UFO: Aftermath is a 3D isometric, tactical strategy game with a rich and compelling sci fi story.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 3 oct. 2003

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“"It may be a little tough for folks new to the genre as the tutorial is a little sketchy but the manual does offer quite a bit of help. If you're looking for a good squad based, tactical strategy game UFO: Aftermath is definitely worth playing."”
8.0/10 – Worth playing

“"While Aftermath isn't a bad game, and certainly has some wonderful and fun ideas, it just doesn't compare to other squad based tactical games I've played lately like "Silent Storm" (turn-based) or "Commandos 3" (real-time)."”
7.5/10 – IGN

Acerca de este juego

UFO: Aftermath is a 3D isometric, tactical strategy game with a rich and compelling sci fi story.

Combining a global strategy with small squad tactical combat, the challenge offered is to fight against an alien invasion. Featuring run time generated tactical missions with innovative simultaneous combat action; the genre is also enhanced with strong RPG elements, offering a quite unique mix of strategic ideas.

RPG - Your soldiers will improve as they gain more experience. Their skills are derived from these statistics, and each point that you put into any one of these attributes will have a noticeable effect on that soldier’s skills. These attributes are: Strength, Agility, Dexterity, Willpower, Intelligence, and Perception

Strategy - You must manage your bases, interceptions, and squads. Territory is equal to power in the game - the more you control, the better your interceptor coverage. Also, the faster you research, the better things could be.

Tactics - Fighting on the ground against aliens and mutants for the control of territories. Once you control a territory, you can decide what type of base you want there: Research, Military, Manufacture or Biomass repulsion.

Combat - Unique combat system features all of the best elements of both turn-based and real-time combat systems. You give orders while the game is paused to avoid the frantic rush of a real time system. While in pause you can give your troops very detailed orders taking as much time as you like. Once you are finished you simply start the game and continue playing. Once the game is underway you can pause the game at any point to update or change your orders and the game will automatically pause when important events occur, so that you may modify your plans accordingly. This combat is combining the finely grained tactics of a turn-based game with the realism of a real time system.

Key features:

  • Randomly generated tactical missions - each playing field will be unique meaning no two games are the same
  • Intricate, rich and frightening alien setting displayed in full 3D
  • Over 100 varied mission objectives
  • 70 plus unique weapons

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Procesador: Pentium III 500 MHz
    • Memoria: 128 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 32 MB GeForce2
    • Almacenamiento: 1 GB de espacio disponible
    • Tarjeta de sonido: DirectX certified sound card
    • SO: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Procesador: Pentium IV 2 GHz or Athlon 2 GHz
    • Memoria: 256 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 64 MB GeForce 4 MX / ATI Radeon 9300
    • Almacenamiento: 1 GB de espacio disponible
    • Tarjeta de sonido: DirectX certified sound card
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Mayormente positivos (72 análisis)
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( 26.0 h registradas )
Publicado el 14 de julio
Gran juego, adictivo para los fans de Ufo de toda la vida que sin ser igual de jugable y con un apartado 3d bastante confuso, logra gustar. Enemigos mucho mas tetricos que nuestros amigos cabezones grises y con cierta magia. Dificil de cojones!
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Havoc Lamperouge
( 13.0 h registradas )
Publicado el 21 de junio
Loads of fun with great 'line of fire', 'time halt' and 'squad tactics' mechanic - all for a tiny price!
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Ciaphas Cain
( 10.6 h registradas )
Publicado el 21 de mayo
Kapustin Yar/10
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( 14.5 h registradas )
Publicado el 20 de mayo
If your looking for a fresher version of the old DOS game Xcom-UFO Defense. This is the one you've been looking for, using simalar squad controls and map view as its sister games AfterShock/Afterlight. Engineering and Researching now brings in an unexpected but beautifully simple base management with HUGE focus on equiping and training your soldiers. Ive been picking thru these Xcoms for the one from my past, and God D*** it!! I FINALLY GOT IT!
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( 5.4 h registradas )
Publicado el 15 de mayo
can't get this game to work on my pc. So i should jsut have just thrown the money down a drain.
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( 17.7 h registradas )
Publicado el 14 de abril
Warning: This game is old, so it is ugly and will not even run at a proper resolution.

Ufo Aftershock is pretty much similar to XCom (UFO Defense for the geoscape and real time Apocalypse for the battlescape) with the difference that the aliens already destroyed humanity and it's up to you to conquer Earth back and eventually save it from a devouring biomass.

It is simple and fast paced. There is no economy so your choices are mostly about what you need the most and a good positioning of your military bases.

The tactical layer offer various missions for your squads. A big plus for this game is that you do not need to kill all the enemies, some missions can be finished in two minutes if you know what you are doing. Plus, if you can skip missions by delegating them.

You can equip your soldiers in various ways with grenades, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, shotguns and even slow but powerful collapsible railguns. All these weapons are good for their roles and you'll need to properly use them to win.

The only big downside of this game is the weird difficuly curve. First it is really easy, but at a certain step of the story, the enemy gets suddenly really powerful. This gives the false feeling that the game is first too easy then impossible. Truth is that you only need to use all the tools you collected in the later half and, with a proper strategy, you can still win.

So it's a good game that you should play if you are a fan of tactical games.
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( 0.8 h registradas )
Publicado el 2 de marzo
- FIxed 1024*768 not even scaling properly
- Blured text, on one of my monitors, on the other one is's okay
- The english voice action is terrible
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( 0.1 h registradas )
Publicado el 23 de enero
Boring and not worth it.
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Oor Mate Vlad
( 3.4 h registradas )
Publicado el 10 de noviembre de 2015
UFO: Aftermath is the spiritual successor to the original XCOM franchise.

In the early years of the 21st century an alien invasion turns most of the inhabitants of Earth in to a bunch of mutant monstrosities and you have been appointed as the commander of the surviving forces.

A fun strategy game with customisation of characters, well worth the £2.79 price tag.
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( 14.4 h registradas )
Publicado el 9 de octubre de 2015
This is the best worst game I have ever played.
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No recomendado
32.9 h registradas
Publicado el 21 de marzo de 2015
Lo jugué hace unos años y tenía un buen recuerdo. No lo había podido terminar, ni probar las 2 secuelas, así que decidí darle otro intento. Esta vez me pareció muy repetitivo, y los gráficos no se ven bien en alta resolución. Si te gusta este tipo de juegos, tal vez lo disfrutes. Si no, mejor ahorrate el dinero.
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0.3 h registradas
Publicado el 17 de mayo de 2015
entretenido aunque los escenarios carecen de creatividad
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90.8 h registradas
Publicado el 20 de noviembre de 2014
I just completed the game. Holy crap was that fun!! This game is like crack!

Controls take a bit to get used to, but once you have, they're not an issue. Only one bug I found, and that's when one of your party sees a reticulan/bad guy, the movement orders you've given up to that point can be reset if you accidentally click the next destination point right as the enemy is sighted. This won't even occur to you until you get a few rifleman with super-heroic speed that you use for ambushes anyway. If you even do.

Vagrant, infinitesimal issues that take nothing away from the game. This is finished and polished. Worth twice the price at least, IMO. It's not real time strategy, the game pauses each time something comes up so you can take your time to think about what to do. This, of coarse extends the life of your hardware because you won't snap under the pressure and lay waste to your game room, lol. The gameplay seems simplistic on the surface, but quicly gets very very hard and you HAVE to think up actual tactics and strategies to progress. Sometimes blitzkrieg is called for, sometimes the only way not to get wiped out is to back up against a wall, put your heavy hitters at the back and your riflemen/(handgun?)men in front on one knee and just wait for the enemy to come. (I didn't do this until late in the game unfortunately, keeping your medic in the center of your group helps ALOT when YOU'RE being blitzkrieged.)


I'm not sure what impresses me the most about this game, but the ballance is definitely a contender. I can't say enough just how well thought out this game is. You can't seem to research stuff fast enough, you can't seem to develope new technologies fast enough, you can never manufacture armor or weapons in time for missions that can't wait around.. You have the delegate, you have to plan, you have to crunch numbers, you have to take humiliating losses here and there, you have to give 100% But, somehow, you always JUST BARELY have what you need to get the job done. Ballance. MASTERFUL ballance.

So, in summary, if you're a bargain hunter and/or a supporter of indi games (I'm a hardcore one, myself ` La Résistance indépendant!!!) but try to get quality when you can - this is a game for you. Well, if you dig strategy games that is. This isn't so much of a veg out genere. Don't wait for it to go on sale either. It's only $7 last I looked. And hopefully if the people who made it continue to make a living doing so (they've CERTAINLY earned it), they'll crank out more great games!!

{To the Devs:} THANK YOU!! Bombtastic game!!
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6.2 h registradas
Publicado el 25 de abril de 2014
I must admit, I've loved this game for years and when I saw it on Steam the other day it was an instant purchase. The game is dated, and a little tricky to get use to but still plays great. It does have a 4:3 resolution, so on a widescreen monitor it stretches in fullscreen, but you can play windowed to fix this.

The 3 UFO games, all thankfully on Steam are all great, if your into Xcom or the older X-com games, you will likely enjoy this game.
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20.4 h registradas
Publicado el 26 de enero de 2015
It's a fun, older title in the Steam catalogue akin to the X-COM series of games. You fight to recover an Earth that has been largely depopulated by a malicious alien menace in a pausable, real-time strategy game.

+It's challenging, but not impossible. (Hint: Let them come to you sometimes! Choke points are an essential tactic later in the game!)
+There are several different damage types which are stronger and weaker against various enemies, forcing the player to strategize and take squads that have a variety of damage types.
+Most weapons remain relevant throughout the game--there's only a few instances where one weapon was genuinely superior to another.
+Game has multiple endings. Three, to be exact. I can't spoil them obviously, that's not the point of a review.
+Real-time pausable element provides an interesting twist to the usual turn-based X-COM formula.
+Geoscape is aesthetically appealing and directly reflects how well you're performing in the war against the enemy.
+It has a plot. With twists.
-Level designs are fairly basic and sometimes infuriating.
-Enemies can sometimes be spawned beside your men before you even get a chance to do anything.
-The last couple levels show signs the game was rushed out the door.
-The voice acting is so atrocious it's hilarious. Go to the options menu and turn off voices.
-It has a plot. With sometimes stupid twists.

If you really need a numeric score: 7/10. Playable, fun, appealing to people who enjoy X-COM and Real-Time Strategy games.

PS: If you have a widescreen monitor or are encountering technical issues, you may want to run it in a window with a couple other settings. To do this, right click on the UFO: Aftermath in Steam and select "Properties", then select "Launch Options". From there, add this: --options multisample=4 anisotropy=8 loadall=FALSE video_caption=TRUE --option fullscreen=FALSE

Have fun taking back the Earth!
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14.3 h registradas
Publicado el 10 de julio de 2015
UFO Aftermath is basically X-COM but in real-time. It is a surprisingly good formula and provided me with enough fun that I definitely consider it to be worth the charging price.

The graphics may be outdated and the sounds may be reptitive and sub-par, but the gameplay functions are solid and the story is intriguing enough. Unfortunately the story is rather short and you spend most of the games doing generic randomized missions on maps that "randomize" slightly every go. After about 6 hours however you come to realize that the maps have limited amounts of "Randomization" as you begin to see the same maps over and over again.

If you liked XCOM you'll love this. It was equally entertaining, and with a unique type of gameplay. I give it 6/10. It was a decent game, slightly above average. Not amazing however, but definitely worth $5.
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Publicado el 26 de abril de 2014
It's about time this game came to Steam!
This game is a worthy successfor to the original x-com, and is one of the high-water marks for the genre. It takes all of the core ideas of the original x-com (many of which were sadly cut from Enemy Unknown) and adds a lot of meat to them. The "geopshere" world map phase of the game is particularly excellent. The aliens have a plan, and it's up to you to not only figure out what it is, but how to stop it.
One of the greatest improvements is that the game is "pause and play." You can pause the game at any time (and the game will automatically pause when certain events occur, like spotting an enemy), and issue orders to your squad. Every action has a timer associated with it to tell you how long it will take to complete, rather than having action points and a "you go, I go" turn-based system. Things make a lot more sense as a result, and you can plan tactics without enemies taking their turn to run across gaps or cross the map without you being able to do anything about it since it's not your turn.
It also lets you have multiple soldiers moving at the same time, and group-select and move orders, which means that the squad sizes and maps can be *far* larger without the game slowing to a crawl as you move an entire team one at a time down a hallway or street.
The one thing I really miss that was in the original xcom which is missing from UFO: Aftermath is the environmental destruction and the interesting tactical options it provided. Also, this game was significantly superior to its own sequels.
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Publicado el 9 de febrero de 2015
Awesome classic game.
Played all the UFOs and XComs and well, they never get old.
Still better than many modern games!
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Publicado el 26 de abril de 2014
UFO Aftermath is the first of three in the series of this new style of play. Rather than the turn based combat previously seen in the likes of UFO: Enemy Unknown/Terror from the Deep etc. This is now a live RTS sytle of game often been used in more newer games such as Jagged Alliance. The combat has some cool little feature such as squad members automatically peaking around corners, and that eary feeling of trying to find that last alien.

The tutorial sets the seen, of a lonely guy called Malcolm and his trusty shotgun. After the tutorial he and one other are trust into being in charged of combating this alian threat. As the team expands, so does the technology based, from simple kevlar sytle armour to power suits. From earth based weapons to the use of alien ones or just weilding miniguns! Bewarned that this is a game best played cautiously as combat is now quick and easy, and there can be a learning curve when facing various new aliens.

The game follows a story line unlike its predecessors where the objective was getting to the enemy base. The story is basic, but there. The aliens are not your typical sectoid look with a large variety of some quite difficult species to bring down.

A great new feature is the training of soldiers, though there is no determined way of controlling how stats increase, you can now train soldiers in certain specialities which align to their favoured skill. This adds another form of creating a more specialised and team with a personal touch.

On the series I personally do prefer Aftershock, where you can read my next review on why!
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Publicado el 23 de abril de 2014
i recommend this game for every x-com gamer.i love it! only problem is i cant have full screen :(
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