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You are Akane, a Kunoichi ninja secretely loving her master Goro, a noble samurai. One day Goro is kidnapped by the evil Hiromi - you have to rescue him, but it won't be an easy task!
Release Date: May 2, 2014
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Trading Cards Added

May 9

You asked, you got it - Akane the Kunoichi now supports Steam's Trading Cards. Have fun!

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“Akane defines what a downloadable title should strive to be: loaded with content, affordable, and genuinely fun.”
5/5 – http://www.digitallydownloaded.net/2011/06/review-akane-kunoichi-xbox-360.html

“The bosses in the game are impressive and fun.”
8.5/10 – http://www.ztgd.com/reviews/10217/akane-the-kunoichi/

“Impressive Graphics, Visuals & Artwork”
8.5/10 – http://www.gamingtruth.com/2011/06/11/akane-the-kunoichi-xblig-review/

About the Game

You are Akane, a Kunoichi ninja secretely loving her master Goro, a noble samurai. One day Goro is kidnapped by the evil Hiromi and her minions - you have to rescue him, but it won't be an easy task!
Many enemies will try to stop you, and you'll have to be brave to fight against the evil ninjas and huge monsters loyal to Hiromi.

- 3 secret ninja techniques
- 5 different environments
- 5 huge bosses
- 15 stages
- 45 hidden Charming Lost Kimonos to catch!!!

For more information:
Homepage: http://www.haruneko.com
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/HarunekoEntertainment
Twitter: @harunekogames

"The bosses in the game are impressive and fun." www.ztgd.com - 8.5/10
"Impressive Graphics, Visuals & Artwork" www.gamingtruth.com - 8.5/10
"Akane defines what a downloadable title should strive to be: loaded with content, affordable, and genuinely fun." www.digitallydownloaded.net - 5/5
"those crazy kids at Haruneko know what made well-remembered games worth remembering" - www.honestgamers.com - 8/10
"a really cool game" www.armlessoctopus.com - 4/5

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Xp, Vista, 7
    • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256mb Video Memory, capable of Shader Model 2
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
Helpful customer reviews
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Please note: This is the second iteration of this review following an update and comment from the developer. However, it is not overly different to the first.

I purchased this game due to the premise - an anime style ninja platformer (if that makes sense). However, it was a little bit underwhelming and disappointing.

Gameplay is pretty much how you would expect your normal platformer - it is nothing special. There are 3 levels in each stage, with the last being a boss battle. Each level gets more difficult as it goes along (as you'd expect). Whilst what you get here is nothing too bad, very few new gimmicks are introduced as you go along (certainly no new enemies (excluding bosses) in the second and third stages), making gameplay seem a little monotonous at times. The secret ninja technique mechanic is ok, but it is a shame that these cannot be used in the boss fights and that there aren't more to unlock or use (I seem to only ever use one).

Controls are unfortunetly clunky and still feel a little slow despite the update. There is no tutorial - and as far as I am aware the keyboard controls are a little odd. Despite using an xbox controller, controls in some areas are a bit tempermental; this is especially the case with the wallhang aspect, whereby getting a bit close to a wall sticks you to it, leaving you to either slide or jump umpteen steps in the opposite direction. These controls ultimately (and unfortunetly) affect gameplay, making it difficult to dodge in some situations and leaving some areas a little bit tedious to navigate.

In other areas, the game is adequate but not excellent. Graphics are standard, with some areas featuring tiling that is a touch too obvious. Sound works but is nothing special. Cutscenes are relatively uneventful and slow, and can be a little slow to skip.

All in all, it is and little things that let this game down - it just needs a bit more usability and polish. Every time you die or which to retry, you have to do so from the level menu; I'd be more inclined to continue playing if there was a restart button on the menu or game over screen. Likewise, there could be more options changing sound volumes in game. Again, bosses could be better - the first two bosses were both disappointingly repetitive affairs, especially as one critic outlined them as "impressive and fun".

Whilst nothing special was necessarily expected from this game, the controls and little usability things prevent it from being a decent game. That is not to say it is a bad game - some people will definitely find some charm within and with the game as cheap as chips it might be worth a look. However, I can't say I got a great deal of enjoyment from it - whilst the premise has potential, the overall controls and execution of the game could be a lot smoother.
Posted: May 2
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This game is meh. I bought it seeing that it was on sale for less than $3 and figured that it would be a fun throwback to those old school NES/SNES games.

To me while playing it the gameplay just seems a bit slow and there never really seems to be a real sense of danger or excitement. The controls didn't feel clunky, I think that its just that the game is kinda slow paced. The wall hanging/jumping is my biggest gripe with this game as nearly all of my damage/deaths have been caused due to Akane just being stuck to a wall. It would of worked much better with a Megaman styled wall jump mechanic.

The graphics for this game are pretty good and I do enjoy the soundtrack but I don't think those make up for the gameplay.

That all being said I don't think that its a bad purchase considering its cheap price but I can't really recommend it to other people to go out of their way to pick it up. If you have leftover funds in your steam wallet ($4 or less) then feel free to purchase this game, just don't expect a lot from it.
Posted: May 3
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Ready to go back to 8bit gaming? This game does it all for nostalgia. From the graphics, to the terrible platforming controls. Playing as the clumsiest Ninja, you must defeat Hiromi for some reason. It seems a man fell in love with this woman, now you must go kill her. The story doesnt matter, did it ever in old games? Get ready to slip and slide on ice skates as you trip over your own shoelaces to get to the final boss, murdering the woman that man fell in love with, HA, that will teach him a lesson! Bosses are easy once you figure out their patterns, and you will die more from the controls than ever actually playing the game. Ahhh, just like the old days, this is a great lazy evening game, since it can be beaten in one playthrough. The game is real real short, I hope they make some DLC because its a fun game!!!

Rating: 8/10 Value: $4.99
Posted: May 6
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It's not actually so bad. I kinda enjoyed silly animations, boss battles and kimono collecting. But, otherwise, i think i can't say i enjoyed the whole game, so it's a difficult desicion: Do i recommend this or not. For 2.5$ it's a fun little game you can spend some time on, but don't be too lovely to anime graphics on screenshots and try not to wait from this game somethin really great.
Posted: May 6
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Akane is agreat throwback to the classic 16bit gaming era. In fact, it actually feels like a "blast from the past" has been locked away in a time capsule in the early 1990s, sealed tight and only opened up recently.
The levels are short and sweet; no checkpoints and every hit you take from enemies drain one of your hearts. If you die, you restart from the beginning.
Enemies are attack pattern based as well as bosses.
Plattforming may feel unresponsive at first, but once you get the hang of it (Akane's plattforming is not speed-based precision plattforming) they get the job well done and provide you with enough precision to get all the collectables (especially in the last 3 levels).
Keeping that in mind, I highly recommend Akane to everybody who remembers or is interested in classic gaming era style games.
Posted: July 19
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