Для запуска требуется Steam-версия игры Neverwinter.

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Для запуска требуется Steam-версия игры Neverwinter.

Купить Neverwinter: Knight of the Feywild Pack


Информация о дополнении

Prepare for the inevitable battle against Malabog and his armies by collecting the unique items in the Feywild Packs! This pack can only be purchased once!

This pack contains the following 9 items:

  • Moon Elf
    This playable race is only available in the Knight of the Feywild pack! It comes with three unique racial powers and a distinct complexion. Once unlocked on your account, you can make any number of Moon Elves.
  • Dawn Unicorn
    The most majestic creature you will see in all of Neverwinter. Comes with unique visual effects and animations. This item can be claimed and equipped by all characters on your account!
  • Sylph
    An offensive companion that will provide needed assistance in the heat of battle. The Sylph provides a large boost to your characters ability to resist control effects. This item can be claimed and equipped by all characters on your account!
  • Moonsilver Regalia
    A full set of the most fine elven clothing. This item can be claimed and equipped by all characters on your account!
  • Loamweave Enchantment
    An armor enchantment that will produce a leafy aura around the item that is enchanted, along with a chance to root attackers. This item can be claimed and equipped by all characters on your account!
  • Stone of Earth
    A neck slot item that causes a small rock to float in front of you while increasing your Defense and Deflect. This item can be used in transmutation! This item can be claimed and equipped by all characters on your account!
  • Adventurer's Helper Pack
    A bundle of scrolls, skill kits, an XP boost, and other consumables that will help your Hunter Ranger adventure efficiently. This item can only be claimed by one character on your account!
  • "Knight of the Feywild" Title
    An in-game title will strike fear into your foes. This title can be used on every character on your account.
  • Extra Character Slot
    Unlock an additional character slot on your account!

Redemption Instructions

Visit http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/6005943 for instructions on how to redeem your code!
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Опубликовано: 19 ноября, 2014
I purchased this pack a while ago, and I must say that I am extremely saftisfied with the contents. Playing as a Moon Elf has been great for that extra edge in certain classes. The Unicorn mount works wonders to speedily get me where I need to go and the regalia is always nice to have when I need to just relax in the Moonmask. The Slyph, already being at rank 30, means that I don't have to worry about leveling up her rank every time with astral diamonds. She's become my constant companion. The loomweave Echantment I have equipped and it does a fantastic job stopping my opponents in their tracks. The stone of earth is probably the only one besides the Adventurer's helper's Pack that I haven't used, mainly because I was already Level 60 when I bought the pack. The Extra character slot that the pack gives me though, is a godsend. the 60,000 astral diamonds aren't too shabby either. The title for my character is very much appreciated. And you want to know the best part? When I create a new character, all the above can be claimed by that character as well. The Stone of Earth, which I didn't use on my level 60, has become my go to necklace for the beginning levels. And being able to get my Sylph right away allows me to level her up drastically faster. Would I reccomend this pack to players of Neverwinter? Yes, I would. The price is a bit expensive ( 59.99 D: ) but I feel that it's worth it for the items that you get and the fact that you can use them on all characters on your account. Just don't spend all your Astral Diamonds in one place! :D
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