Set during the events of WW2, Strategic War in Europe is a classic turn-based strategy game that combines a deep strategic layer with accessibility and ease-of-use.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 21 mar. 2014

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Acerca de este juego

Strategic War in Europe takes you back in time to World War 2.

This game is about:
Panzer Corps
Waves of Infantry
World War 2
Land, Naval and Air battles
Providing supplies

Following the 'easy to learn, hard to master' design principle, Strategic War in Europe combines accessibility with a plethora of strategic options. A compact, large-scale map and clear basic rules will not overwhelm you, yet the choices you will be presented with should satisfy all your tactical needs. From overthrowing governments and researching new technologies, to securing air supremacy and supplying your troops by water and railway, Strategic War in Europe is a strategist's dream.
Seven scenarios with up to 25 controllable countries, each with five scaling difficulty settings make for an incredible replayability. When pitching yourself against the AI is not enough, Strategic War in Europe offers hot-seat and PBEM for all your multiplayer needs. Match your wits in an epic East vs. West showdown or try to survive together as Poland and Norway.

Muster Your Panzer Corps!
Prepare Waves Of Infantry!
The War Begins Now!

Main Features

  • Take over one or more of 25 countries, ranging from Nazi Germany to Iraq
  • Play through seven unique scenarios, including six historical from 1939 to 1944, and a fictional 1945 West vs. East campaign
  • Command hundreds of historical units and leaders
  • Declare wars, host elections and carry out coup d'etats
  • Experience dozens of historical events with great repercussions on gameplay
  • Enjoy tactical battles, with weather, supplies and terrain all being important factors
  • Control the skies with air combat, recons, fighter interceptions, bombardment, and even nukes!
  • Sail the seas using a naval system that includes convoys, raiders and sea battles
  • Manage economy and research
  • Fight against your friends in hot-seat and Play By E-Mail multiplayer modes

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP
    • Procesador: 1.2
    • Memoria: 1024 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 256 MB
    • DirectX: Versión 9.0c
    • Almacenamiento: 500 MB de espacio disponible
    • SO: Windows 8
    • Procesador: 1.8 Dual Core
    • Memoria: 2048 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: 512 MB
    • DirectX: Versión 9.0c
    • Almacenamiento: 800 MB de espacio disponible
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Publicado el 24 de septiembre de 2015
In short, don't! There are too little content for its price. I can buy two Paradox games of much greater capabilities with the same amount of money. And I suggest you to look the other way, as well.

Now, what is it all about? WW2 in Europe, of course. But the title is not quite right, though. From where I stand, the "Strategic" elements in this game are its weakest spot, and you know what is the strongest? Well, the strongest will be the interface. There are not much to do but to build units, send them to direct battles and... idling for more resources. There are a "Diplomacy" button in the hud, yes... but forget about it! It is useless because there are no chance you'll get Diplomacy Points until the point you don't need them already. I mean, there are really exist a possibility to play for no-big countries like Greece or Romania, or even Ireland! But there are not a chance you'll change the course of history by playing one of them.

Game mechanic is quite simple, but that's not so good trait, as you can think (as I thought buying this lame piece of code). Every country has "Resources" and a counter how fast they restock. Those "resources" in fact a single digital, and it can only be improved by conquering other lands. And if you choose Ireland , well... grab some popcorn, the only button you'll ever need is "End turn". That's a bugger, really, as there are dozen f2p facebook games, where you can actually build up your power, improving digits of manpower, morale, etc... And I'm not talking about "Hearts of Iron" or even "Civilization". This "Strategic War in Europe" in fact is dumber than f2p facebook games!

About changing the course of history there. Let's suppose you're playing for France, and destroyed Nazi for good, defeat Germany in the early 1941. Italy becomes the leader of Axis, you defeat them as well... but at this time, Bulgary joins the Axis and becomes the leader of Axis, after defeat of Italy! Bulgary! Yeah, Very Realistic game mechanic, which reacts properly on every change in alignment. My Back!

I'm not done speaking about mechanics, sorry for my rudeness. So, you have "resources" digit, it will raise with time passing, while you still have some land on your side of border. With those resources you buying units (ground, air and naval), and you can also spend some to hurry the researchers. A vague relate to Paradox titles, those researches are "infantry", "tanks", "air", "subs", "naval" and "nuclear", with tiers from 0 to 5 (although nuke has only 0/1 tier). Now! You have some units from the start, you can build more, you can transport them via railroads or boats from one end of Europe to another... in theory. In fact, you'll probably not ever use railroads or embarkment, unless you'll choose USA or England (neither of them is recommended). Basically, you just get what you have, and march on enemy lines, with some common-knowledge maneuvers, like to cut Maginot line through Belgium, And even there, in the armies basic management, we have a big disadvantage. The map is SMALL! Forget about limitrophes like Estonia! Christ, the POLAND has only 2! cities there, Warsaw and Lvov! And there are an achievement, to defend Warsaw for 5 turns. How?! The Germany always start first, so by the time you get the wheel, there are only two white-and-red ground units, so that's impossible to hold even two! rounds for Poles, no matter what you'll do (unless you'll cheat it some weird way).

Okay, let's summarize:

+ easy to start with, mere interface, obvious goals

+ the events in the game goes along with the history books, well, except in more primitive view. Much more primitive and one-way scripted, really.

- the major strategy is always build some tanks and rush to enemies cities. No artillery, very basic usage of air forces, almost useless fleets... And forget about spies and diplomacy!

- the only chance to get more resources is to capture some cities, and capturing them feels... no, it doesn't provide any feelings, you're just pointing square A (your tank) above square B (any city). Booring!

- the game is weak as strategy, but the achievements... well, they're the worst thing that game have, if not minding the price. Like to build 1K submarines, or infantry units. While game prompts, that it will count that thousand of units along all sessions, in truth, you need to finish that in one session, or the counter will reset. And there are absolutely no chance to have enough resourses to build that many. And I'm not even speaking about nukes there... To be frank, there is no legit way to complete achievements. Some use SAM about that game, and I can't really blame them, even if I hate SAM myself.

- and what finished me, is the backup the devs give to the complaints. Just look at the community hub about the game, read some discussions, to make your own impression.

Mark 4.2/10 - "lame". I recommend you to stay with Hearts of Iron and Civilization titles, for way better experience. And if you are up to something different, find two KOEI games: "Operation Europe: Path to Victory" and "PTO: Pacific theather of operation". Despite the fact they were made more than 20 years ago, they a Way deeper as strategies (than this "Strategic War in Europe") and in terms of visuals, well, almost the same thing.
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Publicado el 20 de enero
Good game, and important to support indie devs.
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Publicado el 17 de enero de 2015
Una gran traslación del clasico "wargame" de mesa con hexagonos a la pantalla del ordenador.
Elige tomar una escala media, lo justo para que no te pierdas en grandes mapas pero con unos minimos de estrategia.
Creo que voy a disfrutarlo mucho.

Editado tras jugar un poco más:

Juego de PC en Steam sobre la 2º Guerra Mundial, centrado en Europa y el norte de Africa por turnos.
Es de la misma compañia polaca del juego THE CAMPAING SERIES: FALL WEISS, Wastelands Interactive.
Con la tonteria, ya tengo tres juegos de ellos en Steam, generalmente porque son muy baratos, y si eres tranquilo. siempre acaban cayendo en alguna oferta aún más baratos.
Este por ejemplo lo conseguí por menos de 4 euros, una locura realmente ya que los otros dos me costaron 2 euros cada uno...

Existen varios modos de juegos, generalmente escenarios de campañas distintos, o la gran campaña.
El jugador puede llevar a cualquier numero de paises de cualquier bando.
Las medidas del mapa en hexagonos son 68x47, que sin ser pequeñas creo que es perfecta por si te apatece una partida que puedas acabas en pocos dias, y la campaña total se juega en 70 turnos.

El juego está centrado en los movimientos de las unidades y la guerra, teniendo un minimo de gestión, que se ciñe a unos puntos de producción al principio de cada turno que puedes gastar para adquirir nuevas unidades, reparar/mejorar las que ya tienes, tomar acciones anfibias o de transporte naval, o incrementar la tecnología para poder tener acesso a mejores unidades.
Al mando de las unidades el jugador puede colocar a un Lider, que irá mejorando con la experiencia.

Tiene un sistema naval que por desgracía es muy difícil de entender, tanto que yo aún no he terminado de sacarle todo el jugo que presupongo que puede dar.
Una de las partes que más me gusta es su diseño grafíco, ya que tienes disponible un monton de opciones tanto del mapa como de las unidades, entre ellas puedes configurarlo para que tenga el aspecto del tipico wargame de mesa, que es el que uso yo siempre.

Hay además disponibles un variado grupo de opciones para la IA, para poder moldear a gusto la partida.

Tras mi primera partida completa, con la USSR, en nivel facíl y campaña completa, es un juego que me ha encantado, aunque la IA merece un poco más de fuerza para hacer la partida más divertida.

En el lado malo, reseñar que hay que cargar mucho (yo lo hacía antes y despues de cada uno de mis turnos) ya que el juego se cuelga de vez en cuando (creo recordar que me pasó unas diez veces en la partida), pero bueno, por ese precio, tampoco puedo pedir más...creo.
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Publicado el 10 de julio de 2014
Juego de Estrategia, pero dificil de entender, para el que no domina el ingles.
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Publicado el 6 de octubre de 2015
Inglés, Francés, Polaco, Alemán pero no tiene Español
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