An incredibly challenging, slow paced, NO SUBSCRIPTION MMORPG that places players in a single, infinite, shared universe, with limited resources. Everything is procedurally generated. This is a game you've never played before. WARNING: EARLY ACCESS. Join only if you want to SUPPORT the DEVELOPMENT of this project.
Дата на излизане: 8 май
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Игра в „Ранен достъп“

Получете незабавен достъп до играта и се ангажирайте с нейното развитие.

Забележка: Докато трае разработката на тази игра от „Ранен достъп“, е възможно тя да се промени значително или не. Ако не сте въодушевени да я играете в текущото ѝ състояние, може би ще е по-добре да изчакате, докато тя придобие по-завършен вид. Научете още

Какво имат да кажат разработчиците:

“There are three components that are in active development: Story Arc, Capital Ships, and Stand Alone Dedicated Servers. In the meantime players are welcome to join and assist with the development of the in game economy.

What's the long term vision
  • What we're creating is an easily accessible space themed arcade game playable on all platforms, with everyone on a single server in an infinite universe.
  • We plan to offer ES: Online at the above price, for the short term as add more value to the game! This is a great time to join.

What's available now
  • One Server – One shared persistent sandbox/universe, shared by the entire world and can be connected to from a PC, Mac, or Linux. And soon, iOS as well!
  • No Borders – An ever infinite and ever expanding universe. You can fly in any direction as far as the fuel you're carrying.
  • Deep Crafting – Hundreds of craftable items. Every ship, any item can be crafted from your own space station and sold on the Alliance Market.
  • Space Stations – Easily deploy space stations, sensor arrays, flak cannons, and various other solutions to protect territory.

Expected Release
We're looking at a Winter 2014 Release.”
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Закупуване на Epic Space: Online Beta

Скорошни обновления Всички (8)

Release 8.1 Patch

2 септември

This is a quick patch to polish off the latest changes brought in from Release 8. Simply restart Steam to grab.

Bank Status on Hud
Your bank account now appears directly on your hud. It's a reminder of every pilot's current objective: Raise as much money as possible.

View Market Details Option (Inventory)
When selecting an item in your inventory, there is now an option to view local Buy Orders for that item.

HTR Bonus details on Hud
HTR % buffs are now clearly visible on the hud when you mouse over your level bar.

Bank updates after a marketplace transaction
Pilot's bank accounts, following a marketplace transaction, now update immediately on the Hud. No need to log off to see the current balance.

Wreckage now contains a random amount of Burnt Scrap Metal
Station wreckage, obviously contains more.

Galaxy Map - Faster Loading
The Galaxy Map has been optimized for faster loading. People don't realize that they're looking at a map of over 900 sectors on the screen at once. Try it now at

Additional changes to the economy
All Alliance stations will soon hold no more than 10 buy or sell orders. Additional stations have been deployed in The Core to support this change.

The New Stations:
  • Planetary Resources Inc. (1x-1)
  • Xin Industries (1x-1)
  • Precious Metals Repository (1x-1)
  • Alliance Repair Facility (-1x-1)
  • Peak Defense Solutions (-1x0)
  • Alliance I.A.S. (1x1)
  • Core Junkyard Station (1x1)
  • Alliance Ship Parts East (1x1)
  • Alliance Ship Parts West (1x1)

The Red Wiki will be updated to contain more detailed information. It will be your best resource on all the interworkings of Epic Space. Be sure to bookmark:

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Crafting, Radar 2.0, and Ship Wreckage (Yay!)

27 август

We're still finalizing War Games and shortly thereafter we'll be adding the Karatsu and LRTS (Long Range Transport Ship) to the primary universe. This update introduces a massive overhaul to the Infinite Universe Server and changes a number of important features based on player feedback. As usual, bugs can be submitted on the Alpha Co forums for merits.

Missions Disabled
Missions have been turned off while we take a more detailed look at the system and how it impacts the economy. Pilots are free to submit proposals on the newly designed petitions interface. Link is below.

Improvements to the Economy
There will now be Alliance buy orders available for any in game item at varying prices. So there should be no reason to hold onto items you don't need in your station's cargo hold. Check the Market interface on your PDA or on your Account page for more information.

Crafting - No Minimum rank requirement
Craft anything, with no limitations. If you have the parts and a space station, you should have everything you need to begin crafting any type of item. Pilots still receive various bonuses based on HT Level and station type.

Galaxy Map Updated
The galaxy map has been improved to better show pilots the direction they should be travelling to a destination. Keep in mind the map only shows "The Core". Everything out side of this zone is uncharted. Don't forget, you can also use the Galaxy Map out of game, we've included the parameters in the url below:

Loot Rarity
Loot comes in 5 separate color coded categories. You'll also receive better quality loot when scanning with a higher HT Level. This a very in depth game play change, you can find more information here:

Radar 2.0
The Radar system has been revamped and combined with the scanner. In space, hit the "RDR" icon to start scanning your current sector. When you encounter a contact, hit the contact's name on the right hand side of your Hud to begin scanning it for loot. Only celestial objects will yield loot. HT Rank increases your scanning range up to a maximum of 3km.

Improvements to Mining
Mining is now tied to the radar system. After an object has been detected, scan it, then select the "HARVEST" option to begin mining. The process will continue until the celestial object has no more health or you have no more cargo space.

Important changes to the Scanner
The Scanner and Radar have been combined into one single device and are automatically available on all ships. Increasing your HT Level increases the radar's range up to a maximum of 8km and the scanner's range up to 3km. Your scan range will always be half of your Radar range. (Minimum 1km).

Player Petition System
A place for pilots to submit petitions to the Epic Space development team. Currently only Beta testers can submit, vote, and comment on petitions. See the new petition system here:

Hud Change: Speed / Heading
Heading and speed now appear on the lower right of the Hud. As a result, the heading and speed indicators no longer appear near the ship and fade in and out as before. Note: This part of the hud will most likely be covered by the Steam Overlay unless you have this disabled.

Cannot disassemble ship if it contains cargo.
Used to be a great way to massively destroy items, not anymore... sorry.

Improved Full Screen Support
You can toggle full screen on or off in the PDA. The game will remember the next time you run it.

Market Interface
Items are now listed by distance from the player's current location.

Master Server overhaul
The net code for the master server has been completely redesigned for optimization and to better support upcoming expansions. We do expect to encounter problems while we test these changes during this phase of the Beta. The great news is that players will now be notified in game if we plan to initiate a server shutdown for maintenance purposes. This will also give pilots ample time to dock and tie up loose ends.

Have a Steam Key
Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. NC0MX-NK27C-J3I38 lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

Ship and Station Wreckage
When a station or ship has been destroyed, there will be wreckage left behind that contains a small percentage of the target's cargo.

Combat Log
A list of events involving your ship or faction is now visible on the My Account page.

War Games Status
We took a different approach with War Games for the sake of simplicity. Most of which couldn't go into effect until the server overhaul was complete. This expansion is now due on or before Release 10.

Upon launch the following will be in effect:
  • Only High and Low Stakes Team Deathmatch games with 8 and 16 player servers will be available.
  • Low stakes will have a buy-in of 100 credits whereas high stakes will have a buy-in of 1k.
  • You need only be in the server and on a team at the conclusion of the final round to be eligible for your cut of the jackpot.
  • Purchasing extra ammo, ships, and health increases the amount in the pot.
  • If you don't have the necessary credits to buy into a game, you'll need to sell loot you've discovered in the primary universe.

We need to spend a development cycle updating the Red Wiki with the recent changes before we release the first rendition of War Games.

Restart Steam to grab this update. More information is forthcoming.

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Всички дискусии

Докладвайте неизправности и оставете отзив за тази игра в секцията за дискусии

Относно играта

Epic Space Online hosts players in a single universe with absolutely no borders or boundaries. You can fly in any direction in a procedurally generated universe.

Epic Space Online is all about Sectors. The more sectors you control, the more revenue you generate. Trade, Pirate, Conquer, or Negotiate to your objectives in this Infinite Universe.

WARNING: EARLY ACCESS. Join only if you want to support the development of this project and are willing to deal with an unforeseen amount of bugs!


The premise of Epic Space is simple: Conquer and control sectors. The more you control, the more money you make, the larger your empire. Seize or barter, it's your decision. Purchase/craft ships, weapons, stations. Sell them, or use them against your enemies.

  • One Server – One shared persistent sandbox/universe, shared by the entire world and can be connected to from a PC, Mac, or Linux. And soon, iOS as well!
  • No Borders – An ever infinite and ever expanding universe. You can fly in any direction as far as the fuel you're carrying.
  • Deep Crafting – Hundreds of craftable items. Every ship, any item can be crafted from your own space station and sold on the Alliance Market.
  • Space Stations – Easily deploy space stations, sensor arrays, flak cannons, and various other solutions to protect territory.

What's in development now

  • Story Arc – An engaging story spanning 10 acts. With a decent size of characters. Our hope is to have each line properly voice acted.
  • Capital Ships – The largest ships in the Universe, requiring a crew of real people to manage. Dock, Craft, and more just as you would on a Space Station.
  • Stand alone dedicated servers – Dedicated servers designed solely for competitive gameplay.

What's the long term vision

  • What we're creating is an easily accessible space themed arcade game playable on all platforms, with everyone on a single server in an infinite universe.
  • We plan to offer ES: Online at the above price, for the short term as add more value to the game! This is a great time to join.

Системни изисквания за PC

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Single Core Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 8.1
    • Processor: Single Core Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space

Системни изисквания за MAC

    • OS: OS X Lion 10.7
    • Processor: Single Core Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Mono 2.10 Stable and xQuartz 2.75 Required
    • OS: OS X Mavericks
    • Processor: Single Core Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Mono 2.10 Stable and xQuartz 2.75 Required
Полезни рецензии от клиенти
129 от 142 човека (91%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
220.2 изиграни часа
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
When I wrote my review and said that it would be possible that next week most of the problems would have been solved, I meant as "anytime soon". Somehow the developers took it literally and decided to really solve them before weekend.

Some aspects of the game are still slow paced and give a browser-based game design feeling, like the rank requirement, or the several days long timers for crafting some items that aren't even something you'd actually desire enough to wait that long. Although you don't need to spend the waiting time in game and may have lots of stations with separate assembly lines.

But the game is playable and if you're into universe exploration and a bit of management you can have fun with the game. Most bugs are the kind you'd expect from EA and relogging will fix.

The missions still have ridiculously low rewards (worse than shooting trash to sell scraps). But, unlike many other mmos, they're not the main source of money until you're able to work the player market. And the npc ran stations are not the best way to get anything other than fuel. You can pretty much scan a planet and find the $10mil ship.

I'm keeping the original review and the patch I noticed the problem solved.. but do look for videos:

If you're still making up your decision on whether to buy this or not, make sure you watch gameplay videos.

The game seems to have a lot of potential, although it is not likely to ever be a mainstream game. But as for now, it would only be worth buying if it was on a 95%-off sale. Of course, this is early access and the team actually seems to be working, so it is possible that next week most of the problems will be solved. To be fair I'll try to update whenever I see any change.

Playing this for 6h, I haven't experienced any sign of lag, only seen minor bugs and got disconnected a couple times.
There's only a few problems... have you ever played those browser games where you'd click a few buttons and come back 6-24h later to click a few times again? I had the impression that I was playing one of those. Except that I couldn't just wait the 6-24h. I actually would have to navigate for countless hours to get $4000 and repeat until I make a few millions to get an upgrade on anything.

[v7.6.1] After you log in, you get dumped in the middle of nowhere with a ship that will make you wonder if you shouldn't just get out of it and fart your way across the universe to see if you go faster. And, the answer is yes, you would have a much higher chance of reaching something before you die than using that ship. Unfortunately, it's not possible.

Along with your space exploring snail, you get a message that seems to be a sketch of a tutorial quest. The problem is that the quest will pretty much tell you to go around the universe looking for stuff and to bring them to someone somewhere. Yes, you have to figure out by yourself where are the stuff they asked for, along with who and where are "us" from the message. And you'll probably die in real life before you figure out how many of those you could have found.

[v7.6.1] That's about when you'll figure out that other players might be able to help you.. so you decide to give the chat a try. Then you'll hit enter to start chatting and say hi... it won't work.. so you'll try to say "testing"... then the chat willl open with "esting" and you'll find out that the developers decided to innovate and T is the hotkey to start chatting. All fine until you notice you're going in a random direction for a while and try to move your ship. Then you'll notice they innovated even more and the escape button doesn't close the chat... all you can do is say "wwwwasdadsdwasdaswddsdawdsdawsdwomfg how do I close chat?". Then someone will tell you to send an empty message to close it. Still all fine.

There are some players that will really be helpful whenever they can, and some that will tell you to go play CoD. And you'll probably be directed to the wiki. Don't go. You might feel scammed if you see the part that reads "We currently have 113 articles about the free-to-play MMORPG set in an Infinite Universe". It didn't feel very free-to-play when I bought it here in steam.

Anyways, after a while you'll feel lost and unsure if you did complete the tutorial mission or not. This will be solved a few hours later when you figure out what the mission dude meant by checking your PDA and you'll see that they actually wanted you to deploy a station. It wasn't just if you wanted a challenge. That was the mission.

Then you'll feel desperate because you have no idea how to accomplish that. And at this point anything seems to take at least a couple weeks of non-stop gameplay to be accomplished. Then you find out that the little triangle button is where you get missions from. "So that's what the chat people were talking about! Holy Crap! 17x323?????". Yup, the best paying mission is offering you about $4000 to travel 340 sectors. It takes a bit more than 2 minutes to cross 1 sector. Which seems perfectly reasonable given that it would only take like 13h of gameplay each direction and you only need about 5 million to get started. So.. if everything goes well.. you should be able to grab a cargo ship in about 3 years of gameplay (rl time). Then you can start gathering assembly parts to work on a station and complete the tutorial mission.

[v7.6] That's when you decide to just enjoy the environment and fly around exploring the universe. You're almost starting to enjoy the game and you suddenly stumble upon an unknown planet! You can name it! Or maybe not. The game asks you to "donate" in order to be able to claim objects (to name planets and stars). What in the seven hells do they mean by donating after you just spent so much for the early access of the game (which might eventually turn out to be just for the early access if the wiki is right). I have no idea. No one online was able to explain. But it seems like it means exactly what the text says... after you purchase, there are parts of the gameplay that will require you to make "donations".

If you pretend you didn't see that and refrain from deleting the game immediately, you might stumble upon the "wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Nebula". That was the apex of the gameplay for me. I couldn't stop laughing when I imagined the player wondering wtf was wrong with the ship that wouldn't move because the game was setting the name for the nebula instead of controlling the ship.

[v7.6.. still can't place orders, but the npc stations have purchase orders so you can sell some of the stuff you find] Then you might decide to go to the trade hub people were talking about and make some profit out of the stuff you looted. Only to find out that "You must own this station to place orders". So... you need a station to get the money to buy a ship to get the pieces to build the station you need. Either that or you can spend the next few years holding the space bar to save fuel and navigate around the universe on quests that pay nothing.

That's about it. This game is not slow paced. This game is too slow to even see something slow paced. It's a slower version of a browser based game adapted so you have to actually spend the countess hours in-game instead of clicking and coming back in a few hours/days. And the extremly slow speed made no sense to me given that the universe is infinite.

[turns out that the bug wasn't about having no station, but the map won't show up the edges of the sectors when zoomed out. The station exists right in the border of two sectors and it's pretty tricky to find unless you imagine that zooming in would allow you to see farther.] Other than that, no one was able to explain to me why the game said I claimed a sector but had no station or deployable units on it and couldn't deploy the units I found there because "someone" had claimed it. I'm just guessing that's a random bug and the game shouldn't have said I claimed it in the first place.
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Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
This review will be totally honest. When I first started playing I was very confused on what to do. This was mainly because the game doesnt tell you the controls only that you should go and scan everything. Well this is true, to get any loot worth your time you need to fly into the far reaches of space and scan things. There you will find good loot like ships. Now that I know how to play this game seems fun. Right now I can't recomend this game due to it's $30 price tag and it's lack of tutorial. This game is on early access so things are bound to change but at this point in time, I can't recommend this game.
Публикувани: 10 май
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10.7 изиграни часа
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
You enter the game and you find out fuel is limited and there isn't even a HUD indicator of how much you have left (later I found you hit TAB and it shows your fuel above your ship as a % for a brief second). You have no idea what to do, where you're at, or where to go. So you wander around for a while (with your limited fuel). I got lucky and found a fuel station, but with your fuel only showing a % you have no idea how much it takes to refuel your ship so you buy one, but then have to undock from the station to check your fuel level % and redock if you need more.

I kept playing because it's like watching a movie that you heard was supposed to be good. Then it starts horrible, but you keep watching thinking in your head, "this has to get better." The game starts you with 1,000,000 credits. I found a shipyard and saw a better (better pretty much only meaning faster in this game so far) the Ship was 1,000,000 and I had 1,000,120 at that time. I clicked to buy the ship to assemble it and it tells me "insufficient credits".. so now I can't buy anything with my over 1 million credits..

It gives you a task to build a space station.., What parts do you need? Where do you get those parts? Can you carry those parts or do you need a special ship like in the X series? The Wiki helps a little, but it's out of date, it says your starter ship doesn't have a scanner and it does, but I've scanned dozens of things and never get anything out of it or maybe it really doesn't have a scanner and the button an animations work, but it's not really doing anything, I have no idea. That new ship I tried to buy says it has a bad 1,000,120 is insufficient credits for a 1,000,000 credit ship...

I don't expect a game to hold my hand and show me everything, but imagine going to sleep tonight and waking up on a spaceship with no sight of any planets or other people or space stations. If the game was realistic, you would die of hunger or asphyxiation before you found anything.

The universe is infinite, but who needs an infinite universe when it's empty and nothing to do? If you want a game like this (although it's single player) I recommend Space pirates and zombies (S.P.A.Z.) and it's only $10

I would have recommended this game actually if it was $5, but it's $30... This is the first time I've felt a little swindled on these early access games. I understand, alpha's, beta's and early access, but I was expecting a lot more for $30. If you want to donate the money to the games developement, Throw down the $30 and hope they make something out of it, but you probably won't be playing it.
Публикувани: 11 май
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20.8 изиграни часа
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
I'll update this review as the game updates.

As it stands right now, the question you're all asking is, "Is this game worth £22.99" The simple answer is.. No.
The game is quite liturally full of bugs right now. The sprites are ripped off from much much older games, and the game is lacking any real depth.

What happens when new players join in a years time and the only way they can start a faction is to fly for 4 hours in one direction? Who knows... There are far to many un-answered questions.

When you start the game, you'll be placed in a neutral sector where weapons fire is disabled. This will give you some time to get to grips with flying your ship, and what to do.

You'll no doubt like me, start exploring straight away, but you'll soon be bored and fear running out of fuel, so you'll head back. I spent quite a long time pondering how I would make my first 5mill to get my Falcon. I would need this ship and 20 levels to be able deploy my first station. Soooo I check out the market, sell some items, but wait one second!! Did I just scan some nebula and find a falcon ship? Yes I did! Infact in 1h of doing some scanning I ended up with 3 ships, 3 stations, and a whole heap of crap.

Like a giddy school kid, I go grab my new ship, create a faction (Eventually after trying to work out how to do it) And then find a sector of space to deploy it in. I deploy my station, only to have it completely bug out. It's my faction, it's my station, but I cannot name the station, and I cannot set home. Apparently I need to do this at a station that's in my faction land... Ermmmm.. Guess I should tell the game that's what i'm trying to do.

The grappling hook at times has a mind of its own. Sometimes thrusting me miles without me even pressing a key. At times my gun just starts ripping at anything infront of me, and half of the time other ships appear doubled, or jump around like crazy frogs. My ping being in the UK is about 130, however I shouldn't not be able to see a 2D graphic run smoothly across my screen. It makes combat practically impossible.

The concept is great. But it's not been very well put together. There are very few ppl online at anytime, and apparently they've had to upgrade there servers to handle the new load. They boast one server, one universe... But at the moment, it's looking very unlikely.

Hold off on this game till it's free to play. Buying now for the extra 1mill is NOT WORTH it. In 1 hour, I had 15 mill sat in my cargo bay just waiting to be sold.
Публикувани: 14 май
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31 от 44 човека (70%) сметнаха тази рецензия за полезна
4.9 изиграни часа
Рецензия от „Ранен достъп“
I would call this "Epic Fail Online". Concept is good but the game is very poor (engine/graphic, interface, mechanics..everything). It is year 2014 and not 1997. I'm sorry, but I had to say this (I was rly looking forward this kind of game..sandbox MMO with 2D or isometric view), but this is FAIL. ..for only €28. (even €5 would be too much).
Публикувани: 10 май
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