'Caribbean!' is a mix between an economic strategy game and an open-world RPG, set in the pirate era of the XVII century’s Caribbean region. The game is based on the significantly improved Mount & Blade: Warband engine.
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Data wydania: 29 Kwi, 2014

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“'Caribbean!' is a bundle of different gameplay layers and genres that players can rarely see in a single title. That's why we'd like to take this opportunity and involve the community to help us tweak our ideas (as well as getting rid of not very good ones) and shape the best possible experience for this type of a game.”

Ile mniej więcej czasu trwa faza Wczesnego dostępu?

“Full version is expected for release in early 2015.”

Czym różni się zaplanowana pełna wersja od tej z Wczesnego Dostępu?

“The game's full version will mostly be built upon the improved current features, making sure that players always have something to keep them busy (quests, global progression, ranking system) and fixing mild annoyances. Check our development video blogs, status updates and upcoming features on this page to get a better idea of the progress we make towards the release.”

Jaki jest obecny stan wersji z Wczesnego Dostępu?

“The current version of 'Caribbean!' is approaching the beta phase and has its basic features already in (check the list below). However, you should keep in mind that you might be put off by some visually incomplete locations and balance problems — these parts of the game will be reworked later in the development.”

Czy cena gry ulegnie zmianie podczas i po Wczesnym Dostępie?

“The current base price will be increased on release. Sometimes the game takes part in sales with small discounts, so look out for those while you can.”

Jak zamierzacie włączyć społeczność w wasz proces tworzenia?

“We're going through all feedback we get on Steam discussions, our own forums and our FB page. The community's response proved to be very useful for some of our development decisions so far and we hope that feedback keeps coming until the game is ready for 1.0 release.”

Kup Caribbean!

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19 grudnia

Status update #7

Hi everyone,

It's time for a new status update. Right now we're preparing the biggest update we've ever released till this point, so you can expect a lot of changes. For this reason, we decided to shift the update's release to January to give us a little more time to make it even better.

First, we added a new renown system. Now it's split into military renown for soldiers and trading (or administrative) renown for entrepreneurs. It's becoming a very important part of the game and it defies what you can acquire: which troops, ship upgrades and building types will be available to you.

Military renown should be pretty clear, it didn't change much from what there was before. Trading renown can be considered as a total amount of all your assets: your ships, your money, goods in your cargo hold, value of your property and so on. If you are a billionaire, you're a celebrity of Caribbean.

So things will get a little tougher. Some troops will be harder to get, cannons will disappear from free market, and you'll need to pay taxes for your property and goods in your cargo hold.

(There are also new faces!)

Another addition comes out of this — players will generally have to pay more. You'll need to pay port charges for every stop in a port, and the amount of pay will depend on the value of your cargo. If you won't have enough money, customs officials will confiscate a part of your goods. Although, if you don't wish to pay anything at all, you can always contact smugglers.

Smuggling is the third addition. If you want to sell your goods in a city, but don't want to pay for port charges, smugglers are your best choice. Of course,when you set a meeting with smugglers, you also run the risk of stumbling into customs patrol. Depending on your skills, this situation could end in different ways. Some will manage to persuade the patrol that there's no goods on the ship, others will have to take a fight.

The fourth direction of our current development is the new quest system. We removed quest distribution through 'talking heads' — now they are given out in a separate panel in cities. You will also be able to hire mercenaries there, in case your battle rank doesn't let you hire troops in garrison.

New strategic map is something we announced a long time ago and right now it takes 60% of our efforts. We changed the scale of the game world, increased the amount of settlements and also completely reworked the map's visualization. By the way, the settlement concept was changed and now there's no villages in the game. From now on, the world consists of cities only.

Finally, the updated naval battles. We heard enough feedback on how boring and monotonous current naval warfare is. We have some new gameplay elements in the works which we'll tell you about once we're ready to ship the update.

That's it for now. See you next year and happy holidays!

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2 grudnia

Multiplayer dilemma

Hi everyone,

We think it's time we discuss some possible multiplayer options for our game, seeing as lately there are more and more questions about it both on our forum, Steam discussions and our FB page.

Initially, we only thought of 'Caribbean!' as a single-player game, because at its foundation was our attempt to convey the feelings that gave us Sid Meier's Pirates! in its time. But taking something as template doesn't mean full copying. Mount & Blade's genom, that we got together with its engine, obliged us to focus on a good fighting system as well.

That's why the game's concept sounded like this:"economic strategy + naval battles + war strategy + roleplaying". This is a good, massive foundation upon which we can build so many ideas. So many, in fact, that we have more planned ideas than we can possibly implement. Trading routes? River expedition into the depths of America? Searching for the secret Maia towns? Advanced control of generals and fleet? We'd like to do all of it.

Multiplayer was left for later, as it requires a different approach. And not just different, but an entirely opposite one.

For us the perfect blend of roleplaying and strategy means playing at a pretty slow pace. You can sit and think as much as you like. You can send your squadron to loot a town and drink some tea while your ships cross the Caribbean sea. Multiplayer's having none of it: everything is fast paced, there's a lot of emotion and tension involved and compressed into 5-10 minutes sessions.

Traditional multiplayer, such as the one we did in 'With Fire & Sword', isn't very interesting to make at this point. We think it's time to try something new, but what would it be exactly? Maybe some sort of team deathmatch with set goals? Goals that could be different for each team or maybe for each individual player?

A lot of people ask to add multiplayer. Some of you ask to add co-op. Could you tell us what you mean by 'co-op' for this game?

Before we dig too deep into this, here's an official announcement. If by co-op you imply an ability to play the single-player campaign, but with friends online, we won't be able to make it happen. This game would be titled 'Mount & Blade Online' and our studio of 10 people is not the one for this job.

But perhaps you'd like to suggest your idea for a fun multiplayer mode without resorting to creating another WoW-killer? Let us know what you think.

P.S. Before you ask — yes, we played The Deluge's naval battle mode.

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'Caribbean!' is a mix between an economic strategy game and an open-world RPG, set in the pirate era of the XVII century’s Caribbean region. The game is based on the significantly improved Mount & Blade: Warband engine.

'Caribbean!' lets players decide their own role and create their own adventure.

Those who crave for battles in jungles, raids on rich cities and capturing enemy ships can choose the path of a pirate and a mercenary who will raise to the top with the help of his own sword.

Those who aren't afraid of the words 'financial planning' can take pleasure in making great deals and expanding their business by choosing the path of a merchant and a business man. Rank and wealth can be achieved any way you like.

Of course, if you're tired of fighting and boarding enemy ships, you can always invest your collected savings in good real estate. Or do it the other way around — sell all of your manufactures, buy a nice brig and become a pirate.

What's already in the game:

  • Naval battles with controllable ships. There are several types of damage that ships can deal and take; Ships can lose sails and be caught on fire.
  • Building commercial property — players can construct buildings that produce raw materials and industrial buildings that require raw materials in order to function.
  • Unique upgrades for ships, like a more solid hull, fire protection, damage reduction for a crew, a greater chance to set enemy ships on fire and so on.
  • Ability to improve ship artillery and ship's crew.
  • A set of special perks available for player's character.
  • Advanced order and control system for armies in battles.

Plans for the near future:

  • New system for settlement sieges.
  • New quest system.
  • New ranking system.
  • Updated hiring system.
  • Global map's overhaul.
  • Improved visual character creation.

Wymagania systemowe

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or AMD 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 3D graphics card with 64MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Standard audio
    • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200, ATI Radeon 9600, or better
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Standard audio
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16 z 19 osób (84%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
4.8 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 16 grudnia
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
At its current state I can't play it without continuously stumbling upon something that takes me out of the mood.

Things I find wrong/broken/disliking in Caribbean so far:

-Ship crew being transferred between player's ships cannot be decided fully manually (wrong)
When having a ship you want to sell, you are forced to sell a small portion of it's crew too.

-Not being able to deny player's ships to stay out of battle (wrong)
Don't even consider having some ship purely for trading purposes, with that there is really also a lacking in ship commands as a whole.

-Removal of orginal task system, disallowing the player to gain relation/favors from lords (disliking)
In the orginal Mount and Blade the player could interact with the lords, giving a more immersive feeling of being part of a bigger diplomatic system. Even though interaction was repetitive, it managed to do its job.

-Ship's crew lacking individualism (disliking)
The crew of you ship is separated from the crew of your party. I understand why this was done, but it still makes ship crew looking like nothing but stupid sheep.

-Cargo items lacking explanation (broken)
Something that I strongly believe will be fixed in the future.

-Campaign map view not being rotatable (disliking)
When playing for hours not being able to rotate the camera makes the game kinda stiff.

-Not being able to deploy player's ship on land and leaving it (disliking)
The only way to withdraw from a ship is by sailing to town, turning the ship into to a magical box your party with no trouple can carry on their back. This also disallows you to set you ship at camp on deserted islands. A pirate forced to camp at towns is not a real bloody pirate!

-Can't walk around in cities/villages centers (disliking)
The cities and villages centers was a smal part of the original Mount and Blade, but it did big in keeping the game immersive.

-Walking into a village getting this message: "get_object failed for mesh: pic_village_s" (broken)
A small bug I am afraid i will see more of in the time to come, considered how little I have only played the game yet.


Being a big fan of Mount and Blade I can't seem to find anything in this game that I really think changes the mechanics enough in any way that I can find it as fun or more fun than the original.

I fells like a dull and broken version of Mount and Blade but with ships.
If you have had you're share of fun in Mount and Blade its unlikely you will find any entertainment in this game to be had at all.

I would dare to call it unplayable if not forcing yourself to go on.

Final Verdict: 6/10
Its still Mount and Blade, even broken and dull Mount and Blade is still awesome. Also the game has a lot of potential to become good.

Buy advice: Buy on proximally 75% off sale or wait for it to be finished. Go and buy Mount and Blade Warband instead if you don't already own that.


Edit: The more I force myself to play this the more disgusting it gets. Just had a battle where the command window saw me as the enemy and neglected me the right to command my troops.

Edit Edit: Troops can't be upgraded, so weak troops will remain weak no matter how many fights they attend. This is very sad to me.

Edit Edit Edit: The repetitive music is slowly driving me nuts.
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13 z 16 osób (81%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
6.1 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 22 listopada
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
It is a very interesting concept and has an air of mystery to it. My only problems are the world map is only fixed to one camera angle which is an annoyence when wanting to look at a enemy troop from a different angle. It is also a shame that I can no longer visit inside the taverns to look for likely companions. It also to my dismay that there is a battle timer before the land battle starts where you ave to wait a minute before any real fighting is going to be done, it is also infuriating to know that I have no control over my land forces what so ever leaving me to wait for my men to move where I want them to. It is however interesting to see cannons in which my men can use and fire upon enemy units. I also love the boarding system, and this is where the core of the game really excels at and am glad that it is better than what I had expected, it was remeniscent of the old 'Sid Miers: Pirates' where you have a top down view of your ship and can give orders on the small U.I. In the corner of the screen. Would I still recommend this game? Yes, although it has issues it is small in comparison to the potential it has to achieve wonderful things, I can overlook some issues but do expect it to be fixed when the polished version comes out. That is only a small portion of what this game has to offer and I hpe many of you will come to enjoy it.
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7 z 9 osób (78%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
106.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 28 listopada
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
I bought the game Caribbean! very early in its developmental and alpha stage and I loved it. It was simple and fun i played it for hours, but all the changes with towns, the economic system, and battle commands among others has made me stop playing it. I wish the creators would just go back to the way they had it before updating the market system the layout almost map like thing for inside towns and the whole battle command thing, I find it more complicated and confusing the main thing is the towns that alone has basically stopped me from playing the game. If the editors and creators can read this please change it back to how it was before the simpler the better I know personally it would get a lot more playing time from me. I would still recomend it for people it is fun the changes are just taking away from that fun simplicity.
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34 z 63 osób (54%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
2.3 godz. łącznie
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Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Fifteen men on the dead man's chest--
...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest--
...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Play 'Caribbean!' and support the devs--
...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
It's a game built on the Mount & Blade engine so you can't go wrong--
...Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
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2 z 2 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
44.6 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 15 grudnia
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Hi guys

After spending some time in this game. Here my review. Its real time, however you can pause the game or every now and then any events happen the game will automatically pause. To me this game is like a rpg and strategy. Mixture of sid meiers pirates + mount and blade combination. Sid meiers is classic and simple to play.


1) Freedom to roam around and do whatever you want. As a pirate or captain of any nations or even join the brotherhood pirates!
2) Similar to Mount and Blade but with extras like sid meiers pirates! Battle on Land and at sea, board ths ships!!
3) You have tons of skills as you level such as born leader, diplomat, fencer etc....(This is 1 of the few areas they done it well here with many traits available for you to choose once you gain certain levels.)
4)Tons of ship for you to sail, you can hire, upgrade you cannons or add in extras enchancements for you ships. You can have up to 6 ships in your fleet! You can choose your own flagship! how cool is that. Sailors in your ships gain experiences as you battle in sea and in land!
5) As you level, depending on the skills or traits you have your troop size will increase.
6) Tons of different of nations troops for you to hire such as Bucaneer fighters, English musketeers, Calvaries, Dutch irregular pikemens, veteran soldies, as you level depending on you troops survibility, it will level to veteran and fight better. You even have Cannons! Either you handle the cannon your self or hire a gunner, but theres a limit.
7) You can chat with any of the different nations such as French, England, Spain, Netherlands and Brotherhood, either join the,against them or neither have you own kingdom!!
8) Ability to invest in any of the towns and make money such as builds for fish, lumber , jewelleris etc.
9) You have tons of items to equip from head to bottom, swords, guns, shields etc. Inventory are more than enough. (another area they have done well mixing rps elements here)
10) There are npcs ships, pirates, different nations chips roaming around on their own, and also land npc roamers on their own too.
11) You can take control of towns and have you own kingdoms!! During land and sea battles, you can give commands!


1) like what they said I dun think this is a completed game yet, during battles, you will have some scripts errors but you still can fight as per normal like mount and blade. Occassionally you will have some loose soldiers seperated from the rest most times when seige!
2) Having your own kingdoms is nice however there not much of dialogues and other things you can do yet besides the normal fighting, trading etc. Its still not complete yet.
3) Some traits although activated are still not working properly.
4) Not much quests available and no story modes.
5) This is still a 70% early access game and not sure when will it be be completed.

Overall i have high hopes for this game, this game is worth it if you see it on Sale get it, or keep track of the developments then you decide whether you want it, but there might be a chance the price will go higher so I will suggest if you like freedom to roam, sid meiers pirates +mount and blade games, get this on sale!
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4 z 6 osób (67%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
1.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 25 listopada
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
This is a somewhat negative sounding review despite being a "recommend", but this is meant as more of a heads up that this "potential" game is still in really, really early access.

If you are reading this before full release, it's likely I don't have a ton of hours on it. It's important to note that devs claim to have 70% of the CONTENT in (which I'd believe), not have a 70% finished game (which would be a horrible, tremendously ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ty lie).

And that really could about sum it up, though it seems a little unfair without more context.

Some parts seem pretty cool. Some parts are complete crap. Even in my short playtime, I was impressed by the ship models and the town layouts (completely new systems for everything from the menus to trading) and so on. I was not impressed by the poorly thought-out boardings, and the mediocre ship combat systems and so on. There is a ton of content for sure - this is not just an expansive Mount & Blade mod or well done expansion pack like F&S. It's more like Warcraft 2 to vanilla Starcraft - things look kinda similar, the controls are very similar, and the method of getting from point A to B is very similar. But at this point, what should end up being the best aspects of a game like this are just beginning to be developed, and many of the actual gameplay mechanics are still pretty lacking.

I'm not saying you shouldn't buy this, as the devs have worked pretty hard and seem to be pretty good at keeping the community up to date with how things are coming and putting out what seem to be fairly. Just be prepared to accept that while it might end up being Mount and Blade: Pirates!, it's still a ways off. I made my mind up after reading the dev blogs, and certainly don't regret my purchase, but at the same time have no issues admitting that I got wayy too exicted about what this game will become and probably won't play it much again until that time.

Recommend, but only if you're prepared to accept that you might not find it super fun at the moment either, and that Steam will probaby put it on sale for a ♥♥♥♥ing dollar three days after the full release.
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3 z 5 osób (60%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
29.6 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 10 grudnia
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Overall this is a pretty fun game. But for the love of God...scrap that new battle system, It seems like it is designed to be more dynamic but its not, it just removes you from the battle and takes away all the exciting aspects of commanding in the field. I like being on foot and and moving troops places, ordering them to stand ground, volley, or fire at will; its realistic. All this allows you to do is run your troops into masses of enemies like cannon fodder. I can see it sort of working for depolyemnt, but I rather the actual battle command be classic warband style. its taking away the immersion of field battle combat. This is not total war, it is mount and blade (or at least the mount and blade engine). The improved naval battles with the most recent update are AMAZING. I love how you can zoom to the ship deck and look around, and I love the rope swings and climbing aspects.
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5 z 9 osób (56%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
35.5 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 22 listopada
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Like the game so far, Just curious how to download the up dates?
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43 z 44 osób (98%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
70.9 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 13 października
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
This game,
is a game based on Mount and Blade. It looks like a mod, but its a full game.
Its early access so most content is missing.

What you can do so far:
-lead your own army of cavalry, infantry, cannons and sailsips
-govern small villages and large cities, customise them
-ally with the 5 nations (Spain, Netherland, England, France and the Pirates) or start your own kingdom
-level up and customise your characters look and equipment
-accept small quests
-trade with the ports/villages

El Presidentes rating:
When this game is done, you will get a decent pirate game based on Mount and Blade. The already integrated features are already good, but could use small reworks. But that is what early access is made for.
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29 z 32 osób (91%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
5.0 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 23 października
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Okay here is my review and i hope that you and the makers of this game read it. (pardon for spelling)

I give this game about a 3.5 out of five stars

Pros- It has the MB feel to it which is satisfying. Yes is a F.S. version but if you read it it clearly states it.
This game has a HUGE amount of potential. Just about everything runs smooth. Plus think of the wonderful mods you'll probably be able to find on the darkest corner of the internet.
Land battles are smooth and indepth to a degree. Will be better with the use of cannons ;)
New format for towns. It is a bit weird but cool
Able to make a town produce what you choose (with resources available)
Naval Battles are clunky and laggy. But bare-able.
No aiming reticle for Naval Battles
No companions
When climbing to the crows nest you could lag off and drown
No commands for allied ships
Controlling towns i think should be more in depth especially if you played warband diplomacy. That mod engine could greatly benefit this game. And i think there should be other options to sieging.

Yes this is a beta version, But honestly i dont think you guys are at 70% completion. And i hope you aren't. 30/40% sounds better. I have faith in you guys, This has a VERY high potential rate. If done right this game could last years.
I felt this game was worth it, and im able to put up with the bugs and glitches. But hey that's me. If you're not sure you should get it, add it to the wishlist and check the updates and news periodically.

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15 z 15 osób (100%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
48.8 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 20 września
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Overall a good game. Has a lot of potential. Yes, it needs fixes, but that is the whole point of Early Access.

- 95% of the textures are 5x better than the original Mount and Blade: Warband textures.
- Naval combat with different types of ammo and over 30 different ships.
- Boarding combat with boarding jump ropes, crow's nests, and climbing.
- New and overhauled city screen.
- Better looting of resources. Trade screen is better.
- Ability to upgrade your ship and her cannons.
- Field artillery that shoots grapeshot. Gunners can man the artillery.
- A trait system.
- A good crew/ship/soldiers manegement screen.
- Interesting weapons, like the axe-pistol.
-New command system with minimap.
- Much more!
- Many bugs, such as falling and glitching off the mast while climbing.
- You will find that when you control a field cannon yourself you reload really fast. OP.
- I find that the damage done to a ship by each individual cannonball needs to be increased. The naval battles go at a slow pace, making boarding 10x more fun.
- Almost no quests, leaving you too conquering and attacking as a passtime.
- Sieges always use the same map.
- You climb the ship masts and ropes too fast.

Overall a good game. I would like to see it flourish and get popular. If you think it looks fun and/or feel like supporting it, go ahead. I think it's worth it.
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11 z 13 osób (85%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
12.6 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 3 listopada
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Its alot different than what you'd find in a typical mount and blade mod. Same feel, but mechanicals and gameplay have changed. If you are a mount and blade fan and like pirates go ahead and purchase it you wont regret it. 70% is pretty accurate its got enough content to be fun and they are consistantly adding more.
Devs, Content I would like to see;
-make cannons movable before battle starts
-add more battle item objects pallisade barriers, stakes (to place to dismount calvary)
-more formation options
-more ship upgrades
-working cannons for sieges
-rare ships or units
-ability to dock ships in town if you want to raid with a small fleet
-lower profit margin on goods too easy to make millions in an hr or 2
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9 z 11 osób (82%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
21.8 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 12 października
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
So far, so good. Can't wait to see where this game goes. Takes me back to my 100's of hours in M&B: Warband (this game is on the same engine). Great ship battles. Still in early access, so you do come across some WTF moments, but well worth the money in my opinion.

Check it out :)
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10 z 13 osób (77%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
3.4 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 12 października
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
Sid Meier's Pirates + Mount & Blade = Awesomeness
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8 z 10 osób (80%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
1.2 godz. łącznie
Zamieszczono: 30 czerwca
Recenzja Wczesnego Dostępu
mount and blade for haitians
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6 z 7 osób (86%) uważa, że ta recenzja jest pomocna
5.1 godz. łącznie
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So far this game has brought the same happy moments Mount and Blade has giving me. Caribbean may be in alpha but it already has tons of good features like naval combat and sieges. Anyone who does plan to play this may want to save often because it crashes alot being in alpha, but this game looks very promising. 9/10 will be rated to 10/10 if they add multiplayer and fix naval combat.
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Hi, i bought Caribbean because i think that is a good game. The only thing that i don't like for now is that, when you start, you have 50 men... it is boring starting with a lot of men, for me is better starting from zero :)
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If you like Mount and Blade then this is probably for you, I've played this for a few hours and the visuals are outstanding and look gorgeous, the sounds especially for firearms sounds amazing and the game is very addictive. However I know this is still an Alpha but the Naval battles are terrible and boring, I don't get the point in them at all, I try and avoid them because they're that bad, On the plus side the boarding battles inbetween ships are very good. Also the Ai in this are very stupid and keep getting blocked, so this can get annoying.. overall I would give the current version of the game a 7/10 and is improving every update.
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Good game reminds me a bit of the mount and blade game. It needs to fix boat battles alot it's really buggy and does not not look good at all. The gameplay is decent and good, i would personally like them to work on fixing bugs and enchant the gameplay.

7,5 of 10 if you like these type of games. I hope more players buy it so they may update it faster
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ships battles on sea sucks in my opinion. since its such a huge chunk of the game there is no way i can recommend this game. 2/5
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