What secrets do these souls share with Kate Reed, a struggling writer hoping to recapture her past success? These lost souls cannot move on. To save them, you must guide Kate between these mind-bending worlds as you explore the House of 1000 Doors.
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Velmi kladné (166 recenzí) - 93% z 166 uživatelů ohodnotilo tuto hru kladně.
Datum vydání: 7. dub. 2014

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“...weaves its puzzles, solutions, items and hidden object scenes into an amazingly complex web of interconnected occurrences.”
4/5 – Gamezebo

Informace o hře

A young bride who lost her husband in a gruesome accident refuses to leave a train.

A sculptor who disturbed his wife's grave is suffering in a wintry hell.

And a young girl who posed for a cursed portrait haunts the charred remains of her father's studio.

When the dead cannot find release, the House of 1000 Doors appears at locations around the world to serve as a portal for gifted individuals to help them. What secrets do these souls share with Kate Reed, a struggling writer hoping to recapture her past success? These lost souls cannot move on. To save them, you must guide Kate between these mind-bending worlds as you explore the House of 1000 Doors.

  • Tormented souls imprisoned in a netherworld cry out to the living for help in this Collector's Edition of HOUSE OF 1000 DOORS FAMILY SECRETS that includes additional plot lines, and integrated strategy guide and more!
  • Explore stunning locations and discover the dark secrets of the Lancaster family as you delve into the supernatural on your quest for the truth in this compelling mystery.
  • When the dead cannot find release, they beckon to an unlikely medium to pass between the spirit world and our own to free them from their twisted past lives and the endless horror that they cannot escape.
  • What secret do all these souls share? Pass between all the mind-bending worlds when you enter the House of 1000 Doors to find out.

Systémové požadavky

Mac OS X
    • Operační systém: Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8
    • Procesor: 1.0 GHz processor or faster
    • Paměť: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafická karta: DirectX® compatible video card
    • Pevný disk: 2 GB volného místa
    • Zvuková karta: DirectX® compatible sound card
    • Operační systém: Mac® OS X 10.7 - 10.9
    • Procesor: Intel® Core™ 2.0 GHz or better processor
    • Paměť: 512 MB RAM
    • Pevný disk: 1 GB volného místa
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Velmi kladné (166 recenzí)
Nedávno odeslané
( 13.9 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 23. dubna
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 1.4 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 24. března
This is a really well made game of this genre.

The story is totally absurd and not credible at all, things do not really make that much sense. But this game is majorly based on its mechanics and ways to play.

Things are not that hard here, you have to explore and find the necessary things that will make you progress. And then later you will find something that is required earlier in the house, and then you go back to another thing, etc, that is how you will progress here.

This game also has the hidden object thing. Not really hard, also, so you won't be frustrated.

By the way, this game is very forgiving. If you don't really know how to progress, just open the "Strategy Guide" and pronto! You will know what to do next in the game.

Do not play this expecting a good story, but you will actually find a pretty nice game of this genre. If you like this type of game, go for it. If you don't, maybe this one is actually a nice first try, just wait for a sale.

It is, also, a bit creepy
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 7.5 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 21. března
Fun HOG to play. In this game you will play as Kate and be dealing with ghost's while trying to help them out.

The voice acting was ok. The art and BG fo this game was very nice. The music is very nice too.

The only complain I have was that the chapter you just finish the game and that's it. I wish the bonus story had more content since I enjoyed playing the bonus chapter too:)

This is a HOG that you don't want to miss
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 6.2 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 22. února
Really cool game, loved how you go to different worlds inside the same game. Artwork is really beautiful. The soundtrack could be a bit better, because it's too repetitive (think it's basically the same theme playing during the entire game). If you like hidden object/puzzle games, I surely recomend this game if you buy it on sales.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 5.3 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 7. února
This is a really good hidden object game with logical game play, without too much silly backtracking. There's a nice range of mini game puzzles which are often challenging enough to stretch you without being so ridiculous that you just automatically reach for the skip button.

Game length is good too. I think I spent around 4 hours on it and it's good for picking up and putting down again.

There are the 'elusive objects' to find, but no achievement for doing so. That would be my only real criticism. Otherwise a fun game overall. Sequel almost equally good.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 1.0 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 7. února
Set in a mysterious mansion that appears all around the world at different times, the game puts players in the role of a frustrated novelist who travels to the titular house to restore the good name of her family (and maybe get an idea for her next book). Or maybe she doesn't—the plot gets a little confused towards the end, although that will be addressed in a moment.

First, the HOG criteria:

Criterion 1: To what degree do the puzzle screens look like a thrift store vomited on my monitor?

This isn't one of the genre's shining moments, by any means. Every item collection screen is full of random nonsensical clutter, along with a fair amount of trick items that can only be found by assembling other pieces of clutter or finding a secret sub-screen within the main area. To the game's credit, finding these items is made far easier by the fact that complicated items are highlighted in the list. The game also has a better explanation for the clutter than most. After all, if this house really travels through time and space, who's to say what random garbage it might pick up?

Criterion 2: Are the searches justified by the premise/story?

Not especially. It's bog-standard design right down the line on this front. Players move through a series of screens, unlocking doors and solving simple puzzles (or skipping them with the aid of an extremely fair hint system) until they find that they're missing a certain item. Suddenly a previous area is bathed in a magical glow, and it's time to find that item! (Along with twenty other arbitrary knickknacks.) Not especially disappointing, but the developers certainly weren't going the extra mile this time around.

Criterion 3: How well do the various puzzles and object searches meld together to form a coherent whole?

House of 1000 Doors is something of an odd case, since the story that the player finds themselves participating in has very little to do with the plot they're promised at the outset.

After a chilling opening movie, the main character is contacted by a ghostly relative, and told that the only way to clear their family's name is to go to the house. So the player does, and finds herself tasked with traveling to the sites of a variety of murders—all involving a tragic death in the past (some more gruesome than others)—and solving puzzles to put the ghosts involved to a peaceful rest.

The bizarre part is that the main character's relative isn't mentioned. The nature of her scandal never comes up, and by the time the end of the game rolls around I'd almost forgotten what the point of the whole endeavor was supposed to be in the first place. It wasn't until the main character mentions in her final monologue that she'd gotten the evidence she needed to vindicate her ancestors that I was reminded of the game's purported storyline—and mildly annoyed, since nothing like that had actually happened.

After beating the game I discovered that the main story—really the entire central plot of the game, is entirely dealt with and resolved in a bonus unlockable chapter that's included only in the "collector's edition" of the game. Luckily the publishers were kind enough to provide me with that version for review, but I worry that anyone playing the standard game would come away completely disappointed (and somewhat baffled) by the utter lack of a resolution.

With all the ghosts, murders, and tragic histories one would expect from a gothic melodrama, House of 1000 Doors does a great job of finding an eerie tone for the game and giving players a consistent level of challenge as they explore their way through it. It definitely loses marks for the bizarre mishandling of its plot, but beyond that, the mechanics are solid, and it's successful at everything else it attempts.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 5.3 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 31. ledna
Its a point and click hidden object game. Its a fun game with an interesting storyline. None of the challenges are too hard. Not bad for a beginner and with the hint system you can't get too stuck. I have already gotten the next House of 1000 Doors game. I might replay it to find all the "beyond objects," (hidden objects throughout the rooms that have no impact on gameplay). I definitely recommend getting it if you see it on sale. Average deal when not on sale.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 3.6 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 31. ledna
The story isn't anything to write home about, but the puzzles are fantastic. Good for anyone that likes a good puzzle game.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 3.6 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 29. ledna
▐█▐██has ▓▓▓▓▓▀▄░▀▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▌█▌
█▌███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓doors ▓▓███▓▓▓▄▀▐█
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 6.9 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 24. ledna
If finding objects in multiple places at once is your cup of tea, then House of 1,000 Doors: Family Secrets is for you. Personally I don't find the story line to that difficult to understand. As long as you take the time to listen to what the characters are saying to you, then you'll have smooth sailing when it comes to suspence and drama. If you are a newer hidden objects player, then I would recommened for you to play this as well. This game is pretty good when it comes to exploring and unlocking places, which requires the hidden object aspect of it.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 6.4 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 17. ledna
Hidden object & fetching the item game. Pretty staight forward. Mid level difficulty on the hidden object and insane difficulty on finding the objects. Luckily this version comes with a nifty guide and a hint button. By the end I was just mashing the hint button whenever it popped up. If you wanted to work your way through with no hints would take a very long time since everything you need is always on the complete other side of the map. Good game though and if you don't mind using the hint button then it's pretty fun. Good for some mindless clicking.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
Kill It With Light
( 5.2 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 1. ledna
Pretty impressed with this one, gotta be honest. (Except for the bit where there weren't actually a thousand doors. That would've been pretty awesome, though I guess more like a room escape game than a hidden object one. Which is a genre-smush I didn't know I wanted until I just wrote that sentance, but wow. Does it exist? If it does, someone let me know!)

Plots were terrible, but because there was a bunch of sub-plots tying into an overarching big plot, they didn't seem so bad - I mean, some things were are-you-SERIOUS?? level dumb, but that's pretty normal for the genre, so I can't dock it too much for that. A few things that didn't come up AT ALL in the cutscenes but were actual vital parts of the plot, which you could only find out by reading the diary, though. Made things kiiiinda confusing at times. Devs, even if you're not going to invest in quality writing, just... don't do that. It's a terrible mood.

Keyword choices were also pretty good! There were a few things I was ???? about that I think were just dialect differences, and a few reaaaally obscure terms (one I ended up googling, and the fourth or fifth result was a walkthrough for the game, soooo yeah, obscure), but there weren't any mistranslations or coding errors, which puts it a couple of steps above most games in the genre I've played. There was one instance of having two things in a HO scene which were classified as $keyword, and only one counted, though. That was pretty frustrating.

Minigames were pretty good; nothing amazing, but nothing bad, just solid little puzzles. Art was nice, VAing - well, terrible, but again, that's not unusual. A few places where I wasn't sure what to do next, but there was a map with action-avaliable highlighting and warping, so I could usually figure it out before too long. There were a couple of places where you had to use a specific tool even though you had something else that would actually be better for it, or would work equally as well (pots of water being just as good to put out a fire as a bucket of water, for example), which was annoying but, again, pretty normal (and probably really hard to code differently unless you completely redesgined the entire game, to be fair).

Conclusion: solid game of its genre!
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 6.9 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 29. prosince 2015
5/5 Stars

6 hours of enjoyable playtime. Storyline is a bit "Mary Sue" but it's workable and fluid, and stays on theme for the entire game. The cut scenes aren't painfully long and the movement from one location to another is acceptable; none of that "clicking 18 times to get back to the place where you need to use the shovel" nonsense. The hidden object challenges are executed via clutter rather than ghosting images into the scene, and the puzzles have a hint button that will instantly solve them, should you be stuck or uninterested in that aspect of the gameplay.

For $5 and 6 hours of playtime, it's a decent deal. If you can get it for under $3, it's a steal.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 5.4 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 4. prosince 2015
Good game.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 4.4 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 26. listopadu 2015
A second trip to the house for me. The whole 'medium' angle of the story left me 'meh' but it still flowed, animations were good, puzzles interesting. Could have skipped the extra chapter.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 4.1 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 25. listopadu 2015
I like all episodes each character shows.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 22.2 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 26. října 2015
I enjoyed playing this game. Was glad it had the bonus to play after you had finished, I will go back and play it again.
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 7.1 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 20. října 2015
Great game!
Maybe hard for new hidden object games players but as I wrote It Is a Great game with plentiful puzzles, nice story,graphic, sounds and music so 10/10 :)
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 3.9 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 20. října 2015
i really enjoyed the game wish there were more like it!
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
( 5.9 hodin celkem )
Přidáno: 18. října 2015
The storyline is interesting and good, I got sucked into the game partly because of it.

The puzzles aren't easy but they also are not too hard, which I like.

I was disapointed by the ubrupt ending, but the bonus story afterwards makes up for it.

Depending on whether you're good at puzzles or not will determine how long it will take you to complete this game.

The art is very nice. The voice acting is a little weird and doesn't flow in a natural sounding way, but I don't mind.

I enjoyed this game a lot and wished it was longer!
Užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
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35 z 38 osob (92%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
19 osob ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako vtipnou
4.8 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 2. listopadu 2014
If you like finding stuff, this is recommended. Not so much hidden object as I thought as they are many other puzzles to not make it too boring however it is still a 'hidden puzzle' game so as far as that genre goes this is a nice game.

So don't buy this game if you plan on:
Shooting lots of zombies in the face
Shooting lots of people in the crotch
Shooting at all
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16 z 18 osob (89%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
15.5 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 20. listopadu 2014
This is an extremely well done game. I played it a couple times before ever getting Steam and then, once I became a Steam addict, I bought this game for the cards. And played it again. And now I'm playing it for the fourth time. Yes, it's really that good. If you're a hidden object fan, you should definitely check this out.
Byla tato recenze užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
21 z 28 osob (75%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
19.0 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 10. července 2014
Whats behind 1000 doors? Good voiceacting with lots of spooky stories because you play the super spook detective Kate Reed! The hidden object puzzles are real creative, instead of looking like a flea market threw up they fit the scenery for item hunting. There is a hint button, and the puzzles arent too difficult, but you cant stuck because if a person wants to just throw their life away they can hit the "skip" button bringing shame and dishonor upon their family. A helpful map indicates areas of interest because with 1000's of doors a map is kinda critical. ooOOoooo the artwork is so nice in this game, everything looks so spooky and the objects in the Hidden Object Games are very crisp and clear so people shouldnt struggle to much. This game plays like a book, its a very exciting page turner, where instead of just one story there are several stories to free the ghosts trapped here on earth. The house can travel through space and time, so who knows where you might end up!

There is a bonus game after the main game that lets you solve some additional mysteries. More than just a mere room its a whole series of events, puzzles, and more hidden object games so this game is a good value at the price.

(A concept art gallery would have been nice because the art is very good, seeing how it came to life would be nice.)
Rating: 10/10 Value: $9.99
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15 z 20 osob (75%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
8.8 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 15. března 2015
A decent hidden objects game, albeit quite easy in terms of puzzles. If you are looking for a charming story and a decent atmosphere, look no further. The story draws on clichees of occult practices and occurrences to create a setting that suits this genre well. However, if you care for puzzles that this kind of games are usually strewn with, you might want to skip this and find something more challenging.
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11 z 13 osob (85%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
6.6 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 5. listopadu 2014
A great Hidden Object game. Remember those Highlights magazines or I Spy books as a kid? Its kind of like those, but throw in some puzzles too. Its nothing too hard though. So if you are looking for adventure or a challenge I'd say look elsewhere for this is for those who enjoy the journey and story and its not how fast you can get through to the end. What it is, is simple problem solving and a whole lot of finding things that are hidden beyond others.

To put it simple it's a Point & Click. You go about the house pointing and clicking, sometimes "dragging" (rarely). Most doors and objects of intrest are locked. Sometimes you can go and find the key, other times you play a mini Hidden Object game (which you can hop in & out of fairly easily without losing what you found so far, which is a plus). Upon completing the mini HO game you are always awarded a object that you will need (its worth noting: usually the object awarded in question is one of the objects found in the mini game). Aside from the hidden objects sprawled about the house, there is a great deal of puzzles that must be solved to obtain other items of intrest. Also there is a tie-in with ghosts and such; you help ghosts sovle mysteries based upon themselves. In doing so, you resolve their need to be at peace.

Such is how this game is played. I find it soothing. Relaxing. A quaint little title (or not so little, but still) It's not an adventure, its an experience. And I enjoy it.

This game gets a "Yes" from Awsome Weegee.
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10 z 13 osob (77%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
3 osob ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako vtipnou
14.0 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 17. srpna 2015
Story line of this game is hard to understand
it requires to be advanced experience on hidden object game to play this game
this game is fun, very challenges but.....very hard for new user
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8 z 10 osob (80%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
6.5 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 15. dubna 2015
House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets is the first game in the House of 1000 Doors series. You're a young woman, lost in a mysterious manor that appeared suddenly. In your way to find the mysteries of it, you'll meet the inhabitants... and understand why it's called the House of 1000 doors... as they're appearing and disappearing...

It's an HOG, so, you don't have to expect much than point, click, solve puzzles, find items, etc..

What makes that game so enjoyable is the storyline but also the beauty of the scenes. The game isn't too hard too.

It's not Artifex Mundi behind it but it could have been them as the game is really good.

Beautiful game, with many mysteries to understand. If you're into casual or HOG, it's a must.
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7 z 9 osob (78%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
2.1 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 2. dubna 2015
Not a great kind of game. The story can be better. A lot of things are left unexplained.
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5 z 6 osob (83%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
9.6 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 17. června 2015
"House of 1,000 Doors: Family Secrets Collector's Edition" is a pretty good casual, adventure, point-and-click, Hidden Object game (HOG). I don't know why, but the HOGs seem much more difficult than the ones in other games. Plus, the "go fetch" puzzles needed to progress through the game seem much "deeper" than I've run into (some run from almost the beginning areas of the game to near the end). Also, this is my first HOG without Achievements. I expected not to like that. But, it turns out to be more rewarding to just play the game instead of worrying if some stray mouse click or publisher design decision will lock me out of an Achievement until I make a second run through the game.

As far as mild negatives:

- the "story" feels like it's picking up in the middle (perhaps this is a sequel?),
- there are two or three instances where an object you've found is not the object you're looking for (i.e., you need a lantern, but the one you've found isn't the right one).
- the HOGs all contain objects that are hidden, but they're not color-coded as being hidden (objects that have to be manipulated or are physically hidden are textually red, but those that are in a container that just needs to be looked into are textually black).

Other than that, it's pretty much standard HOG fare: decent graphics, acceptable voice acting, tolerable story. I got about 7.3 hours of game play out of the main game, and an additional 2.3 hours out of the Bonus Chapter (totaling 9.6 hours). So, I'd say the list price is pretty close to being worth it. But, as usual, look for a deal (right now, there's a Sinister Stories Bundle (that includes this game) that costs less than just the list price of this one game). Recommended.
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4 z 5 osob (80%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
1 osoba ohodnotila tuto recenzi jako vtipnou
7.0 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 29. října 2014
Very good HOG with an engaging story and challenging puzzles, especially if you play the hardest difficulty. The protagonist is a young novelist that receives an invite to a misterious house to participate in a séance. She'll have to help the spirits trapped inside the mansion to bring them eternal rest. On Steam you can find the collector's edition which has a bonus chapter and some nice extras.
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4 z 5 osob (80%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
15.5 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 2. listopadu 2014
A very nice game, but when you' are a hardcore HO gamer this one is too easy. It's more a game when you;ve got nothing to do and don't want to think very hard. Buy the Sinister Bundle , now it's for sale, saves you a lot of money and this game is also included!
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4 z 5 osob (80%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
9.6 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 23. června 2015
"Family Secrets" is the first game of the present four games is this series. "The Palm of Zoroaster" being the fourth. If interested the other two can be found on Big Fish Games (yes, shamelss plug there, and hopefully I will not be banned). This game is layered with an overall mystery storyline running above the "adventure" cases. It is engaging, fun, intuitive, and easy to play. (All Big Fish collector's editions include strategy guides, bonus features, and extra chapters, so well worth the money spent.) One of things I like best about this particular HO game is trying to figure out where all the inventory items go. Some items get picked and used later in a different unrelated "adventure" chapter, while others stay with the player for nearly the entire game and act as red herrings or McGuffins throughout. Some of the puzzles at the start of the game are unsolvable and can only to be solved as the game progresses or near the end. It tests the memory and creates "ah-ha" moments throughout the game as "Oh that is where that item goes" and "Oh this is what I need to solve that puzzle". Of course the end is always satisfying (at least for me). The "boss" (who or whatever it is) is easy to "defeat" and the overall storyline mystery is solved conclusively. Truly enjoyed this game.
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3 z 4 osob (75%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
4.5 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 21. června 2015
Really engaging puzzles that felt challenging but not impossible, decent graphics, and a solid storyline - definitely more effort than most games of this type, and I expect I'll get a surprising amount of replay value out of it.
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3 z 4 osob (75%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
4.7 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 28. prosince 2014
cool game and cool story
Byla tato recenze užitečná? Ano Ne Vtipná
3 z 4 osob (75%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
6.3 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 27. listopadu 2014
Short version: 81%
If you like a challenge in a hidden object game, don’t mind a lot of backtracking, and enjoy ghost stories, then House of 1,000 Doors will be your title.

Long version:
If there are any ‘hardcore hidden object puzzle gamers’– despite HO being a casual genre– then Alawar’s House of 1,000 Doors is something that was custom-tailored to their needs, because it has everything: hidden object scenes with several difficulty enhancements; puzzles that can hardly be finished under a minute even if you know the solution; and point ‘n’ click sections that would make even an old Sierra game developer proud.
On top of all it lacks a map feature, so you also need good memory or good notes to keep track of your progression. (And of course this also means that a significant portion of the game is nothing but backtracking, especially in the bonus chapter.)

As for the story, it can be considered a really high point or a mediocre one. The voice acting (except for the child actor) is good, and the plot is a series of well-written short ghost stories. But the overall tone maybe has a wee bit too much spiritualist preaching in it instead of the usual supernatural fantasy elements.
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5 z 8 osob (63%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
8.6 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 20. září 2014
I did not enjoy this game as much as I've enjoyed other Hidden Objects games. Partially this was a matter of game mechanics. (For example, hiding objects inside of objects, or having to repair or transform them for them to 'count' for your search. Half the time this was figuring out the hotspots within the puzzle screen, and less about actually seeing a hidden pattern inside of a larger picture.)

[Update: I recommend other users play this on 'Casual' difficulty setting, as this will minimize the interface level issues.]

However, I really did get into the whole idea of the House of 1000 Doors itself. That part tying the whole game together across space/time/afterlife was very interesting.

There were aspects of the quest/story that just went ... nowhere. (i.e. What are the Beyond Objects for, and why can't I see my progres, or lack thereof, anywhere within the game interface?) The original game ramps you up to make an interesting choice, and then suddenly ENDS ... without actually giving you an oppurtunity to choose your final outcome at all!

However, I did really enjoy the Collectors Edition content. (Extra Chapter/Myster to solve, Strategy Guide included with game, and Wallpapers, etc.)

I recommend the original game at 3/5 Stars, but I'll give it an extra star with the Strategy Guide, etc. contect included. It was enjoyable, and I did play it all the way through, but it was not compelling! I was slightly disappointed, even for a casual/hidden objects genre game.

Final Rating: 4/5 Stars (With Collectors Edition content bonus)

Value for price? I think this is worth the $10, but this is definitely a game I'd recommend if you can catch it during a Steam Sale.

Update: I did NOT consider the value of the Steam Collectible Card drops when I originally reviewed this. If you merely trade them away for cash in your Steam Wallet, these are worth $1-$3, each [at the time I sold mine]. Expect up to 3 to drop while you play this game. (Theoretically, this game pays for itself, that way.)
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2 z 3 osob (67%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
7.8 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 22. května 2015
A nice enough Hidden Object game. Quite long, and with plentiful other types of puzzles mixed in.
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4 z 7 osob (57%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
5.6 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 22. dubna 2014
fun and semi challenging. if you like hidden object games to kill some time. i think i spent 4 hours over the course of a few days playing this. it's a pretty good one.
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4 z 7 osob (57%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
11.5 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 22. června 2014
Nice calm puzzle game. Nothing jumping out scaring you.
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4 z 7 osob (57%) ohodnotilo tuto recenzi jako užitečnou
6.9 hodin celkem
Přidáno: 10. června 2015
Family Secrets is the first installment of House of 1,000 Doors series by Alawar Five-BN. The next installment of this series: The Palm of Zoroaster.


Game Menu Option: Two section – Volume and Miscellaneous settings. The volume section has the following: Music, Ambient and Sound Effects. The miscellaneous section has the following: Screen Resolution, Full-screen, Wide-screen and Window cursor.

Game Difficulty Modes: Two game difficulty modes – Casual and Expert

Cinematic/Dialogues: All cinematic scenes can be skipped if you do not want to watch them. The skip option given. Only if you don’t want to sit through listening the entire dialogue.

Game Voiceovers: Nothing much can be said about the voice-overs asides from that they are well done.

Game Music/Sounds: Nothing much can be said about the music/sounds asides from that they fit well with the game.

Game Graphics: Nothing much can be said about the graphics asides from that they are nicely drawn.

Inventory Panel: There is no option for locking it in place nor it is stationary; it slides up whenever the mouse cursor hovers over it.

Notebook: Information/Clues/Story recorded in here. That helps the player to progress further in the game.

Map: Interactive map with various indicators such as tasks and current location. You can also use the map to jump to another location and back without trekking through several screens. The map can be access through the notebook only.

Hidden Object Gameplay: Traditional word list with some and/or no interaction required.

Puzzle Gameplay: Most of the puzzles are fairly easy to solve. There is a skip button if the puzzle(s) becomes too tasking to solve.

Game Length: There are seven chapters of the main portion of the game. One chapter in the bonus portion of the game. There are eight total chapters in the game.

Game Ending: The main portion of the game has an ending. The bonus portion of the game somewhat overlaps it.

Game Extras: This section is lock until the main portion of the game is completed.

Game Concept Art/Wallpapers: 13 Concept Art in total and 9 Wallpapers in total.

Game Walkthrough: available at the start of the game. It can be access during gameplay.

Game Collectables: There 35 beyond objects (morphing objects) to collect throughout the main portion of the game.

Game Trading Card/Badge: This a special feature only available in the Steam’s version of the game. The game drops three different trading cards only once and the rest of the cards: Community Market, Booster Packs and Trading. The game badge can be crafted after having all the card in the inventory then it can be upgraded four more times.

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House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster
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