"Showtime!" will allow you to control and build your very own movie studio from the ground up! As a newcomer to Tinseltown it will be your job to create movies your audiences want to see as well as develop new technology to stay relevant in the film industry.
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Release Date: Sep 1, 2013
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"Very in depth simulator of making movies. Simple UI design and plenty of options to mess around with."
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March 18

Steam Trading Cards!

Trading Cards for Showtime! are now integrated into the game :) I hope everyone who enjoys building packs and badges will enjoy this added feature. It's taken me a while to integrate but I think collectors will enjoy this. Big shout out to Valve for making this a very painless and streamlined process :) Cheers!

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March 14

Update 1.4.1 Available

Hi there everyone :) I have a pretty cool update now available. I've been testing this for many hours now and everything looks good so I decided to release it a little earlier than anticipated. Check out the version log below for a list of changes:

1.4.01 (14.03.2015)
- Added: A full-screen (non-scaling) option is now available during start-up!
- Added: You can now disable monthly studio upkeep tax when starting a new game
- Added: Start-up options now available from the main menu
- Change: AI studios are now more competitive during the summer months
- Change: Increased amount of screenwriters produced yearly
- Change: The "welcome new talent" page now includes new directors, producers and screenwriters
- Change: The grid views are now more attractive and more identifiable
- Change: Increased delay between typing number values and them being converted, now right aligned
- Fixed: Bug which sometimes didnt display the correct screenwriters list
- Fixed: Bug where by selecting a writer without a job required a screenwriters page restart
- Fixed: Bug which criticised your studio in the board meeting if your studio rank was too high
- Fixed: Bug which sometimes didnt enable auto-save when creating a new save file
- Fixed: Additional smaller bug fixes and game changes

Quite a bit has been changed through this update but if you encounter any problems please email me at support@myrtilusentertainment.com or post in our Steam forums. Thanks! :)

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About This Game

Download the demo today @ http://www.myrtilusentertainment.com/showtime.html

"Showtime!" will allow you to control and build your very own movie studio from the ground up! As a newcomer to Tinseltown it will be your job to create movies your audiences want to see as well as develop new technology to stay relevant in the film industry.

  • Create the type of movies you've always wanted to make! Or buy film rights from other studios to reboot a franchise.
  • Contract actors/actresses to your studio to use them whenever and whatever you desire!
  • Stay ahead of the curve by upgrading your studio facilities and keeping up to date in the latest film and sound technology.
  • The in-game Editor allows you to easily customise almost every facet of the game - from actors/directors/producers to film titles, studios and even critic reviews (plus much more!)
  • Showtime! will also allow you to import your very own movie posters.
  • Featuring 9 dynamic AI studios to compete against. Compete for the #1 spot to receive annual government bonuses and rewards!
  • Have aspiring screenwriters pitch you movie ideas, or build your own scriptwriting office to do it for you!
  • Compete against the highest grossing movies of all time for the top spot in the Hall of Fame
  • Cheat your way to the top! Think of a famous quote and try your like... Psst; "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" torches your competitors' studio lots! -- And you didnt hear that from me ;)

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 35 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: REQUIRED: English (System Language)
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
    • Processor: 2.2 GHz dual core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Additional Notes: REQUIRED: English (System Language)
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Posted: May 1
Nice little have your own movie studio game. I would recommend this game for those who like the genre. Being able to manually customize your posters for the movies your studio creates makes this game stand out from all the other similar games. Since there's a movie genre "Erotic", I make adult XXX movies ...
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Posted: March 18
Made 40 crappy horror movies called "Chainsaw ##"
Hired "B" level staff, put little money into scrips & sets
Put money into marketing

Made a crap-load of money selling garbage!

13/10 for accuracy

And since I got this free in a bundle, super extra franchise bonus.

Steam Card
In Bundles
Easy to understand
Lots of details if you want it

Can't make p*rn blockbusters but I can make profits off crappy horror movies. lol
no steam achieves
No co-op to crush my friends with tons of crappy movies

Buy when under $5 or in bundle!
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Posted: June 30
My zombie horror film wins "Best Picture" but not "Best Picture: Horror"

10/10 for realism
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Posted: March 11
[Edit] The developer responded and there's also a recent update to the game so I'm changing my review while still being as honest as possible.

1. No resolution options, it's windowed mode and just takes up a tiny part of a 1920x1080 screen.
[edit] There is now a fullscreen option but the game is still locked to 4:3 ratio.

2. No matter what time period you choose, it still talks about internet and social media buzz.
[edit] Dev response: "That shouldnt be the case. I've deliberately made most of the news events decade-specific so you dont get those sort of news items. A couple might have been missed so for that I apologise- let me know what they say and I can fix them easily."

3. Not enough feedback to base decisions on. I made a movie with top notch talent, rewrote the script to make sure the story was great, had 100% star quality, but the movie still bombed.
[edit] I'm still not sure why the movie bombed, other than the fact that I only had 12mil left for the marketing budget and the recommendation was 22mil, which was double what the movie cost to make.

4. When you make a movie, you're locked into your choices and then whatever you have left over you can use for marketing. But marketing is 2x-3x more than the movie cost to make! I don't think that's how it works, but I could be wrong!
[edit] I still see this as an issue. The game doesn't tell you what goes into the recommended marketing budget, so it's almost impossible to tell how much money you'll need to set aside after production costs.

I'm super impressed by the developer taking time to address my points, and also still supporting this game over a year after release. I think this game would be fun for people who enjoy tycoon type games, or who are fascinated by the business side of movie making.

Ever play The Sims 2, 3, or 4? You know how on that game you can write a novel or something, pick a genre, give it a name, and then send it off and start receiving royalty payments? Imagine a game based around that idea, except you're making movies instead, and you have a lot more decisions you can make. That's what this game is like.

I'm changing my review to a thumbs up because I can tell this game is made with heart by a passionate, responsive developer, and that's too rare these days.
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Posted: March 7
My erotical musical "♥♥♥♥♥song 2: ♥♥♥♥ Choir" just won best director, screenplay and actress, while my artsy documentary "The Narcissist Philantrope" had it out with my other artsy documentary "Haggard Housewife" for all the technical awards. My Grimdark Fantasy series "Grim Valley" ruled the box office.

Then the game crashed.

I loved coming up with new ideas for movies and probably spent just as much time finding the perfect picture for the posters online as I did on actually playing it. It's extremely addictive and a lot of fun until you figure out that money fixes everything, but in my opinion the game is more like the groundwork for a sequel that could be truly great.

More depth, more stability and more variables coming into play for achieving success and this would be absolute genius.

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