Western Germany, March 1964... The last Great War rages on. Madness at the front lines. Men butchering each other. War-torn Europe stands ripped apart by a front line that runs straight through the heart of Germany where American and Western European troops battle against enemy forces.
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Veröffentlichung: 25. Okt. 2002

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“The story is what really what makes Iron Storm rock!”
94% – Gamezilla!

“Will satisfy that itchy trigger finger you've been needing to unleash.”
80% – IGN

“If there were a category for set design and creativity, this game would be one of the forerunners for most creative of the year.”
75% – Game Over Online

Über dieses Spiel

Western Germany, March 1964... The last Great War rages on. Madness at the front lines. Men butchering each other. War-torn Europe stands ripped apart by a front line that runs straight through the heart of Germany where American and Western European troops battle against enemy forces. An eternal war seemingly with no end in sight. Opposing forces mercilessly attack with unrelenting force, claiming small victories one day only to lose them the next.

As Lieutenant James Anderson you must infiltrate and destroy key enemy positions deep behind enemy lines. If successful, your mission could finally put a stop to the carnage and restore what everybody has long since forgotten about: peace.

Inspired by real-world events and elements from WWI, WWII and modern warfare, Iron Storm brings the carnage!

  • A cross between a shooter and an adventure game that has you asking… what would the 1960s have been like had WWI never ended.
  • The fighting isn’t just on the ground… watch as the stock market directly impacts the fight
  • Six non-linear levels that require you to visit certain sections repeatedly with multiple ways to complete objectives
  • Solve puzzles, use stealth and cunning skills and shoot it out in single and multiplayer action
  • Find yourself in the trenches of WWI with environmental elements like barbed wire fences, bunkers, mines, gas warfare and snipers
  • WWII comes to life as you use and battle automatic weapons, radar, tanks and flame throwers
  • Modern-day warfare is not missed though as helicopters, lasers, electronics and more will have you wishing you were back in your mama’s womb


    • Betriebssystem: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Prozessor: 1 GHz
    • Arbeitsspeicher: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafik: DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Speicherplatz: 1 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
    • Soundkarte: DirectX compatible Sound Card
    • Zusätzliche Anmerkungen: Mouse, Keyboard
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Verfasst: 15. April
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<2>Recommended on heavy discount/bundle (1-2€)

Iron Storm is a fictional semi-futuristic world war fps released in 2002. Although it had its issues back then and still cannot be crowned as the king of shooters or any kind of video games, still, IS is able to grant a few hours of brainless fun.

The graphics are acceptable, I do not have the urge to throw up every few minutes. It is ugly, but still does not stand in the way of gameplay thanks to the overall simple design. The movement and geometries are blocky, but someone who had the most fun with the first two Call of Duty games I found it comfortable. Other than that the shooting is pretty basic, does not tries to be realistic, or anything. There is not any kind of iron sight, so it mostly has the feel of an old Counter-Strike title. There are multiple types of weapons with a few for each slot, one can be carried for each at a given time. The usual stuff is there like a knife, a simple and a heavy machinegun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, etc. Life is not replenishing itself, the collection of medical bags are required which gives some kind of resource management regarding the use of these packs. A third-person view is also available, which is mostly useful for special tasks like stealth. The maps are pretty simple too, with corridor-like pathways and a few hidden places and shortcuts. The game has a few dedicated sequences when I was forced being stealthy. These are frustrating and pointless in my opinion, but they are pretty simple and straightforward fortunately. Spawn points and timestamps can also be a source of frustration, but with the quick-save option, they can be exploited and expected. Later levels have a few harder parts where there is a need for retry because certain enemies are spawned or placed in a location where there is not much room making them even more dangerous. For example I found an enemy soldier with a rocket launcher in the sewers while had about 8 others in my back.

Overall, the game is flawed but ultimately fun to play. As I played through most of the similar games made in the early 2000s (mostly utilizing the quake engine), I like to have something "fresh" in my hands. As for that Iron Storm is a decent shooter and brings back some of the nostalgic moments of other, better titles.

My Opinion:
OVERALL: 7.0/10
Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 7/10
Sound: 6/10
Replay Value: 7/10
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Verfasst: 15. Dezember 2015
Lt. James Anderson Dies a Lot - the Game
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Verfasst: 27. November 2014
Ich kann das Spiel leider nicht empfehlen.
Ich habs etwa 2,5 Stunden gespielt und eigentlich war es bis dahin ok.
Die Grafik ist ok, aber es gibt sehr wenig Texturen bzw. Objekte. Kaum Bäume oder Steine, geschweige denn Spuren von Ziviliastion. Gameplay orientiert es sich an Klassikern und ist typisch wie ein Spiel von damals. Allerdings frag ich mich was die Pistole vom Anfang soll? Diese bekommt man mit 10 Schuss in die Hand gedrückt, wenn man klug ist findet man noch schnell eine sniper mit 5 Schuss und dann muss man in den Krieg ziehen. Wär ja toll, bloss habe ich in diesen 2,5 Stunden keinen einzigen Schuss für meine Pistole dazubekommen. Jedoch kann jede Waffe gegen eine andere desselben typs(pistole,gewehr) getauscht werden. Naja und die Story ist eher mangelhaft bis schlecht, obwohl mich die Szenerie am Anfang angesprochen hat.

Achja, was hat mich jetzt endgültig zum Aufhören gebracht? Naja ich kam in einen schmalen Gang in einem Bunker und was postieren die Entwickler da ernsthaft? Einen schwer gepanzerten Zwischengegner mit scheinbar massig Leben und das auf normal? Hey ok, wär ja noch machbar gewesen aber schonmal versucht auf einem 1 Meter breiten Gang ner Rakete auszuweichen, insbesondere dass der Typ etwa jede halbe sekunde eine Neue abfeuert?
Sehr nervig ist auch, dass Steam das Spiel scheinbar nicht erkennt und sogar sich auf offline stellt wenn man es startet, jeglich die ersten 10 sekunden werden erkannt. Ihr könnt euch ausmalen,wie oft ich das Spiel starten musste, um die 5 Minuten fürs Review zusammenzukriegen...

Grafik is Mittelmaß für damalige Verhältnisse, die Entwickler waren hier scheinbar ein bisschen faul. Die Story ist eher langweilig und wirkt ziemlich unlogisch und manche Waffen und Passagen sind einfach nicht wirklich durchdacht worden.
Für das Geld lässt sich generell ein neueres Spiel kaufen oder wahre Klassiker wie z.B. Half-Life 1

Zum Abschluss(wie in allen meinen Reviews) poste ich hier meinen LP Kanal, auf dem ich auch manchmal nette Titel(insbesondere Indies) vorstelle: https://www.youtube.com/user/lightfire777
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Verfasst: 13. August 2014
War... war never... ends?
"Iron Storm" is great example of alternative history, which has qualitatively-performed details of "turning point" and aftermath Little portion of lore - it takes the real history of baron Nikolai Robert Max Baron von Ungern-Sternberg (in-game - baron Nikolai Aleksandrovitch Ugenberg) and uses it to turn story of First World war in another way - Revolution in Russian Empire was crushed, new regime smashed Deutsches Kaiserreich and was ready to reach shores of Atlantic. Entente was reformed to United States of Western Europe to resist new Russian-Mongolian Empire for fourty years. Endless war is source of capital - there's stock-market, which is functioning on weapon-trade, so every event in the warfront (and in the rear) affect on stock indexes. Investments, advertising - all of these become "gears of war"... or its fuel. Paradoxal sutuation, when even soldiers can make investments in company, which produces arsenal of their elimination.
Fabula of game's storyline is simple - Empire is ready to start produce fundamentally new type of weapon - not infantry weapon, but weapon of mass destruction (closer to game's final it can be identified as nuclear). Main character, as veteran of this war (fighting practically for 21 years) and professional commando, get order to destroy manufacture of this weapon and get its sample. So, lieutenant Anderson must pass frontlines and reach military object in the deep of enemies rearward.
First World war in 1964 is kilometers of trenches, crossing former Reich and full of infantry with semi-automatic and full-auto weapon, hunting snipers, pillboxes with machinguns, roaring artillery, barraging helicopters and crawling tanks. And infiltration behind enemy lines means breaches through trenches, assaults of heavy-guarded positions, cleaning of bunkers, hide-and-seek with heli's and assymetric duels with awkward tanks.
In gameplay-terms that means variety - variety of situations, which we can solve with variety of arsenal - technical progress of this war help us to react on all types of threats, using knife or silenced pistole for careless soldiers, automatic rifle and trench-gun for CQC, semi-automatic rifle or sniper rifle for long range contacts, RPG's for war machines and sorts of special weapon and grenades for special situations (as tribute to essence of real WWI here exist grenades with mustard gas). Role of commando helps player to meet face to all faces of this war. And this role obliges him to be careful too - enemy is dangerous and even one soldier (and even cook!) can kill you, if you're not ready to kill him - you must be ready to shoot, cover, find ways to victory. Game uses health-system, but there're enough amount of medkits to not turn game in S/L-carousel.
There're different quasi-realistic details, that pretty good work for game's atmosphere - first of all, that's one of games, where you can see your body in FPS-mode - trifle, but pleasant trifle! Furthermore, inventory of character is not a black hole, where player can hide crate of machineguns and pair of RPG's - it consists of knife, pistol (silenced or machine-), trenchgun, sniper rifle and sort of heavy weapon (automatic/semi-automatic rifle, heavy machinegun or RPG/grenade launcher). And you can see all arsenal on model of your character - behind back, on hip, in holster and scabbard. Health-system is simple, without delineation of damage, but it's compensated by ability of your enemies to bring that damage. Well, abilities of enemies - their AI - are good. That's no level of "F.E.A.R.", for sure, but they can suppress you with fire, use grenades, retreat and cover.
Returning to the storyline as part of game - well, this is game of great atmosphere. Little dialogues of soldiers, that can uncover some sides of life in the world of endless war, transmitters with TV-broadcasting, that help to understand situation around you, terminals with orders, cautions or diaries... all of that make "Iron Storm" not just simple meat-shooter, but ticket to another world with it own life. And yeah, separate gratitude to developers for game's sound! When they had given voices to game's characters, they used authentic languages, so soldiers of Ugenberg's Empire speak on good russian and deutsch - there're no grammar or context mistakes, no accent. What about ambient sound - exploding shells, echo of gunfire - well, there're no problems.
Simple fabula of storyline will blossom with few intriguing twists. And yes, what I said about variety of in-game situations, means variety of game locations too. It's not only about trenches and bunkers (despite of fact, that these trenches are good made) - there are streets of german town, large scientific complex, wagons of armored train and... something more. Somebody can call them linear, but there's fact, that often enough you must find way to your goal, trying different variants.
Well, it looks, that I must draw a line to all this massive of different objective and subjective facts. "Iron Storm" feels differently: there are rough of fire contacts, cold of silent slicing of enemy's throat, rage of machine gun fire, fear of meeting with steel beasts - and of all of these is mixed of joy, which is called by delicious execution. It's game of great story, that gives you opportunity to breathe smoke of fire, devouring world, which could be our world.
At least, this is game, where you can meet face to face with german sturmpioneers, siberian elite specialists or heavy tank UG-III - and win.
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Verfasst: 25. Oktober 2014
I've read a number of reveiws of this game, mostly negative. Quite frankly I don't understand why. I've owned the disk version of this game for some time now and have played it nearly a dozen times. It is what I like to call one of my "perennial favorites", or more specifically, one of those games I play every couple of years. Now having picked it up on Steam for a mere $1.03 I'm enjoying it yet again.
Iron Storm has immersive atmosphere, cool weapons and satisfying, challenging combat. The story, while nothing particularly original manages to drag me in and keep me there. You embark on a seemingly simple objective but circumstance makes the goal anything but simple. There are some tricky parts that leave you wondering what you are supposed to do or where to go but they are few and once figured out pose no problem.
The level design is quite good for a straight forward shooter with some good indoor and outdoor combat. Graphics are dated but pleasing enough. Sound, especially ambient noises are quite good, as is the voice acting, what little there is.
One of the biggest complaints was the ending, I won't spoil it for you but I felt it was one one of the best conclusions to a game I've had the pleasure to experience, one that fit aptly the somber and dark mood that prevails throughout the game.
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