Epic Space is a Third Person Action MMO featuring unique voice communication, emergent gameplay, and twitch-based combat on a single shard. There is one persistent sandbox/universe, shared by the entire world. Players earn reputations for completing orders, securing objectives, recon and team play.
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Data lansării: 8 mai, 2014

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Joc cu acces timpuriu

Primește imediat acces și implică-te în testarea jocului pe măsură ce este dezvoltat.

Notă: Acest joc aflat în Acces Timpuriu se poate schimba sau nu pe viitor. Dacă nu ești dornic să-l joci aşa cum este el acum, atunci ar trebui să aștepți ca să vezi dacă jocul va ajunge într-un stadiu mai avansat al dezvoltării. Află mai multe

Ce au de spus producătorii:

De ce Acces Timpuriu ?

“We're attempting to develop a Single Server MMO. We're looking for like minded players who can give us their thoughts and help us shape the game into something fun and stable.”

Aproximativ cât timp se va afla acest joc în Acces Timpuriu?

“We aim to completely leave the Early Access program in 2017.”

Ce diferenţe vor fi între versiunea completă, finală şi cea aflată în Acces Timpuriu?

“We're aiming for AAA polish when we release. There may be bugs in the current version and future updates could upset our plans further. However, testing with a large user base will help us to achieve our desired level of polish faster.”

Care este starea actuală a versiunii aflate în Acces Timpuriu?

“Currently there are two separate areas to explore. Various modules and weapons, but limited ships. We're actively developing the new "Squadron" feature. This will allow players to earn XP and ship bonuses when players fly together. We plan to add planets, more ships, and features this year.

Epic Space is currently in an alpha state. The 2D version has been retired but is still available to ALL players.”

Va avea jocul aflat în Acces Timpuriu un preţ diferit faţă de versiunea finală?

“The full version will retail at $29.99 USD. We also have to look into funding future updates post release. We're looking at implementing a system where supporting this MMO will reward players with cosmetic items that doesn't affect game play in any way.”

Cum doreşti să implici comunitatea în procesul tău de dezvoltare?

“We have integrated an in game feedback system right into the game. We also have a Discord Channel so we can talk to our players directly.”
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21 mai

Hotfix 0.0471

Pilots, a hotfix addressing some of the issues relating to 0.047 is live. If you encounter any problems please post a topic the forums -- link below!

The changes:

  • Tweaked the Apollo roll rate from being too sensitive. The Apollo now feels a little more "heavy".
  • Exhaust ID now visible on Compass
  • Pilots are now warned if they attempt to fast travel without weapons installed.
  • Players are now notified when an outpost is under attack or if an EMP is imminent.
  • Ranges on all Raptures have been increased substantially.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some issues relating to the new Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue related to the start video.
  • Fixed an issue causing the dock button to be under the new compass.
  • Fixed a problem causing users to time out when creating a character.
  • Fixed an issue causing the "Return to Base" button on the Tactical Map to be unclickable.

Important Links:
Forums / Help: https://EpicSpace.net/forums/category/bug-reports-technical-support/1
Recent Updates: https://EpicSpace.net/updates
Website / Direct Download Link: https://EpicSpace.net

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9 mai

Monthly Report - May 2017

The new Epic Space: Online forums are live and are completely integrated with the main game universe! We've spent most of month tweaking, testing and finalizing the system.

Head over to http://EpicSpace.net/forums and check it out.

A new tutorial exclusively covering the controls has been added. It'll only appear for pilots under level 2 or if pilots decide to reset their own tutorials. (Via the Game Settings)

Alternatively, if you're already an expert, dismiss the tutorial at anytime.

The Galaxy map now shows your current location and the primary locations of all resources. The Arrid Expanse: Tritanium, Cordite. The Glenn Nebula: Ice, Aluminum. More locations to be added!

Press M to bring up the Galaxy Map or approach any jump point in game.

New Ship Engine and Docked level sound effects have been added! As a result we've toned down some of the music so everyone can experience it. Adjust the settings in the Options menu.

  • The image of the ship and it's level color display correctly in the hangar bay.
  • Various tweaks have been made to the tutorial missions system in support of our ongoing "New Player Support" campaign.
  • Removed the ceasefire note on Character Creation Interface.
  • A background video has been added to the login interface so players get a little "pumped" about combat.
  • The PDA can now be resized (Experimental).
  • Players are now clearly notified when they level up their character or ship.
  • Player avatars are now visible in the roster when docked at a space station.
  • When docked, and if there is any inventory in your ship, a message will pop up letting you know.

  • Fixed an issue where items listed in the refinery interface did not have descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue causing the inbox button to disappear on the PDA.
  • Fixed an issue keeping pilots from getting their flight bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Tactical Map to be unresponsive after leaving screenshot mode.
  • Fixed an issue causing the voice comm records' distance to be inaccurate.
  • Fixed an issue causing bookmark distances to be inaccurate.
  • Fixed an issue with crafting Apollos in the factory interface.
  • Fixed an issue causing sold Apollos to not be transferred to the buyer in some cases.

We've integrated Discord directly into the game and is available in three channels: General, Trading, and Help. Players chatting in these channels will see each other whether they are on a Discord client, docked in a station, or in flight.

Don't forget, you can submit feedback to us at any time using the in game feedback tool. Bug, Idea, Suggestion, Shower Thought? It doesn't matter. We're always checking the feedback pool.

Also: Submit Feedback on our new forums.

We're also working out the details on our upcoming free to play weekend. We're looking to completely meltdown our server infrastructure and are looking for you to help us with that.

Stay tuned for more info.

See complete update at: https://epicspace.net/update-april-2017/

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Recent actualizat


As we continue development on our squadron update, we thought it would be a great time to introduce the new Tactical Map (TACM). This map provides a bird's eye view of the sector and helps pilots track various points of interest.

Here's a quick rundown of the latest stuff:

  • New! Respawn Points
  • Asteroid Base Changes
  • Profile Avatars
  • Profile Badges
  • Outpost HP Modifications
  • Courier Hud Icons
  • Ship Leveling and XP System
  • Ship Selling
  • Tweaks to Voice Comm Records
  • New! Tactical Map
  • New! Points/Awards System
  • New! Hangar Bay (Where your ships are listed)
  • Notifications V2

We've also introduced the new "Flight" system, which can also be viewed from the Tactical Map (TACM) and tracks all the objectives you've completed in the current game session.

Respawn Points

When you die in an enemy sector, you'll have the option to respawn! As long as you have a spare ship and a enemy comm array is under your faction's control, you'll be able to spawn near it.

But be warned: Comm Arrays can be retaken by the faction that hosts them.

Asteroid Base Changes

Asteroid bases can be installed directly into an asteroid! We've also done away with platforms and landing pads. For now, simply grab a construction beam, select a hangar, and place the marker directly into an Asteroid to begin your construction.

New: Avatars

This is something we never got the chance to polish in ES Classic. So we're so excited to talk about this feature -- Avatars. They play such an important role as they allow you to easily recognize other players. The awesomest thing? We support animated gifs!

No, the even awesomer thing? Is that they appear when you mouse over a ship!

New: Profile Badges

Kickstarter Backers, Founders, Marines, Squids, Coasties, Dog Faces, Flyboys, and Bubbleheads can all get an icon representing their branch applied to their ES:O profile. Kickstarter backers should automatically see their badge on their profile. But if you're missing one, contact us on Discord.

Members of the US Armed forces, go here.

Outpost HP Modifications

We've brought the health down for all Outposts to between 200-400 hp depending on the outpost's distance from the primary station. This results in outposts that are easier to destroy... for now. We're working on outfitting them with some defense turrets to even the odds. (Possibly this month)

Courier Hud Icons

We've applied the new ship friend or foe icons that we introduced in February to NPC couriers. White is good, red is bad.

Ship Leveling and XP System

Ships can now be leveled up to a cap of 5! Leveling up your ship will allow you to mount more powerful turrets and retrofits that otherwise would not be available at lower levels.

Ship Selling

Pilots can now sell any ship over level 2 for a little extra cash. Head to your hangar bay at Bradford or Hadfield Station and click the sell icon to begin the listing process.

Voice Communication Timestamps

Voice communication timestamps have been tweaked to be more readable. By determining the age of a comm record, you can more easily guess the source's current location.

New: Tactical Map

Designed to support our upcoming "Squadron Update", the tactical map will allow pilots to easily collaborate on various objectives in game. Upon death, pilots will use this map to select a new spawn point.

Press M to bring up the TACM.

New: Flight PTS System

Pilots are now tracked and awarded for what they complete in a single session!

NPC Kills: 100 PTS
PVP Kills: 500 PTS
Outpost Destroyed: 200 PTS
Comm Array Procurement: 100 PTS
Confirmed Hits on Ships (NPC or PVP): 1 PT
Mined Resource (in Enemy Sector): 1 PT

New: Hangar Bay

A new Hangar Bay option is available on the PDA. From this interface you can see all of your owned ships, their statuses, and what they have mounted. (At the currently docked station)

Notifications V2

A much improved notification system has been installed. This new system lets players know if they've recently earned XP, credits, or have connection problems.

Updated Reddit Page

We've updated our subreddit over at /r/EpicSpace. We check this page regularly for new ideas and tech issues! Go check it out! But don't forget: We're on Discord.

Chat: Discord Integration

We've integrated Discord directly into the game and is available in three channels: General, Trading, and Help. Players chatting in these channels will see each other whether they are on a Discord client, docked in a station, or in flight.

Frictionless Tutorial Missions

Based on the feedback received in January, we've modified several parts of the tutorial that kept players from progressing.

Despre acest joc

One Server, Shared by All

One shared persistent sandbox/universe, shared by the entire world. Epic Space focuses on what life would be like in an asteroid mining colony.

An Emergent Space Trading MMO Game

Fulfill orders and deliver cargo to player owned bases. Gameplay is fueled by in game social conditions. Players have reputations for completing orders, and delivering on their promises.

Innovative Voice Communication

Chatting over wireless broadcasts your location to nearby pilots, and gives a sense of life to the colony.

A Smaller, Close Quarter Experience

We've done away with the infinite universe idea and designed an environment where players must interact with each other to achieve success.

Upgradable Ships

Craft weapons, retrofits and asteroids bases. Upgrade them to give yourself an edge.

Ongoing development, integrated feedback

We've started this game back in 2014, and with the help of feedback from our players have grown it into what it is today.

Official Discord Channel

Join us on our official Discord server. Introduce yourself to the community or get help. Join Now: https://discord.gg/Kq8ABBX

A true MMO

One universe, shared by the entire world. A game that respects your time and doesn't require a daily commitment, but lives on while you're away.

Learn more at http://EpicSpace.net

Cerinţe de sistem

    • SO: Windows 8.1
    • Procesor: Quad Core Processor
    • Memorie: 8 GB RAM
    • Grafică: GTX 660 or higher
    • Stocare: 4 GB spațiu disponibil

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