Пусти в ход весь арсенал суперспособностей и останови Моджо Йоджо в новом приключенческом шутере по мультику «Суперкрошки»! Сыграй за Цветика, Пестика и Пузырька, посети закоулки Таунсвилля и сразись со злобными роботами, чтобы вернуть утраченные силы.
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Об этой игре

Пусти в ход весь арсенал суперспособностей и останови Моджо Йоджо в новом приключенческом шутере по мультику «Суперкрошки»! Сыграй за Цветика, Пестика и Пузырька, посети закоулки Таунсвилля и сразись со злобными роботами, чтобы вернуть утраченные силы.

Главные особенности:

  • Исследуй четыре огромных уровня в стиле игры Metroidvania.
  • Применяй уникальные сверхспособности Пестика, Цветика и Пузырька, чтобы открывать новые участки карты.
  • Сразись с полчищами злых роботов с разнообразными приемами и способностями.
  • Одолей четырех грандиозных боссов.
  • Находи секретные бонусы, получай новые умения и усиливай способности героинь.
  • Выбирай внешность персонажей: современную из специального выпуска «Суперкрошек» или классическую из самого мультсериала.
  • Попробуй новый игровой режим, позволяющий заново пройти игру с измененными помещениями и уже имеющимися у всех трех девочек сверхспособностями.

Системные требования

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB Graphics RAM
    • Hard Drive: 350 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OSX 10.6
    • Processor: 1.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB Graphics RAM
    • Hard Drive: 350 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 10.4
    • Processor: 1.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB Graphics RAM
    • Hard Drive: 350 MB available space
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1.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 26 июня
Давненько в такое не играл я не фанат но прикольно было играть в другие части а в эту будет норм играть так как я в курсе что делать спасать мир от злобного упоротого злодея
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3.3 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 2 июля
Let's make this quick as I'm sure your all up to your eyeballs in Steam Sale games.

If you got given this to play with, give it a go. While the scope for this seems absolutely tiny, it's still a well made, bitesize experience that has gameplay that gels together rather pleasingly.

The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville (or, if you will, TPG:DoT), is a 2D sidescrolling shoot-em-up that reminds me mainly of bullet hell games. Thankfully (or unthankfully depending on the player) its no where near as hard but the idea of flying around with a freedom of movement in order to avoid robot bullets reminds me of very, very little that I've ever played. However, there's also an exploration on a slant of metriodvania style exploration where you are free to explore rooms like a pig looking for truffles in a wedding cake to look for power ups and ability upgrades.

In fact, the Metroid vibe is strong here. The story has Mojo Jojo creating the umteen-hundred and twelth deadly robot to use on Townsville. The girls are called, it's business as usual. Well, until Mojo uses a memory thingy that forces the girls to forget their powers, rendering them to nothing but walking. So, your first few rooms are all about looking for the ability to punch and then to fly. From there, the game picks up at a steady pace.

There's a reason I believe this game works pretty well from a gameplay side, as the two mechanics work well with The Powerpuff Girls in general. Throwing powers around is what they do and exploration takes advantage of their ability to fly. Flying gives the player access to anywhere they choose, making exploration effortless as they only have to move in that direction to check something out. Therefore, a Metriodvania style layout for the game is perfect as exploration isn't much of a chore but can still be rewarding if encouraged.

TPG:ToD happens to reward you with the memories of your forgotten powers (I don't know how, but your fighting a chimpanzee with his brain in a fancy bucket. I just roll with it), tokens to increase your generous power and health meters (at least in Normal Difficulty) along with boosters. These are optional buffs to your game that boosts some aspect of your characters. Things like flying faster, taking less damage, recovering your power meter over time. Handy stuff. There's also the ability to have more than one at a time if you explore enough.

The powers rather neat while they mess with what I remember the girls able to do a bit. Your able to switch between each of the three girls with slight alterations between their powers, once you save Blossom and Bubbles from Mojo's robots. You get six attacks; punches, a standard shot that splits if it hits anything, eyebeams, dashing that can allow you to break through certain bricks in walls and a power unique to each girl. Buttercup has a sound blast thing that fires through walls. Blossom has fireballs that cause heavier damage and melt ice blocks. Bubbles has an ice shot that fires a few shards to slow enemies and, for some reason, deactivate purple force fields. Again, I just rolled with it but it does not seem based in logic at all. You would only find that if someone told you or through random attempts with everything you had at your disposal.

The sixth attack is the ability to charge up your moves for something more devastating. While this seems like a small set of unlockable, they're actually pretty well paced and enjoyable to use, with further additions as you move through the game like deflecting projectiles or improving charge times for attacks.

In fact, length is one of the biggest issues I have with this but it's probably not for what you think. The length is short but that means the level designers don't necessarily run out of ideas before the game is through. Your powered up, fight your way through some environments, look for goodies, fight some bosses and then collect all the stuff. Great, wonderful, brilliant. It gives the feel of a flash game that was put on Steam but a very well constructed one.

Now, I do wish there was more game on offer here but it's honestly not because the experience was bad. It was good. I just think the licence has only been flirted with.

The Powerpuff Girls have a bizzare and colourful rouge's gallery; The Ganggreen Gang, HIM, Fuzzy Lumpkin, Princess Morbucks, Sedusa and! And...I dunno, Quackor? Having just Mojo to fight seems like a major miscalculation as you miss out on one of the best parts of the show. This also robs the game of a possible extra layer of variety. The entire game ought to be one level in a much larger game where, perhaps, you fight the next villain of the week in sequence.

Or, even better, do it Megaman style and have us choose which to go after first, giving different powers and abilities for each villain you go after. Otherwise, the game feels short-changed rather than just short.

Like I said, it's not for being unentertaining. It's for feeling too much like a demo for something much, much larger that utilised more of the Powerpuff lore. And I damn well hope that is what this is.

Radian Games! If your reading, pleeeaaaase make another one of these! There's plenty to be done here and what I've seen is really promising. If I had to be a bit of a git and set you homework, I would suggest you sit down with Super Metriod or Metriod Prime and pick out what they do in terms of exploration as a central concept. I'm kinda inclined to say, the game could use a bit of bite. Maybe only let the players on casual know where the abilities are on the map? It might help, it might not but I am not adverse to a good ol' puzzle to get my shiny-shiny upgrade.

Also, how about adding more from games like Parodious and Touhou. A Fair Challenge was the one thing I couldn't get enough of from TPG:DoT. Obviously, going absolutely nuts would be silly but a little more tactical thinking with enemies that's more involved than 'run up an shoot/punch it' would be fantastic. Afterall, adding more baddies could give us more enemy types. The Ameboys could have henchmen that split into multiples of themselves. Or HIM would demand only certain attacks on certain enemies. Because HIM is meant to be a massive ♥♥♥♥♥♥-canoe like that.

OK, I'll leave you guys be for now. I'd hug you all for this game but I don't have the plane fare. Just convince Cartoon Network this needs a sequel. Or at least DLC!

Otherwise, I'd say this was a fantastic start. The choice of both visual styles as standard is frankly flattering and I appreciate it greatly. Whatever personality and humour they could squeeze in is almost as charming as the show it's based on but it's hard to capture that completely.

Finally, the music design wants you to know your in a computer game...I don't know how to take that. It's certainly not bad, just odd. The music usually does enough to be distinct enough to indicate that one environment is different from another if the visual style doesn't remind you. I also don't remember them ever fading into the background as they all seemed to have little flourishes that made you take notice of them for just a second then slip back into a quiet groove. The most memorable being the cave areas at the beginning of the game when the music builds and then slows to a strange halt.

It's just the use of NES style electronic elements don't feel right somehow...

Is TPG:DoT worth a go? Well, yes. I'm not 100% sure about the price because of everything about it's length and missed potential that I mentioned before. But, it's a decent romp that will not make you sick of it. As far as I'm concerned, there's enough here to wet the appetite between larger games you might have brought. Or perhaps for a sequel? I leave it up to Radian Games and whoever they consider charming enough to ask Cartoon Network about it.

If you can, pleeeeeeaaaase do it! Plleeeaaase?
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3.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 16 июля
It's a pretty bad Powerpuff Girls game, and pretty bad Metroidvania. BUT it is a Powerpuff Girls game AND a Metroidvania, and this is the reason for so many good reviews (Not accounting the many 1-review-only and other suspicious reviews probably done by sockpuppets...)

The name of this game should be
"Powerpuff Girls vs Flying Metal Circles that don't resemble robots at all" : Every enemy is a circle with some pseudo-geometric form over them. Even bosses are giant circles and feel the same.

BAD ANIMATIONS - Heck. The main characters have maybe 20-30 frames. For every thing they do. Yeah, you can play as classic or modern styles, but I would prefer if they had double its animation frames and only one mode.


BAD DESIGN - Get all powerups, no boss rush or anything, no long-hard-final-section-to-enjoy-all-powerups, Final Boss almost immediately - Giant Circle with Mojo in the middle - The end.


Average Gameplay - heck. THAT saved the game from being a total cr#p. Then, after killing 300 circles, it becomes a chore anyway.

Even for an indie game, it feels rushed.

But... Powerpuff Girls (that are naturally awesome) + Metroidvania style pseudo-sandbox (that is naturally the most awesome kind of game) = even a bad game will have its appeal.

If you're a PPG sucker like me, then buy it on a sale. Then finish once and move it to the "MEH" folder on Steam Library.
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0.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 13 сентября
Sugar... spice... and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction...Chemical X!-- Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra-superpowers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil!

The City of Townsville... IS UNDER ATTACK!: For the first time (to my knowledge) the Powerpuff Girls get a fun, straight forward video game! Those of us who had the pleasure of watching Cartoon Network on Fridays remember PPG (along with Dexter's Lab, Cow & Chicken, Johnny Bravo) as being much watch. The video game (complete with graphics for fans of the modern look of the show) is basically a 2D side-scrolling Beat 'Em Up, which some puzzles thrown in as well.

My latest, greatest, most brilliant plan ever!: The controls on the PC version (not sure if there are versions for consoles or handheld games) are pretty straight forward, the directional buttons to move up down left and right, the A and D keys for punches and powers (as well as to turn when flying, that does take a little bit to get use too). S key is to dash, Spacebar is to switch powers as you acquire them and Q to switch between the girls.

I'll prove that I can be... hard-core!: Fans of the series should be happy to know that the game should know that it features many (if not all) voices of the original cast, after all, who else but Tara Strong can voice Bubbles?

Recommendation: For younger gamers the game may be a bit of a challenge, but I think overall all anyone should be able to enjoy it, and there is a lot of back tracking... but it's not a deep game, it's basically a fun beat 'em up, you load it up and have some fun.
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3.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 21 июня
A fun, if somewhat short, metroidvania style game based on one of the most classic Cartoon Network series; what's not to love?

Well there is one thing: the new 'modern' art style, it's awful. Fortunately there's an option to change the visuals to the 'classic' look that we all know and love. I strongly suggest doing that before anything else.

Aside from the new, horrible and completely ignorable art I don't have a lot of complaints about TPPG:DoT. It would have been nice to see a few more unique abilities for each of the girls and have those abilities worked into the game more deeply, but I'm not sure how Bubbles' ability to speak squirrel could be turned into a game mechanic anyway, so it's not a major thing.

Overall a decent game and one that I would definitely recommend to any fan of TPPG or metroidvanias in general.
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3.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 21 августа
This game is actually pretty fun to play through. If you like the old 2D Metroid (not Prime) then you'll like this game since it feels and plays like a Metroid game.
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2.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 23 июня
If you're even looking at this game at ALL you should be buying it for the obvious reason that it's a game featuring the POWERPUFF GIRLS. I shouldn't need to convince you - but if you DO need convincing:

1) The game eases you into the Powerpuff Girl's abilities with a plot hook that could've been ripped straight from the TV show itself.

2) It's functionally a Metroidvania game (2D map, revealed as you explore, routes open as you obtain power-ups). Metroidvania is probably the most nostalgic genre of video game there is. And it's a POWERPUFF GIRLS game. Match made in heaven.

3) The difficulty curve felt reasonable to me (playing on Normal). But if Normal's curve is too hard or too pathetic for you, there are Casual and Hardcore modes, too. SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE.

4) You can choose to play with the Powerpuff Girl's classic appearances, or their "modern" appearances from the 2014 Special (and presumably the upcoming 2016 reboot).

5) OH RIGHT, guys, they're rebooting the Powerpuff Girls. For a 2016 air date. Do you really want to go into that show hanging your head in shame, knowing you could have played this game and you wantonly chose not to? That's what I thought.
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0.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 5 июля
First impressions

-You need to unlock Blossom and Bubbles and the supersonic speed button that leaves a trail of the color of the powerpuff girl
-(A) to punch left and (D) to punch right which takes getting used to
-Level design looks bad. Could've been way better than lookin like a flash game, But then again it's also a mobile game
-Dissapointed it's not a sidescrolling running to the right of the screen punching enemies to finish the level
-Enemies look like they were built by Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown...or is this a pro and not a con..

-GREAT looking start screen/music
-Powerpuff girls themselves look fantastic in HD
-The flying itself/Ingame music is ok, Could be better
-Map design is ok only cause its like metroid
-Takes getting used to it otherwise gameplay isn't bad

Not worth 8 bucks but certainly worth $2.. Maybe 4 if you REALLY want it..
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3 из 4 пользователей (75%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
2.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 10 октября
I have 2.7 hours on record and I beat the game easily in that time. For me, that's criminally too short for a Metroidvania game, and that is what informs my "no" vote. There's barely enough time to get into it. It's a fun little game, well designed and with decent gameplay; it's a great little diversion for fans of the Powerpuff Girls show. But it's far too short for the price, and fans of the Metroidvania genre will feel like they've just gotten past the intro stage just as the game is ending. This game was ported to mobile with a lower pricepoint, and I think it's much better suited there.

In the end, I think it's worth picking up at <$2.00, but if it's more than that, skip it and go for something else.
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3 из 4 пользователей (75%) посчитали этот обзор полезным
4.4 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 3 декабря
Great for speedrunnig?
Ayy lmao.
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3.6 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 25 июня
Game is an unashamed Metroid clone. This works both in its favor and against it, in the end.

Good bits:
- flight as movement mode is an interesting change on platforming
- game is short if you like speedrunning or challenges like "beat game without any saves"
- NG+ mode is an interesting concept on paper (start with most powerups on a remixed worldmap and then go nuts).

Bad bits:
- NG+ mode makes a horrible mistake (giving you all the powers but none of the HP/power bar upgrades - you will burn through power so fast and then HAVE FUN WITH MELEE ONLY SUCKER)
- The power system in general. You know how in Metroid a lot of bosses need to be hit by missiles to take damage, but you have the charge beam to negate this? Yeah, this game doesn't have that fallback, a powerless Powerpuff only has her fists. By midgame I began running out of power in boss fights, leading to have to melee them to death (or pray they went into an attack pattern that spawned enemies I could beat up for a random refill chance... powerup drop rates are LOW). Some this works on. Others it's NIGH-IMPOSSIBLE due to their shot patterns.
- Your attacks (until you unlock Bubbles, and only with her most power-consuming one) will only go left/right, with very little vertical lift. Enemies can fire 360 degrees around them or attack you from above/below, and you will be helpless to stop this with any abilities. It is massively cheap. Speaking of...
- Your shots have a limited range. Enemy shots do not. Expect cheap hits from offscreen A LOT, or enemies who hide behind barriers you cannot yet break and fire at you, or ones who kamikaze-charge at you from an unseen point...
- You know what's never been a good idea in any video game ever? Running penalizing you (in this case, the dash consumes power, which makes sense later on when it becomes an invincibility cloak, but the basic dash? no.)

Actually man come to think of it this game is not very good overall, wow, I was going to label this positive but it's actually rather naff. I feel bad that I've literally talked myself out of liking it enough to finish it in a few sittings.
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2.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 1 ноября
Short, but it's simple and entertaining.
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15.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 16 июля
I can't stop playing, instant-buy for anyone who's ever played Doom
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0.5 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 22 июня
I cannot believe I am saying this... but I recommend this game
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1.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 28 июня
The powerpuff girls is a game where you play as superheros fighting evil! Then in the first part of the game you lose all your super powers, well that sucks. Its like DLC quest where you go around finding powerups so you can jump or punch. You seem to be trapped in a world fighting circles, just look at the screen shots, then you get excited thinking your fighting a boss but for the love of god its just BIGGER circle. Did the people who made this even see the show? In the show there are tons of enemies, form Mojo-Jojo, to the ganggreen gang, and we get a bunch of circles to fight.

There is a map with exclamation points showing uncollected items, but their useless because most require a powerup called "Dash Bash", which is probably in some obscure nook or cranny. Spent 20 minutes flying around looking for "Dash Bash", then another 20 on google looking for walkthroughs. There is no powerup giving the strength of will needed to spend 30 minutes flying around mindlessly checking every room, so what even if you did whats next more circles? More arbitrary shapes? Playing the real life game of sticking wooden shapes into their matching holes is more fun and challenging than flying around battling your mortal enemy the evil circle.

Rating: 1/10 Value: $0.99
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2.9 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 28 июня
Reminicent of old television show based games with addictive game play. I was however thrown off by the new design of the girls and the hard to follow maps. Still I'd recommend it to any fan of the show, old and new.
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4.0 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 6 июля
Rather surpised at this little gem. If you enjoy "metroidvania" style gameplay and the PowerPuff Girls, this is a no brainer to buy. 2nd playthrough really makes you feel you got your moneys worth.
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3.8 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 12 октября
old school. childhood memories and bubbles. what more could you want?
Mojo Jojo is still an a$$. great game great price. although i have saved bubbles but didnt get my achievement :(
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4.1 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 14 марта
I propose to you, those who read this review, that is those who have a steam account, and are able to buy video games and play them, video games being a form of art, which are played for fun and enjoyment, by those that partake in such things, that you should buy this game, that is to say purchase said product, you won't regret it, and no disappointment will follow.

Sincerely, with curses,

Mojo Jojo.
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2.7 ч. в игре
Опубликовано: 14 марта
I was waiting for this game since I first heard of its release.

The game itself plays like a basic bullet hell game with basic movements (up, down, left, right).
It also features all three characters, switchable at all times, every character has its own purpose (for example Blossom can melt ice, Buttercup can shoot through solid walls.......)

I was surprised about how smooth the game actually plays, unfortunately the length of the game is ridiculously small.
If you do not care about clearing every room or collecting every achievement, this game will roughly take 1.5 hrs to complete. Probably around 3 hrs, considering you want to complete everything the game offers. WHICH IS ACTUALLY NOT TOO MUCH.

The story of the game is rather.... meh. It feels like a Newgrounds browsergame (which it was probably intended to be)
You start your journey as Buttercup, realizing that your sisters are missing and you forgot all of your powers. The first 20 minutes of the game consist of collecting your abilities and sisters. (which includes two boss fights), after that you fight another boss to rescue the Major and the last boss is Mojo himself (If there are some other, hidden bosses, I apologize as I didn't clear every room).

5.99 (EUR) might be alot for some people, but I guess the money was well spent. I have no regrets getting the game and if they were actually going to make a sequel with more gameplay, more story depth and more features, I wouldn't mind paying 20 Bucks.

My conclusion is that you can, without a doubt, buy this game without regret if you enjoy either the bullet hell genre or Powerpuff Girls.... and if the developers were to add DLCs or a sequel with more content (more than 2 hrs of content that is) it could easily become the Touhou of western civilization. (lolnope)
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