities, towns, castles and keeps. All of this had changed much. With the new controls for the implementing of combat ''skills''. I was thrown back to a newbie stage where I had to alter some of the controls just so that I could write the name of my new claim with a capital letter at the start of it! It's become too specific in it's ''Voxels'' that the old scales simply makes this new stuff too hard to make anything syncronized.

I know it's in Beta and it's a fair deal. But this is a cry out to all of those who even thinks a second about buying this.

Don't! Wait till it's out of Beta. Believe me when I say this. As much fun I've had with this game this really isn't worth the high price yet.

I'd put this in the same branch as DayZ Standalone. It's broke and I bought it.
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Posted: October 12
Early Access Review
I love this game, only your fantasy set your bounderies.
There is nothing you cant do really, one down side is the COPPER, if you get a "clam" so you cna build stuff. you use COPPER as PAYMENT to keep your claim for max 14 days. ceach clam costs 300 copper per DAY. So if you dont have the copper you are forced to farm copper, and almost login every single day to keep your clam if you arent done making your landmark.

THe whole concept about building your own stuff is nice, but i need more decorations, traveling to other worlds to get materials, for building your house, landmark etc.

If you arent ready for FARMING dont get the game because that is mostly waht this gmae is about. FARMING recourses.
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Posted: June 26
Early Access Review
I enjoy it enough, I'm not very good at this creative stuff and the game doesn't seem to encourage me to get any better at it for long amounts of time. But the graphics are great and the music is very nice.

The updates are fairly frequent but there are some dry spells, there is a cash shop like it or not but I'd rather save my money for EQ Next.

The only down side that really hurts this game for me is the FPS, when I started it was giving me about 30 to 40 fps and I could live with that. As time went on that dipped to 10-18 fps and now hangs around 20 fps. If I were more involved in the game maybe I'd have the patience to deal with such low fps.

Also for me I play it on ultra but even if I put it to high I see no difference, I'm using a 680M Sli with a 3.2GHrz Ivy Branch Quadcore 20gigs of ram so I was expecting it to be heavy on my graphics card when on ultra but it leaned more heavily on my CPU. I heard that it will go multi threaded soon and that should help this game a lot.

If you are big on FPS and your PC isn't better than mine then check this game out on settlers pack but don't invest in anything more unless you can deal with either having crappy graphics with livable fps or great graphics with unlivable fps.

Over all the Settlers pack in the games current condition is worth it, the Explorers pack may not be unless you're on a Titan with a 4+ Ghrz Processor. Continuing with that logic obviously to me trail blazer isn't worth it either considering after you get trail blazer you still have an ingame cash shop to deal with.
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Posted: October 13
Early Access Review
I like this game not because of the content that it offers you. It isn't just digging and building like Minecraft. It has a completly different theme than that game. Also the 3D character models are looking really good. The only negative things I have to say are that there are some bugs in the game that appear often but before that it is still in BETA (Closed).
This is a great game!
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Posted: October 14
Early Access Review
This game is incredibly difficult to play right now. It's still in beta, but when they're making people pay to have a go on it, it could at least be optimized. I recently bought a new PC, and it's more than capable of playing this game judging by its requirements, but as of right now, I can barely run it past 10 fps even on the very lowest settings. I wouldn't recommend buying this game unless you're running a very high end gaming computer, or until they tackle the performance issues at least. But by then, it'll probably be free to play anyway, so. Just don't spend money on this.
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Posted: August 2
Early Access Review
this game is good but it need monster and other stuff to make the game fun to play. like a survival system to it.
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Posted: September 6
Early Access Review
ok first few hours review it seems like it has a vastly great potential but if you wana be great at it you gotr to memorize the keys to this game from switching to selection tool to build to in one quick motion tousing paint or line but other then that this game seems to be getting better and better at the time of writing this it just aquired its combat system and its that is gonna be a very exciting game the voxel system itself make it seem like with every hit you make your carving the world not just taking a chunck out of it like in minecraft your really making a impact and i just cant say enough to adequitley describe how good this game is and the creative possiblity is limitless.

-l ooks great
- sounds good
- server conectivity is solid
- voxcel's ftw
- camera control
- PTW (Pay To Win)
- upkeep costs on claims
- difficuly learning how to build


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