Landmark is a world founded on the passion, talents and ambition of its community. Join this groundbreaking, social building experience. Work with the Development Team as we unfold the unprecedented potential of this world. Together.
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Çıkış Tarihi: 13 May 2014

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Geliştirici ürün hakkında ne diyor:

ATTENTION: Landmark is in Closed Beta. That means we are still adding core feature sets and that updates are happening weekly. Everything in the game is currently subject to change, which includes the possibility of wipes.

Please make sure to read the Landmark Blueprint, which provides a list of planned feature updates and timing estimates.

We are using an Open Development process to create this game, which means that you are encouraged to interact directly with the development team via the Steam Community, Twitter, Reddit, Twitch and our Forums. If you are interested in helping to create a game from the ground up, Landmark offers that opportunity.

For more information on the Landmark development process, click
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Landmark - Settler Pack Satın Alın

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Landmark - Explorer Pack Satın Alın

Check out the Explorer Pack content here

Landmark - Trailblazer Pack Satın Alın

Check out the Trailblazer Pack content here

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"If you love EQ and sandbox building games this is a game for you, spend countless hours mining, building, crafting to your hearts content."

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25 Kasım

November Updates

November 14:

  • Occlusion
    • This optimization should improve frame rates in areas around complex player-made voxel geometry and cave systems.
  • We've done a lot of behind the scenes work on Texture Atlasing.
    • This should resolve the issue with materials sometimes showing as dirt or something else entirely.
    • Textures that are closer to the camera are actually being displayed at a higher resolution.
    • This also fixed an issue that would sometimes result in a very long shutdown time.
    • PC's that are on the lower end of the Min Spec should see an improvement in performance when setting their Texture Quality to Low or Medium.
    • On the Development side, this opens the door for a significant increase in the number of materials we can use at any given time.
The first iteration of the keyword system is in! This system allows items and abilities to communicate with each other. This means that abilities will be marked with a keyword and items will have bonuses that apply only to abilities with the specified keyword.

Each ability on the already existing weapons has been marked with a damage type keyword that is reflective of its overall flavor. The keywords are as follows:
  • Soldier’s Blade is now [COLOR=#000000]Physical[/color]
  • Mercenary’s Staff is now Water
  • Slayer’s Bow is now Fire
There are several new temporary pieces of armor that are craftable for free on the Forge. These are gloves, helms (non-visible, sorry), and chest pieces. Helms and gloves are stat based items that grant base stats. Each chest piece has an associated helm and glove set.

Chest armors have major passive bonuses associated with them and many stats (some new). These bonuses can be keyword specific or generic and often times allow you to create a new style of play for yourself. The armors are as follows:
  • Battle-Forged Plate - Using a Physical Dash ability gives you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Health.
  • Barbed Armor - Opponents that deal damage to you are attacked back, taking (0.25 Offense + 5) damage. Can only be triggered every 1 second.
  • Blood-Soaked Leathers - While your Armor is at 0, your Critical Strike is increased by 100%.
  • Fiery Tunic - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using Fire abilities, but Fire spells cost 20% more energy.
  • Cloak of Quickness - Decreases your cool downs by 30%, but lowers your Offense by 15%.
  • Frost Coat - Each time you damage a Frozen or Snared opponent with a Water ability, they take an additional (0.05 * Offense) damage.
  • Pursuit of Power - You gain 10% Armor Steal, but your Armor is reduced by 20%.
  • Soldier’s Breastplate - Increases Offense by 55 when you are below 25% Health.
  • Slayer’s Vest - Increases Critical Strike by 200 when wearer is at full health.
  • Mercenary’s Robe - Scoring a critical strike instantly heals 25% of your maximum Energy. Can only be triggered every 2 seconds.
There are also many new accessories available on the Outfitter’s Table. These accessories are created to support the play styles that the weapons have and the play style changes that the armors promote.

The accessories are as follows:
  • Reinforcing Charm - Incoming Physical Armor heals also restore an additional 2%of your Health. Can be triggered once every 2 seconds.
  • Ring of Shielding - Scoring a critical strike grants you a temporary shield equal to 5% of your maximum Armor.
  • Liquid Iron Orb – Fire projectiles deal (Offense * 0.09) additional damage every 0.5 second over a 1 second period. Can be triggered once every 3 seconds.
  • Band of Flame - Fire attacks deal (Offense * 0.12) additional damage in a 5 meter radius around the target. Can be triggered once every 2 seconds.
  • Crystal-Shard Earrings - Water abilities lower the cool down of your abilities by 0.2 seconds.
  • Sigil of Piercing Cold - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using Water abilities.
  • Earrings of Precision – Your Offense is increased by 8% while using projectile abilities.
  • Excruciating Anklet - Your Offense is increased by 10% while using damage over time abilities.
  • Ring of Crushing Might - Physical attacks cause your target to bleed, dealing (Offense * 0.06) additional damage every 0.5 second over a 1.5 second period. Can be triggered once every 3 seconds.
Please check these out, test the different combinations and let us know what you think!

Flight on Claims
  • You can now fly on your claim, or any claim you have permission on! To enable flight, head to the Workshop and craft the “Builder’s Bauble of Flight.”
  • Click the item to activate Flight. While activated, you can use Space Bar to ascend, and X to descend.
Claim Expansion
  • We've increased the number of expansion claims you can have, from 5 to 8.
Notification Window
  • There is now a Notification Window that compiles all of your notifications (mail, upkeep reminders, etc.)
  • More important notifications (PVP Queues, etc) will still pop up in bottom right hand corner, in order to increase visibility
  • Festive Props
    • The holidays are approaching, so we thought you might like some decorations for your claim!
  • Ogre Doors
    • Added two new Ogre Props for your Workshop builds:
      • Intricate Wood Door (Left and Right)
      • Intricate Copper Banded Door (Left and Right)
  • Miscellaneous signs
    • Construction Sign
    • Stop Sign
    • Direction Sign

Modal Improvements
  • Added modal bars for prop placement / interaction.
  • Added button for Tilde (Change Mode)
  • Removed all of the tool hints from the right side, since the modal bar should cover all of those controls.
Bugs / Misc
  • Re-exported the icons for the Sci-Fi props to match their in-game tint.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grappling Hook location was too low when you grappled in.
  • Blocking and then unblocking another player from your Block list should now work correctly.
  • Added Control Hints on the map, on how to place Waypoints
  • The Halloween trophy should no longer flip when viewed at a different LOD.
  • Picking up a prop should no longer leave you in "Build Mode."
  • Pressing SHIFT with a Heroic Movement item equipped will no longer close all UI windows.

November 25:

This data will be live as of 11/25, 5AM PST.

Props (Rocks and Plants) that are found in the caves are now craftable on the Workshop!
  • Added 42 new props to the Workshop.
  • Also fixed a bug that was preventing the selection of Facial Hair on Males when in Character Create.

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28 Ağustos

PVP Combat is Now Available!

Combat and Game Tables
• Ladies and Gentlemen... are you ready to rumble? Combat is now in Landmark, and we're starting with PVP.
• To engage in PVP, you'll have to join a Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, or Zone Control Game Table that is running on someones claim (or set up your own!)
• For a more detailed explanation on Combat and Game Tables, please read the detailed notes located here

New to this update, Movers are props that you can place on your claim that will fling, teleport, or generally move you about your claim as you see fit.

Spring Loaded Launcher
This prop will launch the user in the air, at a speed and angle that you specify! Right Click the object and select "Setup" to modify the settings.
Spring Loaded Flinger
This prop acts similarly to the Launcher, but is a two piece prop. The secondary piece can be moved and placed as you see fit, and acts as a landing spot. Simply place the Cube Object wherever you want, and when you activate the flinger, it'll propel you towards the target! You can also right click this object and select "Setup" in order to change the Height (angle.)
Translocation Pad
This is a prop that has two pieces, and can teleport the user from one piece to another. After initially placing the two-piece prop, simply right click one of the Pads and select "Reposition." Move it anywhere else on your claim, and when you walk over one of the Pads, it'll teleport you to the other pad!
Magical Platform
This is a three-piece prop, that acts as a moving platform. You can reposition the two end pieces to make the platform move in any manner that you want. Left to Right, Right to Left, Up and Down, Diagonally - you can even rotate the ends in any axis, which in turn rotates the pad as it moves!
These props can be crafted at the workshop.

Claim Management Overhaul

We've significantly overhauled the Claim Management window. You no longer have to open multiple windows to edit your claim, or pay upkeep - this is now an all-in-one solution that lets you easily manage everything in one window.
Press U to open Claim Management
On the left side, you can see all or your claims. Clicking on one of them will refresh the middle pane of the window with that selected claims information (no more separate windows!)
In that middle pane you can update your screenshots, change the claim name and description, and add tags. There is a tab on top of that middle pane that accesses the Security Settings.
The right pane displays the Upkeep information for all of your claims. Simply input the number of days you'd like to pay, and it'll tell you how much Copper or SC it will cost.
Speaking of SC, we've added the option for you to pay for your upkeep with Station Cash. The current cost is 10 SC per day, per claim.

Showcase and Player Studio Enhancements

You can now Follow players and tags within the Showcase!
On the My Store tab, click "Start Following." From here you can type in the name of your favorite creator, and start following them.
You can also decide to follow certain tags, and this is where you can really get specific.
For example, you could put in two separate tags: PVP and Castle. If you're just searching for these, you would get updates from anyone who submitted something with the tag "PVP" or "Castle."
However, you could also group tags together! So if you only want to get updates on "PVP Castles" then we would only update you when someone submits something that has BOTH of those tags.
Every 24 hours, we'll search for anything that has been successfully submitted to the Marketplace or Gallery, and send you an in-game mail with updates from your followed tags and creators. If you have your personal e-mail on file, we'll also send you an e-mail with the same information.

You can now bundle your Player Studio items together!
Bundling is a system that lets you bundle any approved Player Studio objects together into a single item that can be purchased from the store. This is obviously useful when you’re attempting to sell anything built with modular pieces, or even just to offer collections of your items at a single price point for convenience.
To bundle items together, go to MyStore.
You can only bundle items that have been submitted successfully and approved previously.
When bundling items, you will name the bundle, give it a description, and then add items from your MyStore list into the bundle.
Your bundle price cannot be lower than the total of all the item minimum prices contained within the bundle. Example: If I make an item and submit it to Player Studio, it will have a minimum SC price that needs to be charged. Let’s say I made an archway and the minimum price was 25SC. I list that item for 100SC individually. When I add it to a bundle, it will raise them minimum price of that bundle by the item’s minimum price of 25SC, not by the higher price you decided to charge. 10 such items added into a bundle would raise that bundle’s minimum price by 250SC.
Once a bundle is created, it is submitted through the regular review channels for content check. Once approved, you’re good to go!
You do not pay any additional Listing Fees for creating a bundle. The listing fees were charged already for the individual pieces.
You can create any number of bundles, but you can currently only actively list 10 of them at a time.

New Props and Material Changes / Additions

We've got some great Kerran themed props for all you Workshop builders!
Hanging Kerran Lamp
Standing Kerran Brazier
Hanging Kerran Lantern
Wooden Kerran Lattice
Rectangular Kerran Rug
Ornate Kerran Vase
Wooden Kerran Table
Wooden Kerran Lamp Post
Simple Kerran Stool (six colors)
Ornate Kerran Stool (six colors)

You can also now craft Proximity Mines. For more info on Proximity Mines see the Combat and Game Tables link above.

As a side note, we've also categorized our Prop Lists, since the list seems to grow every update!

Prop – Decoration
Prop – Furniture
Prop – Lightsource
Prop – Interactive

Added ten new colored Stucco variations, and sixteen new Burled Wood variations (light and dark tints to all current burled wood textures.) These should add some diversity to Kerran Workshop builds!
We've made the Glass Voxels more clear (it previously had a green tint) and removed the rippled texture from it.

For full update notes, visit the SOE Landmark forums here.

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“EverQuest Landmark Could Save MMOs”

“After An Hour In The Sandbox, We're Sold On The Potential Of EverQuest Next Landmark”
Game Informer

“Landmark is true to its name, allowing you, the player, to leave a lasting mark on the world”
Escapist Magazine

Welcome To Landmark!

Hello from the Landmark Development Team!

We’ve been working hard on Landmark and are excited to share it with the Steam community! Players are already creating spectacular objects and collaborating on massive building projects, all while being involved in the development process.
We’d love to have you along for the ride!

Founder's Packs Options

Landmark Offers Three Different Packs

  • Settler Pack - $19.99 – Includes unrestricted beta access plus exclusive in-game items
  • Explorer Pack - $59.99 – Includes all Settler Pack items plus several additional items not included in the Settler Pack
  • Trailblazer Pack - $99.99 – Includes all Settler and Explorer Pack items plus additional items not included is the Settler and Explorer Pack, such as 4 sharable permanent beta keys and your name in the Landmark Credits.

Purchase a Founder's Pack! Join us now, stake your claim and help build EverQuest Next!

Connect With the Community!

To stay in the know in Landmark, be sure to:

Like Landmark on Facebook
Follow Landmark on Twitter
Subscribe to Landmark's YouTube Channel
Follow Landmark Livestreams on Twitch
Visit Landmark's Official Wiki
Check out the Landmark Mobile App

Bu Oyun Hakkında

Landmark is a social building MMO that is currently in Closed Beta. Landmark lets you build anything you can imagine. In addition to building, the game will incorporate combat, survival and a procedurally generated world with endless content below the surface, plus much more. With Landmark's state of the art tools, you have unprecedented control over your creations. Additionally, Player Studio will allow players to submit their creations for possible inclusion in the in-game marketplace and share in the proceeds when their items are sold.

Explore massive Landmark worlds and claim territory, building materials and much more. See what your fellow players have created — and help them build!
This is your chance to help build a game! Build alone or in groups to create Landmarks. Join massive construction competitions and your creations could become a permanent part of the game. Also, selected designs players create will become fixtures in the EverQuest Next world.

We're utilizing Closed Beta to make development a collaborative process. Founder's Packs (Settler, Explorer or Trailblazer) grant you unrestricted access to the Landmark Closed Beta, so you can help create the world of Landmark. Additionally, each Founder’s Pack offers exclusive items you’ll only be able to get through purchasing a pack.

Sistem Gereksinimleri

    • OS: Windows 7 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel i3 Dual-Core with Hyper-Threading (required)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 275 series or higher
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Please be aware that throughout Beta, we will continue to make adjustments and optimize system performance. As such, throughout Beta, these system requirements are subject to change.
    • OS: Windows 7 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel i5 Quad Core or higher / AMD Phenom II X6 or higher
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX 560 series or higher / AMD HD 6870 or higher
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Please be aware that throughout Beta, we will continue to make adjustments and optimize system performance. As such, throughout Beta, these system requirements are subject to change.
Yararlı müşteri incelemeleri
8 kişiden 5 tanesi (63%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 77.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 10 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Landmark is about building things and making the best looking base you can....however this game is REALLY laggy even on the lowest make sure you got yourself a good computer....But i have to say....its fun and its worth it, Expecially if you like minecraft and games like that. Mine up your resources and make the best base you can.
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
12 kişiden 7 tanesi (58%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 302.3 saat
Yayınlanma: 4 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Love love and loooove for that game! Even if its more a program where people can create buildings and their own content... cause it has none (except building for competitons for the game everquest next) ... but if you love building and being creative and you want to have a awesome community ( cause people who play landmark are a 100% lovely supportive and awesome people) then get it! you could spent hours and hours in it!!!
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
16 kişiden 9 tanesi (56%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 8.7 saat
Yayınlanma: 22 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
As it stands, there are a number of flaws that are keeping Landmark from really reaching it's peak. To begin with, the game appears to have not been optimized, so if you aren't 100% positive that your rig goes above and beyond the suggested specs (And even then consult the forums to be certain), wait until it is fully released, as the game is going to be free to play anyway. Laptop users should also be weary of overheating, I ran the game for a short time and it didn't take long at all for the fan to be pushing out extremely hot air.

In terms of gameplay, the camera controls are atrocious, as you have to click and drag to turn your camera even slightly, making it difficult to orient yourself, especially when your character moves so fast. An option to enable or disable mouse look would be much appreciated.
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
26 kişiden 14 tanesi (54%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 1.2 saat
Yayınlanma: 21 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Seriously though, since this game is still in early beta, actualy scratch that VERY early beta, the game requires massive ammounts of CPU and GPU power along with large ammounts of RAM (+6.00GB)
Okay sorry 'bout that
But seriously, for most games you dont need the recoment system requirements (If you want the recomended system requirements for this game read the store page xP) but you actualy need them. If not above them...
Looks like an amazing game, but is nigh impossible to play unless you have a very good computer/laptop
For me, I have 6GB of RAM, AMD A6, Radeon HD graphics and 64-bit OS w/ 64-bit Java
I couldent run the damn game. I opened it, got stuck at a weird loading screen with the logo and stuff, and fricking music. Like I was in a frozen loading screen with music playing. lol wut .-.
On the ONE time the game loaded for me, it instantly crashed, but guess what?
10/10 game of the year. -_-
Seriously though, in conclusion it looks like an amazing game, just make sure you can run it.
Enjoy! :D
Hope this helped, and have a snazzy penguin-tastic day everyone <3 :P
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6 kişiden 3 tanesi (50%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 18.5 saat
Yayınlanma: 11 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
the only problem i have is that it is running off the cpu for graphics
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
3 kişiden 1 tanesi (33%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 85.7 saat
Yayınlanma: 26 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
I love this game, but I am leaving Landmark - here is why.

Look its not that its a beautiful update of Minecraft, with powerful tools that can allow for so much creativity.

Its not that I am forced to wander the world and discover other players wonderful creations.

Its not that It looks so pretty I just have to crank my graphics even though it brings my computer to a crawl.

Its not that I dont enjoy being apart of a growing community that gets to create whatever they want, and have a lot of input in the game they want.

I have played 85.7 Hours of this game. I enjoyed pretty much every minute, but no matter how much I play the game, if my real life calls, which it often does, I am penalized for not playing the game.

NEVER in the history of my gaming life (20 years of 27 alive.) Has a game ever punished me for putting it down. If it is online, I get a bit further behind the other players, that I accept. If its offline, there is absolutely zero consequences, I just pick it back up. The only negatives to putting down a game is literally just not playing it.

Until Landmark. Thanks to Landmarks Claim system you have to pay upkeep, I get it. But here is where the punishment comes in. It can take upwards of an hour or two just to mine enough copper to last you a week or two. That is if you've played long enough to get the Claim Tariff Boost which means you can pay even further upkeep, so now two to for hours of minig.

So, while I was away letting my upkeep go, I now have to come back and spend all the free time I HAD to just BUILD something now on endlessly mining. Now I am not even doing what I PAID for from a game. And where does those 2-4 hours of my time go? Right back into my upkeep and back into SOE with me having nothing to show for that time except for my Claim getting to exist.

If no one sees the sick and twisted manipulation by SOE to get you constantly playing their game, then they are dense. It is one thing to make a game great enough that I never want to stop playing it. It is an entirely different and serious thing when a company builds in hooks that not only prevent you from doing what you want to do, but one that places consequences on casual gamers.

Basically this is like cigarette companies spraying their cigarettes with more nicotine. And in the age where Video Game Addiction has quickly become one of the leading addicitions in the WORLD, companies like SOE should be ashamed of themselves for publishing a game that literally forces you to play it OR ELSE!!!

My suggestion, Landmark needs an offline survival/sandbox mode, one that could still technically be linked up to the Gallery and Player Studio, but that allows casual players/builders/nonRPGers to get in and take hold of Landmarks awesome power without upkeep/claim deletion. If SOE does not do that, the community is going to shrink very quickly and turn quite ePeen.

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1 kişiden 0 tanesi (0%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 90.9 saat
Yayınlanma: 10 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
14 kişiden 6 tanesi (43%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 355.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 2 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Landmark is an awesome game its fun xploring even bulding and pvp with players or friends i recommend the game its worth the money
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
4 kişiden 1 tanesi (25%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 1.1 saat
Yayınlanma: 1 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
It looks like a really great game, but I have a really ♥♥♥♥ it runs ♥♥♥♥ as well. There should really be more optomization for my kind of people(the ones who don't have great GPU's). If your like me, don't get the game. But if your not, and you like creating things(don't get me wrong, I do too!), this game is for you. Even though I have barely played this game, if it can finally run better for me I would be very happy. Currently: 6.9/10.0
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
2 kişiden 0 tanesi (0%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 8.2 saat
Yayınlanma: 30 Ekim
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
This game is phenomenal. I read the other reviews before buying the founder pack for $5 and it was well worth it. You can play this game without having to buy anything and build whatever you want. The detail, mechanics, and graphics are well worth it. I would recommend.
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
2 kişiden 0 tanesi (0%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 29.6 saat
Yayınlanma: 24 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Cant recommend this game anymore. The dev change the game badly. PVP is not loved by everyone. World are empty lifeless...
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
23 kişiden 10 tanesi (43%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 9.7 saat
Yayınlanma: 29 Ekim
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
ACHTUNG: nur 64bit

Bei 32bit Läuft nichts

ATTENTION: only 64 bit

For 32 bit nothing Runs
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
11 kişiden 4 tanesi (36%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 20.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 1 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
do not buy this ... unless you wanna spend hours trolling through forums just to be ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ted into waiting weekks for an update to make it playable.... check out SOE and you will see the tyrinny that is sony .... its not even playable
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
7 kişiden 2 tanesi (29%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 4.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 31 Ekim
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Honestly, it's just boring. The grind of an MMO, and the buildings feel like glorified objects built in SPORE, weird ♥♥♥ objects hanging partially in the air, randomly filling the world.
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
7 kişiden 1 tanesi (14%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 1.9 saat
Yayınlanma: 31 Ekim
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
well as it stands..... iv been watching this game for a while now and i finally decied to buy it.... well guess what... everytime i log in it kicks me out.... idk if iv done something wrong idk if its just the computer im on. i have no clue i hope that im not the only one having this problem, however i know i dont have the best computer but it can hold its ground and i cant stay ingame for even 1 min without it kicking me out thats sad.... idk much about computers but if i can play elder scrolls on my computer this game should be no problem am i right?
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
16 kişiden 4 tanesi (25%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 1.8 saat
Yayınlanma: 29 Ekim
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
It's only a beta but I expected more.
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
10 kişiden 0 tanesi (0%) bu incelemeyi yararlı buldu
kayıtlarda 6.0 saat
Yayınlanma: 8 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
i just waseted my monney it wount let me play because my computer isent good I WANT MY MONNEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bu inceleme yararlı oldu mu? Evet Hayır
kayıtlarda 11.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 20 Kasım
Erken Erişim İncelemesi
Anlayana Güzel ..
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kayıtlarda 55.4 saat
Yayınlanma: 2 Kasım
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Bad I had not found this game before.
During my first hours in this game I was totally amazed by buildings other players made.

+ Great developers and great community.
+ Nice music and atmosphere.
+ You can ask any questions on their forum directly to SOE stuff.
+ Lot of different resources, crafts, harvesting etc.
+ Also there is roadmap published which looks very promising.
+ Earn real cash selling templates on the marketplace.
+ Possibility to build almost anything.
+ You can search in the net for free beta keys(!).
+ Looking forward to play EverquestNext.

+- PvE coming soon.
+- Gaming cycle coming at the end of 2014 (mid December).
+- There is some tiny bugs from time to time but not even critical.
+- Must have a mid+ PC to enjoy graphics.
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kayıtlarda 58.9 saat
Yayınlanma: 5 Kasım
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It has updates most months and the things you can do within the game are amazing :) its a amazing game for makers of all sorts! invest the game and you'll show everyone what you've got! worth the buy
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