For the first time in franchise history, the PC version of NBA 2K15 will be a fully featured Next-Gen experience. Nominated for 70 'Game of the Year' Awards, NBA 2K is the ultimate basketball simulation experience.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (2,462 reviews)
Release Date: Oct 6, 2014

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"A stunning and packed basketball sim, with a PC version finally on a par with consoles."
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About This Game

Nominated for 70 'Game of the Year' Awards, the NBA 2K franchise returns with NBA 2K15, our most true-to-life NBA experience yet. Now, for the first time in franchise history, the PC version of NBA 2K15 will be a fully featured Next-Gen experience. Featuring NBA MVP Kevin Durant on the cover and an eclectic soundtrack curated by internationally-renowned artist and producer, Pharrell Williams, NBA 2K15 hits the court with unprecedented life-like graphics, ultra-realistic NBA gameplay, and more. It’s up to you to claim your destiny.

With full controller support on PC, NBA 2K15 features a number of significant gameplay improvements, including approximately 5,000 new animations, all-new defensive AI, shooting systems, new team-specific play sets, and more control over rebounding, steals, and blocks, making players feel engaged in every basketball decision and action. An upgraded broadcast-style presentation hosted by Ernie Johnson and Shaq delivers authentic commentary and analysis to the action.

Experience the life of an NBA player in an all-new storyline.

Take your MyPLAYER online in this massive-multiplayer playground mode.

Build your fantasy dream team with cards from every era by earning a collection of MyTEAM cards.

PC Exclusives
• Steamworks
• Steam Achievements
• Steam Cloud

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better (SSE3 or later)
    • Memory: 2 or more GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 10.1 compatible (512 MB) or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 50 or more GB available space
    • Sound Card: 9.0c compatible
    • Additional Notes: Keyboard or dual-analog gamepad; Additional Notes: Initial installation requires one-time internet connection for Steam authentication; software installations required (included with the game) include DirectX and Visual C++ Redistributable 2010.
    • OS: Windows 7 64 bit or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 or better
    • Memory: 4 or more GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 11.0 compatible (2 GB) or better
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 50 or more GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    • Additional Notes: Dual-analog gamepad
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Posted: December 15, 2014

Summary of the gameplay in NBA 2K15: Opening Tip - Win every time because the AI is incapable of timing its jump.

First possession - Try to pass to open 3 point shooter, 3 point shooter AI ignores common-sense, runs into middle of the key where there are 3 other players. Pass gets aimed into cluster of players. Turnover.

Opposition Possession - You play good defense, you don't allow any easy scores. The AI holds the ball until the shot clock runs down to 4 seconds, then isolates their best player. Despite having a hand in the AI's face and terrible shot selection, the opposition will somehow make a 3 pointer as the shot clock expires.

2nd Possession - You move the ball around, avoiding the cheese as much as possible. Open 3 point shot to tie the game off a good screen, Steph Curry shooting. Despite the open shot for an excellent shooter, your shot will clank off the back rim and fall directly into the hands of your center. You fake a shot, try to get the defender up, and your center, I.E. LaMarcus Aldridge, an all-star and one of the best players at his position, will miss a wide-open layup.

Opposition Possession - You'll play excellent on-ball defense, but your AI defender will stand in one position and allow their player to get an open layup/dunk. If your center rotates, it will be completely pointless, because every time your center contests a shot, there's either a foul or a ridiculous contested layup make.

3rd Possession - By this point you're fustrated that you're down 4-0 despite doing nothing wrong. You pass to your power forward who has a ridiculous bumped up post-fadeaway rating, and exploit the overpowered post-offense system in the game. Congrats, you just cheesed your way to your first bucket.

Opposition Possession - Opposition finally misses a shot! It's too bad your center doesn't know how to box out; offensive rebound for them, 6-2. By now you're so angry that you can't be bothering risking getting cheesed again, so for the rest of the game you just use your best post player and best 3 point shooter and throw up shots 5-6 seconds into the shot clock all game.

Now rinse and repeat for 150 hours, pay $50 for VC so you can buy some over-priced and usually useless packs for your MyTeam. If you're lucky, you'll get David Lee or maybe, just maybe, Anthony Davis, who despite being a current top 3 NBA player, is incapable of making an open layup in this game.

I wish I could say it gets better when you play online, and in many ways, it does get better; the AI becomes a lesser factor for starters. However, everyone you play will be a 2K cheeser. I'm not exaggerating, literally everyone I've played is a cheeser. They will exploit the zig-zag 3 pointers, they will abuse the post, they will try to take charges at every chance they get (especially when you're dribbling up the court), every shot will fall their way and every shot you take will clank off the rim, wide open or not. Especially with Kobe, apparently he shoots 25% on any jump shot in this game. You'll get about 70% of your points on the fast break; in this game, alley-oops are a higher percentage shot than open 3-pointers. You get given a choice around half-time; stick to your principals and keep playing a clean game on your half, and lose by 25 points or more. Or, you could stoop to their level, and cheese them back, exploiting their own techniques. and maybe have a small chance of winning.

MyGM is a brilliant game mode and is actually realistic; too bad you can buy your way to winning regardless. EDIT - Also in MyGM, terrible players will demand trades because they're coming off the bench. I had SHANE LARKIN demand I trade him because I wasn't starting him over 91 overall Dante Exum. WHEN WOULD THAT EVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE? Joel Embiid demanded a trade because he "wasn't happy with his usage rate" even though I was giving him 33 minutes a game and he was averaging 27ppg. Every starter was unhappy with their usage rate, every bench player is unhappy with their minutes and "organisational role". Extremely unrealistic in that regard.

AND MYCAREER. If you don't start yourself off with $20-$50 of VC, you are in for a hell of a grind my friend. I'm talking 3 minutes a game, 100 VC a match struggle here, and upgrades aren't cheap either; usually around 2000 VC for a single upgrade. They took away a lot of the customization this year and restricted player overalls extremely, allowing only 1 upgrade per 7 games played once you hit the upgrade cap. Which is somewhat good for MyPark; but it's not like that even matters anyway because everyone on mypark just uses 7 foot small forwards with maxed out athleticism, so they have massive height advantage and the same speed as a 6'1 point guard (seriously, what the hell 2K?). Your teammates won't take open shots. I once got benched for about 15 games for literally no reason while averaging 37ppg, 12asp and 7rpg (Because I brought my way there, like a complete knob jockey). For some reason your assistant coach follows you to any team you go to, as well. In my 7th season, I still get called "Rookie" and every contract season is the exact same. It's literally like they expect you to rage quit after 10 games.

But all above all, the gameplay is worth playing, and is why you put up with this dog poop. It's actually a fun game under all the glaringly obvious flaws and easily the most realistic basketball simulator I've ever played. Lot's of fun playing with friends (but I guarantee all your friends are on console, correct)?

Don't expect anything to get fixed either. 2K won't listen to a damn thing you say, because they know there isn't any realistic competition on the basketball game market. Despite this, customers actually consider buying NBA Live, a god-awful piece of utter f**k-sauce, because this game is so fustrating. Yes, 2K, you treat your customers so poorly that they would consider buying a game made by EA over your overpriced garbage. Hell, if NBA Live was on PC, I'd take it into consideration if they made a half decent game. The 2K producers are decent enough people. People like Ronnie 2K, LD2K, all interact with the community, release fairly generous locker codes, listen to what they have to say; thus why it fustrates me so much that they don't fix the frustrating bugs and cheesy animations. I'm certainly not one to whinge and moan about a game like this. I've played plenty of buggy, unplayable, sometimes just flat out terrible games, but when I pay $89 USD for a game (Roughly $110 Australian), I expect better; and this game has so much potential to be an enjoyable experience, it's just the little things that are holding it back from reviews like this one.

9/10, I'm probably going to buy 2K16 and go through the exact same ♥♥♥♥ again.

EDIT: Now that I'm officially done playing this game, I can tell you with hindsight that the only thing to come out of this game for me is that I know all the lyrics to Aerosol Can.
P.S, ][G][ The Cure, please show a hint of maturity and stop abusing anybody who comments on this review.
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Posted: December 10, 2014
Decent gameplay, realistic, and competitive. Buying this game was a Smoove move.
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Posted: December 24, 2014
If you ever wanted to know the feelings of being black and able to dunk a basketball, this game is for you.
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Posted: January 28
The TL;DR version of this would be that the gameplay can be ridiculous and at most times unfair to the player.

I mainly play singleplayer, as online play would most likely make me even saltier about how this game functions, so I will mainly address how singleplayer works.

The mechanics are completely ridiculous.

Teammates will randomly: catch the ball out of bounds, neglect to collapse in the paint to defend an inside bucket, decide to just lose their man when you play perfect on-ball defense, or suddenly decide to get into a perfect position for your pass to get stolen.

In my experience on the Superstar difficulty, the second hardest difficulty, the AI will trade with almost every single bucket with you. Literally. For every time you score, they will most likely score twice, or however many times they feel like it depending on how your "defense" works, seeing as they will make jumpers with a hand right in their face, make insane contact layups with the foul, make seemingly impossible fadeaways or leaners, or simply sink a bucket when the shot clock comes down to zero after you've played 24 seconds of perfect defense.

There must be some kind of comeback mechanic or something, because it seems like no matter what quarter it is, or the shot clock, or time winding down in general, buckets will go in for the AI almost every time. It will come down to you praying that they miss a wild contested shot from anywhere on the court with 10 seconds left. It's come down to the point where I almost know when the ball is going in for the AI, which is upsetting because I feel like I'm losing to the way 2K programmed this game, rather than feeling outplayed.

There is this lovely mechanic called "shot fatigue" present, where if you've taken too many jumpers, or even made a number of shots in a row, the game will just decide "oh he's making way too many shots, gotta make sure he doesn't breakaway with a lead and make him miss cause you know, BALANCE ayy lmao" 2K's idea of balance is making sure your players don't get too hot by making sure your player misses often. So don't expect to make consistent buckets with Steph Curry or any other good shooter.

Miscellaneous things: No foul calls on obvious contact. Randomly lose/drop the ball after a crossover or when in or near the paint around defenders. If a defender so much as tickles you, you will miss every bucket INSIDE the paint, or even underneath the hoop, good player or not. Getting the ball to your teammate who is rolling to the bucket on a pick and roll is almost impossible, seeing as your player always throws the worst possible pass in traffic, or poor positioning due to the AI. Getting stuck in animations that causes you to go out of bounds, or cause you to go backcourt.

I think the only good thing I have to say about this game is that it's probably the best, and only good looking basketball simulation in the market. Which is the only reason why I've tolerated this game for so long. The presentation has never really been a problem, and the animations and players for the most part look great. I've never tried the recent Live iterations although from a spectator's standpoint, it simply doesn't look as natural as 2K has made it.

If you're okay with possibly lowering the difficulty, and adpating to how 2K works, or just looking to have fun with friends, by all means, play this game. But if you're a huge fan of basketball like I am, sorry. This is the only game pretty much available, and 2K knows this very well, knowing we can do nothing about it for the time being, and they can continue to feed us the same BS every year. If somehow another basketball simulation comes into play in the future, I will switch in a heartbeat.
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Posted: March 22
Review of NBA 2K15, 7 months after the release, good timing amirite?

Anyway I'll go over the different parts of the game, the good, the bad and the ugly of the game's mechanic and such.

+ Fluent animations
+ Bench reactions, the bench players go nuts whenever you throw down the jam on the center
+ Helps giving the game it's amazing atmosphere
- The actual ball mid air can look like it's attached with a string to the basket. Which gives it a ugly look
- If your 5'8 guard has dunking capabilities it'll look weird as ♥♥♥♥.
- Teleporting players during cut scenes :/
9/10 overall

+ It learns from your way of game
+ Good in general
+- Overrated, when I picked this up I was expecting more from all the hype it has gotten.
- The coaching A.I has questionable time outs.

+ 10/10 nothing more to say

+ Defending is actually fun, YES, DEFENDING IS FUN, who'd know.
+ Offense is even more fun.
+ The shooting system is good and balanced to a certain degree. If your Durant is facing up against a good perimeter defender he'll have a harder time shooting from the 3, for example.
- Rebounding is too easy. Way too easy.

The review of the game content:

+ Realistic drafting
+ Realistic trading
+ Training camps
+ Staff have different traits to them, which is nice I guess.
- Annoying A.I, the coaches and players especially keep on nagging about not getting enough play time or training being too hard. Hell I've got a 85 overall Zach Lavine complaining about his 25MPG when I've got Damien lillard 96 overall playing 34MPG.
- The owner, sets unrealistic goals and gets whiny whenever you fail them.
- You can't retire numbers, which is really sad. This should definatily be implemented in to the gamemode.
- The progression of the players isn't all that good.
- 50K VC for buying the club. 50K. I'm in my 8th year as the GM of the Timberwolves, I've won 3 straight titles, gotten the most points in the season 4 times in a row. Spent around 5k VC on training camps and such. Yet I've only managed to gather a total of 15K VC...
--- Andrew wiggings broke 3 NBA records in a game, I wanted to see how it played out so I gave him the ball all the time. Turns out there's not even a scene from him breaking the record(s). He just scored the 101th point. Why is there no outburts. Dissapointment really.

Now this is the mode I've been playing for 200 hours
You start off as a undrafted rookie and you've got to train for different teams, yada yada yada.
+ Well voiced cutscenes (SOMETIMES)
+ Well made player editor, probably the best I've played around with.
+ You can buy animations from different legends and players (FOR VC)
- VC, ♥♥♥♥ the currency. This game is a money grab, honestly. You shouldn't be able to buy VC, it makes it so unfair when you're playing MyPark. And it's a nuisance to farm up all the VC.
- You become a starter for the club WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY (I can't express this enough) too easy. I got traded to LAC as a PG, 3 games and I was competing with CP3 for the starting position.
- You can't decide what type of player you want to be. As I've heard you could do in the previous games. Now you start of with the same stats. A 6'8 250lbs SF has the same attributes as a 6'6 175lbs SF.
- I can't buy uppgrades for one single attribute, I've got to buy a so called "pack". You get 1-3 points in each shooting attribute. Even if I just want to be a sharpshooter from 3.
- Coach gives too much + in teamgrade. You'll always end up with at least an A.

I haven't played much of this, but I've gathered some of my favorite players from history and present. Like Rondo, The Worm, KG, Paul Pierce and Andre Drummond. But from what I've played this game mode is the best out of the 3 in terms of most positive to negative aspects. Still the VC currency, which is a ♥♥♥♥♥.

I've yet to play a single online game apart from MyPark.
(Location isn't the most relevant, and the network not the best)

I still would want them to add a few things.
Add some more "legend teams" (Like the '01 Phillies and '94 Bulls which are already in the game).
Did I say add Kareem Abdul Jabbar? Do it.

Overall rating 8/10
The gamemodes need fixing, the "system A.I" (Don't know what to call it) needs some fixes, the VC... Please remove it.
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Posted: April 7


In general I'd say that the gameplay mechanics are quite user friendly particularly in comparison to the previous installments, and I'd say this is mainly because of the addition of the circular timing bar for shots; this allows players who are unable to assume the perfect release of a shot based on the animation only. This years installment still uses everything else that the other games used to have. Positively it still has the basics down which 2K Games have managed to make perfectly such as shooting, alley-ooping, etc However there are some improvements that could be made such as stealing could somehow be made easier with steals being somewhat frustrating when a percentage of the time leading to fouls. As most should know, the game on PC is now into the next-gen capabilities which means everything has improved in some form, however there were issues for many with frame rate lag on capable systems which seriously need to be fixed.


This is personally my favourite game mode on the NBA 2K series because it doesn't just feel like a repeat match system that ssome other sport sims seem to spew out. Don't get me wrong, I love to play general matches as much as the next person but I feel like after years of doing it I'd like something on top of that, that's what MyCareer is. This year being next-gen it has included proper cutscenes in contrast to the previous PC versions which would just feature interviews. It gives your character a proper storyline. It's obvious that as your character develops your skills develop and I actually liked the position they placed you in this year, skillfully. This being due to the fact as I felt developments were more fair and you didn't start of completely handicapped of your capabilities. Improvements to stats were definately felt unlike some of the other examples of the 2K series.


For the first time ever on the PC MyTeam has appeared on the list of game modes. I felt like it was really easy to get introduced to and the system is fairly simple and user-friendly, however does lack some advancement. What I mean is that I believe the auctioning system is a bit bland and too simple and needs improvement, I feel like the fact you can't trade with friends or contest your friends with each of your teams or even look at their teams is very dissapointing. In addition, with the participance of the problems of crashes and FPS lag, it really is difficult to enjoy the extent of this game mode with contracts being wasted etc. The whole idea and system is great but really needs improving and needs a polishing. A final note is that more players should be added from the start, the events to unlock players should be less frequent but more accessible for everyone and the amount of challenges should be vastly increased.


Just to note I'm not really into manager mode simulations, but this mode pleasantly suprised me. It's basically MyLeague but with more options such as interaction with players, interviews, game promotions and staff and player signings. This may all seem bland but 2K have managed to suck a manager mode sceptic like me into it. I believe this is because of the simplicity of it all and the difference between each choice you can make. If you get bored too quickly you can even sim the whole season if you don't want to playthroughout another season of basketball. The only negative is that the amount of things you can do is quite limited and to actually own a team is quite expensive for a game mode that I wouldn't really class as the main part of the game or the selling point.


Of course this game is now next-gen which means it has now gravely improved from previous versions on PC. Obviously for a simulation you're going to want some realism on the graphics compared to other games where you're a little less picky about it. I feel this game has managed to pull this off but only for high end PCs. Indeed you'll need a fairly decent PC to play this game anyway however even at the lowest or medium settings you can see the pixelated beards on James Harden for example and less importantly the fans are bland in appearance. Mostly everything else I'm impressed with though and feel that it's as real as it can get at the moment just with the note that it should be optimised more. Plus the option of special effects and reflection is great because it really gives the user a choice on what they see.

Controls & Movement:

Just like all the other games in the series the controls are really simple with the exclusion of some of the dunks and dribble moves and definately easy for beginners to learn. The controls have slightly changed since the last edition in the series but I haven't really felt angry about this change and have actually learnt the most this year than any other year since 2K12. Sometimes the controls can feel a bit jagged and unsmooth for example when coming off of a rebound or going for a block though. Something I've noticed since 2K12 too is that it's frustrating when teammates get in front of your dribbling and the ball is knocked loose or when you try and steal the ball and accidently tap the shoot button afterwards. A big note on the whole game in general though is that for keyboards this game is very difficult to play. Movement is fairly simple on keyboard and it's easy to pickup on shooting and passing but pretty much everything else is a stress, with even blocking being too hard to find. Until 2K makes the keyboard more compatible with the game I'd recommend using a Playstation or Xbox controller, preferably the latter.


For obviously being a basketball simulation the game isn't based around having a storyline but the MyCareer game mode has its own one. This storyline is pretty smart with the idea that you're excluded from the NBA draft and forced to join a team through a 10 day contract half way through the season with some pretty hilarious interactions with your agent. However, I feel that compared to last years story line on next gen consoles it felt really downgraded because first of all you couldn't even choose your preferred team as an option and significantly couldn't even win awards such as rookie of the year in your first season which was really shocking. Next year they need to find some way of providing a fresh experience for MyCareer without ruining the experience of your rookie season, also needing to provide a more interactive experience with the other team players before and after games, as well as giving more objective examples and have them influence your character. It'd also be interesting to see you character do stuff outside of basketball such as get a girlfriend, do a hobby, and have friends.


All in all I'd say that NBA 2K15 for PC is a fresh experience. The gameplay in general is great with the mechanics being slightly improved each year. It has also included new game modes and the MyCareer has in someways improved. A negative being the bad optimisation for PC leaving FPS lag in some cases. Being next-gen the graphics have severely improved but require good specs otherwise leaves a pixelated effect in some areas. Other than that it's as real as I feel it can get for now. For keyboard users the controls are very difficult but with the easy fix of using a controller that isn't too much of a problem and it's assumed you'd use one for a sports sim and they are fully supported. The MyCareer storyline is fresh but drastically needs to be improved as it excludes the benefits of the rookie season this year and that's one of the most important seasons of MyCareer and it could also include some background extras.


Gameplay: [8.5/10]
Graphics: [8/10]
Controls & Movement: [7/10]
Storyline: [7/10]
Overall: [8/10]
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Posted: May 24
I think that real life NBA is just a badly-made version of this game. Just wow
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Posted: March 21
This game is so fun. I wish I had more time to play it.
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Posted: May 2
Best nba game i've ever played!!!11!1!1! 10/10
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Posted: May 2
The funny thing about this franchise is: I don't really care about Basketball, i don't even understand the rules and here in Germany, Basketball was popular in the 90's mostly because of the Chicago Bulls domination and players like Dennis Rodmann and Karl Malone appearing in WCW (Wrestling).
Still i bought a couple NBA games over the years, just for the fun of it, for multiplayer reasons, be it NBA JAM or to go this franchise, NBA 2K on the Dreamcast, followed by some NBA 2K games on the PS2 and Xbox 360 with NBA 2K12 being a "i heard some great things about it, so i bought it cheap"-pick and it surprised me with features that no other sports game has. Features that got expanded from this game to 2k15 now. The Career mode makes all other sports franchises out there look like amateur games. I've been playing sports games for over 20 years, regardless if it's FIFA, ISS/PES, NBA Live, NHL from EA or even NHL 2K, this here offers the greatest experience despite being scripted (you always start as an undrafted loser who has nothing to offer, it's a rags to riches, Rocky like story) but it gives you a ton of cutscenes and on- and offcourt experiences where your decision influences your charater and how you turn out as a player and how you're perceived by your team mates and coaches. Sure, it's limited by technology: You always have the same Coach at every team and there's only one player per team who does talk to you and the only head coach that matters is this Doc Rivers guy but it's a big step forward compared to how sports games were in the past or are still sold today (EA games where the career mode is a ♥♥♥♥ing joke) and you have some freedom, like talking to guys on the "social media" feature, desining your own shoe and the choice between being an ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, a michael jordan type ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ who delivers or an humble underdog.

Next to career you have the Ultimate Team mode where you buy card packages to get players, contracts, features and trade them online with other people. FIFA from EA has that too though i never really cared about it, Pokemon for sports fans probably.
What i really like is the MyGM mode where you control a franchise, do drafts, trades, deal the players and staff directly in talk rounds. The owner of the club gives you goals you have to reach with your ultimate personal goal being to buy the club to get rid of the previous owner (who gives you ridiculous goals after a while, like in my second season on the Chicago Bulls, after winning the championship and Gasol becoming Finals MVP, the owner wanted me to trade Gasol so Mirotic can take his place)

Technical this game is nice. The graphics are great, though a bit too demanding on the hardware for what the game offers. While everything is nicely detailed and you can even see the sweat on the players, the game is just a direct, lazy port from the consoles without any optimization. So you need some good hardware to enjoy this game and then you get a lot of nice realistic effects.
The Music as always is a matter of personal taste. I prefer the soundtrack from 2K14 a lot more than this year's edition, at least there's Personal Jesus from Depeche Mode and River Styx from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but even if you disable songs in the playlist, you sometimes hear the songs you hate in MyCareer (during the Scrimmage) and other modes and i got near to punch my speakers after having to endure that horrible, abysmal "Drop it like it's hot" song.
Also for your character in career you can choose a voice, though sadly 2K decided between "neanderthal black guy" and "ghetto black guy" for voice actors. Voice 2 has been in NBA 2K for a long time, Voice 1 is new though and it's baffling they chose not only a black guy again but one who has no voice acting skills whatsoever. This is not meant to be sounding racist but a more logical choice would have been a white voice or at least a black voice actor with some talent and not, what i like to call "ghetto goofy"
The commentating during the game is great once again, especially compared to other sports games (from the past or present), the trio makes a lot of jokes, have great chemistry and a lot of different lines, of course they repeat themself after a while and have lines that were in previous games ("Active hands on defense, active feet on offense" - "And Clarke, power on the dunk" with Kerr going "Guys this is just too close of a game" (regardless of the actual score) being the biggest offender, it has been in there since at least 2K12) but it's way better and way more advanced than what EA has to offer in FIFA and NHL.

And of course a lot of fun is in the Multiplayer, though sadly that's also the place where NBA 2K15 shows his ugly side.
There are cheaters who have ridiculos characters in the online career mode (where you play 2 on2 or 3 on 3) and 2K seem to not care at all.
Also the regular "Just play normal Basketball with friends" mode has it's problems. You can't play "handicap" matches, like 2 friends against 1 and online lag is a big problem just like the 2K Severs being down sometimes for extended periods, which happened last in January when the Servers were down for about 2 weeks making online play impossible. 2K is infamous for their server problems.

And the online thing will become a problem in the future: Eveything is online, since the game uses Virtual Coins and saves everything online, once 2K decides to pull the plug (because NBA 2K16 or 2K17 comes around) you won't be able to really play this game. Even the MyCareer and MyGM modes will be strongly reduced of their features then (you can't buy clothes for your player in MyCareer and you can't buy Skills in MyGM and Ultimate Team will be unplayable then)

So overall the game has some minor setbacks and the servers are a bit annoying but overall i really enjoy the game, i enjoyed 2K14 and 2K12 as well and think it's the best sports game series and it even made me appreciate this sport a lot more.
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Posted: January 25
Overall: A terrible port for PC. Terrible performance and input lag... online play is almost non-existant and when you CAN get into a game with a friend, the input lag becomes much much worse and there will be terrible lagspikes.

Singleplayer is OKish but you'd be better off playing 2k14 as this one is just a laggy mess.
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Posted: February 15
I've never played 2k anything, or even watch as much basketball to know players names, i dont even really know how to play in real life.

All i know is that when I faced a team, where it led to 2 overtimes, my team mate Ai player got the ball and shot a 3 at the buzzer - and made into the hoop - I got off my seat and was like YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

So if your like me, a "Rookie", here's my review:

+Graphics look outstanding, and stadiums look real and sets the tone.
+Ai Players are smart, make a mistake and they will use it as an advantage.
+My Career mode is AWESOME.
+Great Gamplay, very team based.
+Good port from the console, works with my PC Xbox Controller.

+/- Challenging, go to game settings and change the difficulty to Rookie, at least you have a chance at shooting.

-No real tutorial, just videos, semi-steep learning curve (I still cant dribble correctly, I will lose ball and cause a turn over just because it hits a foot.)
-Some minor bugs in video scenes, and point of view from the bench.

Really good game, glad they released it to play for free for the weekend so i could finally get into the NBA 2k games.

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Posted: February 6
This game is all kinds of messed up (and you can see I've played it to death). The MyPlayer mode is pretty fun, though ridiculously unrealistic. I play at SuperStar, and I'm averaging something like 35+ a game with my crappy 73 rated shooting guard. There are pretty much two tricks you can pull on the computer, and that's that.

The MyGM mode, though, is by far the most disappointing aspect of the game. The trade mechanics are a joke. I have yet to be offered a single trade by the CPU that is even worth considering. Once, it even offered to trade me the fifth pick in the draft for the first and the third. That's the kind of logic this is working with.

Finally, any of the five player modes are pretty much broken. If you play below Superstar, it's far too easy. I shoot something like 70% on those lower levels. On the other hand, if you bump it up to Superstar or HoF, the opposing team stops missing any shots. Ridiculous situations where Andre Miller will sink four contested layups in a row.

NBA 2k used to be the gold standard in sports games, but until they get a little competition, they're just going to keep turning out crap like this.
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Posted: December 8, 2014
Best Basketball game ever

-Good graphics
-Good gameplay
-Good sounds

-Online features not enjoyable due to server/lag problems

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Posted: December 18, 2014
best 2k game yet especially now that the next gen version has come to pc... 10/10
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Posted: February 20
NBA - Where dreams are made.
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Posted: April 29
It fulfills my fantasy of being black/ 6'9 and getting paid to play ball.
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Posted: February 23
*note i havent played NBA 2k14 so i dont know the level of improvement between the two*

Summary = Great realistic NBA game but maybe wait for a cheaper price if you already own 2k14, unless price isnt a concern.
I Paid = 37$ AUD ( 28.76$ US) @ 20 / 2 / 2015 (not from steam)

I'm greatly enjoying 2k15 and i recommend it to any Basketball fan, however be warned that "MyPlayer" is an incredible grind at first without purchasing a few booster credits (which i shamefully did for a kick start).

the gameplay is excellent and realistic but to be honest im not sure how much its actually 'improved' because i havent played nba 2k14 at all. The last one i owned was 2k13 so the difference between 14 and 15 could be next to none for all i know.
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Posted: February 13
NBA 2K15 is the spirtual successor to Donkey Kong Country.
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Posted: December 16, 2014
Short Review: This game is really good but it has a few issues!.. I do recommend this.

Anyways, this is an amazing simulator!
First thing I love is the graphics, they're just awesome! Apparently they're not as good as 2K14 but this is my first NBA 2K game so I cannot comment on previous titles.

At the start of this game the create a player or whatever it's called. The options are pretty detailed The faces look extremely human-like except from the weirdly shaped, ugly ears.

No height adjusters, limited hair options and nothing like tattoos but this isn't The Sims, I understand.

- Once I got into the game, I wanted to learn how to play the game obviously, It took me about 5 minutes to find the tutorials. I found everything fluent except the defending, it was a little awkward at first but after practising it works amazingly.

-When in-game, It's a little frustraiting to begin with but with a little slider tweaking and camera adjustments, I found this extremely enjoyable.
The Controller layout is hard at first but it feels fluent eventually, I didn't bother with a mouse and keyboard/keypad as I am aware this is a console game and it's probably tweaked for them.

The only bad things about this are the constant videos, the 43.6GB game size is massive, I'm pretty certain 10GB must be videos. And whilst the other team has the ball, It can be a little confusing to know what player you are.
- The loading screens are pretty long but they have hidden them with a pre-game news report which kind of hides them, I do like this feature!

I'll be back to playing now but I haven't seen any bugs just about yet, I will most likely update this if I find any!

-- I recommend this if you like basketball, I have no idea about the NBA nor how it works but this is a nice simulator.

Overall 8 / 10: Large file sizes, awkward cameras but amazing visuals, physics and nice character creations.
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