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I was expecting bad rats style shovelware but the game is actually quite enjoyable.
A puzzle game where you drag snakes(?) to eat fruit. But unlike the game 'snake' you are not trying to avoid bumping into walls. Instead you are trying to eat as much fruit as possible and as quickly as possible to gain a high score for the stages.

And then the game turns into ♥♥♥♥ing DDR!

Does bad rats have DDR mode? No, no it does not.
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My computer isn't good enough to run this game. 10/10
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Its alright
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Awesome casual game. Easy to jump into, well explained, lots of fun!
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Good game to play
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I lIke this game very much
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What a fantastic game
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well, I'm not a fan of these kind of games, but... holy shiet! this is a very, VERY mindf*ck game.
I can't believe I've had this game in my library all this time.

+Innovative story
+Solid gameplay
+Nice graphics
+Epic music
+Unforgettable experience

-You want more!

If you enjoy videogames, this masterpiece it's a "must buy".

9/10 —me.
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nice game
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One of the best games I have ever played! Next gen graphics (my sli gtx660's can barely run it), action, challenging puzzles, love triangle and mother♥♥♥♥ing peaches! I don't know what else I would want in a game, this game has it all! 11/10 Definitely worth the $60 launch price!

Edit: I realized that there was almost no screenshots of the game of the year edition. So i played it some more to get some screenshots. Here you go http://imgur.com/a/6LK17#0
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Yumsters 2: Around the World is the unofficial spiritual successor to Bad Rats.
Featuring a similar production quality and budget as Bad Rats, Yumsters 2 pulls no punches in providing the best that indie games have to offer.
The gameplay revolves around pulling brightly-coloured dinosaur worm things (Yumsters) across chains of fruits (at a blistering 60 FPS). They eat the fruits, and you get money for it. Later on, you use the Yum-money (the yummey) to purchase a generic albeit not racist musical instrument from whatever region of the world you're in (Egypt, Mexico, Japan etc) which you then use to play a rhythm minigame that rivals the depth and complexity of titles such as DmC: Devil May Cry and Michael Jackson: The Game. The intricate plot of Yumsters 2 is very well-paced, engrossing the player in a profound tale about brotherhood and personal growth as they advance from level to level.
Yumsters 2 offers a plethora of graphical options to make it perform well on all systems, such as "Fullscreen: on or off". The soundtrack of Yumsters 2 is also very prodigious, featuring a whopping three minutes of looping audio. Sometimes if you score a good enough Yumster combo (a yumbo), "Rules of Nature" will start playing, congratulating the player on their Yumsters skill. Yumsters 2's voice acting is top-notch. Captivating quotes such as "Commander ready" and "Tumma" (???) are delivered magnificently, rivalling the emotional and compelling narratives of titles like Metal Gear Solid.
"Do you think fruits can bloom even on a battlefield?"
"In the Middle East we don't hunt foxes, we hunt Yumsters."
If you liked Bad Rats, play this. Yumsters 2 may very well be the "Citizen Kane of video game".
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Really great unheard of gem I really recomend you get this goofy little game everyone is a great time waster =)
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This game is just... so weird. Not very good at all. But fascinating in a way. Obviously it's pandering to younger audiences with the stupid plot and stupid character design and abysmal dialogue. The gameplay ranges from "ooh that was a nice puzzle level" to "oh good another boring normal level". Yeah... they try to at least be a little creative with the levels but it gets repetitive, quick.
The game's music is endearingly bad, but also apparently a major selling point since at the end of each world you play a small easy rhythm game with the music you've heard for the past hour or so playing in the background. Usually the rhythm of the notes you need to click is off though!
I don't know why this game is on steam to be honest but apparently it is, and surprisingly not the worst game I've ever played, probably because it's at least a little interesting in its badness. But yeah, don't buy this unless you get it from a bundle, definitely.
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Cute caterpillar/worm thing eats lots of fruit casual game.
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Yumsters 2: Around the World is a puzzle game using small "worms" eating fruits of their color. They will move around the world to discover each place and to find new instruments to make new sounds because yumsters really love music.

It's pretty boring, there's no real challenge, the puzzles are pretty easy. Even after 5 hours of play.
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When I first started the game I though it was looking at a Popcap game, it has the exact same style and setup like their games. It's an ok game though. You control worms that have to eat fruit. That's it actually. I can't explain it any other way. It's a fun casual game but I think its main audience will be kids.

[Rating: 62/100]
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Decent casual game in which you move your "worm squad" to eat different fruits and stuff to earn points and complete a level. The sounds in this game can irritate some players and it relies on you getting hooked on it. I personally didn't and wouldn't recommend this for the most gamers. It could be someones cup of coffee definetly, yet these kind of games are better on-the-go in your smartphones for example.
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Good for kids I suppose. D: