Journalist-turned-food critic Taryn Sharpe and her assistant/photographer George Haske are sent on assignment to France to cover the opening of Paris' hottest new restaurant, Le Roi Soleil.
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リリース日: 2014年7月15日


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Sharpe Investigations now multilingual!

Sharpe Investigations: Death On The Seine now supports the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese

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Journalist-turned-food critic Taryn Sharpe and her assistant/photographer George Haske are sent on assignment to France to cover the opening of Paris' hottest new restaurant, Le Roi Soleil. When they get there, they discover the restaurant's celebrity chef is dead and the circumstances are suspicious. Strangely, the police rule the death a suicide and refuse to investigate. The restaurant's owner (an old friend of Taryn's) is convinced his star chef was murdered and begs her and George to find the culprit.

Follow the clues and solve the death of French celebrity chef
Explore many unique locations in Paris and nearby rural surroundings
Enjoy more than dozen beautiful Hidden Object scenes
Solve many puzzling minigames
Meet 11 lifelike characters


    • OS: Win XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 1.0 GHz
    • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 600 MB available space
15 人中 13 人 (87%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 4.8 時間
投稿日: 2014年7月15日
I've played many of the PopCap hidden object games and this was a mildly diverting change of pace involving a basic plot, but unfortunately, clicking around the screen randomly appears to be a more successful tactic than actually trying to find the objects, particularly when I couldn't click an object that was supposed to be selectable (the matches for me).

It's a functional game, with reasonable graphics & sound assets but there's maybe 90 minutes of gameplay (I was AFK for most of my playtime), which I don't believe is worth the £5.50 I paid. If this was part of a series I might consider recommending a package, if it was cheap, but for the moment, I would say don't buy.
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15 人中 10 人 (67%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 8.8 時間
投稿日: 2014年7月15日
First impressions:

I've played it for just under an hour. It's not completely terrible, I'll recommend it but It's not that good.

(optional let's play footage - you can skim over this if you want to see what the is like)
You are supposed to be investigating a murder, you undertake this by searching for random objects for some reason (probably because it's a game lol). You have to do some pretty silly things to progress. For example you come across a man distraught after the murder, who you need to find a drink for. What do you? Well you find some lemons from the dumpster combine them with a jug of water also found in the rubbish. Viola! you have a nice drink for the poor guy lol. Occasionally there are other kinds of activity you need to undertake such as mixing liquids to get the right colours. I actually had to skip that one because I couldn't figure out how to get it to work.

There is basically no animation in this game, everything is static. The closest thing are people of interest who slightly expand and contract for some reason lol. The actual random object parts are an ugly mess to be honest. But what can you do? The developers have to make it difficult for you to find objects. One thing I could say about the presentation that I kind of liked at least at the start was the music in the game, it was nice but I think it became a bit repetitive.

So this was actually my first time playing one of these random object games. I've watched Total Biscuit play them before. He wasn't too fond of them. I'd say he's about right in feeling that way, I didn't really like this game. And for what it is, I think they should lower the price.

There are other sort of point and click adventure type games that I would prefer to play over this. My favourite of all time is Full Throttle by Lucas Arts games, you play as the leader of a bikie gang. I loved that game. But it's pretty old now and not available on steam. Another game that comes to mind is the recently released (on steam) Soul Gambler. That game was really good and is an interactive graphic novel based on the classic tale of Faust, but it's pretty short.

Click here for my review and let's play videos of Soul Gambler. I think most people would like that better than this game and it is only $4.49USD right now.

Click here for more let’s play videos =)
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9 人中 6 人 (67%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 3.4 時間
投稿日: 2014年7月16日
waste of money as a stand alone game , puzzles are easy ,just not enough content, I know its only $8.00 but I do expect more than a couple of hours play. I agree with tweak maybe as part of a package it might be worth a look but as is save your money
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2 人中 2 人 (100%) がこのレビューが参考になったと投票しました
記録時間: 1.5 時間
投稿日: 1月3日
Functional, but not exactly top of the line. Lack of voice work, description of items in hidden-object segments are sometimes vague or downright inaccurate, and object selection areas in hidden-object segments are sometimes inaccurate means the game leaves some things to be desired.

Also, primary character, an "investigative reporter", commits felonies left and right, with no consequences; five minutes (or so) into the game, and she's already contaminating a crime scene.

5/10, don't buy at full price, if you get it for around what I did (1.95 USD) it's not as horrible, but I got pretty much what I paid for.
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記録時間: 3.2 時間
投稿日: 8月23日
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