'Caribbean!' is a blend of economic strategy and open-world RPG, set in the pirate era of XVII Century Caribbean. The game is based on the significantly improved Mount & Blade: Warband engine.
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Data di rilascio: 20 feb 2015

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"Caribbean! is another mount and blade expansion like game with the theme of the caribbeans, and like all mount and blade style games the combat is fun."

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27 novembre

B&G: Caribbean! — Economy & Business

Hi everyone,

When we were making "Caribbean!", there was always one thing we had at the back of our minds — implementing some kind of a "global economy presentation". It would let players see what they produce and in which towns, have an ability to sell everything they wanted and, ideally, be able to transfer their goods from one town to another.

Here's how we decided to deal with this in B&G. We added two new characters, the "Clerk" and the "Banker". Clerk is needed if you want to start having business in the town you're currently in — you can no longer just come with lots of gold on hand and buy some tobacco plantations. He will also be responsible for managing your storage and convoys. Banker can replenish your deposit, thereby keeping your savings in case you get captured (see our previous post on this subject). With Banker you can get access to your statistics, it looks like this:

Here you can:

  • Transfer money to an account — gold from there will be spent for purchasing raw materials for your property.
  • Get information on which towns contain your fleets (you can now have several), your army and your property.
  • Choose if you want to automatically sell goods or buy raw materials for your property.
Clerk gives access to another presentation:

Here you can form a convoy from some of your available ships, load it with goods and choose a destination point. Convoy can be attacked and robbed, and its ability to defend depends on the state of your ships. If they don't have enough ammo or crew, their cannons don't work properly, there's a chance you won't ever see it again. At the same time nothing stops you from going after your convoy and defend it personally from sea robbers (like yourself).

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26 novembre

Secret gender option coming to B&G

Alright, we actually wanted to let you know there's a 30% discount on "Caribbean!" right now, which will then grant you access to Blood & Gold in December.

And of course, we'd also like to wish happy Thanksgiving to all US players here!

Is this a proper excuse to post this silly screenshot? Not really, but here you go:

Have a nice sale, everyone!

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Informazioni sul gioco

'Caribbean!' is a blend of economic strategy and open-world RPG, set in the pirate era of XVII Century Caribbean. The game is based on the significantly improved Mount & Blade: Warband engine.

'Caribbean!' lets players decide their own role and create their own adventure.

Those who crave for battles in jungles, raids on rich cities and capturing enemy ships can choose the path of a pirate and a mercenary who will rise to the top, with the help of his own sword.

Those who aren't afraid of the words 'financial planning' may take pleasure in making great deals and expanding their enterprise by choosing the path of a merchant and businessman. Power and wealth can be achieved whichever path you choose.

Of course, if you're tired of fighting and boarding enemy ships, you can always invest your collected savings in good real estate. Or do it the other way around — sell all of your industry, acquire a fine brig and become a pirate.


  • Naval battles with controllable ships and boarding fights.
  • Building and management of commercial property in towns.
  • Detailed crew and fleet management.
  • Rank progression system for military and business options.
  • Advanced order and control system for armies in land battles.
  • Mysterious and engaging storyline.

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 295 or AMD HD 4870
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X-compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz or better, AMD A8 2.5 Ghz or better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 560 or better, AMD Radeon R7 260X or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Direct X-compatible sound card
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Pubblicata: 10 luglio
Yargh! Un buon gioco con pirati, battaglie navali e ancora pirati! Se vuoi un gioco che ti immerga in un mondo quattrocentesco, ricco di azione, strategia e ritocchi di GDR, Caribbean! è senza dubbio una buona scelta. Il progetto partiva seguendo le orme del buon vecchio M&B, ma poi si è evoluto- e continua ad evolvere ad una velocità strabiliante- introducendo elementi di gameplay e novità interessanti. Battaglie navali impegnative e che danno una buona libertà sulla strategia da adottare, ottime ambientazioni e bellissime navi da comprare o catturare. Anche se nel lungo periodo rischia di divenire un po' macchinoso, nell'ultimo tempo il gioco ha visto una crescita esponenziale che non sembra arrestarsi ed è difficile non consigliare questo bel gioco.
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Pubblicata: 14 giugno
Less talking, more raiding!

11/10- Warband bandit.

(Now on to the serious review)

My hopes were less than high for this game, to be brutally honest. The reviews, the removal of Warband's 3d map, and many other things really turned me off of this game. Yet, because it was, in a sense, another M&B game, I couldn't resist other than to buy it during the summer sale. And while initially, the complexity of the game was overwhelming, once I understood the mechanics, the game is great.

As a summary of the game, Caribbean! is a strategy/RPG set during the Golden Age of Piracy, the Colonial Era, and the latter part of the Exploration Age. You create a character, build an army and a navy, and eventually take control of colonies in the Caribbean and carefully manage your economy.

Firstly, terrestrial combat is IMPROVED GREATLY. It fouces less on ARPG/slasher combat that M&B focuses on, and instead focused more on the strategy. You could set up troop positions prior to and during combat; you can give commands easier, and of course, you can fight personally, with the wonderful melee system of Warband and the greatly improved shooting mechanics of With Fire and Sword and Napoleonic Wars.

Second, NAVAL COMBAT! While some mods and the Viking Conquest DLC for Warband did have Naval Combat, the naval combat in this game is MUCH more focused on the actual naval aspect of it rather than the good ol' BOARD AND KILL THEM ALL AS IF IT WAS TERRESTRIAL COMBAT that Warband's mods and DLC used. Instead, you control your flagship, or one of the several fleet ships that you can purcahse and sail into battle alongside your flagship, to carefully maneuver your way to the enmy and blast them with a complex and satisfying cannon system; once you are close enough, you can ram them, dealing massive damage to both their ship and yours, or you can board it. Once you win, you gain MASSIVE amounts of prisoners and supplies; however, the massive amounts are neccesary, as you will lose your sailors and supplies over and over.

Lastly, the campaign map has seen some...alterations. The map is 2d, unlike Warband's map, which does make it feel like more of a "map", and is interesting to experience in contrast to the Warband map. ALL cities are... well, cities; no longer are there villages, castles, and cities, there is just one type of settlement. And ALL of these settlements are located on the coast, so that fleets can easily disembark there. The only thing you will find further inland, as far as I can tell, are bandits and colonial armies, which is thoroughly dissaspointing.

All-in-all, Caribbean! is an excellent game for fans of strategy/RPGs, nation management simulators, and PIRATES.

Avast, ye landlubbers! 7/10!
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Pubblicata: 13 giugno
This game should probably still be in Early Access. I would much rather play a modded version of this for M&B Warband. It's clunky and has fewer features that M&B and even With Fire & Sword. Which is sad considering that this game was developed by the same studio that helped to create WF&S. I suggest buying Warband if you haven't already. This game is having to be constantly updated in order to fix the many bugs that were present at its release. Thank you for reading my brief review.
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Pubblicata: 18 luglio
Back when this game was an early access game, I made an review. I did not recommend this game because the developer lied. He was gonna cutting some promised features, which made this game really boring. The game was released in late Febrary, I still don't seem to enjoy it that much. After a few patches, I starting to enjoy this game. I know this game is not 100% finished, more like late early stage, but the devs team would release new updates every Friday, to give us information what they improved. When they replaced the old Mount & Blade commands. I wasn't really happy about that. last Friday, the Devs team added few old commands back, but not all of them. The old commands that were added back made the battle less boring and instead of controlling the troops on the minimap, the few old commands would make the troops get into position more faster. I also like how they highlighted the foods that gives morale to your party. Another thing I like is the smuggling part. I looked for smugglers, sold my goods for very high price which gave me tons of golds, another thing is the factions, the Devs team is very accurate about which colonies belong to what nation based on history. I like most of the new features, but what I don't like about this game is that, They don't have Multiplayers like Mount & Blade Warband etc. Which is kinda boring to play by yourself. They also don't have female characters. No local tribes, I was looking into the local tribes when the Devs team said they would add that feature to the game, but unfortunatly removed. The naval siege, I think they may be working on it. I am looking forward to it. Few bugs that needed to be fixed. Thats what I like and don't like. I know making a game can take a very long period of time, especially the coding. This game can be fantastic, if they would spend more time into this game to make it creative, and fun. Yes this game still needs a lot of work, it needs more content, and etc. In conclusion, this game is not 100% finished, most work may be required, we need to be patient and wait for the devs team to patch the game. So yes I would say I recommend this game.


Back in Febuary, this game don't have much content. However the developer and his team sees the large number of negative reviews and they came to the conclusion their product is far from even good so they tried extremely hard for 5 month to make the game better. This game is way better than it was first released, but still lack of content, which they will continue to add more content based on our thoughts/opinions. I rate this game 3/10 when first released, but now I rate it 7/10.

Their New content: Naval Sieges, Land sieges with ability to fire cannons, new banners, ability to create your own kingdom, hire your own governor and give them task, start your own enterprise, cool voices from troops, new maps, new siege locations, new commands. Lots of bug fixes. ETC

Need Improvement: GRAPHICS OPTIMIZATION, more troops,More weapons, More factions, Female Characters, Local Tribes, More ships, better Tavern, more abilities to do things. Need some bug fixes. ETC

PS: In my opinion, just 1 negative review will make the dev team feel like all the hardwork they've done has changed absolutely nothing and this will discourage them to continue to the patch game. We should encourage the dev team more so they'd continue to patch the game. Yes I do agree this game is boring/not fun for some of you out there, instead of throwing hate bombs/negative reviews, you could post in their discussion on what you want to add in the game that may be fun for you. The Dev team did say they will add more content based on people's opinions/thoughts (For example) this game don't have features of creating custom troops, so I hate it and throw a hate bomb/negative review and the dev don't even know what you want them to add to the game. If you post in their discussion "Please add the feature of creating custom troops. It will be fun for me Thank you." Dev team will see it and might actually add it to the game. I hope people can read this and actually stop throwing unnessary negative review when you can just share your opinions/thoughts on what you want in the game.
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Pubblicata: 8 giugno
A nice and refreshing game, on m&b warbands engine. If they patch a couple of more bugs, improve naval sieges and its performance, then add in some more content it will be even better and worth the whole 20 bucks.
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